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Here we go!

MAN this chapter is fun and sort of insane

I hope you all like it.

This one is focusing on Luna so... time for some fun!

Krystal's Harem

Chapter 37: Costume Chaos

We now return back to the Tennyson Household, Krystal sleeping in today since the past week she had a LOT of time spent with her girlfriends.
Oh so much time.
And so much fun
She was always amazed by what Ms Alicia could do with her tentacles

Krystal snored gently imagining the times she spent with them only all at once 'Oh~, TT...Yes.' Krystal thought happily "You naughty... Greer, careful that's... Michelle... Stop I'm ticklish there..."

Knock knock.

"...Oh~...dang it." Krystal groaned, waking up from her dream. She rubbed her eye to get the sleep out of it, opening the door after she checked she was decent 'Shirt. Pants...moist spot. Shoot.' Krystal frowned and got her dressing gown. Quick tug of the belt to tie it shut she opened the door, calm but slightly irritated

"Hello?" She asked and looked down. "Luna? What's up?"

"Morning. Mama Fifi says that breakfast is ready." Luna spoke

"Okay." Krystal nodded, patting her head

"See you downstairs." Luna answered and left.

Krystal sighed and closed the door. 'Need to get changed. Pretty sure that Mama Selene and Luna can smell my juices.' She began to get changed and, admittedly not for the first time, thought about moving out 'I DO need a home of my own. I can't just stay here forever.' She thoughtbut... Moving out? This was her home.
Her family
'Man...This is NOT easy.' She frowned as she rubbed her neck. She threw on a blue shirt and three-quarter shorts. It was gonna be a bit cooler, but not by much. She walked downstairs, stretching softly

"Good morning, Krystal." Hope spoke, her hair flowing free

"Morning." Krystal smiled, knowing that Hope and Gwen where detinatly loving the summer holiday

"... Krystal? Mama Hope?" Luna asked, trying to be quiet

"Hmm? Yeah, Luna?" The two responded, hearing Luna's question

"Can... You help me go shopping for Atem's birthday present?" She asked nervously

"Yeah, of course." Krystal and Hope answered, kneeling down to her level.

"We'll go shopping in an hour or two, okay? Girls day out." Hope smiled

"Thank you." Luna nodded and blushed

'... Crap. Need to get Atem and Luna something.' Krystal thought in slight panic, the two having been born on the same day

"Well, YOU need a shower. You can't go out with bed head, Krystal." Hope commented

"Okay, yeah. Fine." she nodded. Krystal soon headed upstairs to the shower, still a little miffed, but hungry. But it DID give her time to think what to get Atem and Luna's gifts. She couldn't believe she had almost forgotten!
'I REALLY need to prioritize things!'

"That you do." Ship joked

"Did you read my head again?" Krystal asked

"Can you blame me?" Ship rolled her eyes. "It's a pretty head. Plus you looked worried."

"Thanks...I'm gonna need help with this." Krystal followed up.

"Of course." Ship rolled her eyes "Don't forget to wash behind your ears." She continued

"Who're you? My mum?" Krystal stuck her tongue out playfully.

*Time Skip*

The three Tennyson girls where at Bellwood Ultra Mart "Whoa~, so much." Luna whispered

"Well, don't get TOO overwhelmed. We've got the whole day." Hope smiled

"Yeah." Krystal nodded in agreement, laughing

"Now, where would you like to go first?" Hope asked Luna.

"Um...Bookstore? I know he likes reading." Luna answered

"We need to expand his interests a bit." Krystal joked

"He DOES like Thep Khufan culture as well." Luna followed up.

"Doesn't count." Krystal and Hope responded

"Yeah." Luna smiled and giggled. The three went around the shops, going to some clothes stores, bookshops, but one in particular caught their eye "What's that?" Luna asked

"Seems to be a cosplay shop." Hope answered

Krystal giggled softly, thinking about her girlfriends

"Can we get something here?" Luna asked excitedly

"Sure." Krystal smiled as the three walked inside

Inside the three saw a variety of costumes. Pirates, astronauts, monster costumes...they didn't GO to that section "I'm surprised they still sell some of those." Hope commented with a frown, mostly because a bunch of alien species find those outfits offensive

"Looks like it's just cat girl ears and wolf paws." Krystal answered as she pulled a costume out, showing it would be something you'd see in an anime and having naughty thoughts

"Oh, so more 'kawaii' means and non-offensive." Hope answered.

"...How do YOU know that?" Krystal blinked

"I pay attention." Hope chuckled "I do spend time with the kids."

"...A good point." Krystal blushed

"Hello there. Need help looking around?" The shop assistant asked. It was a Thep Khuphan woman, wearing a white and gold dress.

