A/N- I didn't really expect to write this story, it just sort of happened. However, now that I have written it, I was thinking of a sequel. Thoughts? Anyway, on with the show!

It was impossible. It was inconceivable. It was all wrong, so very wrong.

And it was fantastic.

Rose, The Doctor's wonderful Rose, was still here. She had been milliseconds away from entering the Void, lost to him forever. He could see it, he could feel it, just as he can feel the turn of the earth, or see so many possibilities in an instant. She held on to that god-forsaken lever one more second than the universe had wanted her too. Rose was supposed to have been trapped in the parallel world, and he was to be alone again. His Rose, though, his brilliant Rose, defied the laws of time and space like no one should be able to do. She had promised him forever, and maybe, just maybe, they would get the chance.

The Doctor could feel the timelines changing. Everything was in flux, now, and several seemingly unimportant possibilities faded from his mind, as important things that he shouldn't meddle with tend to do. The TARDIS could feel it too, and she hummed happily inside his head. She was happy that Rose was still with them, and, for the first time the Doctor could remember, the old girl didn't mind the timelines changing.

"Doctor." He heard Rose say. She was standing in front of him, waving a hand in front of his face. When had she gotten there? "Earth to the Doctor. Hello?"

He shook his head, as if to clear cobwebs from it, and suddenly he realized what he was seeing. A grin that could shame the sun spread across his face, and he grabbed Rose and swung her around in the biggest bear hug he could muster, laughing merrily all the while.

"Oh, Rose Marion Tyler, you are brilliant!" He shouted for the world to hear, setting her softly on the ground, but not letting her go. He drank in her warmth, relishing every heartbeat he felt, every rise and fall of her chest. He breathed in her smell, a mixture of strawberries and sweat and a dash of something that he could only call Rose.

He pulled away, holding her at arm's length, and studied the way her eyes were twinkling like a million stars, how her small smile slowly morphed into the tongue-between-the-teeth beam he loved so much. He couldn't even imagine what he would be doing without her. He would be so lost, so alone. He loved her, and he wouldn't even have been able to say so. Oh yes, he loved her, he loved her like he was a drowning man and she was his salvation. He felt tears spill unbidden from his eyes, and he rushed to wipe them away. However, Rose got there first.

"Don't cry, my Doctor. Oh please don't. I'm right here. Look at me, Doctor." Rose commanded. She was staring at him intensely, and reached up to cup his face in her hands. "I'm here. I'm right here, right now. I didn't get sucked in, and if I did, you and I both know one of us would have found the other." She laughed breathlessly, and glanced at the wall behind her. "I wouldn't let such a silly thing keep us apart."

"Look at me!" The Doctor announced suddenly, "crying like a sentimental fool!" A smile stretched itself slowly across his face, and he said all he needed to say by pulling Rose into another bone-crushing hug. "Well," he began, releasing her, "let's get out of here, shall we?" He held his hand out, and Rose grasped it firmly, interlocking their fingers.

As they walked away, for that moment, all the horrible things that had happened, and all the heart-breaking things yet to come didn't matter, because for now, it was The Doctor and Rose, defying the universe as they should be. Together.