"When it starts, just hold on tight. Shouldn't be too bad for us but the Daleks and the Cybermen are steeped in Void Stuff. Are you ready? Wolfe, you stay with Rose and you don't move, you hear me?" The Doctor says

"Yes, Dad." She answers

We get into our positions beside the levers.

"Let's do it!" the Doctor yells

I press down on my lever as the Doctor does the same before rushing back to take hold of the clamp next to Wolfe.


The area is filled with the white light, but this time, there's also the sound of a strong wind. The Daleks are sucked through the window, smashing through the glass as they are pulled into the white light and back to the Void.

We hold on to the clamps tightly, struggling to hold on.

"The breach is open! Into the Void! Ha!" Shouts the Doctor

Millions of Cybermen and Daleks hurtle into the Void.

I smile across at the Doctor as they are billowed by the wind. Suddenly, there is a small explosion of sparks and the lever on my side moves back into the off position. The smiles fade from our faces.

"Offline." yells the computer

"Turn it on!" The Doctor yells as the suction is starting to ease.

I reach for the lever, my body straining, while still holding onto the clamp, but its just slightly too far away. I strain to reach it, groaning with the effort.

"I've got it!" Wolfe yells, letting go and sliding to the lever, grasping it tightly

I stare at her as she clings to the lever, my stomach full of dread. I let out a small noise, unable to speak for fear my daughter will fall into the void.

"I've gotta get it upright!" she yells, pushing the lever upwards, groaning with the effort. Finally, she manages to push the lever upright. I glance at the Doctor who looks like his hearts are pounding from his chest.

"Online and locked." The Computer announces

The suction increases once more. But now, Wolfe has nothing to hold on to but the lever.

"Wolfe, hold on!" Screams the Doctor

The void yanks at her grip and she cries out with the effort.

"Hold on!" I shriek, trying to reach for her. All of my strength is almost spent. The Doctor stares at us, terror in his gaze. He's horribly powerless, reaching out to us in vain.

Time seems to slow

"Dad! Mum!" Wolfe yells, "I love you. I love you so so much. You made my life worth it, you made me special and I love you. Finish Harry Potter. See the World together. Be together. Rose and the Doctor, as it should be…I promise…I promise I will find you again…I love you."

With one last cry, her grip finally slips, and she is pulled inexorably towards the Void, crying out. The Doctor screams her name as I am sobbing and shrieking incomprehensibly, as our daughter sails towards the void.

I gasp as Pete appears, He catches Wolfe like a ragdoll in his arms.

Her eyes open and she looks at us for a half second before they vanish.

"No!" I scream as Wolfe disappears.

The Doctor stares at the place where they disappeared, breathing very heavily. The breach closes itself. The wind dies down, leaving the place silent, besides my sobs.

I let go of the clamp and charge over to the wall

"No! No!" I slam my fists against the wall. "Bring her back, bring her back!" I sob "No."

The Doctor walks slowly up to the wall, beside me.

He lays one palm flat against it, and then rests his head there, empty.

I continue to sob, curled up at the bottom of the wall.

The Doctor seems to feel something, pressed against the wall. Shakily, I stand and press my hand next to him, my tearstained face facing him.

We stay that way for a long moment.

Images of Wolfe's hair and her smile and her hugs flashes through my head and another sob escapes from my lips, and I crumple to the ground. The Doctor finally lets his hand slide down the wall.

He looks down at me, his face blank.

"Come on, Rose." He says, softly, kneeling down.

He tries to lift me up, but I scramble away from him.

"No! She'll come back! She has to…Wolfe!" I sob, pressing against the wall.

"Rose she can't." Now I hear the broken emotion in his voice. "Come on. She saved us. She saved the world."

"But she was ours. She was our daughter and we let her…she'll be alone…we promised her Doctor, we promised her…" I sob, and he helps me up, and his hands gently hold my face so he can look at me, his thumbs gently wiping away my tears.

I notice a single tear drip down his cheek.

"Rose. Rose. I know." He whispers "But there's nothing we can do but do as she told us. Travelling again. We'll never forget her, and we'll never stop looking for her, but we have to go."

"No." I murmur, leaning forward so my face is in his shirt, as I sob.

He wraps his arms around me, resting his cheek on my head as he tries to soothe me.

Very slowly, he lets go of me, and grasps my hand tightly in his.

We start walking back to the Tardis, down the mangled staircases, and across the empty, debris filled corridors until we reach the storage room with the Tardis.

