Nigredo had not often been one to dole out orders like this, though to him, it was more of a request. Fingers curl around the metal framework of some machination that would, in due time, reach completion. They had met down in the depths of the Institute in order to keep their affairs private, and often found little nooks and crannies to partake in such excursions in peace for a moment. His childlike brain had recognized nothing of their surroundings, and only registered the feelings the other had provided him with. Sharp gasps emitted from the blonde haired boy behind him, as though the standard URTV could not keep up with his requests and the indescribable feelings this moment had been giving him. Small hands scramble for purchase on Nigredo's hips, as if pulling the other back in time with his own movements would simulate speed.

This caused Nigredo's eyes to widen. While the URTV behind him had not fulfilled his original order, he found this to be much more pleasing, the deeper and oddly more forceful feelings coiling in his stomach. He refrains from emitting any noises, save for a few childish whines on occasion and soft grunts. It felt as though the URTV's cock had been pushing deeper into his insides, squeezing through the contracted muscle. In truth, this momentary pleasure was not something Nigredo would have wanted to end. Alas, this had not been the case. Just as soon as the standard had realized he could get more feeling from this, his hips began to move in a frenzy, bucking into the other wildly before the end came with a spasm of muscles and a wet release that left Nigredo agitated.

As the movements had shuddered to a stop, the black-haired URTV pushed the other away in an instant, holding out a hand for some sort of compensation for the mess caused. Given a small washtowel the blonde had snuck in with them, Nigredo quickly waved the other away, not wanting to be caught in such a demeaning position. After he properly cleaned himself, the Variant began quickly dressing and exited the room only after he made sure the armada marching through the hallways had disappeared for more than a few short moments. He could not afford to be caught in this disgusting act, and Nigredo, whilst quiet and diligently accepting commands from the link master, had also been blessed with a widely growing intellect, and knew he would not be pursued if he had left at this exact time.

His legs trembled just slightly as he sped off to his room, having claimed that he required a peaceful time to himself to amend for the torturous training exercises they had been put through. In truth, he hadn't cared much for them. He couldn't care less when it came to actual combat. All that mattered was keeping the objective safe. Still, being exposed to such objective for so long had his mind in a whirl. He refused to relenquish these thoughts, these memories, through their mental link. Not because of embarrassment or the like, but because he knew he was foolish in his actions. He just wanted to feel something. Something that could come close to the actual thing he wanted. Unattainable in their current circumstances, Nigredo found ways to make due, noting their undeniable shared looks with the standards, he began using them to his benefit. It had started off innocent enough; he craved the affection his opposing Variants had. The tenderness of touch, the connection of emotions. He thought it would be enough.

For the longest time, Nigredo had found himself sneaking off with one URTV at a time, telling them -or rather, asking- to hold him as the other two would. Hands met, fingers interwoven, chest to chest... everything had been perfect, down to the last breath. In some, he felt their synchronization in heartbeat, if only for a few fleeting moments. For a while, this sated Nigredo's needs. It began escalating as his feelings did. Hugging turned to touching; gentle caresses, fingers against cheeks, to chests, to thighs. Touching became kissing; innocent, at first, from foreheads to cheeks to the column of one's throat. Never had he once kissed a standard on the lips, however. One had tried; lifting his head up from the crook of Nigredo's neck and catching the slight look of satisfaction on his face, he had moved in to press his lips to the Variant, only to be stopped abruptly with a set of fingers and a hollow look. After that moment, he had made it clear that he only required this particular stimulation elsewhere.

It remained that way for quite a while. A particular URTV, 621, had grown attached to the secret meetings with the Variant, and began offering to meet Nigredo whenever he willed it. This had made things much easier for him, as he had singled out the others post-training in the gardens and asked if they wanted to meet with him somewhere. These sheep would have gone to the edge of the world and jumped if they were required to, though he doubted they would all keep secrets safe if he had gone through more than the handful he had used. 621 had became his new "brother", despite their "relations" as is. He would never specify whom, though they all assumed it was the red horse he chased after, and he never truly cared for their speculations. He would simply use the other as he saw fit until he knew he would be pushing his limit.

