WARNING FOR ALL WHO ENTER! There will be smut and sin a plenty. This is essentially be G!P Anna/Harem. This will include many memorable Disney ladies, and perhaps even other female characters from other studios depending on any ideas that I get. Mostly, this story will be light and fluffy. Nothing too serious. It's pretty much PWMP (Porn without much plot). So with that said, please enjoy.

It didn't hit me until my sister and I were standing outside the gates of the school that this would be the first time I would attend and she wouldn't.

''Don't worry, Anna. Everything will be okay.'' Elsa said and gently patted me on the back.

I forced a smile. ''If you say so.''

She didn't look convinced. It was easy to see when she looked worried. Her nose would crinkle and her lips would twitch a little. Ever since I attended this school, Elsa has always been there for me. Being a year older than me, and being the absolute beauty queen of the school, she was always there to protect me from bullies.

Why would anyone want to bully me? Well, a few reasons.

First of all, how about some introductions.

My name is Anna Arendelle, and I about to start my final year at the wacky and animated Disney Highschool. As much as I love to talk and ramble, I never seem to know what to say, thus don't have many friends. I'm a bit geeky and excitable over all things cute and atheistically cool. But that's not the main thing. I am a bubbly, raging lesbian. Seriously, on a scale from Katie McGrath to Kristen Stewart, I am a Kate McKinnon. At least, that's how I see it.

Now I know what you're thinking. Anna, it's 2017, things surely aren't that bad for a lesbian in high school, right? Well, truth be told, it could be worse, I won't deny that. But it doesn't stop there. See, I am also intersex. Meaning that although I am a female, I was born with a…certain anatomy that you rarely find in between a woman's legs depending on their life journey. Yep, I have a penis.

When the school found out after Hans Weselton pulled down my shorts to embarrass me one day, I had found myself a victim to plenty of bullying. Sure, some people would defend me, but most of the time that was either my sister Elsa, or my two best friends Kristoff Bjorgman and Rapunzel de La Quintinie. And from today onwards, Elsa was no longer a student here. She had graduated to Pixar University.

''Shouldn't you get going?'' I asked her. ''You'll be late, won't you?''

She shook her head. ''No, my classes won't be starting until tomorrow. But, I could ask the same of you. The bell will be ringing soon.''

I sighed nervously. ''Okay, I can do this. I was born to do this.'' I tried to pump myself up.

Elsa chuckled. ''There's the Anna I know. And if anyone does give you trouble, tell them you'll set the Ice Queen on them.''

''I will do,'' I smirked and began walking inside before turning back. ''Oh, and tell Merida that I said hi.''

She smiled and waved me goodbye, and I could see the hint of a blush on her cheeks at the mention of her fiery-haired girlfriend. I suppose it's nice that she now gets to go to the same university as her, but that didn't mean I wouldn't miss her.

Speaking of, as of yet, I am still on the lookout for a girlfriend. Honestly, I haven't even kissed a girl yet. I suppose being overshadowed by someone who was the most beautiful girl at the school may have played a part. Girls would look at me and think I'm cute, but if they saw Elsa, they would drop their panties and have her take them right there right now. Thankfully, my sister was as loyal as she was beautiful. Although, if you were asking me to be unbiased and reveal who I thought was the sexiest woman in the school…I would sizzle into a pool of boiling water. I can't choose.

Seriously, being a lesbian who gets crushes as easy as it is to catch colds in a school full of attractive woman was bad enough, but with an appendage that grew into a raging hard-on didn't help matters. I couldn't so much as hold a conversation for more than a minute without trying to cover my boner under my skirt or jeans, depending on what I was wearing. The only one was Rapunzel, and even then, if she so much as titled her head a certain angle I would turn into a babbling mess.

And believe me when I say it was hard to hide. I've measured. If I got super excited, my length could potentially reach up to 10 inches. I think that's big. I'm not sure, it's not like I can go up to a guy and randomly ask to compare sizes, even if Kristoff has offered, although I can never tell if he's joking or being genuine.