"Oh! Yes! We are looking for something!" Luna smiled "For my brother! He's a Thep Khuphan to!"

"Really? Well, follow me." The woman smiled and lead them to various costumes. The family followed, Luna bouncing on the spot a bit as she walked. The costumes were varying in design, video game costumes, anime costumes and they soon reached their destination

"Whoa~!" Luna's eyes widened as she saw the choices. "Is that-?"

There were costumes depicting a red cloak with a black dress, stockings and boots.

A white dress with blue trim and ribbons with a red backing

A black low cut overvest with trouser, stockings and boots with a white shirt and shorts

And yellow crop-top, brown shirt sleeved coat, shorts and boots with orange stockings and black booty shorts

"... These are all women's cloths." Hope commented

"We've got smaller sizes. And we've also got other designs if you want to see." The woman added

"We said we where looking for something for my BROTHER'S birthday." Luna frowned

"I apologise. There are boys cosplay from the same franchise just down this way." The assistant apologised and pointed while hiding an evil smile

"Well...okay." Hope answered

"I'll check this side!" Luna called out and ran over to the boys side

"You know, I think you would look good in this." The woman said, holding out a stereotypical witch outfit out for Hope

"Really? Kinda on the nose, don't you think?" Hope asked

"I think mum's and dad would like it." Krystal encouraged

"...Do you have a changing room?" Hope asked

"Of course."

"Sweet." Hope smiled and took the costume.

"You've got a good eye, miss." The cashier spoke, pointing to the costume Krystal found

"Huh?" Krystal blinked, looking down at it. It was a 'moth-monster' outfit, or more to the point, Mothra from the Godzilla franchise "I... When did I pick this up?" She blinked, seeing the 'antro Mothra' costume. A pair of orange thigh high stockings with attached heels, a pair of orange shorts that had garters connecting them to the stockings, an orange corset with some fancy decals, fake moth wings, white elbow length gloves and fake antenna, the glove and stockings having white fur at the end

"Do you want to try this on?" She asked

"Er... why?"

"It's a costume store. You're allowed to try it on." The woman answered

"Go on, go go. Try it on!"

"I know my sizes. It's fine." Krystal commented softly

"I...Very well." The woman answered while grinding her teeth

Hope walked out of the changing room, dressed in her costume "How's this look? Kinda 1980's but I make this WORK." Hope smiled as she spun in place. It was a black dress that went to her ankles, with a ripped edge at the bottom of the dress and slits up the keys. A pair of purple knee high's, black high heeled boots and a stereotypical wiches hat

"Wow, you look great." Krystal smiled

"Thanks." She nodded

"How's this?" Luna asked as she walked out wearing a weird aviator jumpsuit with a white light-up gadget on the front and goggles.

"That's nice." Krystal blinked

"Kinda clunky though." Luna answered tapping the chest piece

"A bit." Krystal nodded

"Well, why don't you try this on?" The woman asked, handing over a school-girl werewolf costume.

"... What's with you and the costumes?" She frowned

"What do you mean?" The woman asked 'innocently'

"I MEAN, that they're playing into tropes or a stereotypes from old pop-culture." Krystal answered

The woman frowned and clicked her fingers. Suddenly Hope and Luna froze, their eyes glowing solid red

"Mum? Luna? Hey, what the hell!" Krystal turned to the Thep Khuphan woman. It took two seconds to understand what was going on, mind control! "Oh you BITCH!" Krystal snapped

"Attack!" The store owner ordered

Hope and Luna glared and struck at Krystal with magic and laser guns. Where did Luna get those?

Krystal has to act fast... Luckily Ship was faster.
Emerald's shield was summoned onto her arm, blocking the attacks

"What the hell? I go to sleep for a couple hours and THIS happens?" Ship commented

"Yeah, I know. A Thep Khufan woman is controlling them!" Krystal panicked "I don't know what to do! Why's she doing this?!"

"Simple, Ms Tennyson. Revenge." The woman answered, commanding Hope and Luna

"Revenge?! What the hell are you talking about?!"

"Your father murdered our King. That is 'what the hell?'." The woman answered.

"... I still have no idea what you are talking about!" Krystal glared

"Of course not...You were a child when this happened. I'm here to avenge my King." She glared "He joined forces with the Incarsian, a mistep on his part, and invaded Earth! Planning to liberate it, as well as to teach his foolish daughter a lesson! But he met his end!"

"...Oh god." Krystal's eyes widened "You're talking about creepy grandpa!"