Admittedly, 621 had developed feelings for Nigredo; although he did not completely comprehend those feelings, he knew they were there. Each time the black-haired boy approached him, eagerness would ignite un his eyes, and he would be already making his way to a secluded spot he would have uncovered in between their meetings, then sent a pulse to Nigredo whenever he knew it was safe for the Variant to follow. They would hadly speak, as Nigredo was more obsessed with the actions the two performed, though 621 would often attempt to initiate little conversation for the sole purpose of hearing Nigredo's soft spoken voice. They would always start off by holding hands, and the close quarters often left them little room to maneuver in. During one of their secret excursions, 621 had initiated gentle kisses, first decorating Nigredo's shoulder and then hesitantly dancing down to his chest. The feeling had caused a soft whirl of something to occur in the Variant's chest, then spiral downwards in such a delicious feeling that he wanted more. He did not stop 621 when the other boy would free Nigredo from his issued shirt, fingers delicately splayed over his chest, along the sides of his torso, and held him there. He certainly did not complain when the URTV would speak hushed words and gentle confessions against his skin, the small flick of tongue making contact with his skin absolutely riveting.

These meetings began growing far more intimate, and while Nigredo quite enjoyed them, he knew he would eventually have to cut himself off. It wasn't fair, though; the abyss that existed inside of him craved the contact his brothers had, craved the hands on his body, hungered for so much that the poor boy could barely process it all. He would not cry; no, he felt too mature for the tears his elder brothers often released, but in times like these he often felt the undying pang of sadness wash over him. Needing and sadness were often two halves of the same coin, and they would flip circles around him until he finally achieved what he wanted. The two had always displayed their affections, though the leader would stride closer to him than his blubbering twin. Rubedo had found it in him to confide to Nigredo about the troubles he thought circled around his twin, and would countlessly, and hesitantly, express the grimness of the situation. Even while confiding in Nigredo, Rubedo held the air of a leader; something he would admire from time to time. It took a lot of control to hide these emotions. But whilst hearing these things, Nigredo felt not one shred of sympathy, only understanding. The word "why" would often echo in his mind, but he was far past allowing the word to bubble to his lips, only listening to Rubedo's lament.

After a particularly harsh session of unloading, Nigredo felt the aching need to unload himself. So, he had connected with 621, telepathically telling the other to meet him in the lowermost level of the facility, regarding the thought with an urgency he had rarely shown before.

When had their meeting changed so drastically? They were only supposed to kiss, to touch, though Nigredo found himself needing more, demanding it. He entertained the thought of those kisses on his thighs, the heat that radiated from his middle causing him to release the softest of sounds into 621's ear. The blonde had been touching his thighs, kissing his shoulder, and he too felt himself react in a way to the sound Nigredo released. After much coersion and thought, Nigredo allowed the boy to do as he pleased, having no idea that the standard had done some minute research to explain what these feelings meant. He told Nigredo about the next step in intimacy and held him while he had laid back against some metal exoskeleton, deep blue eyes holding just the slightest concern. He made alterations to his position later, and forced himself not to cry out when 621 entered him. After he found it easy to silence himself, Nigredo's mouth clamped shut, loosing only the smallest of sounds in order to aptly display his pleasure.

And so it had gone on.

Now, Nigredo sits in his room, staring at his tattooed hand and holding it tightly with the other. He cannot believe what he has just done, though no part of him regrets it. He's simply confused that such pleasure can be achieved by such a rudimentary act. Then again, 621 had told him such a ritual had been the most basic "programming" in every living creature. Unsure of what he meant, Nigredo simply nodded along, allowing 621's actions to continue. Now, he feels empty. He catches the time, recognizing that soon he will commence training with his Variant brothers. Stress is a little electric ball that lights him up inside, rolling through his chest and his abdomen, making him cringe at his own selfish and disgusting ways. Still, the twins had their way to cope, right? And they were never truly alone. Despite Rubedo favoring him as company, Nigredo believed what he wanted was their contact. Their relationship. While unhealthy, it was all he every truly needed. Some way to feel as though he isn't alone.

