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Three days. Three loooong days. Three very boring and annoying days. Callen looked around the hospital room he was in. Ok, so three days was a bit of a stretch as he'd been out of it for all of the first and the morning of the second. But still, three days. He hated getting shot.

Sam and the rest of the team had come and gone, keeping an eye on him, knowing his propensity for trying to leave early. But even he wasn't game to leave when he had been hit in the femoral artery and had nearly bleed out. The doctors had said that it would be another couple of days until they felt he was up to leaving. On the plus side, they were moving him to another room; the problem, that other room had another patient. But at least the other person was law enforcement of some kind. This hospital had a whole wing dedicated to the care of those who protected and served.

Callen simply laid there as he was wheeled in, looking around to see if he could spot the other person. At first, he saw nothing, until a nurse wheeled in chair, with a very young man in it. Blonde, and looking to be in his mid-twenties; he was pale and had sweat glistening on his forehead. He sat up as the nurse who had brought Callen in went and helped his co-worker with her charge to get him on the bed.

"Now Agent MacGyver, you're going to tear out those stitches if you keep this up. And then you'll be in here even longer than a couple of days." She said as she pulled the blankets over his legs, having given in to MacGyver wanting to sit up. "The doctor will be around soon to check to make sure you've not done further damage, so I suggest you stay here." The last couple of words were said with a meaning of 'or else'. With that she walked out the door, sending one last look at the pair of them. Callen could have sworn he heard "This will be interesting." come from someone, but he was too focused on the younger man to take much notice.

MacGyver was already tugging at the blankets to get up when a voice stopped him.

"If the bandages I'm seeing are any indication, it'll be best if you stay put, kid."

He looked up and was surprised to see another man with him. He had patient scrubs on and was tucked into a bed himself, but was in the process of getting himself into a sitting position as he spoke. He looked to be around Jack's age, a little shorter; with blonde hair and blue eyes that spoke of years of action. "What are you doing here?" in all the times he had ended up in this hospital, this was the first time he had ever had another person in the same room as him.

"Like you, healing. Agent Callen." He said.

Mac looked at him a moment, before noticing the bruising on his face and what looked like the hint of a burn on his neck caused by a Taser. "Getting taken out by a Taser and a punch to the face warrant you being in the hospital?" He asked as he sat back down. He could sense that the older man was more hurt then what he could see, if the colour of his face was anything to go by. That and the bag of blood hanging off the IV pole.

"Not usually." He chuckled, "But getting shot in the leg and damaging a major artery will do it. But if it's one thing I've gotten to know over the years, especially if you don't like hospitals; is that they won't keep you here any longer then absolutely necessary. Sure they'll complain that they don't want you to leave, but they'll do it. If only to get you out of their hair."

Mac looked at him a moment longer before seeing that if it weren't for the blood being administered by the IV, the man would have left the hospital by now. "Agent MacGyver."

Callen smiled at the younger man as he got comfy back on the bed. "Nice to meet you MacGyver. I haven't seen you here before. New to the area?"

"Mac's fine. I've lived here all my life, but I usually get a room to myself because of where I work."

"You can call me Callen. Same here. We had a massive shootout a couple of days ago, so I guess all the rooms are full."

"Guess so."

Callen could see that he was tired as he leaned back and closed his eyes, but was still wired from his escape attempt as he hands kept fidgeting. So he decided to help the kid burn off some of that energy until he fell asleep. He slid to the end of the bed and pulled his file off the clip before returning to his previous position. He pulled a couple of pages from the back and screwed them into a ball, which he then tossed at the younger man, hitting him in the stomach.

The light touch of the paper ball caused Mac to open his eyes and look at the ball and he grabbed it without thinking before it rolled off the bed. Callen saw him look at it a moment before lobbing it back to him. He hit it hand ball style back toward the younger man.

This continued for half an hour until the last of the paper balls found itself hitting the window. Callen had noticed the younger man getting increasingly tired. He saw him almost nodding off before catching himself and waking with a start. He noticed that every time he did, he looked around, as though looking for someone. Recognising the look; he himself had done it a few times; he said, "Get some rest kid, I'll be on watch." When Mac had looked at him with confusion, Callen had said, "You're looking for your partner?" At the younger man's nod, Callen continued. "I know what it's like. You feel like you can't rest without him being on the lookout when you're in a strange place. I get it. Happened a lot to me too."