"'Creepy'? He was NOT 'Creepy'! He was of royal blood! A GOD!" The woman answered as Hope used magic to try and bind Krystal but Krystal turned into her Galvan form and sprinted

"He wanted to turn his own daughter into a harem girl!" Krystal replied, returning to her normal size. She turned into Rose and wrapped up Luna and Hope, stopping them from attacking for now

"As was his right!" She glared "And I am going to have you three kill that traitor, that false heir and the one who filled the true Pharoh!"

'Atem!' Krystal thought in worry. "You. WON'T. Hurt my FAMILY!" Krystal shouted, shooting vines at the Thep Khufan womon only for her to spread out her bandages and dodge 'Damn it!' Krystal thought

"Foolish girl." The woman commented

'Lets fix this.' Ship said, shifting her into her Cleo form

"Cleo? Why this one?" Krystal asked, as she gripped her hands.

'Fight to with fire.'

'I can work with that!' Krystal thought as she pushed past her family. She threw them against the wall, upset she had to hurt them, as she tackled the bandage woman

"OOF!" The woman grunted, crashing into some of her costumes. She threw Krystal away, panting "LIES!" she yelled "MY FATHER WAS NOT SOME TWISTED FREAK!"

"I'm sorry, what?" Krystal blinked

'...I think she said 'Her FATHER'.' Ship responded in the same shocked and confused state.

"I HEARD HER SHIP!" Krystal snapped lightly, confused and angry

'Krystal, DUCK!' Ship called out. Krystal's eyes widened, jumping to the floor

"I. WILL. KILL YOU!" The Thep Khufan shouted

"What do you mean that monster is your father?!" Krystal yelled

"He is my father. My mother was a lover of his. A concubine." The woman answered

"So... You're my aunt?! And you want to kill your own family?!" She glared

"You are NOT family!" The woman answered, sounding like she had finally gone off the deep end

"... What?" Krystal blinked, seeing the dark look in her eyes

"Isis WAS family. My FATHER was family!" She continued "You! That fake heir! They are not family! They shall be punished!"

'Yep, she's nuts.' Krystal and Ship thought together.

"Take her down!" Ship urged

"On it!" Krystal nodded. She charged in once more, the two getting into a battle of bandages. But as they fought, thoughts filled her mind
Who would try to so this to their family?
What would push them over the edge like this?
Family was... It was family! Krystal couldn't imagine anything like that. Willingly hurting family for the sake of hurting them

Krystal knelt down, bending her knees and then straight rammed into the cashier woman. Krystal cried as she wrestled her 'I'm sorry.' Krystal thought

"... What's going on?!" The shops owner yelled as he walked in

Hope and Luna turned and glared at the shop owner, Krystal and the cashier woman stopped their fight and looked at the owner

"B... Boss!" She gulped in fear

"Nefi...What. Are. You. Doing?" The owner demanded, seeing his employee fight in his store. He then walked over and grabbed her by her headdress, comically dragging her away

"OW! Ow, ow, ow! S-sir! I-I can-" The now named 'Nefi' whined as she was being dragged away

"You BETTER explain. AND stop all this crazy shit!" The manager answered angrily.


"Did we win?" Krystal and Ship asked at the same time.

*Time Skip*

"I am very sorry for my step-daughter." The manager sighed, Nefi sitting on the floor next to him with her head lowered "She is still a child."

"It-It's fine." Krystal answered, though Hope was glaring darkly at Nefi.

"Isis' sister...I can't believe it." Hope muttered under her breath.

"Neck l was the last child sired by that... Man." The owner sighed "Her mother and I kept his identity from her. We told her his name, but not that he was THAT man. Told a few stories of happier times. Then she came across an Extranet sight. One of those backward thinking groups and she put the pieces together. It didn't help that we spoiled her a bit so she felt a bit... Entitled."

"It is my birthright!" Nefi huffed


"Nefi. Hush." He frowned

"Yes boss." She mumbled, face first against the floor

"She's always been good with computers. Hacking." The owner continued "You know those new sleep patches?"

"Yeah, we use them when the kids have nightmares." Hope nodded

"She simply jacked those and hid then in the clothing you put on." He explained "However when your brains turned 'off' her programming took control like your bodies where puppets. Again, I am sorry. She was just acting out."

"Well, I hope you discipline her justly." Hope answered

Luna whimpered as she didn't like the way Hope was sounding. Though she was angry at Nefi...but she was more scared of her own step-mother being justifiably mad. She walked over and hugged the woman made of bandages

"Huh?" The group looked at Luna.

"Wh-what're you-?" Nefi asked in confusion

"I'm sorry you're upset Aunty." Luna said with her normal compassionate and loving sad-smile
The girl was always thinking of others feelings

"How? How can you-?" Nefi whispered

"Your family." She smiled gently

Those two words resonated within Nefi's heart and coming from someone so innocent, made it all the sweeter and more honest.

