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Anyone Can Become A Hero

Prologue: Spin Me Right Round

"And coming around the final stretch is Little John leading the pack, followed by Big Hero Six and Luna ," an excited voice rang out throughout the entire race track with accompanying cheers yelling out loud as if they were trying to pierce the heavens. The sun was shining brightly and a gentle breeze filled the air, adding a calm intensity for the climax of the event that was taking place. Truly it was perfect day for horse racing, especially one for an international tournament being held in the beautiful nation of Japan. "Both Big Hero Six and Luna are neck and neck, but Little John still is half a horse length ahead and… Wait… What's this?!"

Coming up behind Big Hero Six and Luna were two other horses, both gaining speed and threatening to overtake the leaders. Seeing this, both Big Hero Six and Luna put aside their differences and tried to stop the incoming challengers, but it was all for naught as both were easily outpaced by the newcomers. The crowd went wild with the sudden turn of events and the rider of Little John looked understandably worried as his competitors threatened to take sweet victory away from him. Pushing Little John to its limits, the three racers were now neck and neck as they were mere meters away from the finishing line.

The crowd was now roaring with delight and shouted for their favorite horses to take the glory of first place, but in the end there could only be one victor.

"It's going to be close…" the announcer said with baited breath, he too was on the edge of his seat. "And the winner is…. It's… Valkyrie! Ladies and gentlemen, Valkyrie is our champion for the evening! Taking second place is Hono and third goes to Little John. Let's give a big round of applause for our winner!" The crowd instantly clapped vigorously for Valkyrie and its rider as they did their victory lap. But Johnny Joestar didn't join in the cheers or excitement of the climatic event. Rather, he was already leaving the designated stands and started to head towards the city.

At sixteen years old, he was a little shorter than average, but slender for his build. His eyes were light blue like the sky and his hair was a light-brown almost blonde. His lips were also adorned in a light blue paint. As for clothing, it was rather particular. Having a short-sleeved T-shirt, with a hood that hanged comfortably behind his back, a long feather sticking out of it, the shirt was made of a light blue fabric with several dark purple stripes running across it. His pants were of a similar light color, but instead of stripes there was a pattern of light pink stars running up and down his legs. Around his wrists were stretchy, yellow cuffs with the same pink stars like his pants had and his feet were adorned with blue leather boots. He wore a light blue knit-cap that had the same five-pointed star theme as the rest of his clothes, but also had the silhouette of a horse head just above his forehead. There were a few holes sticking out of the cap, letting his hair stick out at odd ends. Lastly, a gold colored horse shoe hung down the middle of the cap, just under the horse silhouette, and gently touched the boy's head.

It was obvious he was a foreigner, but other than that, he looked like a normal youth enjoying a nice day.

Except for the fact that he was currently sitting in a wheelchair.

Ignoring everything else around him, Johnny let out a scoff as he finally exited the horse track before looking up at the sky. "Why did I come to this place anyway?" he thought silently to himself as he stared absently at a cloud. "Was it to see the race like everyone else? Or is it just because I've spent all my life around horses? And if it's the latter, why here, rather than back home? There are plenty of races there that I could've gone to." Though he knew why he was here in Japan, Johnny had no answer for the rest of his questions. Yet he knew deep down that he was attracted to something. People are drawn to beauty and anything that shines brightly. Perhaps that's why so many people admired and looked up to heroes, he guessed, but for the young American there was nothing more beautiful than being on the back of horse and feeling the wind in his hair as they ran for hours without end.

Sadly, those days were long since passed.

Furrowing his brow, Johnny let out a sigh before continuing his trek towards the city.

Despite having no use of his legs, the American easily found himself lost among the crowds of Musutafu. Instead of heading back to his apartment, which was property that belonged to his mother long before she married his father, Johnny just wheeled himself around in the city, killing time without having to think about anything. Not that he wanted to anyway. The sights in Musutafu were incredible to say the least, but the American barely gave them so much as a thought, not since he arrived about a week ago. For a time, Johnny was able to allow himself a tiny peace of mind. However, it was quickly dashed when someone touched his shoulder.

"Pardon me, but do you need help crossing the street?" a policeman asked politely. Johnny's expression darkened considerably as his response was immediate and came out almost like growl.

"I'm perfectly fine crossing a street, sir," he declared as he pushed his wheelchair forward, forcing the policeman to let go of his shoulder in surprise. Despite the anger in his tone, Johnny's Japanese was incredibly fluent.

As if to prove his point, Johnny wheeled himself across the street with ease and didn't once look back. However this didn't stop Johnny from getting asked a couple more times if he needed any assistance with getting around the city, whether they be citizens or policemen or, in the rare cases, a hero. The last of which, of course, was the worst. They never left Johnny alone even when made it quite clear that he didn't need anyone's help.

Yet as the day dragged on, the young American's mood continued to turn sour. He was seriously thinking of just heading back home at this point and locking himself in his room. However before he could come to a decision, something unexpected happened.

A roaring bang resounded throughout the street as a figure burst out of a building, maybe about fifty feet away from the American, followed by an explosion. Glass and a wave of dust shot forth onto the once clean street as everyone started to flee as they realized just what was going on, leaving only a stunned Johnny alone with the figure before him. The villain, a tall looking man with an angry scar running down the side of his right cheek, stood up with two heavy, brown sacks in both hands. Yet what really caught Johnny's eye was the bulging, almost balloon like, muscles in his forearms.

However before he could even twitch, the villain was smacked down to the ground by a heavy pair of fists. The two bags flew from the villain's grip, their contents flying open, thousands of yen spilling onto the ground, even as the villain quickly got back up to face the hero who dared stop his heist.

"Don't even try resisting," said Deathgoro, a muscularly built man who wore a black and yellow headband along with heavy metallic bracelets around his wrists. "My comrades will be here in minutes, so why not make it easy on yourself and surrender."

"Like hell I will!" the villain exclaimed as he raised an arm towards the muscular hero, the balloon like appendage growing in size in a matter of seconds. Without a word, Deathgoro jumped to the side just as a massive gust of air shot forth, tearing the street pavement apart and bending lamp posts into an obtuse angle. Wasting no time, the hero charged forth with a fist raised to smash his scarred-faced foe's teeth in. The villain, however, leaned back against the attack before aiming his left hand at Deathgoro's head.

Letting a crooked smile grace his lips, revealing rows of yellow stained teeth, the would be thief prepared to unleash his Quirk, but suddenly something wrapped around his legs, yanking him to the floor.

Turning angrily around, the villain saw none other than Kamui Woods, a pro hero who wore a dark black unitard and a wooden mask over his head. His hand was currently turned into thick wooden branches that effortlessly wrapped themselves around the scarred-faced burglar's legs and crawling up to his waist. "You can't escape, villain," the Wood-Quirk hero said. "There is no way you can escape from the two of us!"

