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Criminal Mastermind!

Chapter I

"Look kid." A manilla coloured file was slapped onto his wooden desk. "I have given you so many shots to do things right. This is your last chance okay?"

Jaune jumped out of his chair and onto his feet, painfully slamming his knees into the desk before falling onto the carpet. Looking back up at his mentor Jaune gave the happiest look he had in a long time. "You mean I'm off paperwork duty?"

"Just this once kid." Jaune smiled and pumped his fist in the air missing Roman's murmured comment. 'You can't even do paperwork right for fucks sake…'

"But… If all goes well... There is a possibility of you being off of paper duty forever." Roman continued ignoring Jaune's lame attempt fist bump. He had seen it enough times already.

Meet Roman Torchwick. Criminal genius, ladies man, snazzy dresser, and father like figure of one potentially psychotic ice cream coloured girl, all the while being Jaune's boss and mentor. He was wearing, like usual, a red-lined white suit with long black pants and black shoes. His bright orange hair was combed stylishly over his right eye and came out from underneath a black bowler hat, a grey scarf around his neck.

They were currently sitting in Safehouse #37, downtown Vale. Located above a family owned sandwich shop was a floor for offices that would usually be filled with accountants or your usual conglomerate slave. This floor however was different. It was filled with the people who did paperwork for criminals. Managing a group of criminals temporarily partnered with terrorists did require paperwork. For shell corporations, getting grunts out of jail, making fake transcripts, moving around money and what not. It wasn't a luxurious life, but it was nice. They had regular cubicles filled with regular chairs and desks. There was a tacky carpet, and a break room. If anyone walked in there it was not likely they would find anything out of the norm.

"But Jaune? Trust me. If you screw up you're going to jail for life and nothing is getting you out. Not even me." Roman leaned back against the desk and watched Jaune pick himself off the floor.

"I understand boss." He finally had a chance to redeem himself! Getting mugged back after attempting to mug that small woman was embarrassing. Who knew such a small woman would've had such a freaking huge boyfriend! Really the sheer size of him would've tore her apart when… You know... The bread stick enters the bagel?

"You better. I mean really kid. I understand times have been hard on you since…" He gestured with his hands before reaching into his back pocket. "You know. But really I don't understand how you screw up everything."

Roman took out a cigar raising it to his lips and lighting it with his custom lighter having a long drag before continuing, with a look towards the manilla folder. "I saw potential in you kid. You still have potential. You've just got to have confidence… Well, that and the upper hand in every situation. Now go home and get ready. The details are in the file."

And with that Jaune's mentor and boss stepped out of the room twirling his cane behind him as he went to pick on Jim and Jeff. Poor guys.

Quickly stuffing the file and his things into his backpack Jaune turned off his computer and grabbed his jacket walking out the cubicle. Waving to his profusely sweating coworkers as they dealt with his boss, he gave off a small whistle and just smiled as he realized he wouldn't be on paper duty anymore. Either he succeeded, or he most certainly did not and had to worry about dropping the soap for the remainder of his life!

That was the one thing in the criminal world that was a fact. Unless of course he had the best lawyer in the business.

~o0o~ Criminal Mastermind! ~o0o~

Pushing the key into his apartment door he jiggled it around a it and raised the doorknob opening the door as he stepped inside. Out of habit he ducked, the instant he did so a spoon went flying past his head and embedded itself into the wall. "Hey Neo, how's it going?"

The said girl sat there on his couch her legs on the armrest and just shook her hand in a so-so gesture. Dressed in her usual white jacket with pink lining, brown corset, brown pants and white boots with tremendously high heels, she lounged around as if she owned the place. Which sometimes she did in a sense.

"That's good. Guess what? Roman gave me an assignment today! Wanna help loo-" Before he was finished speaking Neo had already moved into a sitting position and taken her umbrella seemingly out of nowhere, brushing off everything he had on the coffee table onto the white carpet.

"Oi! That vase was an now discontinued replica of an antique! It's worth at least twelve and a half lien!"

She just rolled her heterochromatic eyes at him and gestured for him to sit down. Giving off a sigh he tried throwing his jacket onto the coat hook and watched it soar through the window. Hearing a screech of tires and someone yell "What the fuc-" Jaune winced really hoping he wasn't the cause of that. Sitting down beside his boss' semi-psychotic daughter type person, he dug the file out of his backpack before placing it down on the now clear coffee table.

Opening the file he took out the papers Neo gesturing for him to hurry up. Inside was three packets of paper held together by three binder clips each. One was filled with schematics for a bank including the lobby, air ducts, bathrooms and a portion of the room on the way to the vault. He'd definitely be needing those for breaking in and navigating the bank. They should probably be memorized for use in the field. Another packet contained within it information about the various people working there. Names, birthdays, pictures, times of shifts, and how long they've been working for the bank. Useful for blending in, infiltrating, quickly getting past security. In one last packet was containing what he had to do.

'Break into the bank, get out with twelve million liens worth of cards, don't get caught… Simple enough. Now how to do it?'

"Neo? Got any idea's? I know you can't help with the actual deed but it would be appreciated." Jaune said hoping for some help. Despite the fact that Neo could teleport into any bank in the world and technically make an illusion to make it look like she was never there, she often robbed banks the old fashioned way just for the fun of it.

Hey, she's got to entertain herself somehow.

Quickly shuffling through the floor plans Neo took out the one with of the vents along with a floor plan of the underground parking. Hmmm… It could work if he did it right but he also needed an alias and a way to erase his presence in the bank if he wanted to do this in a way to make it untraceable back to Roman.

"Okay, thanks… I guess I'll figure out the rest from here on out." She stood up and walked to his freezer taking out another tub of neopolitan ice cream. She turned to him and bowed before opening her parasole and seemingly shattering into a million shards of reality.

Sighing, Jaune got up and went to make himself a coffee. He had a long night ahead of him. He had heard from Jim and Jeff that planning their heist of that dust shop had taken a few nights without sleep and even longer to assemble the pieces. Jaune meanwhile had a deadline of two days to plan the heist. Two days after that to assemble the pieces and one day to finish it.

But if there was one thing he hoped… It was that this would be the start of his promising career as a criminal.

If only he knew how right he was.

~o0o~ Criminal Mastermind! ~o0o~

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