I pause before I enter it, looking around at the building.

"Come on." Urges the Doctor tugging me inside. "We're just going to float in space for a little while. No planets." He tells me as he starts the rotors.

Even the Tardis is mournful. I can hear it in her noise. The console beeps several times.

"What is it girl?" the Doctor asks, looking on the monitor, curiously.

"No…" He gasps, absolute horror on his face. "No, no, no, no!"

"What?" I sniffle from where he sat me on one of the chairs

The Doctor looks up at me.

"She was ours." He whispers

"I know" I break new sobs

"No, she was ours, biologically." He whispers.

"B-but that's impossible we never…I mean…we only just kissed…" I babble, unable to understand

"She's from a different dimension, like Pete's World, she was created as a variable of Bad Wolf. Rose do you remember the first time I kissed you?"
"The one about ten minutes ago? Yes." I ask, confused

"No, months ago, in my old form, back when you were Bad Wolf. You were dying and I kissed you to suck the time vortex out of you. Wolfe's background says she was a variable, which was created in that universe. A daughter. A child of the oncoming storm and Bad Wolf. Her name, Tempest, as in storm, and Wolfe, as in Bad Wolf."

"That's why she looked like me. My daughter." I whisper, before a new round of sobs is drawn out of me "Why didn't she tell us? All that time…She must have known."

"She did, so did the of them kept it hidden! That's why the Tardis didn't show her DNA, even though she knew it matched ours. I think Wolfe wanted us to love her for her and not because of what she is." He whispers "She would have terrified us if we had known."

I just sob "But our daughter…we'll never see her again."

"No, no, don't say that." The Doctor is at my side, seconds later, pulling my arms from my face, and looking down at me, fiercely

"Rose you listen to me, I promise you if it's the last thing I ever do, we will see our daughter again, do you hear me?"

I nod, tears running down my face.

Leaning forward, I slam my mouth into his, kissing him as my arms slide around his neck.

He stumbles backwards from where he was crouched to talk to me, and ends up on his back on the floor, my body pressed on top of him, his arms around my waist, our mouths glued together.

Running out of air, I pull away from him, and lay my head on his chest.

"Until we find her, she'll have your Mum and Pete." The Doctor whispers

"Your Mum wont let her wander off, she'll take care of her and love her, and Pete, once he finds out she's a time lady he'll love to talk to her."

I let out a chuckle "Can you imagine the fights Wolfe will get into with Mum? They're both so fierce they're bound to clash at some point."

"And Pete will be stuck in the middle, trying to mediate and then both girls will turn on him!" chuckles the Doctor.

We laugh lightly, the pain of losing Wolfe still raw.

"Come on." The Doctor urges after a couple of minutes. "We…we need to follow her orders. Finish Harry Potter, and then travel. You pick, anywhere."

"Can we read it aloud? Like we usually do?" I ask as I get off of the Doctor, and help him up.

"Of course."

I sniffle, wiping away new tears, as I follow him to his room.

We sit on the bed, my head on his shoulder as he reads the last two chapters of Harry Potter.

Tears drip down my cheeks as he finishes the book, and slowly shuts its cover.

I look up at him, and see the tears dripping down his cheeks, in silence.

Laying my head on his chest, I take a deep breath, trying to steady the tears, which drip uncontrollably.

"Rose." Whispers the Doctor and I look up at him, his tears faded into his cheeks, and his eyes dull "Let's go, find something to do. Wolfe wouldn't want us to lie around."

"I know. She always did love travelling." I agree, sitting up and wiping off my face.

The Doctor takes my hand and we walk back to the console room.

"Wait, I want to change, and my hair…" I back away for a moment

"You look beautiful." The Doctor answers, quickly

I smile at him "Thank you, but I just need to…wash off."

He nods, understanding.

Hurrying back to my room, I grab a fresh pair of clothes and hurry into the shower, washing off all of my tears, the dust of the battle, and trying to rid my body from the ache of loss. I dry my hair and tug on my new clothes, a fluffy purple jumper and jeans. I also wear the boots and bracelet Wolfe gave me.

I go to deposit my laundry in my room when I hear the Doctor shout from the console room. "What?"

"Who are you?" A woman's voice, one I have never heard before barks

"Where am I?" She demands again, and I start running to the console room

"What?" The Doctor repeats

"What the hell is this place?" Shouts the woman's voice again as I burst into the console room where a ginger haired woman, wearing a bridal gown, is standing.

"What?" I ask, completely confused as to how she ended up here