"Wanna bet, you prick?" the villain growled as he pointed his arms at the ground before unleashing a heavy blast. He flew upwards, tearing apart the thick branches, before coming back like a comet with his Quirk speeding his descent. Both Deathgoro and Kamui Woods jumped away just as the villain crashed into the street, tearing it apart and causing hundreds of cracks to form around the crater. Jumping out of the dent in the street, the villain smiled viciously as he and the heroes prepared to do battle once again.

It was a tense standoff for a moment, none of them making a single twitch, before the villain made the first move. The scarred-faced foe jumped towards Kamui Woods, his Quirk giving him an extra boost to close the distance, before raising both hands, clasping them together, and ready to smash the hero's skull apart like a watermelon. Yet he was surprised when the wooden-masked hero rushed to meet his charge. Indeed, Kamui Woods ducked under the villain's attack, which left another impact in the street, though it was smaller than the rest, before twirling around with his hands changing into heavy, wooden braces, ready to capture the rampaging foe.

The villain, however, wasn't so easily caught as he unleashed a torrent of air onto the ground, sending him flying backwards just as the wood-themed hero's attack swiped at where he once stood. Yet his escape was short lived when he failed to notice a shadow growing below him. With a heavy slam, Deathgoro punched the villain into the ground, knocking out a few rotten teeth in the process. Coughing up blood, the villain rolled to the side just as the muscular hero smashed another fist down.

Quickly getting back up, the petty burglar held a hand to his mouth, carefully placing one fingering inside before wincing at the feeling of the missing teeth from his gums. "You motherfu-!" the villain tried to scream in rage, but he was cut off by a wave of wooden branches and vines coming straight at him. Dodging to the side, the villain let out a roar, blood and spittle escaping his lips at the action, before charging forth in order to sate his desire for vengeance.

As the two heroes continued to fight against the resilient hero, Johnny watched in awe. He had never seen a hero vs. villain fight in person, but seeing such an incredible sight before him was breath taking. Like any youth of his generation, the American had seen plenty of fights on the internet or on T.V., but none of them could truly capture the sheer intensity of what he was currently witnessing. It was like something out of an American comic book or manga or even anime, which was only reinforced when the heroes started to callout their special moves. Perhaps that's where most heroes get the inspiration from? That would explain the ridiculous costumes some heroes wore.

"Damn, did we miss the beginning of the fight?" said a disappointed voice beside Johnny, causing him to turn to see dozens of people. Apparently they had shown up while the young American was engrossed by fight. Or rather, they all returned after they realized that two heroes had arrived and simply wanted to watch the fight like a summer blockbuster movie.

"So who is the villain anyway?" asked a middle aged salaryman.

"Not sure, probably some thug who thought he could get away stealing," answered a young blonde-haired man.

"Really?" an old timer spoke up, an amused smile on his lips. "That youngster must be pretty ballsy trying to knock off a bank in broad daylight."

"I don't think he stole from a bank. I believe it was convenience store that was getting its ATM restocked."

"No fooling? Well, either way, he won't be able to use that money now. Not when these heroes are on the job!" As if to emphasize his point, the scarred-faced villain was smashed into bricked wall, leaving a several large cracks in the concrete, but surprisingly he was able to stay conscious and continue the fight.

"Heh, he doesn't stand a chance against Kamui Wood and Deathgoro!" exclaimed the salaryman. "They're some of the best heroes this side of the city."

It amazed Johnny how calm and casual the citizens around him were enjoying the fight without a care in the world. Yet at the same time it disgusted him. Not a single one of them had pulled out a phone to call the local police or tried to go get help, instead they simply came back like it was Van Halen concert short on tickets. Hell, some of them were pulling out their phones to take pictures! Though he knew that seeing villains this day and age, a society filled with an infinite amount of heroes with amazing Quirks, was like catching a glimpse of a dying breed of animal, especially when the Symbol of Peace made his debut, but this was just pathetic. Especially when it reminded Johnny of how people acted to him when he had the use of his legs.

"Hey, isn't someone going to take care of that fire?" asked the blonde, pointing to the now burning convenience store that the villain came from. "I thought Backdraft would be here by now and take care of it."

"Look there he is!" Soon enough Backdraft, a pro hero who looked like fireman with water cannons for hands, arrived with a firetruck along with another hero in a jetpack and several policemen. The Firefighter Hero immediately got to work with blasting the burning building with a powerful torrent of water from his hands. The Jetpack Hero joined the fray with his comrades in arms while the police formed a protective barrier on either side of the street, keeping bystanders out and giving plenty of space for the heroes to do their work.

"Alright everyone, keep behind the line," The sergeant of the policemen in command said as he directed the bystanders behind the line his subordinates had set up in quick time. "No shoving. You can all watch, but don't try to interfere. Let the pros handle this." He then spotted Johnny among the crowd before his eyes trailed down to the American's wheelchair. "Hey kid, it's not safe for someone like you to be around here. Why don't you go home? You can see the fight online if you wish."

This immediately caused Johnny to give the policeman a scathing glare. "I'm perfectly alright watching three heroes ganging up on a guy who's about to get the rest of his teeth knocked out of him," The blue eyed youth said in a dark tone that surprised the policeman.

"Uh… Well, I was just looking out for your safety and I still think—"

"Tch! Fine, I'll leave. The fight was just about to end anyway… incompetent ass…" Johnny muttered out that part in a low tone as he was already turning his wheelchair around, bumping into a couple bystanders without a care, before taking his leave. That is until he accidently ran into someone and caused them to fall to the ground with a cry.

Blinking, Johnny saw that it was a boy that he crashed into and looked like he was around his age. He had emerald colored eyes and black curly hair with green highlights. His face was rather plain and had a few freckles dusting his cheeks. As for clothing, he wore a black gakuran uniform with yellow buttons, a brown-colored backpack, and red shoes adorning his feet. If anything, the kid looked like a junior high school student.

Rubbing his backside, the boy slowly got up from where he was knocked down before turning his attention to the American who silently stared at him. "O-Oh, sorry for running into like that!" the boy apologized profusely to Johnny, bowing deeply before straightening up to carefully examine Johnny. "I hope I didn't hurt you or anything. I wasn't looking where I was going and—!"

"It's fine," said Johnny, cutting off the kid before he got into a frenzy. He turned his head to the side before saying, "Let's just say it's both our faults and leave it at that."

"Uh, right." The boy agreed as he scratched the back of his head a bit uncertainly before offering Johnny a hand. "Um… I'm Izuku Midoriya, it's nice to meet you."

