"All Hallows Street." Whimpers Peter

"Too many words." A raspy voice yells and a witch-looking woman appeared suddenly beside the Doctor, who stumbles back towards us

"What the hell?" Martha demands

"Just one touch of the heart." The witch lays her hand on Peter's chest.

"Noooo!" scream the Doctor and I as Peter wails and then dies.

"Witch! I'm seeing a witch!" shrieks Shakespeare

"Who would be next, hmm? Just one touch." Teases the witch and the Doctor shoves me behind him

"Oh, oh, I'll stop your frantic hearts. Poor, fragile mortals." Cackles the witch

The door slams shut and we're trapped in the room with the witch

"Let us out! Let us out!" Martha bangs on the door

"That's not gonna work. The whole building's shouting that." Warns the Doctor

"Who will die first, hmm?" she looks at me "the little gold haired one?"

"Well, if you're looking for volunteers." The Doctor walks towards her, and I grasp his sleeve

"No! Don't!" I cry

"Doctor, can you stop her?" begs Shakespeare

"No mortal has power over me." The witch laughs haughtily

"Oh, but there's a power in words. If I can find the right one, if I can just know you..." Mutters the Doctor

"None on Earth has knowledge of us." Smiles the witch

"Then it's a good thing I'm here. Now think, think, think... Humanoid female, uses shapes and words to channel energy... ah, 14! That's it! 14! The 14 stars of the Rexel planetary configuration! Creature, I name you Carrionite!" The witch wails and disappears.

"What did you do?" I demand

"I named her. The power of a name. That's old magic." The Doctor explains

"But there's no such thing as magic." Martha questions

"Well, it's just a different sort of science. You lot, you chose mathematics. Given the right string of numbers, the right equation, you can split the atom. Carrionites use words instead." He explains to us

"Use them for what?" Shakespeare asks, nervously

"The end of the world." The Doctor answers, darkly

"The Carrionites disappeared way back at the dawn of the universe. Nobody was sure if they were real or legend." The Doctor explains to us, once we had returned to the safety of Shakespeare's room

"Well, I'm going for real." Shakespeare responds

"But what do they want?" Martha asks

"A new empire on Earth. A world of bones and blood and witchcraft."

"But how?" I ask

"I'm looking at the man with the words." The Doctor answers, staring at Shakespeare

"Me? But I've done nothing." Explains Shakespeare

"Hold on, though. What were you doing last night, when that Carrionite was in the room?"

"Finishing the play." Shrugs Shakespeare

"What happens on the last page?" asks the Doctor, darkly

"The boys get the girls. They have a bit of a dance. It's all as funny and thought provoking as usual, except those last few lines. Funny thing is... I don't actually remember writing them…" Shakespeare's face grows confused

"That's it. They used you. They gave you the final words. Like a spell, like a code. "Love's Labours Won", it's a weapon! The right combination of words, spoken at the right place with the shape of the Globe as an energy converter! The play's the thing! And yes, you can have that." The Doctor yells he runs to the books on the shelf and rips one off, opening it to reveal a map of London

"All Hallows Street. There it is. Martha, Rose, we'll track them down. Will, you get to the Globe. Whatever you do, stop that play!" Yells the Docotr

"I'll do it." He shakes the Doctor's hand "All these years I've been the cleverest man around. Next to you, I know nothing."

"Oh, don't complain." Huffs Martha

"I'm not. It's marvellous. Good luck, Doctor." Grins Shakespeare

"Good luck, Shakespeare. Once more unto the breach!"

"I like that. Wait a minute... that's one of mine."

"Oh, just shift!" urges the Doctor and Shakespeare hurries away

"Come on!" the Doctor yells, ripping the map from the book and hurrying out of the inn.