It's been several weeks since he last met with 621, finding the strength to consume his own loneliness in order to properly work with his brothers. He does not stray from their sides, does not look away when they embrace. He feels nothing, and that alone feels much better than the chasm of sadness that often roiled through him with no remorse. 621 knew well that Nigredo would contact him, and remained silent on their shared mental link, though the URTV finds himself on the opposite end of Nigredo's spectrum. He not only craves the other, he feels as though he cannot live without it. It's become an obsession; the mess of black hair, the soft, cool voice, the feeling of Nigredo's hot skin on the pads of his fingertips... having been special out of all of his brothers made him go mad for the touch, as though he would stop living until Nigredo graces him with his affections. He misses those fingers in his hair, the returned kisses to his neck and collar, lips so strange despite being just like his own. He wants to taste those lips, though countless times Nigredo ceases that action. He needs it. And as each week passes with silence, it only seems to strengthen again until he can obtain it.

621 is not one to disobey orders, and when lights out is called throughout the facility, he finds himself sneaking through the vast corridors to locate the black-haired Variant's room, desperate to be with him. He cannot wait, cannot enter forced sleep without touching his "brother" once more. His mind had made it so that he knows he will be relieved of these pent-up feelings once he obtains the simple touch of Nigredo's hand on his. The room door opens automatically, lacking the usual lock most URTVs would have. Darkness overtakes him, but he manages to sift through it quietly enough to reach his prime directive. He watches Nigredo in his slumber, aching to sleep beside the beautiful Variant. Hesitantly, his fingers outstrech, reaching under the sheets to fulfill his main reason for coming. A slow, shuddering sigh emits from 621 as he feels the familiar skin against his own, and without warning, he's climbing onto Nigredo's cot, ruled by obsession. He notices the other stirring, though it's apparent Nigredo's caught in an animated dream that prevents him from noticing the other on top of him.

Sliding beneath the sheets, 621 settles, wrapping them around the two boys and allowing his hands to splay out over Nigredo's chest. If he's caught, he will undoubtedly be destroyed by the white horse, or their father. This fear lives distantly in his mind while he continues, removing Nigredo's nightclothes to the best of his ability. This wakes the Variant, who reaches up swiftly to lock the boy's wrists in his grip, his heart pounding silently in surprise. Nigredo's first reaction is to destroy the intruder, and as he opens his mouth, he finds the tattoo on the other's palm. His feelings well up in a confused rush, though he forces them to stay down, saying nothing to the other as he releases him. This wil be it, he decides, looking to the obsession riddled URTV on top of him. The final affair between the two.

Easily, 621 begins to indulge in his needs, touching and kissing Nigredo wherever allowed, tasting his skin and shaking with tension. Every part of him wants to dive into the Variant, to push himself into him and become part of a higher being once more. Nigredo senses this, of course; he dips into 621's mind, catching the vivid imagery on a loop in the boy's subconscious. He opens himself to the standard, allowing the boy to touch his thighs, raise his hips into his lap. He tastes Nigredo's hips, the insides of his thighs, tentatively, his cock. Nigredo finds himself pretending, eyes closing slowly as the other enters him once again. This time, the pain and the pleasure are coming from someone else, someone Nigredo craves. He reaches up in a sudden gasp and grips 621 by the hair, pulling him down to Nigredo's chest as the Variant groans, eyes still sealed shut. Unit 621 doesn't care if he's someone else to his Variant; he merely craved the contact, and the sudden willingness from Nigredo certainly worked wonders on him.

A low groan emits from Nigredo, and as he feels that familiar push inside that indicates the approach of the end, he finds himself calling out.

For a moment, blonde becomes white as snow, and blue becomes the deepest, neediest violet, and Nigredo cries out for his precious Albedo before everything turns black.