The young American blinked at the offered hand before looking up into the boy's face and eyed him suspiciously. He thought it was strange that the kid would offer to shake his hand for a moment before realizing this was perhaps Izuku's way of apologizing to him even after Johnny settled the accident already. Was it because of genuine sincerity behind the gesture? Or was there something else behind it? Though from what Johnny could tell from the look in Izuku's eye, a kind of goodwill and sincerity in them, it was probably the former.

"… Johnny Joestar," the American finally introduced himself to the curly haired boy, but refrained from taking up the handshake.

This puzzled the boy for a moment, thinking that perhaps he offended the foreigner, before a sudden explosion was heard coming from behind Johnny and instantly captured Midoriya's attention. "Who's fighting the villain?" the curly haired youth asked excitedly as he carefully pressed beside Johnny, making sure not to hurt him or cause any inconvenience. "Wow! It's Deathgoro, Kamui Woods, and Buster Hero! The villain must be really tough to have all three them here. Oh! There is Backdraft as well!"

"You're a real fanboy, aren't ya?" Johnny asked dryly, turning his head back to watch the three heroes cornering the villain.

"Uh, no," Midoriya denied before turning his head to the side and letting out a guilty chuckle. "I just… really like heroes." He then blinked before his eyes were practically glowing as he saw one the heroes performing their special move. "This is so cool! Here comes Kamui Woods signature move, 'Pre-emptive Binding Lacquered Chains Prison!'"

"What a mouthful," Johnny commented, though his eyes were on the wood-themed hero and how his arms once more turned into hundreds branches before shooting out to catch the scarred-faced villain in a near unbreakable prison.

"When Kamui Wood uses this move, any villain caught in it is done for," Midoriya explained as he pulled down his backpack and digging around inside till he yanked out a notebook. He then proceeded to write down details about the fight while they were still fresh in his mind. "The wood wraps around the target until all possible joints are disabled and even aggressively latches onto any Quirk related physical traits." He then started to mutter to himself while he scribbled in his notebook intensely, impressing the American slightly. If there was ever a personification of being a fanboy, Johnny was sure he found it in Midoriya.

"Well, I'm sure it's impressive…" Johnny said before turning his head forward and started to wheel himself down the street.

For a moment Midoriya blinked at the comment, stopping his note taking momentarily, before turning to where the young American was heading. "Hey! Aren't you going to watch the rest of the fight? The finishing move is always the best part!"

"Hmph. I would, but apparently I'm not allowed to watch it…" Johnny replied darkly, causing the dark, curly haired boy to give him a curious look. Yet the foreigner never looked back and simply continued on his way back home.

Or at least he tried to anyway.

As soon as he was a several building lengths away from the fight, the American was yanked out his wheelchair and pulled into dark alleyway. Stiffening in surprise, Johnny started to struggle against the strong hands that held his crippled body off the ground. This only caused a dark, cruel chuckle to escape the lips of the one who held him. Suddenly he felt a hand slowly circle around his throat, tightening painfully, and it wasn't long that Johnny was laboring for what little breath he could get.

"Stop struggling, ya brat," the mugger, a shaved head man with a scarred running down his left eye, which had an eyepatch over it, and down his nose, said lowly as he tightened his already painful grip a bit. "You're no used to me dead. A hostage has only two uses after all: Bartering with Heroes or being a meat-shield. And I don't think you'll like the latter option if you don't cooperate right now. Or perhaps you'll like me break your already ruined body?"

The cold, brutal look in his eyes told Johnny that he was deathly serious and the thought his getting more crippled than it already was made him freeze up in fear. Yet at the same, time he felt a boiling anger rise up within him and he glared at the villain so hard that it would have burned holes in the man. How dare this jackass make such a threat?

"That's better." The villain then loosened his grip, a tiny bit anyway, and allowed Johnny some air. "Alright listen, kid, I'm in a bit of trouble here. You see, my partner and I were supposed to do one simple job. Nothing special, just rob a convenience store ATM as it was getting refilled, but that idiot just had to go set off the alarm and then start going on a rampage as soon as he realized that we were fucked. And now, as you probably saw earlier, if you were there anyway, that fool is getting his ass kicked by the local heroes. Long story short, it's only going to be a matter of time before they realized that two people robbed that store instead of one and you're going to be my leverage until I escape. Cooperate and I'll let you live. Refuse, well, I think I already explained what would happened if you did…" He then let out a deep chuckle at that, only making the American all the angrier. "So what do you say? Do we have a deal?"

The villain loosened his grip again to let Johnny have a bit more air, but as soon as he did, a wad of spit was shot into his scarred covered eye. "Fuck you," the American growled out like a raging animal. "I refuse to be a hos-!"

Before he could even finish that sentence, Johnny felt the air rush out his lungs, as the thief slammed a fist into his chest. "Wrong choice, kid." He then let go of the crippled youth, causing the American to let out a wheezing cough as he tried to regain his breath, before wiping the spit from his eye. "I got to say, are all foreigners like you? Hot blooded and stubborn even when faced with someone can break their arms like a rotten matchstick." He then proceeded to kick the light-brown haired boy's left side, right underneath the armpit, causing the youth to let course gasp. "Though to be honest, I was hoping that you refuse. That fucking idiot screwing up this one simple job has left me with some pent of rage that I need to get off my chest. I won't beat you to death, of course, but I will make you wish you never have a mirror for the rest of your life. Although I'll have to make this quick, no telling when the heroes might be coming for me."

Despite the pain, Johnny let out a defiant growl and tried to push himself up, but only received a boot to the back of his head and slamming his face down into the cold hard floor. He felt a bit of his skin on the side of his face get torn open and crimson fluid started to trail down his cheek. "You know what, I got an idea," the sadistic bastard said as he pulled Johnny's head up by the hair. "Why don't we make this fair since your crippled? You hit me with your strongest Quirk attack. That way I won't feel so bad when I'm pummeling you with these babies." He let go of Johnny before proceeding to raise his fists up to the boy's face, which had turn into a type of crumbly rock with what looked like mold growing out of certain spots, almost like they were birth marks.

Johnny let out a hoarse cough, as he slowly raised himself up from the ground, giving the mugger a scathing look, but didn't do much else. This only made the one-eyed thief impatient.

"Come on now, I'm being a good sport about this. The least you can do is put up fight with your… wait…." Suddenly his eyes widened considerably and let loose a bellowing laugh before covering his mouth least someone overheard them. "Don't tell me you don't have a Quirk?" The anger in Johnny's eyes grew into a towering inferno, but for a split he looked away from villain's taunting gaze. "You really don't. Oh my god that is hilarious! Not only you're cripple, but you're basically worthless. I thought being Quirkless had finally died out, but this is just precious!" He had place both hands over his lips to keep his laughter from spilling out.