We run down street after steet until the Doctor slows to a srop

"All Hallows Street, but which house?" he mutters, looking about

"The thing is, though... am I missing something here? The world didn't end in 1599. It just didn't. Look at me, I'm living proof." Martha asks us, confused

"Oh, how to explain the mechanics of the infinite temporal flux? I know! "Back to the Future"! It's like "Back to the Future"!" he grins at us

"The film?" Martha asks

"No, the novelisation. Yes, the film. Marty McFly goes back and changes history!"

"And he starts fading away…." Martha Realises what he means "Oh my God, am I gonna fade?"

"You and the entire future of the human race. It ends right now in 1599 if we don't stop it. But which house?"

The door to one house slowly opens.

"Ah, make that witch house." He grins and we walk inside, where a witch is waiting.

"I take it we're expected." The Doctor says, cheerily

"Oh, I think Death has been waiting for you a very long time." Grins the witch

"Right then, it's my turn." Martha steps forward "I know how to do this." She points "I name thee, Carrionite!"

The witch is unaffected.

"What did I do wrong? Was it the finger?" Martha turns back to the Doctor and I

"The power of a name works only once. Observe." The witch taunts and points her finger at Martha "I gaze upon this bag of bones and now I name thee Martha Jones." Martha collapses and the Doctor catches her, lowering her to the ground.

"What have you done?" he demands

"Only sleeping, alas. Curious, the name has less impact. She's somehow out of her time. And as for you, Sir Doctor!" She points, expecting a reaction "Fascinating. There is no name. Why would a man hide his title in such despair? Oh, but look." She looks at me

"There's still one word with the power that aches." She grins

"The naming won't work on me." Warns the Doctor

"But your heart grows cold. The north wind blows and carries down the distant... Rose?" She grins, and I collapse, but I don't fall asleep like Martha, I'm just immobile on the floor.

The Doctor stands protectively in front of me

"Oh, big mistake 'cos that name keeps me fighting!" He hisses, though he stumbles slightly as if he took whatever the rest of the blow the Carrionite fixed on me instead "The Carrionites vanished! Where did you go?"

"The Eternals found the right word to banish us into deep darkness." Responds the witch as I grow sleepy

"And how did you escape?" the Doctor asks

"New words. New and glittering from a mind like no other."

"Shakespeare." he mutters

"His son perished. The grief of a genius. Grief without measure. Madness enough to allow us entrance." She grins "You should understand…" she considers him "As beautiful as dawn with various form a combination of Wolf and Storm?"

"Don't. Don't you dare." The Doctor growls, as she laughs

"How many of you?" He asks, covering his emotion

"Just the three. But the play tonight shall restore the rest. Then the human race will be purged as pestilence. And from this world we will lead the universe back to the old ways of blood and magic." She cackles

"Hmm... busy schedule... but first you gotta get past me." He straightens up, still protecting me, and stands face-to-face with the witch.

"Oh, that should be a pleasure considering my enemy has such a handsome shape." The witch seductively runs her hand along his face and I glare

"Now, that's one form of magic that's definitely not gonna work on me." He snarls

"Oh, I know. Your heart has an owner already. As for magic, we'll see." She yanks a lock of hair from his head and backs away.

"What did you do?" he demands

"Souvenir." Grins the witch

"Well, give it back!"

The witch throws up arms and the window behind her opens and she flies out backwards, levitating outside. The Doctor runs to the window

"Well, that's just cheating."

"Behold, Doctor. Men to Carrionites are nothing but puppets." She pulls out a doll and wraps his hair about it.

Slowly, my limbs unfreeze and I struggle to the Doctor as he says

"Now, you might call that magic... I'd call that a DNA replication module."

"What use is your science now?" She stabs the doll. The Doctor lets out a cry and falls to the floor as the witch cackles and flies away.

I crawl to the Doctor

"Oh my God! Doctor! Don't worry, I've got you." I struggle to roll him onto his back and I listen for a heartbeat. There's only one.