Speaking of Kristoff, I saw my jolly, blond giant of a friend practicing on the school's ice-ring. He was one of the star players for our team, The Mighty Ducks. He had offered me a chance to join, saying it would be a good way to pick up chicks. I passed. I like my bones to not be broken, thank you very much.

''Hey, Kristoff!'' I called out.

He turned and gave me a smile, skating over in my direction as I waited by the edge of the ring. ''Yo, feisty pants. How have you been?''

''Good. You know me, being a real ladies-lady. Can't keep them off me.''

He rolled his eyes. ''Yeah, I bet.''

''How was your summer?''

''Couldn't be over quick enough. I'm glad to be back and practicing.''

''You know, you're one of the few people I know who's actually excited about coming back to school.'' I said with a smirk.

''Not really. More to do with playing for the team and seeing everyone again, including you,'' He grabbed me and started ruffling my hair with his bear-like hands. I laughed and pushed him off. ''So, has Elsa started university yet?''

I nodded. ''She officially starts tomorrow. It's going to be weird going a whole year with her not here.''

''Just think, by this time next year, we'll be in the same boat.''

That's all I needed, a reminder of how old I'm getting. Let me enjoy my youth and nostalgia while it lasts, damn it. ''Have you seen Rapunzel yet?''

''You haven't heard?'' He asked me confusedly.


''She won't be back for another week.''

''Wait, what?''

''Don't know. But she text me last night to say she hadn't come back from holiday yet.''

''Well, that sucks. I've missed her,'' I mumbled.

''Oh, I bet you have,'' He wiggled his eyebrows.

I shoved him, almost causing him to lose his balance on the ice. ''Kristoff, no. I can't think like that. She's my friend. Hell, she's almost like another sister. Or maybe like a distant cousin, but still close and friendly.''

''A friend that you have the hots for.''

''You know me, I have the hots for every girl in school.''

''Can't deny that,'' He shrugged his shoulders before leaning closer. ''But, back to Rapunzel, she mentioned how much she missed you.''

I perked up instantly. ''Really?''

''Yep. She said she can't wait to see, and that lovely smile of yours.''

Oh, here come the blushes and my heart rising into my throat. The moment I felt a slight twitch coming from below and pressing against my jeans, I pushed away those dirty thoughts and cleared my throat. ''Okay, now I know you're teasing me.''

''No, I'm serious.'' He said with a wide smile. ''You know, I think she has a thing for you too.''

I wanted to leap for joy hearing that, but I kept myself retrained and smirked. ''Kristoff, I think all that summer heat has melted that ice-obsessed brain of yours.''

''I'm ice-obsessed? Your sister was the one nicknamed the Ice Queen.''

''Only because of her love for all things blue.''

Before I could say anything else, Kristoff tapped me on the shoulder and gestured for me to move closer so that he could whisper something in my ear. ''I almost forgot, make sure you watch out for Hans and his goons.''

''Don't I always?'' I say deadpanned.

''Yeah, but this time I mean it,'' The way his tone became serious had me nervous and my playfulness disappeared. I knew that whatever he was about to say, he really meant it. ''I've had a word with Hercules, and he tells me Hans and some of his close mates have been doing something.''

''Like what?''

''Apparently, whoever Hans gets talking with, he judges every girl on a rank of 1-10 depending on how good they are at sex.''

''What?'' I shrieked.

''Yeah, and not only that, but they might blackmail them for favours otherwise they'll spread the word publicly. That's what I heard.''

''Does anyone else know?''

''Only Hans and some of his close lackeys. Hercules trusts me, but he didn't know who else to tell just in case they snitch to Hans.''

I felt like I wanted to punch something. Preferably Hans, if given the opportunity. ''That's low and barbaric. Why would they do that? Women are not pieces of meat for them to score on who is the best to sleep with.''

''I agree, I think it's just those guys trying to stroke their ego.''

''Well, I don't care how much they stroke, as long as it's not with other people that they can hurt.''

He looked around, probably to check if anyone was eavesdropping on our conversation as I was becoming quite loud. But can you blame me? I can't hide my anger right now. ''From what I've been told, they haven't gotten to anyone yet.''

