[Laura's POV]

Where is he? Is he dead again? I hope he's not dead, I just got him back. Night was starting rear its ugly head and the longer he was gone the more I got worried. I hated this feeling. It was almost like being tortured again, but now it was more mental than physical. Senora Frost didn't seem worried, but I doubt she cared. Not like me though.

"You're going to lose your hair from stress." Alex sat next me as the warmth of the fire brushed against my skin. I remained quiet, I prefered not speak, especially when I was irritated. It always flooded with spanish at high speed.

"Look, I know we've been through hell and back, but something about what Logan says gave me hope and I think he'll pull through for us...for you." He said trying to reassure me.

A sudden shuffle around us now caught my attention. At first I thought it was Logan, but now. This walk was more distinct and rough unlike before. It came from a group of four. Before us were four large green humanoid beings, one of which was a female that much I could tell.

"A bunch of kids? Out here in the middle of the night, interesting." One of the males spoke as he kicked dirt onto the fire. Senora Frost rushed out of the vehicle and ran out to confront the problem, but now even she looked shocked.

"The Hulk-Gang...way out here?" She spoke somewhat in awe of them, but also out of fear. The Leader stepped forward smirking, "I'd like to call it expanding, but I guess it was nice to start here." The male said looking directly at me.

"We don't have anything for you." Frost spoke, but a thunderous laugh echoed from Billy who didn't seem to care. "Oh you have everything...a nice ride, little workers, perfect for us."

Alex stepped forward along with me as I extended claws, "We're not giving you anything!" This may have been the defining moment where I finally feared for our safety. These guys were nothing that we were prepared for and now the Billy seemed ready to crush as he raised his arm back preparing to take us both out in one swing.

I closed my eyes almost to embrace for impact, but when it never came I opened my eyes to see Billy Hulk struggling to move his arm.

"I never really liked your kind...Picking on kids is kind of pathetic." A Male voice rang out from ontop of the car. There stood a hood male. He waved his hand and suddenly Billy went flying back into the ground. "Who the hell do you think you are!?" Yelled the Johnathan Hulk.

By this point the male that saved us had now stepped out front as he revealed to have metal claws like Logan. "Your worse nightmare...now unless you want it to get gory, get out.." He responded. Much to their dismay they listened and quickly ran off to their vehicle and left.

"Logan?" I questioned, considering he some qualities to him, but once I saw his face I was sure that it wasn't.

"Not exactly, Name's Cole...but I guess you could say I'm your brother." He nodded. I have a brother? This was all too weird, but there had to be more to this guy than what he was saying.

[Logan's POV]

"I wish you all hadn't done this." It was the conversation continuing as I carried Sarah back to the rendevous point. "Clones of me? Making more weapons? It's all pointless in this world" I didn't regret Laura but she was never meant to exist and to live the way she did was something that molded monsters. I was a monster, I knew that. I came to terms with it a long time ago.

Living with Charles in his last days was my way of returning the favor he had done for me, but it couldn't atone for what I did to the X-men, to my family. Even helping these kids couldn't atone for this.

They all lived in a chaotic world and while the current situation we were in was a small fraction, it couldn't hold a candle to the various evils in the world. Banner..he was one of those primary problems. It wasn't quite what you expected for an apocalypse but with the danger threats like this in the world, it didn't have to be all destroyed buildings and deserts.

"Laura isn't like the other clones, the ones that were successfully made from you." Sarah spoke almost defensive but it was for her.

"She came from me..and just as much as she is a part of you, she is my daughter all the same." It was something I hadn't even thought about, but it didn't matter, I still wanted the best for her and all the kids.

As we got closer I could hear the group talking and there was another familiar voice as we got closer. I could see Laura as she turned to me with a smile and surprise running over but stopped mid-way as she saw her mother. The two share an intimate moment that I couldn't understand, but perhaps Laura needed it more than anything. I proceeded to walk over to my "son" in the sense of he was similar to Laura but his creation was different.

"Looks like you've age well." He said sarcastically, almost as immediate response I flipped him off. "What're you doing here, aren't you suppose to be with your family?" I asked. Cole proceeded to explain to me about the Hulk-Gang appearing and how he had been tracking me for a while.

"This is going to be more difficult if they're getting involved." It voiced some concern, "The Way I see it you have two options. You move further from their domain and hope they won't come for you again or you take the fight to them." Cole was right and I hate it when he was right.

I had heard only one story that they gang had come for Cole and his family once before, but he single handedly beat them. It's not to say that I couldn't but right now it would be difficult with my regenerative ability now slowing back down once again.

"Getting this kids to a safe place is my goal...and giving them a chance to learn and grow like humans...I think Charles would have wanted that." Restarting the institute for them was my goal, it would be a lot of work, but it seemed like the start they needed.

"Well keep in touch, never know I might show up to help out." Cole said with a smirk as he walked off.