As the cruel man tried to contain his mirth, Johnny felt hot tears starting to well up in his eyes. It was true he never had a Quirk, unlike the rest of his family, but he never truly cared if he had one or not before. At least, not before his accident. To him, he didn't need a Quirk to ride a horse and race. Hell he managed to gain fame without it. Yet after he lost the use of his legs, he was nothing more than a piece worthless garbage. If he had a Quirk then maybe he could have regained his former glory, or perhaps one of the other powers that he vaguely heard about long ago, but sadly he did not and it was only by mere luck that not many people knew about that fact. Until now anyway.

"Oh man..." The man chuckled wickedly as he managed to get his laughter under control. "This is like picking on a child. No, a baby. But only ten times funnier! Well, since you can't fight back, we might as well get this over with quickly and hightail it out of here before a—."

Johnny blinked in surprise as the villain didn't get to finish that sentence as something smacked against his head, causing him to stumble to his knees as he cradled his cranium in his hands. The American eyed the thief for a moment before turning his head towards his savior and he was even more surprised to see who it was.

It was Izuku Midoriya with an iron pipe held shakenly in his hands.

"Why are you here…?" Johnny asked in disbelief. There was no one way he could know that he was being attacked, not when he was so focused on the heroes and their work.

Midoriya blinked before quickly rushing over to his side, helping the cripple up. "I-I saw your empty wheelchair and I felt that something was wrong," the black and green, curly haired boy said as he slung an arm over his shoulders and lifted Johnny off the floor. "When I went over to check, I saw you being attacked in the alleyway and… my feet moved on their own before I even knew it…. You looked like someone in need of saving."

Johnny couldn't believe what he just heard. Not since before his accident has anyone, besides his mother of course, truly cared for him in the least. All his friends and fans had abandoned him as soon as he lost the use of his legs and couldn't ride again. And yet Midoriya came to help him without a single thought or asking for anything in return. So shocked by this development that he barely noticed a rock covered fist coming right for his savior's head.

"Look out!" he exclaimed before shoving Midoriya off him. Both boys fell the floor with a thud as the villain's fist narrow missed its mark and crashed into the floor, leaving a heavy imprint in its wake.

"You son of a bitch…" The one eyed man said in a low tone as he lifted his rocky fist up from the ground. A big, swelling bruise now covered the side of his head, giving his already furious expression a more sinister aura. "That bloody stung as hell! Just for that, I'm going to make sure your face receives the same treatment that I was going to give the broken, Quirkless garbage here. Only a hundred times worse!"

For a very brief moment, Midoriya twitched at the mention of Johnny being Quirkless, which the American noticed, but quickly got back up with his pipe in hand, though it shook nervously in his grasp, and ran to stand in front of Johnny. "D-Do whatever you want with me, but I won't allow you to hurt Johnny!"

"So you know this worthless bag of bones and meat, huh? Good! This will make it all the more satisfying for me when both of you get to watch the other getting the shit kicked out of them." With that said, the villain charged at Midoriya without any hesitation. The timid boy, however, didn't back down from the fight and simply held his ground, stunning Johnny once more.

Waving his pipe frantically, Midoriya tried his best to ward off the cruel man. However, a swift punch hit him in the gut, knocking the air painfully out of him. The pipe fell from the boy's hands as he was launched backwards by the blow, landing right beside Johnny. Though he was wheezing and looked like he was the verge of puking up his lunch, Midoriya tried to stand back up, but a leather boot slammed into his chest and forced him to lay on his back.

The villain grinned maliciously, pressing his foot further into the boy's abdomen, enjoying the feeling of the intense pressure building on the kid's bones and the choking gasps he gave off. Just one more hard push and they would probably break apart like a soggy toothpick. "Is that the best you got, brat?" he said with a vicious, crooked smile. "You came to save your friend right? Like some big shot hero, huh? Then bring out your Quirk and let me see what you really got!"

He lifted up his foot to give Midoriya the same chance he gave Johnny, if only to satisfy his own cruel amusement. As soon as the pressure was gone from his chest, the green eyed youth gulp down as much air as he could, before shakily getting back up, making the villain's grin grow even wider. Yet Midoriya merely held up his fists this time around and it didn't look like he had any type of enhancement done to them like the villain's own hands.

"You really think that your fists are going to doing anything to my body?" the villain asked as he turned all his body into mold covered rock. "I mean, come on, what is your Quirk anyway? Breathing fire? Electricity? Phasing through walls? Don't tell me you're Quirkless like your broken friend here." The man laughed darkly as if he made a very amusing joke, but he paused when he and Johnny noticed Midoriya look away for a split second. "No way…. Your Quirkless too?! Oh my god! This… This… This is fucking hilarious!" He didn't even try to contain his laughter this time as it echoed throughout the entire alleyway and into the street. "What are the chances that I would meet not one, but two pathetic Quirkless kids? I just… I just can't even…" He then let loose another round of heartless laughter while Johnny was staring wide eyed at Midoriya.

"He's… like me?" Johnny thought out load in a subdued tone. "Quirkless…" He couldn't believe it and yet here Midoriya was defending him without any special alteration of his body or emitting anything from his fingertips. Was this perhaps fate or mere luck that the two of them met together? Whatever the answer, however, it wasn't going to help their current situation at the moment.

As for Midoriya, he too was surprised when he first overheard that Johnny was just like him. Hearing this only spurned the curly haired youth's body further into action before he realized what he was doing. Yet despite his efforts, both of them were still in plenty of trouble. If only he had a Quirk then maybe he could save Johnny…

The villain's laughter finally died down when he started to gasp for air and tried to regain his composure. "Whew…" he said as he sucked in a deep breath. "Never in my life have I laughed this hard before. You two, your entire existences gave me one hell of a good time. I take back what I said earlier about this situation being like beating up a baby. Instead this like crushing ants, with one of them having its legs already pulled off." This made Midoriya winch while Johnny looked ready to bite the man's head off. "Oh well, I think it's time I ended this. The heroes must have finished up arresting my idiot partner by now, so it would be best to quickly smash both your faces in before taking you both with me as hostages."

The one-eyed man then casually walked over to Midoriya and ignored his feeble attempt to resist before lifting him up off the ground by the scruff of his uniform. He then raised a stone covered fist and pulled it back. Yet before he throw a punch, something unexpected happen.

"Hello!" called out a voice coming from the end of the alleyway, causing everyone to turn their heads and see who it was.

Standing at above average height was an athletically built young man, perhaps at Johnny's or Midoriya's age. His hair trailed down his back at a medium sized length while being of a golden blonde color that seemed to catch the sunlight. He had a strange looking facial hair as well, being made up of square patches that lined his jaw. His eyes were of a light green colored that matched the lipstick that covered his mouth.