''But it's only a matter of time. We have to warn everyone.''

His eyes bulged out of their sockets. ''Are you nuts? Do you know what he and his gang will do to you if they know you're getting involved?''

I shrugged my shoulders. ''Give me a swirly. Give me a wedgy. Unpants me again. I don't care. I'm not going to stand by and let the girls of this school be harassed and treated like products.''

It took a moment to win Kristoff over. After staring at me pleadingly, as if trying to get me to back out for my own safety, he sighed and gave me another one of his amused grins. ''Look at you, planning to be a real knight in shining armour.''

I nodded proudly. ''Yep. My sister may be the Queen, but I am the Knight that sweeps princesses off their feet.''

''Okay, so what do we do? Tell the teachers?''

''That won't work. Hans's father is a Duke, and he has a lot of pulling power. We can't prove anything without…you know, proof.''

''You're a knight, but you aren't a Sherlock.''

''Thank you for that encouragement.'' I said sarcastically. I knew that he was partially joking with his taunts, and that he was fully on my side about this. ''I'm really going to do it, Kristoff. I'll teach Hans and those bullies. This is going to be the year I become someone! A hero! Nothing is going to stop me…''

Suddenly, a voice called out. ''Incoming!''

I barely had time to look up before noticing a hockey-puck flying towards me and hitting me right on the head. Everything went black.

Well, not even ten minutes into the new year of school and I've been knocked out.

''Whoa, easy, you took one nasty bump to the head there,'' I was instantly greeted with the soft sound of the school doctor's voice. Doctor Joshua Strongbear Sweet.

I lifted myself up from the bed, rubbing my sore, throbbing head. And I just made a rhyme, goodnight folks, I'm here all the time.

''Ow,'' I grumbled.

Doctor Sweet started shining a light into my eyes, trying to get a response. I followed the light and he hummed. ''Well, you're responsive, that's a good thing. I was worried we might have to ship you off to a hospital. But, I think other than a nasty bruise, you're going to be fine. Maybe you could consider it your welcome back to school.'' He joked, not in a mean-spirited way, but in a trying to lighten the mood sort of way.

''Not the best welcome.'' I moaned and laid back on the bed. ''Do I leave now?''

''Probably best to sit back and take it easy for a little bit. Don't want to overwork yourself and faint.''

''Or get hit by another hockey-puck.''

Damn you, Kristoff, why couldn't I have a skull made of the same material yours appears to be made of? Seriously, I've seen him take pucks, sticks and punches to the face before and he always remains on his feet. Oh, I know that this isn't going to be good for my already non-existent reputation. I don't think ladies love a lady who gets knocked out in a sport they didn't even participate in.

Just then, another voice spoke up and someone walked up behind Doctor Sweet. ''Oh, Anna? Are you okay?''

It didn't take long to recognise that overly sweet voice belonging to the one and only Snow White. If I could pick any student from this school who I could describe as motherly, it would be her. Always so sweet and gentle, though a bit of fire whenever she wanted things done. With her pale white skin, ruby red lips that seemed to glow, I desperately tried not to be bewitched by her beauty as she approached me.

Doctor Sweet turned to her with a smile. ''Oh, sorry Miss White, I forgot you were here. You are free to go.''

''Oh, thank goodness.'' She said. ''Thank you again for your help.''

''No problem, I'm always here to help,'' He said to her before turning to me. ''As for you, you need to rest up and relax. I need to head out to speak with someone, but I'll be back as soon as I can.'' He marched out of the room, leaving Snow and me alone in the office.

Great, this was the last thing I needed. To be alone in a room with a beautiful girl with my head already feeling numb. Not to mention she's one of the sweetest people that I know. Okay, I don't talk with her much, but she's always been polite when striking up small conversations and I don't think I've ever heard her utter a bad word to anyone before.

My worst fears were confirmed when she took a step closer, inspecting my forehead. ''What happened to you?''

''Oh, it's not that bad. Hockey-puck flew and went rogue. Wait, why are you here?''

