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Note: I don't believe in cursing, but I have my characters do it because it allows me to show their emotions clearly. This is to be noted for all my stories. I don't curse myself. And I will be revising my chapters now that school has ended so new chapters won't be as common.

Chapter 1: Fated Reunion

Chapter 2: The Truth

Chapter 3: Vengeful

Chapter 4: The First Battle

Chapter 5: Old Acquaintances

Chapter 6: Katia's Weakness

Chapter 7: Facing Family

Chapter 8: Not Him...

Chapter 9: Facing The "Wolves"

Chapter 10: Sister Trouble Again

Chapter 11: Old Enemies

Chapter 12: The Price of Winning

Chapter 13: Choice

Chapter 14: Memories Returned

Chapter 15: Strange New People

Chapter 16: Broken Hearts

Chapter 17: The Truth Comes Out

Chapter 18: Adial Arrives