So I've kinda given up on Just Overwatch 3, although it had a good following, I ran out of ideas, so here's my latest story, crossing Terraria, Hero's of Olympus (Percy Jackson Trilogy) and the Legend of Zelda! Might be bad but enjoy!

Camp Half-Blood

Percy was enjoying the lack of monsters for once. Peace was good, but quite boring, with no monsters to hunt and nothing to defend camp from, it basically turned into daily training. Although his relationship with Annabeth had gotten deeper, he almost felt that she was losing the connection he thought they had together. The horn signaling dinner broke his train of thought, so he headed off towards the dining hall. Piper and Leo were laughing hysterically as they walked up to Percy

"Hey man! Why are ya lookin' so down?" Leo questioned him. "he's been thinking too much again. You know Percy, your girlfriend is supposed to be the one thinking, not you." Percy chuckled and responded, " Yeah I guess you're right, I have been thinking a lot. Maybe it's just that there is no excitement around here anymore." "You definitely aren't wrong, no monsters means no fun, so we feel you on that respect." Piper definitely looked starved, and chimed in with a hint of fuss in her voice, "Are we gonna talk all night or can we get some food? I'm starving to the bone!"

The trio parted ways as they headed to their respective tables. Percy almost felt lonely at his table, although it was worse before his half brother Tyson was born. Although he was half demigod, half cyclops, he was the closest to a brother Percy was ever gonna get. He sat down next to Tyson and his hellhound , Mrs. O'leary and harpy, ella. "Hi Percy!" Tyson cheerfully piped. "Hey Tyson, how are ya doing?" "Not bad, took Mrs. O'leary and Ella for a walk in the woods. You know, it sure is peaceful now that those monsters are gone!" Percy tried his best not to look depressed, but Tyson must have noticed. "Percy you've seemed off for a couple of days, you alright?" Percy didn't want to lie to his brother, but his stubbornness made him talk back, " Yes I'm fine! Just stay out of my business!" Percy instantly regretted saying that as Tysons concerned face turned to one of sadness. Percy just didn't look at him, do disgusted in himself to say sorry.

A few minutes later they were walking up to the large fire to offer their best food to their parent God, but as it was Percy's turn, Rachel, the camps Oracle stumbled down the grass towards the fire. She almost collapse but a few campers trained to help keep her stable caught her before she fell. Everyone quieted down as they all knew this was a prophecy:

In short time shall three worlds meet, with heroes from all who won't compete

The six shall fight a darkness, shade, purity and blight, all of whom will put up a fight.

In their quest through world's to save us all, a friend from one must succumb and fall.

To find these heroes you must find three gates, hidden beneath a song slate.

Rachel nearly passed out, as she did with most of the other prophecies she gave. The demigods began to mingle with each other, all of them wanting a single question to be answered. Who are these heroes, and what is this newfound evil?

Chapter one finished! Sorry it's short, but I struggle to write for extended periods of time, and apparently I like to write late at night, so hooray! I'm just the smartest person on the Planet! Anyway hope you all enjoyed the chapter nevertheless, don't expect updates to be frequent, cause procrastination. I also want to add that I've only read Hero's of Olympus up to Mark of Athena and it has been a long time since I read the books, so if I mess anything up, correct me on it and I may edit it, depending if I'm last or not...