''I think I ate something bad before I came to school. I had terrible stomach pains all morning. But I don't understand, all I ate was an apple. I didn't think I'd have that kind of reaction.''

''What kind of reaction?''

''I threw up all over Hans when he tried to talk with me this morning.''

''Yuck,'' I grimaced and laughed, particularly when knowing that Hans ended up getting the brunt of the mess. However, I became nervous when I remembered the conversation I had with Kristoff earlier. I looked at Snow seriously. ''Hans tried to talk with you earlier?''


''What about?''

''He didn't say. I don't believe I gave him much of a chance. I was just feeling so unwell, and then all of a sudden…'' She paused and her whole body trembled. ''Oh, I feel horrible for what I did.''

''Don't be, that scumbag was probably going to try something with you.''

She narrowed her eyes at me. ''What do you mean?''

''He and his buddies are planning to humiliate the girls in this school by sleeping with them and rating them, like judges in a contest.''

She clasped her hand over her mouth dramatically. ''Good heavens, that is terrible.''

''I know, I can't believe they would do that. I guess boys will be boys, huh?''

Instead of agreeing with me, Snow shook her head erratically and looked with a furious expression as she sat next to me on the bed. ''No, that is not an excuse. I've grown up with seven little brothers, and I would never want them to behave or act in such a manner just because they're boys.''

I looked on in shock, sitting upright to give her space so that we were sitting closely together. It was bewildering to see someone who was usually so pleasant lose her temper like that. ''Wow,''

''What?'' She looked at me curiously.

''Nothing, it's just I don't think I've ever seen you get that angry before.''

She must have thought that I was intimidated by her rant as she leant in closely and rubbed her hand over my shoulder tenderly, causing chills to wash over my body. ''Oh, I am so sorry.''

''Don't be, it was kinda hot…'' I said before I could think. Now, I was the one who smacked my hand over my mouth as Snow looked at me confusedly. ''I did not mean to say that outloud.''

Her confusion soon turned into amusement. ''Well, just because my name is Snow, doesn't mean I can't set a fire from time to time.''

She didn't appear to be put off by my accidental flirting, so I shoved away my nerves and continued with our conversation. ''Yeah, in fact, I think my sister and you kept going back and forth between who was the Ice Queen because of your name.''

''Oh yes, Elsa. I've missed her. How is she? Has she started university yet.''

''Pretty much. She's been really looking forward to start,'' Despite my best attempts, a hint of sadness swept over me. ''Although, it feels a lot more lonely without her here now.''

Snow looked at me sympathetically, shuffling closer. ''There's no need to feel like that. If you like, you are always free to spend time with me.''

''Really?'' I gasped.

She nodded and smiled warmly. I literally gulped because I was so breath taken. Why are girls so beautiful? It's not fair. It didn't help that Snow and her were so close they were practically touching, with shoulders pressed against each other. ''Um…so, about the sore stomach, are you feeling better?''

''I am, yes. Thank you for asking. Are you going to be okay?''

I scoffed and pretended to act tough. ''Yeah, I'll be fine. I've got a thick head,'' I froze upon realising the double innuendo. ''I mean this head, not…no, I wasn't talking about…that came out wrong. As did that! I am so sorry.''

Snow couldn't stop a laugh from escaping, even when trying to suppress it by placing the back of her hand over her mouth. It didn't feel like she was mocking me, she still sounded amused and like she was enjoying our conversations and my incoherent babbling. At least, that's what I hoped. ''You don't need to be nervous about that. Let me remind you, seven younger brothers.''

''But, don't you find it weird when talking about it with a girl.''

''Not weird, no. New, but not weird.''

''Um…that's good, I think.''

''Besides, even though you are a girl, it appears to be a normal penis.''

At first, Snow White just saying the word penis so nonchalantly in front of me took me by surprise, then I tried to pick apart what she was implying. ''What do you mean it appears to be normal?''

''Well…'' Instead of saying anything, she pointed downwards. I glanced down and noticed a huge bugle growing over the front of my jeans and I began to panic.

