Hey everyone this is 999kainvcecilFFIVrocks! my 1 story so no hate pleeeeeeeeeeeez k thx lol. i thought id make final fantasy book its got my fav 4 and also some 6 and 7 and oc. follow/favorite! Sorry i talk too much hear we go!


After the after years Kain Ceaodor Luca Cid and some guys on the Redwings go to Damcyan to Edward who has building metearrial as there flying they couldn't expect what hapens suddenly. "OMG WHAT IS THAT!" panic Ceodore as they see a portal appear ta somwhere below the ship. "We need to check it out said kain turning ship steering wheel to land.

Josh the one of the Barron soldiers with them say "It's a portal" and Dan said "something coming out of it" and standoing there is Terra and Setzer from 6! (This takes place after FF6 too) Terra said "we are the only servivors of the blackjack. every bodys dead.

Twentyminutes later

The hereos had introduced themslves to oneanother and Terra and setzer said how the villains of final fantssy had teamed up to destroy everything. Cid and his daughter luca said "wel'l help and everyone was happy and they went into the portal and they adventure began.


There was lava everywhere and the heroes were surprised by a behemoth behind them!

Cedore and Kain use cross slash prime band and Cid and Luca use Double Tommhawk and Terra use thundara and Setzer use slot and the soldiers just hit it and the Behmoth was destroyed and everyone gets lots of xp and gil and they level up! "Easy, but it's not over because… HOLY CRAP!" Setzer was cut off as Lich Maralith Kraken and Tiamet from 1 appear behind them! Tiamat casts scourge and cid dies.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Everyone screamed and Lich starts talking "You cant beat us when all the villians team up you pathetic heroes, now we kill the rest of you!"

"You'll never win we will kill you! Attack!" No sooner than Kain had said, but the soldiers charge and Kraken hits him with his tendacles and they drop to no hp but Josh escapes. Ceodor says "they're too powerful we have no chance of beating them!" The heroes running away but they meet Cloud and Tifa!

Cloud used meteor rain and Tifa used blazing rush and they kill Marilith and Tiamat and the other feinds run away. The warriors of light have won the first battle but the war for the life of every dimension was only begining…

Thank you soooo much for reading! New chapter up soon! 999kainvcecilFFIVrocks! out. (drops mike)