"That's Luna for you." Krystal whispered

"I hope we have not lost your trust or your patronage." The owner asked sadly "Even though I understand what my step-daughter did was unforgivable. Please, take the costumes she offered you as compensation and consider coming here again."

"Thank you. And...I think we'll talk about it." Hope answered, picking up the costume Nefi gave her.

"Bye Aunty." Luna waved

As the three Tennyson women left the room and the store, Nefi was left stunned. 'Aunty'. No-one has called her that...and that openly.
She cried softly and smiled

*Time skip*

Ship was sitting on Krystal's bed, Krystal asking her to sir there as she had a surprise for her "So, what did you want to give me?" Ship asked. Krystal's wardrobe opened, Krystal walking out with a sexy smirk and a sway of her hips... Wearing the Mothera costume she got from the store "Isn't that a little on the nose?" Ship chuckled

"I thought so to." Krystal shrugged and giggled "But I want to have some proper fun with you."

"Oh? OH~. Okay." Ship smiled. "...You locked the door right?"

"Yep." Krystal nodded, crawling onto the bed towards her

Ship giggled gently and hugged Krystal, kissing her as she got up closer. Krystal moaned, pinning her to the bed softly "Do you want me to try 'THAT'?" Ship whispered

"Maybe later." Krystal smiled, licking down Ship's neck "For now just sit back and enjoy."

"Okay~." Ship moaned and rubbed Krystal's body

"I said sit back." Krystal smiled, pushing her back onto the bed

"Okay, okay." Ship answered

Downstairs, Hope had told everyone about Isis' half-sister...and understandably, Isis was shocked. "That bastard." Hope hissed

"Yeah, it's a shock." Gwen answered

"I knew Osiris was twisted but...Jeez." Ben agreed

"... I don't see much of a difference." Selena shrugged "He's a Pharoh. Of course he had concubines. I mean you think about it and it's not too different from what we've all got with Ben. It's the fact he ignored them and forced them into it that was wrong."

"But I'd NEVER ignore you." Ben added

"That's what we're saying." Selena answered as she kissed him softly

"So, this costume... THIS is what you got?" Gwen asked, picking up the costume.
The witches outfit

"Yeah." Hope laughed nervously

"...Well. At least you're consistent in your costumes." Gwen winked. Hope laughed and kissed her

"EW~." The kids who were in the other room poked their heads from the door.

Back upstairs Krystal was holding onto Ship's breasts, flicking her tongue against her nipples and sucking them "Ah~, Krystal. You little minx." The Mechamorph moaned. Krystal giggled, sucking both nipples gently and seductively "Are. You gonna keep sucking them?" Ship asked

"So you not like it?" Krystal teased

"I'm not saying 'no'." Ship answered and almost 'melted' in her arms. Krystal giggled and began to lick down the blue lines of Ship's body, across her stomach and lower "Ah~, Krystal. Your antenna. It's tickling me." Ship moaned

"Are they?" Krystal giggled, moving her head side to side making the antenna rub her stomach more

Ship then continued to laugh, feeling her stomach being tickled "K-Krystal! S-Stahp!"

"Fine." Krystal pouted "Then I'm going to make you cum." She smirked

"Please~!" Ship smiled and let Krystal attempt to make her cum

Krystal smiled, spreading apart Ship's long black legs with her fingers dancing over the blue lines on her techno-orgsanic skin. Ship moaned gently and kept her voice low, since Krystal was good at this, she had to keep quiet since the kids were in the house. Krystal smiled, looking at the black and blue vagina before her "Delicious." Krystal whispered as she began to crawl towards the opening. She pushed her tongue into the slit, tasting the juices and shuddering

"K-Krystal." Ship moaned as she felt her tongue. Her hands held her head, panting and moaning "More. More." Ship begged

"Hmm~!" Krystal responded. She lapped at that techno pussy in front of her, sucking her clit and sliding a finger into her pussy

"K-Krystal. Fuck me." Ship begged

"I am." Krystal smiled. The two were now caught in their lesbian embrace, Krystal continued to pleasure her partner and make her climax. Ship's eye was now in a strange wiggling semi-circle as she panted and moaned, her cheeks somehow bright red as her body arched and she screamed as sweat release hit her "AH~, sweet as ev-are you okay?" Krystal licked her lips and wiped the cum away as she blinked and looked up at her lover

"I. Feel. Fine." Ship panted "You where just... fucking amazing."

"Good." Krystal smiled gently. "Your turn."