I covered it with my hands and tried to keep my face from going as red as my hair. ''I am so sorry. Sometimes I can't control it, it's like it has a mind of its own. A very perverted mind.''

She grabbed my hands with her own to silence me. ''Let me speak.'' She waited until I had calmed down before continuing. ''You don't have to apologise. This is a perfectly normal reaction.''

Wow, she was taking this a lot better than I expected. I mean, it's not like this is a surprise, since everyone knows about my…ahem, little extra. But the fact that Snow didn't seem bothered that I was getting excited because of her was…nice. It actually made me feel happier. Unfortunately, this meant that the tent in my jeans was growing a few extra sizes and it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Snow must have noticed my discomfort because she looked at me with concern. ''Does it hurt?''

''Well, no, I mean yes. But…it's fine. Just a little trapped. Once I take care of it then it'll be fine.'' I mentally cringed at the way I just phrased my sentence. Take care of it. Now Snow must definitely think I'm a pervert.

''But Doctor Sweet told you to stay here.''

''I know. I'll…I'll just leave it. It will go down…eventually.'' I hope.

A moment of silence passed between us, and as I gazed at Snow, I noticed that she hadn't taken her eyes away from my bulge. This was certainly not helping matters and at this rate, my erection would literally tear through the material. ''Do you want me to help?''

I think I almost fainted again.

''Wait, what?'' I panted. Is it getting hot in here, or is that just Snow? Probably Snow, especially as she started advancing closer to me. ''Help with…you mean…''

''I'll be honest. I'm not too sure what to do. I've never even seen a real-life penis before. But, with your permission, maybe I could assist you.''

Inside, I was screaming with delight. On the outside, I was still in shock. ''You…well…''

''If you're uncomfortable about this, we don't…''

''Oh no, I'm very comfortable with the idea. I just don't want you to do anything you're uncomfortable with.''

''I'm comfortable,'' She smiled. ''So, if we're both comfortable, do you want me to help?''

I was too nervous to speak and so merely moved my body slightly so that I was facing her. I can't believe this is happening. I was shaking so much that when I tried to unbutton the front of my jeans, my fingers kept fumbling and unable to open it.

''Allow me,'' Snow whispered and without a second thought reached down and began unbuttoning my jeans. Her hands were so close to me. I licked my dry lips and felt my heart pounding in my chest.

Once they were done, I lifted my body slightly so that she could shuffle my jeans down my legs. Not all the way, just enough to reveal my grey boxers and the raging boner that threatened to explode through it. I groaned loudly when I felt her hand cup my clothed member. ''Oh God…''

''How does it feel?'' She said in a hushed voice, masked with sexiness.

''Amazing….please keep going.''

She then slipped her hand inside of my boxers and wrapped her hand around my cock. She seemed to pause as her fingers coiled around it and she tugged the waistband down and my erection was finally free. As she kept her palm wrapped around it and slowly started to stroke, she gasped. ''Oh my, you're so big.''

''Thanks.'' That was all I could say.

My hands were on both sides of the bed, gripping tightly so that I don't fall off. I could feel myself harden in her hand as she was practically leaning on me, stroking at a slow and steady pace. Her hand was so warm and so soft. The feeling was amazing as she gave my member a long stroke from the base to the tip. I was afraid that someone would hear us, but right now, I couldn't care less about that. ''Mmm, oh Snow…''

''Do you like that?''

''Yes, very much.'' I gasped. ''I can't believe this is happening. I've never even kissed anyone before today.''

She slowed her strokes down a notch and stared at me. ''You haven't?'' I shook my head before she leaned in closer. ''If you want, do you want to kiss me?''

I answered her by crashing my lips into hers. Her taste was so sweet and intoxicating. It was everything I dreamed my first kiss would be…except for the incredibly sexy handjob, but that's an added bonus. I could feel her tongue against my lips, begging for an entrance, which I granted. The longer this went on, the quicker the pace of her strokes became until I was moaning continuously.

''You really like this, don't you?'' She asked in between kisses.

''Isn't it obvious.'' I joked.

