Logan's POV

I was surrounded by darkness and my body was heavier than usual. The smothering feeling of being trapped had slowly began to subside as my strength began to return and the only thing that shook me to my core was the fact that I couldn't breathe no matter how hard I tried. Little by little I forced myself to sit up as if I were clawing every step of the way. It was only when I had been hit by a ray of sunlight that I felt the air return to my lungs followed by a heavy cough that was needed. Immediately I was bum rushed with the sight of bodies on the ground and a truck that was destroyed and flipped over.

"What happened?" I questioned out loud scratching my head as if it was the key to everything, but as I turned around I saw that there was a cross turned to the side to make an X and I realize then that this was my grave. Apparently, I had died, but it was not the first time that this had happened although it was usually followed by me being in bed back at the institute. The flooding memories of Laura, the kids, and Transigen associates following us had reminded me of what happened.

"In Pursuit of X-23, I repeat in Pursuit of X-23." A voice rang out over a radio. "Target on the run to Paradise. They will not make it past that boarder." The voice continued.

Immediately I felt a sense of urgency come over me and no matter how my body felt I moved by instinct to get to the nearest working truck. While listening to them give the location of Laura I trailed the way.

Questions continue to plague me on how I could possibly be alive and as much as I was acting on instinct, I wondered if I really wanted to live. I was free as far as I should have been concerned, Charles was gone and there was nothing holding me back from dying.

Yet, the thought of that girl would not leave my head. She called me dad, and that was far from the truth and I knew it or at least that was what my mind was telling me. She was still some form of my dna and she had been born into this world just the same, so she might as well have been my daughter.

Those other kids were the last of a new generation of mutant and the certain cycle of death was clinging after them and now they were just as important. I didn't worry about what would happen to them afterwards, but they were just a collateral for the one he was truly after.

I looked toward the areas I had been wounded as well as kept my attention to the off-road terrain driving I had been doing. Maybe it was the serum I had injected into myself to increase my healing abilities, while the side-effects led to my downfall, it rejuvenated something within me and I felt better, far better than when I was in my prime.

Now I could only hope that I would make it to Laura and the others in time, that only set me into a position in which I would speed faster through the forest.

Those kids were great at controlling their powers but they were still novice and children at that and to battle people who were far more experienced meant they were in true danger. He was not sure how many clones of him that were made, but he was sure if there was another that he could handle it better now.

Laura(X-23)'s POV

Silence had been broken by Logan and Charles, people who I had grown to trust in the travels. Emotions that I had never truly felt had now found me and to respond to them was far more difficult than I could expect. There was a gaping hole in my heart I knew that much and my stomach filled with butterflies knowing that my dad was gone. Logan was dead and it was something that made me feel as empty as I had been when I first met them.

All I had known was to fight, trained to assassinate and do what those who had created me had bid for. They forced me to kill my own master, my mother was gone and with her went my last connection humanity.

"Are you all right Laura?" Alexis asked as she looked back toward me and as I gazed into her eyes she must have saw sadness, I wasn't use to wearing my feelings on my shoulder. I couldn't bring myself to truly respond because I knew it would be a lie. I inherited a few things from my mother but my attitude stemmed from Logan so much.

It was funny when I thought about it, he was so much similar to the comics, just a little subtraction to the heroic traits displayed, but I was like him and we came from the same background in a way.

"It's okay to talk. We're almost home free." Jackson responded as he led the pack to Eden and at least then I would know what a normal life is. I fidgeted mostly when I heard the animals scurrying around us but it was because of the hours that had passed since our ordeal, but after the fifth time hearing this it became more evident we were being followed.

It wasn't before long before we found ourselves surrounded, we had been so close to freedom or at least I thought we were. Their guns were pointed at us and I felt myself being trapped, yet all of the training I had been through prepared me for certain situation.

"Now you didn't honestly think you'd get this far did you? I mean we did set up this obstacle course for you." The Doctor came out of the transport truck with his hands in his pockets. "Eden was simply the name of the obstacle that you had to reach and as you can see, you made it by any means." He spoke looking at each of the mutants but specifically me.

Before I knew it my claws had sprung out and I released an animalistic cry as I looked at them. All of this had been nothing but a set up and so many people died because of it, even Charles. All care left me and no manner of words could reach me anymore.

My movements were like a blur to most, analyzing their weaponry, and how to close the distance in each kill as I drove my claws into their throats. The others had mounted up together but didn't bother to help, I didn't expect them too.

I could heal faster and I was far better at combat, which made a prime target, as I took each one down with acrobatic favor, but the numbers were to much.

I felt the surge of electricity course through my body as they shot me with electrified round that left me stunned. The type of pain I felt was rare when I thought about it, but now I was rendered useless. We had been so close and now we were going to become lab-rats longer than expected.

"Good job, now round'em up so we can get back to wo- What the hell!" The sound of an engine roaring through air filled the air gun shots rang out into the metallic vehicle that now crashed into one of the three other trucks at the site.

My vision was blurred but as he struggled to stay conscious but the scent that filled the air was so familiar that I couldn't quite respond.

It wasn't until I saw his face that it registered to me that for a moment I was happy, happy to the point that tears filled my eyes. "You came back." The first words I had been able to utter since we had left the grave.

Logan's POV

Stepping out of the truck, I could feel the bruises and cuts healing as I spit off to the side. The doctor obviously knew who I was, "Weapon X." He muttered but I only grinned with confidence.

I didn't know why I was excited or happy, but maybe it was the fact that my strength returned and I could help the kids without any hindrance. "Coming back from the grave I don't expect to have to kill more of you twice." I muttered looking at the Doctor who turned and ran for the next truck.

He was none of my concern at the moment, but now the others had proceeded to fire off their rounds. Years of experience prepared me for this and taking down the guards had been no trouble.

One by one they fell to their knees dying quickly as I used my claws to jam into their heads, decapitating them in the easiest way or simply beating within an inch of their lives. They only expected to deal with these mutants and nothing like me, so they came unprepared.

My eyes fell to the others who seemed happy to see me but disappointed and I could understand why. "Get in the truck, We're getting out of here." I ordered in a way for them to go to the truck that was meant to cart them back to the facility, but I had to figure out other plans.

Laura laid their motionless, but I knew she was alive. They must have hit her quite a number of times for her to be immobilized this long.

Walking over to the girl I scooped her up into my arms looking at her and it surprised me to see the tears in her eyes. Even when she had been captured before she didn't shed a tear, but when she saw me they poured. "Dad." Her voice trembled carrying a bit of relief.

I didn't know how to respond and sometimes my best response was silence. This girl in my arms was my connection to humanity, the very light Charles tried to get me to see. It was so much more clear now.

"I know..I know." I responded as I brought her back to the truck to so that she could rest but now I had to figure out new plans. I hadn't the slightest clue to do with the other kids but an idea brimmed in my head, but I knew for sure I'd need help and back up.

As I drove I could think of how things went to shit and how the mansion had been destroyed practically after one of Charles episodes, but maybe I just needed that light to begin something new, a new sanctuary for these youth and maybe for others who need it.

My goal is to somewhat stay a little on course with the character as well as draw from some of Old Man Logan as well as other X-Men comics with a few original things. All in all, I'm aiming for a continuation with a little adventure and more. Reviews are welcome and I love feed back to see what you maybe looking for as well.