You hate spiders,

don't you?

Then why, tell me,

did you love him?

He's just a spider,

is he not?

Weaving his webs,

his intricate webs,

silken yet strong.

You can't break out.

(please break me out)

He won't trap you.

(he already has, my darling)

You won't let yourself

fall into the trap.

You're not a measly fly

that he can use

as his dinner.

(you won't be his dinner, you'll serve it to him)

Aren't you wise?

You should know better

than to fall in love

with a spider.

Mommy wouldn't be proud of you

my darling.

don't you want pride, my darling? pride is your specialty, is it not?

A/N: this is my first attempt at something like this... sorry if it's bad.

thanks for reading,