For clothing, it was rather strange looking, more so than Johnny's own attire. He wore a short-sleeved studded black coat with dark green buttons and leather pants that were same color as his coat, but also had a layer of brown mixed in with them. Around his waist was a belt with the buckle being rather suggestive; being a pair of hands pointing down towards his crotch. At his hips were two holsters of some kind and a strange green ball rested comfortably in each of them. Cowboy boots adorned his feet and on top his head rested a wide-brimmed hat, with slits on the crown and brim that let light and air filter through. Situated around the crown of his hat was a pair of slit goggles. Lastly, he wore what looked like a brown cape or scarf around his neck, letting the cloth fall comfortably down his back.

Despite the bizarre, flamboyant appearance of the strange youth, there was a rather menacing or intense air about him. If anything, he looked somewhat like a hero. He also looked rather familiar to Johnny.

"Nyo Ho Ho!" The man let out a cocky laugh as he smiled, revealing his teeth which had gold colored grills with the words "Go! Go! Zeppeli!" on them.

"Tch. Are you some kind of hero, punk?" the villain asked warily as he lowered his fist, but still held Midoriya high off the ground.

"Nope," the blonde answered. "Though you can say I'm working on that title."

"Oh, so you are one of those pathetic nobodies who want to play hero. Heh, well good luck with that, kid, cause ya see I have a way with dealing with heroes." Too prove his point his free hand reached around Midoriya's neck, squeezing a bit and causing tears to form in the black and green haired boy's eyes. "Just one little squeeze and I can choke the life out of this kid or better yet, snap his neck. So, here's how things are going go down. I'm going walk away with these two and you're not going to do a thing, unless you want them to die."

"Hmm, kill him then."

"Eh!?" Both the villain and Midoriya squeaked out while Johnny eyed the blonde haired youth in disbelief.

"You heard me. I mean, for someone who has rocks for brains, it's probably the best plan they come up when face with someone who is stronger than them."

"What was that, you bastard?! You think you're better than me?" The one-eyed man seethed angrily and his grip temporarily tightened around Midoriya's neck, causing the boy to let out a choking gasp.

"Well, you're using someone as human shield despite having a rock-like body, so yeah. I don't think you have the stones to fight me one on one. Nyo ho!"

The foreigner's words made the one-eyed, scarred face villain's angrier and angrier until finally he let go of Midoriya. The boy landed with a thud, gasping for air, but the villain paid no heed to him. Instead he glared scathingly at the stranger and looked ready to charge at minute. "You better pray to whatever god you worship, kid, cause when I'm done with you, they're not going recognize you when I send you onto the other side!"

Yet before he could more or even twitch, the long blonde haired youth's hand was already reaching for his strange green ball at his side. As quick as a flash, the ball went flying across the alleyway and the villain barely had time to blink before the fist sized weapon slammed into his left shoulder. At first, he thought the ball would bounce off his rocky skin, but he let out a pained cry as the ball instead dug into his shoulder. The bloody thing was made out steel! Yet that wasn't all. As pain coursed through his being, the villain felt something else coming from where the ball had hit him.

Shifting his gaze, the scarred faced man's one eye widened as he saw that his rocky skin was starting to twist. The ball was still impeded into his shoulder and it was rotating quickly, the skin shifting with it like it was still flesh. What the hell was going?! Was this his Quirk? It had to be, but at the same time it felt like it wasn't…

The villain didn't have time ponder long as the rotation in his shoulder increased until his entire left arm was spinning backwards like a spring trap, flinging his stone covered fist right into his face. A loud smack echoed throughout the alleyway and bright red blood flew as the villain fell back, his skin returning back to flesh and his nose bent a crooked angle as he was now missing a few teeth. The steel ball that struck him fell to the ground with a single bounce, right next to the American, before twirling continuously where it landed, though at a slower pace than when it hit the now unconscious mugger.

For Midoriya and Johnny, they were stunned. Their attacker was taken out in one hit and the power they saw was certainly bizarre, especially for the fanboy. He had seen a great many hero powers before and documented each them in his notebooks, but this was simply something else entirely!

As for Johnny, however, seeing this strange power was incredible to say the least. But there was something more than that. For some reason, Johnny could tell this was not just a simple Quirk. Rather it felt like it was something else entirely. Yet before he could contemplate any further, the young American realized who was both his and Midoriya's savior.

"You're Gyro Zeppeli," he said as he pushed himself into upright position, as much as he could in his crippled state. "The Italian horse racer from Naples and the rider of Valkyrie."

"You know who he is, Johnny?" Midoriya asked curiously, he never heard of this guy before. Understandable since he'd only focused on heroes rather than any other famous people.

"I just saw him win a horse race a few hours ago at the Musutafu horse tracks. Snatched victory from the leader along with Norisuke Higashikata just as they were about to cross the finish line."

"Heh, well, I was still fighting for first place until the end," Gyro said in a cocky, yet pleased tone. "Who knew someone who could be my grandpa could ride a horse like he was Turcotte."

"How do you know we were here?" Midoriya asked as he went over to check on Johnny, making sure that the villain didn't hurt him too bad.

"I was on my way back home to my apartment, after stabling my horse of course, and I heard that a villain had showed up down town. I've never seen a hero vs. villain fight before so I thought I might come over and watch. Give me a few pointers when I start going to my hero school, you know? Anyway, just when I about to reach my destination, I heard rocky here," he gestured to the unconscious villain, "laughed so loud it's a wonder that no one else heard it but me."

"I bet everyone still watching the heroes beat the shit of this guy's partner," Johnny said in annoyance as he let Midoriya help him for a moment before reaching for Gyro's steel ball, which had finally stopped spinning around. "By the way, how did you use these things anyway? Are they part of your Quirk or—?"

"Hey don't touch it!" exclaimed Gyro as he rushed over before Johnny could touch the green, metallic ball. "It's still spinning!"

But it was too late as the light brown-haired youth's hand touched the steel ball.

In an instant, Johnny felt his entire being jolt as a strange energy pulsed within his being. It wasn't electricity nor was it heat. It felt like pure rotational power! So overwhelming was this strange sensation that his body's upper half shifted and jolted up into a semi-arc, startling Midoriya in the process, before something else happened. Something so shocking that Johnny couldn't believe it.

His legs started to twist and rotate, pushing his entire body up until he was standing, knocking the curly haired boy off him in the process.

Time seemed to slow for Johnny as he looked down in pure astonishment. He had to be dreaming. The villain must have hit him too hard in the head and he fell unconscious. But he knew that this was no dream and he was wide awake. This was reality and for a brief moment, Johnny was standing for the first time since his accident.

That strange and wondrous moment, however, vanished as quickly as it came. The American soon slowly fell back down to the ground, landing on his bottom, with his legs spread out. Yet Johnny could feel the sensation in his legs, if only for a split second, and they twitched.