I was saddened when she leaned back and I could no longer taste her lips, but then my heart exploded when I saw her kneeling down and bringing her face closer to my cock. ''I think you'll like this even more.''

She's not about to…

Is she?

''You don't have to if…'' I never even got to finish my sentence before I threw my head back and let out a moan as I felt her take my member in between those ruby lips of hers.

I don't know what felt better. The kiss or…this!

Her mouth was so hot and wet and I couldn't control my body as I heaved with every breath and tangled my fingers into her black hair. I watched my dick disappear between those lips as she bobbed her head up and down, occasionally running her tongue along the bottom. Sometimes she would stop to take a breath and kiss around the shaft. One hand would hold the base, stroking whatever she couldn't reach with her mouth, while the other began fondling my balls.

I wanted to complement her. Tell her how beautiful she was and how good she felt. But my mouth was too dry and all I could mutter were groans and grunts. She would look up at me and our eyes made contact as I felt the tip hit the back of her throat. If she had never seen a penis before, where did she learn to be this good?

Finally, she released me from her mouth with a wet pop and gasped. ''I can't fit all of you in. You're too big.''


''Don't apologize. Besides, I have something else in mind,'' She then hopped off the bed and lifted her leg up. I felt my knees weaken, more so than they already were, when I saw her pull her panties down from underneath her skirt.

That may have been the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life. ''Oh my God, is this really happening?''

She didn't answer at first. Instead, she pushed me so that I was laying on my back as she climbed on top of me before taking my cock back in her hand and aiming it for her glistening pussy. ''Do you want it to happen?'' She asked me innocently.

''Oh yeah, definitely.''

Needing no further instructions, she lowered herself onto my throbbing length, slowly taking in as much of me as she could. My hands grabbed her waist, holding her gently as I helped her adjust to my size. Not that I could help much as all my limps were like jelly by this point. She started to bounce up and down, moaning as loudly as I was.

''Oh, Anna…you're so big, so deep…'' She cried out as her hands reached down onto the bed for added support.

''This feels incredible!'' I thrust my hips upwards, going with the flow. I can't believe I've lasted this long, especially when I looked up and saw Snow moving up and down on top of me. Although she was still fully clothed, she was the epitome of beauty. I kept my hands on her waist, helping to match my thrusts with her bounces. I could feel her wetness pour onto my crotch.

''Faster, harder!'' She panted. She was taking all of me in, despite me being bigger than I ever thought possible. She was so wet right now. I could feel her walls start to clench and tense around my shaft. One of my hands reached down to rub her clit and that's when I felt her lose control.

Her cum glistened as it dripped down from her thighs and onto mine. I felt her body shudder on top of mine as I felt my impending release coming…literally. ''Snow…I'm about to…''

Weakly, she rolled herself off of me, the cool air hitting my dick before it was warmed by her hand and mouth once more. She started pumping once more and took as much of me in her mouth as she could. That final stimulus was all it took for me to gush, shooting my cum into her mouth.

Despite the large load, she kept her lips sealed around my cock and swallowed every last drop.

''Holy moley.'' I gasped, rubbing my hands over my sweat-covered face. ''Did that really just happen?''

''I was going to ask the same thing.'' Snow replied, peppering my cock with a few extra kisses.

I groaned in enjoyment. ''Oh, don't. Otherwise I'll get hard and we'll start all over again.''

''Is that a bad thing?''

''No, not by a long shot. But I don't think Doctor Sweet will like what he sees when he comes back.''

She gave a light, heartfelt laugh and sat up right. ''Ah, you're right. We should probably clean up.'' She quickly retrieved her panties while I fixed up my boxers and jeans.

As I did that, I looked towards Snow and felt myself weak and smiling like an idiot. ''You're gorgeous.''

She grinned and bashfully responded. ''So are you.'' She took me by surprising my jumping over and kissing me on the lips.

Well, let's do a countdown. On the first day of the school year; I had proclaimed to take down the school's meanest bully, gotten knocked out, received my first handjob and blowjob, and lost my virginity to the fairest in the school. Again, all on the first day.

What does the rest of the year have in store for me? I'm actually looking forward to find out.