"Two hearts?" I mutter "You're making a habit of this." I sigh as his eyes open

"Maybe!" He stands and I follow, but he nearly falls

"Aahh!" he grasps his chest as I support him, but he's heavy and I quickly let both of us slide to the floor, sitting down.

"I've only got one heart working. How do you people cope? I've got to get the other one started. Hit me! Hit me on the chest!" He orders and I punch him on the chest

"Aahh! Other side!" I hit him again "On the back! On the back!" I do "Left a bit! " Ahh, lovely. There we go! Ba-da-boom!" he grins at me

"You've got to stop hurting yourself like this." I murmur "I wont be around to save you forever."

"But you promised." He pouts teasingly.

"But not your forever." I whisper

He becomes sullen "Don't think of that." He whispers back ,pressing a kiss to my lips.

I deepen the kiss, my arms sliding around his neck, pulling myself into his lap as he arms support my back

"Well, what are two just snogging for?" Martha yells and we break apart quickly "The Globe!"

I scramble off the Doctor, all of us running towards the Globe.

"We're going the wrong way!" Martha argues as we turn down another street

"No, we're not!" the Doctor responds, turning down a different street. "We're going the wrong way!" he changes his mind, and we run back the way we came.

We arrive at the Globe a few minutes later

"Stage door!" the Doctor hisses to us as we run around the back, Thunderclouds and lightening forming over the Globe mixing with a red glow.

We burst in backstage to see Shakespeare nursing his head.

"Stop the play! I think that was it. Yeah, I said, "Stop the play"!" Scolds the Doctor

"I hit my head." Mutters Shakespeare

"Yeah, don't rub it, you'll go bald." The Doctor responds

We hear screams from out front "I think that's my cue!" He grabs my hand and we run out, Martha and Shakespeare following us.

"Now begins the millennium of blood!" Cackle the carrionites.

"The Doctor! He lives! Then watch this world become a blasted heath! They come! They come!" They screech as hordes of Carrionites are freed from the crystal fly about the Globe.

"Come on, Will! History needs you!" the Doctor grabs Shakespeare

"But what can I do?" he looks lost

"Reverse it!" Orders the Doctor

"How am I supposed to do that?" whimpers Shakespeare

"The shape of the Globe gives words power, but you're the wordsmith, the one true genius. The only man clever enough to do it!" Yells the Doctor

"But what words? I have none ready!"

"You're William Shakespeare!"

"But these Carrionite phrases, they need such precision!"

"Trust yourself. When you're locked away in your room, the words just come, don't they? Like magic." I encourage him and the Doctor nods

"Words of the right sound, the right shape, the right rhythm, words that last forever! That's what you do, Will! You choose perfect words. Do it. Improvise!"

"Close up this den of hateful, dire decay! Decomposition of your witches' plot! You thieve my brains, consider me your toy. My doting Doctor tells me I am not!"

"No! Words of power!" hisses the witch who tried to kill the Doctor

"Foul Carrionite spectres, cease your show! Between the points... He looks to the Doctor.


"7-6-1-3-9-0!" repeats Shakeseare "And banished like a tinker's cuss, I say to thee..." Again, looks to the Doctor who is at a loss.

"Expelliarmus!" Yells Martha

"Expelliarmus!" The Doctor echoes

"Expelliarmus!" I shout

"Expelliarmus!" Shakespear Yells

"Good old JK!" snorts the Doctor as the Carrionites scream.

"The deep darkness! They are consumed! Ahhh!"

The wraith-like carrionites get sucked up into the cloud, tornado fashion, as do all copies of the play.

""Love's Labours Won". There it goes." The Doctor whispers to us

The cloud dissipates and the audience sighs in relief then begins applauding. The Doctor ducks out as actors take their bows, taking my hand too. We stand not too far from Martha and Shakespeare

"They think it was all special effects." Martha laughs in amazement

"Your effect is special indeed." He smiles at her

"It's not your best line." Winces Martha and I laugh, turning away.

"Well, I think she did well for a first trip." He grins at me

"I agree."