"What…?!" he silently thought to himself as he stared at his legs, the strange feeling he had in them slowly died away until once more he couldn't feel a thing from them. "What just happened just now? Was it just my imagination? No… I felt them, just now. They really…" His gaze turned back to the steel ball, now in Gyro's hands. "They won't move, they can't move… my legs…. The steel ball… I touched it and… could it be that's what helped me out?" The energy he felt from the steel ball wasn't from a Quirk, he was sure of it now, but just what was it? Could it help him?

"You're Quirk… what is it?" Midoriya asked in awe, causing Johnny to snap out of his thoughts, for a moment, to turn his attention towards him. He had seen his legs move too.

"… I don't know what you're talking about," said Gyro as he holstered his steel ball. "I don't have a Quirk."

"Huh?!" Midoriya asked incredulously. He couldn't believe it, Johnny standing up right just now couldn't have happened without being aided by a Quirk. Could it? The American didn't seem like he was faking being a cripple and he too looked shocked by the sudden use of his legs. Furthermore, if he was Quirkless like he and Johnny were, how was he able to get his steel ball to spin like that?

"You heard me, it was pure coincidence that your friend here stood up on his own. It has nothing to do with my steel ball." He then proceeded to head over to the unconscious villain before producing a rope from a pack he had carried underneath his cape. He quickly tied the one-eyed man up, giving a satisfied nod at his work, before proceeding to walk past both Midoriya and Johnny. "I'll go tip off the police and heroes now, they'll come take rocks for brains to prison and treat your wounds. Though you if you could, please don't tell them that I was the one who beat the crap out of this guy? The laws against fighting villains, unless you are hero, are pretty strict in this country, or at least the parts I read up on. Anyway, see you both later."

Yet before he could take a single step, Johnny's hand shot out and grabbed his right hand, causing Gyro turn his gaze to the American.

"Wait!" Johnny exclaimed as sweat started to form on his brow and his voice sounded desperate. "I need know! Just what did you do to me?! Please tell me! You said you didn't have a Quirk, right? Then that means you used some kind of technique. I need to know what it is!"

The Italian regarded Johnny coolly for a moment before giving him an answer. "Don't get any foolish expectations. I don't know your situation, but like I told your friend here, you standing up just now was just a coincidence. It was a bodily reflex when you touched my steel ball and nothing more."

"Reflex my ass! That was the cause after all! That steel ball… it was spinning. Do you think you could do that again?! Just one more time? Please! I'll pay you. Just show me one more time!" Tears started to form in the American's eyes and Midoriya could hear the utter desperation in his voice. Yet after what he just saw and knowing of Johnny's condition, he couldn't blame him and felt the need to help him out.

"Can you please show it again, Mr. Zeppeli?" Midoriya asked, causing Johnny's attention to turn towards him for a split second and once more was surprised at the sincerity in the kid's eyes. "It wouldn't hurt to show it more time, would it? Johnny's crippled, but if you can help him out, even in the slightest, it would probably mean the world for him."

Yet the long, blonde haired youth continued to regard the American with the same cool expression. "… I'm done talking." With that said, Gyro yanked his hand from Johnny's grasp and tried to walk away once more.

Seeing the one last chance for him to return to his former life escaping his grasp angered Johnny, especially with that apathetic attitude Gyro was now giving off. "Then I'll just touch it again myself!" So desperate and angry was Johnny that he heaved him forward with his arms in one great push off the ground. Though he didn't jump very far, it was enough for his hand to reach the object of his desires.

Just as his fingers curled to touch the steel ball, Gyro's right hand flashed, grabbing Johnny's own appendage before pulling upwards. The American blinked as he saw the skin on his fingers starting to twist and rotate just like what happened to villain and that of his own body. But unlike the tiny sample he got from the steel ball, only his entire hand experience the strange, but powerful rotation.

With a sharp yank, Gyro pulled Johnny off the ground before placing the cripple's hand onto a nearby fire-escape ladder, which suddenly curled around iron bar till it had a tight grip. Both the American and Midoriya blinked in surprise at the development before the former tried to release his grip on the ladder. His eyes widened when his fingers refused to move and continued to have an iron hold. Was this part of his ability?

"Before I knock you down and make you feel bad, I'll compliment you," Gyro said seriously. "You do have very strong muscles… at least your upper body does. And I'll say this one more time and quite clearly. This spinning steel is definitely my weapon, but it won't make you walk again. Nor do I have a Quirk to make it spin."

"How can I believe that after all that happened?" Johnny demanded, tears in his eyes as he used his free to grab the other and tried to pry it off the ladder. "I'll figure out the truth of that spin!"

Gyro let out a sigh as he eyed the Johnny, placing a hand on his hip as he leaned back. "You can't even ride a horse in your current condition. I need to get going now, have to practice for the entrance exam for U.A. High. They only take the best to become a hero after all. See you around." With that Gyro walked out of the alleyway, leaving Johnny still hanging off the ladder while Midoriya looked rather dumbfounded at what just happened.

Gritting his teeth, Johnny pulled on his gripping hand, just as the rotation was starting to die down. With a quick yank, the cripple was able to pull himself free, but he forgot had no safe way down and soon enough gravity caught up with him. Bracing himself for the cold floor, Johnny was surprised when he landed on something soft and he heard a pained grunt erupt from underneath him. Looking down he was a little surprised to find Midoriya. When did he get there?

"Ow…" The curly haired boy grunted before turning to the American who sat on his chest. "Are you alright Johnny?"

"…Fine…" Johnny said as he shifted himself off his savior, but Midoriya could tell by the light-brown haired youth's expression that he was lying. He was clearly troubled and angered that Gyro rudely refused to help Johnny out. Smashing a fist on the cold floor, ignoring the stinging pain that came from the action, Johnny glared at where Gyro had left.

He had experienced beauty when riding on a horse, the sensation that filled him life and happiness. He never thought he would experience anything like it until now. It was a different beauty to be sure, one filled with darkness yet shining like a bright beckoning light, but Johnny was drawn to it. To see that a light called hope had appeared before him, the cripple had could only think of one thing.

"I'll get it alright," Johnny said out loud, startling Midoriya. "Dammit… I'll get on a horse again, and I will race… and if I have become a hero to do so, then so be it…"

"What were you thinking?!" yelled Deathgoro as he stood in front of an intimidated Midoriya. "You could've got killed! You're really lucky someone came to save the both you otherwise things might have took a turn for the worst."

"I'm sorry…" The black and green haired kid as he looked down, not wanting to meet the hero's stern gaze.

