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Rated PG for material which may be traumatic to some readers.

Chapter 1: Abduction

One dark and stormy night in February, the paths of three unsuspecting girls were altered forever. When it began they were unaware of each others' existence and perfectly happy to leave it that way. But their peaceful oblivion was about to be shattered, because they did, after all, have one thing in common . . .

Jessica awoke slowly, determinedly resisting the call of the sunlight shining directly into her eyes. Groaning, she rolled over and buried her face in the pillow, but it was too late. A dart of consciousness had made it into her sleep fogged brain, and it refused to let her be. As she lay motionless, the dart coalesced into a thought. *Why is my pillowcase purple?*

Her eyes snapping open, Jessica pushed herself up and stared at her sheets. A solid expanse of maroon lay where Smurfs and rainbows had been the night before. Jess lifted her head and stared at the room. It was definitely not the same one she had gone to bed in the night before. The walls were a dirty beige, alleviated here and there by very tacky prints, and the only furniture besides the bed was a low dresser and a rickety looking chair.

"Where AM I?"

Jess was not a person who liked surprises. Jumping out of bed she ran to the door and jerked at the handle. It didn't budge and wiggling the lock button didn't help. Crossing back to the middle of the room, Jess was about to give in to panicked hyperventilation when she spotted the note on the dresser, with her own name on it in her mother's handwriting. Tearing open the envelope, she rapidly scanned the short letter.

*Jess Darling,

I know this seems drastic and extreme, but please believe I'm only doing it because I love you! It's for the best darling, trust me. I'll be in to see you as soon as Joni and Dr. Istar allow. Please, please listen to what they have to say!

All my love, Mom*

Now that the adrenaline rush had worn off, Jess noticed the disgusting fuzz on her tongue and a sluggishness in her limbs. *According to the novels, this is what feels like after you've been drugged. It's for the best? WHAT'S for the best?*

Feeling shaky, Jess sank down on the chair. Her hand went automatically to her throat, searching for the comfort of a familiar shape. She froze, then patted her neck frantically, searching for a chain that wasn't there. Someone had stolen her locket.

* * * *

Deirdre tapped the back space key furiously and tried again. *He gazed into her wide green eyes, sparkling with unshed tears, and whispered, "My world may be beyond your reach, lady, but my heart you will always hold in your hands."* She hit the save button before scrolling up the document with deep satisfaction. Five full pages wasn't bad for an evening's work. She glanced at the clock on the corner of the screen and jumped. *Hot gazoobies! Past midnight . . . again! Mom will be furious if she finds out.*

She hit the X for Word and was preparing to shut down when her bedroom door opened and two men in dark clothing and black masks entered the room.

Deirdre drew a deep breath and was about to scream when she caught sight of her mother standing in the doorway.

"M-mom? What's going on?"

"Deirdre, these men aren't going to hurt you. They're going to take you to a safe place where you can . . . think about things."

"What? Mom, I don't under . . ."

A ripping sound distracted Deirdre from her parent, and she turned to see one of the masked men roughly ripping down a large picture, leaving the corners still taped to the wall.

"Hey, that's my poster! What are you . . . Don't you DARE touch that collage!"

Deirdre's fingers curled themselves into claws as with a snarl, she launched herself at the man rearranging her d├ęcor. She was pulled abruptly out of midair by the other masked intruder. A roll of duct tape appeared, and the helpless teen's hands were secured behind her back.

It was amazing what a high pitch Deirdre could reach at that volume. "Take your hands off those pictures you dirty little . . . mmmph MMRRRMMPHH!"

One of the masked men carried out the silenced but struggling Deirdre, while the other scooped up the hastily assembled pile of her possessions. As he stepped out of the room a tearful mother laid a hand on his arm.

"Please.just give my daughter back to me."

The voice from behind the ski mask was kind, "Don't worry, ma'am, she's in the hands of the best now."

* * * *

Meg was walking down a dark alley. If she had ten bucks for every time she'd been told not to walk down dark alleys she wouldn't have to work the late shift. As it was, Meg had continued to take the short cut- down the dark alley- and nothing had ever happened to her. Until tonight.

The van idling at the other end was barely visible in the shadows, the closest streetlight having been conveniently extinguished. As Megan's quick strides carried her past its dim taillights, the back doors swung open, and strong hands pulled her roughly inside.

Kicking frantically, Meg tried to bite the hand that had cut off her scream, but it was removed as soon the doors were shut and the van pulled away from the curb. Shrieking at the top of her lungs, Meg hurled herself away from her captor, only to run into another body.

"Meg. Megan! It's all right." It took more than a few seconds for the soothing voice to register.

"Wha . . . Justin?"

"Yeah, it's me."

"'I'," corrected Meg in a shaky whisper.


"The correct phrase is, 'It's I,' not, 'It's me.'"

"Oh, sorry."

"I forgive you," said Megan sweetly. "Now, would you mind telling me WHAT IN MORDOR IS GOING ON?! I do NOT enjoy being DRAGGED into a dark van in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, and buddy you have some FAST explaining to do."

"That's exactly what's going on," said Justin grimly.


"You said, 'What in Mordor.' Does that sound like a phrase a well balanced, normal person would use?"

"I don't believe this. You're abducting me because I'm a Tolkien fan? And you think I'M unbalanced?"

"You're not just a fan Meg. You're obsessed. Your entire life revolves around a world that doesn't exist. These people are going to help you. They're going to remind you that you have a real life, not just some dream world with that . . . that . . ." Justin's tone betrayed his revulsion. "ELF!"

* * * *

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