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I wait at the South wall when a shimmering purple vortex open's with Magik at its center with a smile on her face, she waved to her brother as he was trying to pull her down for a bone crushing hug.

She finally allowed Colossus to pull her down we all watched them hug, "Illyana Nikolievna, my dear baby sister. I have missed you."

She just sighed, "Piotr, my big brother I have missed you too. Daya, I have brought some friends for you."

My eyes turned up to the vortex seeing four coming through, "Perfect matches." she finished.

My Uncle smiled coming through, his eyes on me, "My Daya." he knew me my arms are around him before I knew it, my mind wrapping around his. She found him on an Earth much like this one, but Jean and I are dead not him, he came willingly came here for us. Next was Bobby, he looked the same his mind the same only difference was he was gay, hell that was fine by me. He laughed hugging me, guess she explained everything to them, I was ready to sob.

"Delilah, come my darling. This is your father Bobby Drake, Ice this is your daughter, Delilah."

It was love at first site.

We all watched, Captain America and a teen Nightcrawler come through. Oh, no he wouldn't be fit to raise Maria he was only a few years older than her, he had to be alerted but maybe in time he could but not right now.

I smiled, "Steve."

"Hey there, Dayanara. Magik gave me the word on this Earth and I begged her to let me come, you need Cap here." we did.

I snorted, "We welcome you home, Steve. But I must inform you your own dna was used to create an offspring by Transigen. Rickie, this is your father, Steve your son Rickie."

My Uncle was getting a little nervous as Jean was due back from taking Maddie as we called her to go get her teeth cleaned. Uncle was given my memories so that he could understand so much more, his heart was breaking. Even as he detailed my death to my husband and grandfather, guess I died saving the children of the school; no better death than that.

Laura and Gabriel using less than favorable words in Spanish as Nate held her hand, young but there were deep rooted feelings there.

She was home, "I will need to talk with her first." my body up and moving from them heading to the basement where she was waiting for the elevator.

With a closed mind, I spoke, "Jean, come on you have a visitor." I chickened out she could just see for herself, as I cast a bubble around everyone here since that was her go to move, to invade minds to figure surprises out.

I stopped her before we entered the den "Let me hold Mandalorian." she was about to hand the baby over, we walked in together her eyes zeroed in on her own husband who looked the same as the day he died, with arms out Maddie was dropped into them as Uncle Scott and Aunt Jean crashed into each other. Two halves of a whole reunited, Aunt Strom was next to me, "You did a good thing baby girl."

Life was never going to be easy. We're X-men after all, but for now in this little moment in time we're good, we will fight on. My husband, my children, my friends, and family stand with me.