True to Gyro's word, he informed the police and heroes on what happened and they came rushing to the alleyway as soon as they were finishing arresting the air pressure villain. The unconscious one-eyed villain was quickly detained in a special anti-quirk restraints before being carted off by the police. Midoriya and Johnny were examined by paramedics, with the former getting a few light bandages for a scratch or two, while the latter was treated for some bruising and mending the cut he received. All the while, the heroes chewed out the fanboy for recklessly trying to take on a villain when he could alerted nearby authorities.

Midoriya knew that this was a definite possibility for his actions, but it still hurt to get yelled out people he admired. Shame filled his heart and he wondered, once again, how things would have ended if he had a Quirk. Or whatever Gyro power claimed to use.

"Furthermore, what would happened if the villain had killed his hostage? His death would have been on your—!"

"Lay off him already," said Johnny, as he sat on a medical table while a paramedic gave him one last once over, causing both the hero and the boy he was scolding to look up at him. "If it wasn't for him, I would've had my face kicked in. He saved my life… which is more than I could say about you."

Deathgoro blinked in surprise at the comment while Midoriya was staring at Johnny. Though he could tell that the cripple was still bitter over what just happened, he defended the green-eyed youth without a second thought. It was rather touching and the fanboy felt a gratitude grow inside him. Though he didn't ask it for it, Midoriya was glad that Johnny was willing to defend him on his reckless heroics.

As for the hero he looked rather uncomfortable as he tried to protest, but Johnny was already being placed on his wheelchair by the paramedic, which was recovered by the police. The paraplegic then rolled himself over to Midoriya and looked him dead in the eye. "…Thank you for saving me." Johnny said sincerely, before he rolled him away from the hero and police, who had walked over to talk to him.

Though he didn't know Johnny personally, Midoriya felt that there was more to the foreign youth than met the eye. Not to mention his words echoed throughout his head. "He wants to ride a horse and race again…" Midoriya muttered out loud before cocking his head. "Was he a racer before he lost the use of his legs? And what did he mean by having to become a hero to ride again? Gyro's words… they must have sparked something inside him as much as his ability did…" There were so many questions, but no answers to the mystery behind Johnny Joestar, but his struggle reminded him all too much of his own. But unlike himself, there was something different about the American's own ordeals. There was a determination in his eyes, a flame that burned brightly, but there was something else to it. Something dark.

Thinking about it, Midoriya had a feeling deep down that this wasn't the last time he would see the former racer.

"So if I do some adjustments here then… yeah, no… No, no, no, that won't work at all," Gyro Zeppeli said as he scribbled in a notebook while heading to the ranch that his horse was stabled. It was early morning, the sun barely over the horizon, and the young Italian figured he'd finish designing his hero costume for when he got in U.A. High. There was no question on whether if he got in, but when. Yet there was just one problem. "Aaaaaah! Why is making a costume that goes with my hat so damn hard! It should be so simple! My hat is hero material in itself! So why does every design I make look so terrible…" He sighed before giving up for the moment and placed his notebook in his pack. "….Maybe I can pass off my usual clothes as hero material…"

There would be time for designing his costume later, for now he had finally arrived at his destination.

It wasn't a totally prestigious horse ranch that would normally be suited for a famous jockey like himself, but it was good enough and the media didn't know that he had his precious Valkyrie stabled here. Plus he got a good discount here for a cheap price so that instantly made it infinitely better in Gyro's eyes.

As he entered the open courtyard of the ranch, Gyro instantly noticed something was off. Normally there be at least one or two people running around tending to the horses stabled here or greeting the green eyed youth the moment he walked up to the place. Yet as far as he could tell, there was no one in sight.

Gyro headed further into the ranch before his eyes picked up a discarded wheelchair, sitting on its side. It also looked rather familiar. Suddenly a high pitched whine echoed throughout the ranch and Gyro turned to see a large, old yet stocky appaloosa running furiously around in a nearby large pen. The two stable hands that the Italian came to know, a tall bald fellow and a short man with blonde hair, stood next the pen's fence. Normally there would be nothing out of ordinary about two ranch workers watching a horse run in the morning, but there was still something off about the whole thing. Ever curious, the blonde haired youth walked forth to stand next to the stable hands, who didn't even acknowledge his presence, and finally saw what they were watching intently.

It was Johnny Joestar with one hand clutching a stirrup as the appaloosa dragged him across the dirt as if he were a ragdoll.

"…Hey isn't that the kid from yesterday?" the short stable hand asked in disbelief. "The one who bought that horse? I thought he had a few screws loose to buy a horse in his condition, but this is just crazy!"

"Sure is," the taller stable hand answered with a look that told all that he didn't get much sleep the night prior. "As soon as the horse got into the pen, the kid spent all night trying to get up on it. Never once stopping to take a break. I think I heard him muttering something about going to U.A. High, but I must've been imagining it. How does riding a horse help you get into getting into the best hero school in the world, especially in his current condition? I feel sorry for the kid."

"Wait… that horse. Isn't that the…" The little man's eyes widened slowly for a moment before laughing hard as his partner soon joined in as if they just heard the most hilarious joke of their lives.

Suddenly the appaloosa let out another high pitched squeal before smashing Johnny to the harden floor, causing the stable hands to cease their laughter. "H-Hey! Hey!" The little man called out, but the horse would not stop. It continued to flail wildly about and dragged the poor, crippled youth across the floor before flinging Johnny into a section of the fence.

Wooden chips and splinters flew across the pen as Johnny crumpled to the floor. Blood ran down the side of his head as well a few other places, staining his clothes with shades of red. Yet he slowly pushed himself up from the dirt without any hesitation and jumped at his horse's stirrup, clutching it tightly before once more being dragged around by the wild animal.

"Somebody stop him! I don't know if he is dreaming of taking glory as a hero or riding again, but this is getting out of hand! He'll get hurt!"

"'He'll get hurt'?" his taller partner snorted, before taking a moment to spit. "You didn't see it before? He was already hurt last night. Take a look at his legs." The shorter man blinked before following his friend's gaze and gasped in shock. Sticking out of Johnny's right leg was a slender piece of wood. "He doesn't feel it… Never felt pain to begin with, at least his lower half anyway. If you try to stop him from getting on that horse he threatens to set himself on fire and commit suicide. I should know, I tried that already." He took another moment to spit again. "He's insane. To top this whole thing off, he was sold a Dobbin by our boss. An untamable horse with a twisted personality. Even if the kid miraculously got up, that horse won't give him an easy time, that's for damn sure. Don't know why he let the kid buy the thing in the first place, but here we are.

"He'll be trampled to death! I can't watch this anymore, this is just too much. We need to stop him or call the police or a hero or something!" Amusement totally gone from the shorter man's face, he looked around in panic for anything that might help him stop Johnny's suicidal efforts. It was in this moment that he finally noticed Gyro, who was completely silent up to this point. "You! Don't you think we need to get a hero involved in this?! That kid is going to die if we don't do anything!"

