Here is a new story, I know I shouldn't have but for my Anniversary my husband took me to see the new Logan movie. And no, I just couldn't! I normally use Dayanara for any X-men story and this one is no different. Thank you for read. I own nothing the original writers and such do, no money has been made.

Logan's point of view…

My dreams are filled with the dark terrors that would make grown men never want to sleep again, I have lived for far too long. My past bloody and torn with death, death of any I held close to me. My friends the X-men gone, our young charges gone, she was gone. I knew deep down I would live for as long as possible if she was still here. But I drown myself in booze, making hustles to get the medication for Charles, he has been everything to me, including my last link to her.

Everything went south years ago, some scientist trying to suppress our mutant gene, with some everyday corn syrup, it worked. Then the Westchester incident, it was still on some local stations, my dreams are filled with this, she died that day, our friends along with her, I have nightmares of her death, my claws tears into her. The world still needed the X-men and we have been wiped out.

The motion of the limo being jacked up was what woke me from my drunken sleep "Fucking Christ, not again," my voice deep, and groggy my body nothing like it was before. The adamantium has now poisoned me, I don't heal like I once did, my vision, my reflexes everything going as I ready to die. But I couldn't leave Charles alone, he was dangerous, not really known to him, but he was his seizures could kill human and mutant alike.

Groaning as my boots hit the dirt road I had pulled onto to take a small break, I stumbled before regaining my balance. Everything aches, I am tired and still have a full day ahead, many long days ahead of me.

"You're stripping the lugs, they are plated in platinum," my gruff voice really conveyed my annoyance at this group of thugs, this limo was my way of making enough cash to get Charles medication and the sunseeker, to get Charles to a safe distance from humanity, or what is left of it.

That hurt like a bitch as the gunshot rang out clear in the night sky, my body slammed with painful force into the ground, this was a new shirt, now it was ruined. As I clamber to my unsteady feet again, my claws come out but one was stuck midway.

I say to the stunned group "It doesn't have to happen this way," I didn't want to fight, the will was gone but we had to do what we needed to survive. It ended up with me beaten and all but three dead on some road in El Paso, TX, we are far from our home in New York. Caliban will take care of Charles while I get money and his needed medication, it was the same cycle since they all died and he was discovered to have Dementia.

I drive to clean up and get to work, my smart phone alerted me of my next job, so I was limited on time. Yet again. The pain was bearable as the bullets clinked against the cold white sink in the dingy bathroom, pulling on a crisp white button down before the black tux jacket, looking at myself was a daily reminder my time was up, but I was still need still had things to do.

It was the same, idiot humans screaming from the sun roof after drinking at prom, girls celebrating a final night of singleness before a wedding, I always suppress the memories of my own wedding. The girls file out stumbling into arms of the casino workers who will put them into their rooms to sober up before the wedding. I drive off, it has been days and I am tired as I drive up to a somber looking couple dressed in all black, both using umbrellas as it pours down rain, how fitting.

"Come on ma'am we have to go or risk being late," I hold her umbrella as she moves towards the limo, her husband already inside she soon joined him as I pulled from the curb heading to the cemetery, the rain pouring down making me think of her. God how my girl loved to dance in the rain, she come in with Rogue hair plastered to their faces, teeth chattering, lips blue but laughing until their stomachs hurt. She curls up to me on the love seat in the west wing den afterwards, a blanket wrapped around her a cup of hot chocolate nestled between her hands, but still smiling.

I take a right driving down the small circle to the drop off location, I would wait and deliver them back home, but as they all look at the casket crying, my emotions run over me in a rage as I grab a bottle of Whiskey leaning against a tall tree, coughing until the brown crap comes up after I drink, drink to forget the memories that never leave willingly.

I drop the now empty bottle into the bin ready to make my way as they're finishing when a female voice called out "Wolverine," on instinct I turn my face set in a scowl.

"Fuck," came out in a growl as I start walking away from the woman.

She calls again "I need your help, Wolverine. They are coming," but I don't have time for this as I turn once more.

"I am not him, not anymore. Now go the fuck away," she leaves as do I helping the woman again, covering her as she walks to the now open door.

She asks "Who was that?"

I answered her "A crazy woman, she is gone you have nothing to worry about," but again the fucking woman speeds by, but in the back, is a small face peering out with brown hair and dark eyes than they are gone.

I am due hours ago, I pulled to the curb of a local hospital, Cadent waits outside as normal. I walk with increased pain "Here you go old man," he smirked, I just grimace handing him the roll of cash for the filled bag of medication, day in day out my routine.

I slam the door shut, when the back door opens and some blonde punk smiles at me "The Wolverine, in person. I am such a fan,"

I retorted "I really don't care now get the fuck out,"

He held a card out to me, Transigen, the reason our race has died out fucking great.

I say as much "Fucking great, what do you assholes want?"

"No, you or the cue ball, did you know his brain has been labeled a weapon of mass destruction. Well we found five dead cholo's with tire marks, now our people say it was either Freddy Kruger or a Tiger. Now we know one is fictional and the other extinct, so we also heard of a limo driver who looked like the Wolverine. Now tell me have you seen a woman, Mexican asking for help?"

I should have said yes, but I just give him a look, if I wasn't so old and fucked up looking it would have done more "Not ringing any bells, huh. Well when she does come to you, you give me a call." He moved to get the fuck from my car when he turned around, with one last look.

His voice was not as deep as it should be, he tried too hard to add humor into his words "I am really a fan, I was also a huge fan of your wife's, pretty damn sad she was killed," I made a move for him but he was gone smiling the whole time, we had to leave soon if Transigen knows where Charles and I are, we are in more danger now as I drive back to Mexico.

I am greeted by Caliban, he looks a little worse for the wear as he nags, it must have been bad while I was gone "I needed those six hours ago, Logan. He was bad, it is your turn. I am cooking. He has details, that dome isn't helping anymore, scary details," but that was impossible.

I leave his albino ass to cook as I head from the giant yellow dome we keep Professor in, he rolls around in his chair babbling and yelling to no one, I hate this, she would kill me but it was the safest bet for him. He had a table filled with plants he is growing. He as normal argues and fights, I have to pick him up and lay him in his bed.

I grab the bottle, tossing two pills into my shaking hand "Here Charles, take these," I watch as he downs the two blue pills.

His voice is weaker but still the same, "I miss her, Logan. I loved her so much. The pain is still alive in you. New mutants are here, Logan," he was just rambling about new mutants, there have been none for twenty-five years now. But he always said how much he missed her, missed his only granddaughter.

He screams "Logan, what did you do. WHAT DID YOU DO!" as I shut him in and head to my room, I undress sitting heavily on my bed. I take another swig from the half empty bottle before I let the claws out on my left hand, the one is still only half out, as I grab it pulling it out fully, blood dripped from my hand and my other as the adamantium blade cut it deep.

I fell back, passing out only to be woken hours later by Caliban, his face somehow whiter "Logan, I am picking up mutants, far from here but a lot of mutants are here," I was up now, but these new mutants have nothing to do with us, they better stay away, they better hide.