"How do you get over it?" The kid asked as he lent back against the pillows, his eyes dropping slowly.

"You don't really. Wanting you're partner when you're hurting is normal. You learn to trust others. It took me a long time to trust the rest of my team to watch over me when I was hurt, but once I did, I was able to get better faster. And get out of places like this quicker." He added in an undertone, causing a slightly tired chuckle from the other man. "Sleep, I'll be awake for a while. My partner will be here soon to annoy me."

"Sounds like Jack." Came a mumbled response.

Callen realised that Jack must be the kid's partner and hoped he would make an appearance soon. He would love to meet him.


It was couple of hours later that Sam entered the room to find paper balls scattered everywhere and the two occupants of the room lying still in the beds. He didn't recognise the younger of the two, but as the older sat up, he saw his partner. "Hey, G. Got a roomie I see."

"Yeah, seems we caused a bit of mayhem the other day. Kid says he usually gets a room of his own."

"You two aren't the only ones doubled up. I guess being part of a premier team gives you benefits though." At his partners confused look, he elaborated. "All the others have four or five beds in them." He saw the smile on his friends face before it turned to look at the other bed as movement caught his attention.

The young occupant was tossing as a nightmare plagued him. He cried out and Sam could see he was going to fall off the bed. He was about to call a nurse when a paper ball hit the kid on the head. Looking behind him he saw that Callen had somehow managed to get out of bed and had retrieved several of the paper projectiles. He had another in his hand should it be needed.

It had the right affect, as the kid stilled and slowly woke up. "You're Ok, Mac. You're in the hospital." G. said as he got himself back into his bed.

Sam waited at the foot of G.'s bed as the younger man woke up. When he spotted Sam, he waved as G introduced him.

"Sam, this is Agent MacGyver, Mac. Mac, this is my partner of almost ten years, Sam Hannah."

"Hi." The kid's broke a little from being dry, so as he took a drink, Sam asked,

"Hi back. What brought you in?"

"Being tackled over a wall. Think a couple of ribs got hurt bad."

"Bruised ribs do not warrant an overnight stay; believe me I know." Callen said as Sam watched the two. "What else?"

There was a pause before, "The guy had a K-bar that decided it wanted to find a home in my side."

"When was that?" Sam asked.

"The day before yesterday. He was trying to start a street war."

"Tall guy, built like a tank, black hair plaited?" Callen asked as he shared a look with Sam.

"Yeah. How'd you know?" Mac asked.

"He managed to start the war. He was the one who took me out; Marine, if I remember rightly." Callen said as he rubbed his neck where the Taser burn was.

"That must have happened after he got away from us." Mac sounded genuinely contrite at the thought that because he hadn't done his job and gotten the guy, another agent had been hurt. "Sorry."

"Hey, if I couldn't take him down without the help of several others, what chance did you have on your own?" Sam said as he went over and placed a hand on the kid shoulders. "Aside from a few scrapes, no one got badly hurt."

"The war?" Mac suddenly asked "How many innocents hurt?"

"None. We were alerted by an anonymous tipoff of what was going to happen and cleared the area. My guess, by your people." Sam saw some of the guilt leave Mac as he relaxed back into the bed.

"Now you two rest. Mac, I'm sure your partner will be in soon to check on you. The doctors too, although, it might be fun to stick around and see what they think of your game of paperball." Sam said as he looked around the room. He chuckled as he left, seeing the two men look at each other.

Callen looked over at the younger man then the two of them looked at all the paper in the room. Neither felt like getting up a retrieving them; so when they heard footsteps and voices that they recognised as their doctors, they feigned sleep. He heard the doctors and a nurse exclaim at the mess, but seeing that only the papers that had nothing written on them had been used, they relaxed.

Smoothing out a few sheets they left the rest on one of the tables, knowing both patients well enough that they would only do it again.

Callen was hard pressed to stay still when a voice called out a few minutes later, "They've gone Mac." At hearing his roommates name; with a little affectionate humour, Callen assumed it must be Jack, the kids' partner. He stayed still as the two talked.

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