"…Are you asking for my opinion?" asked Gyro, his eyes watching Johnny intently even as the American continued to be flung around. The shorter man blinked at the Italian's response, but Gyro paid no heed to him. "I was just looking, since he was in my sight. But if I were to say something about this… He'll never ride it… Not like that."

"What are you talking about?! I know he can't ride that crazy horse, so that is why we need to call a—!"

"But on the other hand," Gyro cut the stable man off before he could finish, "if he could ride it, he'll go beyond any human. Even those with Quirks." That last remark caused both the stable hands to give the Italian wide eyes as they realized exactly what he meant.

"Shit, he's Quirkless?!" The taller stableman exclaimed. "I was wondering why he didn't use his quirk…"

"That's it, I'm going to call a hero!" The shorter man declared.

"Go ahead, but if he's serious about his threat then you're only aiding in his suicide." Gyro's words immediately caused the stable hand to stop in his tracks, looking back at the blonde haired youth with an expression of great conflict etched in every line of his face. But the Italian jockey returned his attention back to Johnny, whom was once again smashed into the harden dirt of the pen.

This continued on for some time, with Johnny continued to beaten down while the stable hands looked on with apprehensive looks. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the old horse slowed down to a walk, dragging Johnny along for a moment before his grip fell from the stirrup he held onto. For a split second, the stable hands thought he was dead, but he twitched when the horse leaned down to lick the youth's face.

Suddenly raised his head before turning to face Gyro directly, determination gleaming in his eyes. "Damn it…" He said in hoarse voice as he let out a cough before taking a deep breath. "The truth about your steel ball, your ability… I won't give up. I'll figure it out. It's in the spin, I'm sure of it… Even I can't catch up with you now before you enter U.A. High… I'll become a hero if I have to in order to learn all about that spin."

The look Johnny gave Gyro wasn't scathing or one of hate, rather it was filled with a resolve that went beyond human understanding. A will so strong that the Italian knew that the cripple would follow through with every word he said. To say it was impressive would be an understatement.

"Choosing that horse was correct," said Gyro, causing Johnny to blink and raise himself up a bit. "Old horses have experience. They don't cross dangerous territory on impulse and sprain their legs. Unlike younger horses, who are all about power… Since I'm interested in you, I'll give you a hint." He then patted his steel ball. "You already found the answer. If you have the will to get on that horse, why don't you?"

"…Eh?" said in confusion, not understanding the Italian's words at first. Suddenly the image of the villain encounter from the day prior played back in his mind and the American's eyes widened as soon he remembered what happened to him when he touched the steel ball. Seeing his expression, Gyro let out an encouraging laugh, but Johnny paid him little heed at this point.

Instead he turned back to his horse. "Again… Lick my face… my horse." The appaloosa at first hesitated for a moment before leaning its head down to obey its owner, shocking the two stable hands. Yet as soon as it leaned down, Johnny twisted so his back was to the horse's head and leaned against it. "Now… spin…" with a great heave, Johnny felt himself being lifted off the ground by his horse, but he didn't remain stagnant. Instead he spun around midair, rotating until he landed upright in the saddle. Blinking in disbelief, Johnny stared down at his horse and realized that he finally achieved what he set out to do last night.

He finally got up on his horse.

Tears suddenly filled his eyes and his hands trembled around the horse's neck. Despite what everyone had told him, the thousands of people who said that he was forever doom of never experiencing the joy of riding a horse again, he defied them all. The spin. That rotation he performed. It was all hope that breathed new life in him. And he wanted to know more. Every single detail about that spin, the steel balls, the rotation, everything! But for now, he'll settle for just enjoying the feeling of jubilation rushing in his veins as he sat on a horse for the first time since he became a cripple.

"Hey," a voice called out to him, causing the boy to turn to see Gyro standing on the fence, while the two stable hands continue to stare the American with their mouths wide open. "Johnny, right?"

"Yeah, that's me. Johnny Joestar."

"You said that you were willing to become a hero in order to learn my ability, correct? Nyo ho ho! I'll take you up on that offer, if you are still interested that is."

"Yes… I'm willing to go that far to learn all about that spin!" With that Johnny pushed his horse into a walk before slowly building up to a trot. All the while, tears streamed down his face as the wind brushed his face and the feeling of joy still raging like bonfire in his soul.

"Nyo ho ho!"

This is a story about how I learned to walk.

Not just in the physical sense, but in an adolescence to adulthood sort of way.

One faced with hardships, but meeting new people who became close friends along the way.

Yet that wasn't all.

Little did I know that this journey would lead me to become a true hero alongside the successor to the Symbol of Peace.

Author's Note: And here it is! My new story! I hope everyone enjoyed this prologue to what will be a truly grand yet Bizarre adventure in this crossover. Now before you ask anything, Yes Stands do exist in this story. This universe is set right after Part 6 of Jojo as one of the possibilites of what Universe would unfold if it was remade. Also, Stands will be a little different than their Canon Counterparts, by which I mean they can be seen by everyone, not just other stand users. Other than that, Stands are basically the same as before and DON'T REPLACE QUIRKS! Quirks are their own thing as you have already read. Though there is something else to Stands that is important in this story, but I won't spoil anything. This story will also follow a lot of My Hero Academia's main story with mini arcs in between to help develop character growth.

As the lead characters, Johnny and Deku will take center stage most of the time, but every other character in My Hero Academia will have their own developments and screen time as much as the main heroes. As for Jojo characters, there will be few of them appearing in this story, since this universe is a little different than Steel Ball Run, but Gyro is definitely one who is getting a lot of love as well. I wanted to make a story that focuses on Johnny and Gyro interacting with the My Hero Academia cast, as I felt that both Universes could work due to powers being similar and having main characters who have to climb a lot of mountains to gain glory. Speaking of which I always felt that both Johnny and Deku would emphasize with each other due to how similar they are in a world that doesn't really accept them unless they had power.

Now I was considering using Part 4 Josuke as the main lead of this story, but I felt it wouldn't work as it would create problems with his healing powers, specifically the fact that he can heal All Might thus eliminating a huge and vital chunks of My Hero Academia's theme and story. So sorry for those who want to see the Moriah gang show up and Yoshikage Kira. However I might do another crossover, as a one shot, with the My Hero Academia characters help Josuke defeat the hand fetishist serial killer.

Lastly, I'm already working on making another chapter for this story, but I won't say when it will be done.

ALSO! This edition of my prologue is not edited my by Editor as of yet, this version is basically me reviewing it twice and eliminating a lot of the errors out of it. That said, when my editor is available and does edit this prologue, I will replace this one with the better version for your pleasure.

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Sincerely, Count Chaos.