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Chapter 1

Ancestor and Memories

Gogyo Fuinn.

When Orochimaru of the Sannin placed this seal on Uzumaki Naruto, he never knew that he had opened a proverbial can of worms. He made a mess that was so great and terrible that he was sure to regret ever facing him in the second stage of Chunnin Exams.

Naruto was an orphan, the jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Kitsune, the academy deadlast, the most unpredictable ninja, the knucklehead, and so many other things. To the normal civilians of Konoha, he was the demon brat, fox, monster and so many other things, for some people, he was the hero of the village, their favorite costumer and to the ones that knew the secret of his parentage, namely the Hokage, Jiraiya of the Sannin, Senju Tsunade, Hatake Kakashi and some other trusted ninja, he was the son of Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha and Uzumaki Kushina, the Red-Hot Blooded Habanero. But there was something that was unknown to everyone, even the parents of the said child.

Long before the elemental nations, there was a time known as Old World. This was the world where ninja did not exist, normal civilians lived as humanity and the people who preyed on this humanity were called monsters. One kind of these monsters were called vampires. There were many names given to the vampires, like bloodsuckers, Nosferatu etc. These were the ultimate predators of humanity and were born through an exchange of blood between a vampire and a human virgin. It was a little known fact that the first vampire was the result of a curse. The curse caused him to become dependent on human blood for his survival, sleep in a coffin filled with the soil from his birthplace and become immortal and walk on the earth alone, forever.

The first vampire was called by many names, his birth name which was Vlad III Tepes, the Count of Transylvania, the No-Life King, Vlad the Impaler, Count Dracula and finally as he was known later in his life, Alucard. He hunted his own kind after being defeated and forced to serve the family of the person who defeated him, known as Gabrial Van Hellsing, a scientist and a hunter of the supernatural. At first, it was forced on him by a mark known as Cromwell Mark. Later on, it became his habit and finally his joy. Alucard started to love defeating and killing other lesser vampires and he got countless opportunities to do so as a member of the esteemed Hellsing Foundation.

In his later years, he changes someone into his fledgling, a subordinate vampire. While hunting an artificial vampire in the town of Cheddar in England, he had to shoot through a human female police officer to kill the vampire. He changed the girl, whose name was Seras Victoria by exchanging his blood with her, and for the first and the last time in history, Count Dracula had his own fledgling. They went on many adventures as a team, fighting and defeating various vampires and other supernatural threats to the world. Their final fight was against an organization called The Millennium who used certain chips to turn normal people into vampires. That was the time that Alucard used all his power to the very basic rather than superficial release of power he normally used. The fight nearly killed him but he was able to destroy all the stored souls he had and lived for some more time before he decided to end his life.

This would have been a shock but Namikaze Minato was a descendent of Seras Victoria and by that connection, Alucard's. One thing that people don't know is the power blood holds. True vampires like Alucard can absorb the souls and memories of the victims through their blood, hence when Alucard gave his blood to Seras, he also gave her his memories which were suppressed by her mind.

On to the present scenario, by using the Gogyo Fuinn on Naruto, Orochimaru made sure that no amount of Kyuubi's chakra leaves Naruto's body, but it gave Kyuubi a free reign on his blood which was more that he could ask for. Kyuubi wanted a powerful host, but received a weak child instead. Now, he wanted the child to be strong but also darker than this idiot he was now. As Kyuubi looked through the memories of the blood from all of his ancestors, she found the memories of Seras.

'Hmmm, this female had a lot of power but she is too gentle. If I use her memories, he will become both gender-confused and also gentler. Wait, what is this memory. Alucard, let's see if this man is interesting or not.'

As Kyuubi looked through the memories of the person called Alucard, he was amazed at the power and brutality of this nearly immortal being. If this power is held by his container, he will be the strongest and Kyuubi's reputation will rise for sure. If he ever turned on hm, Kyuubi would be able to defeat him using the flaws in his physiology, as he knew every weakness Alucard had. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, Kyuubi forgot some things; Uzumaki clan had a special chakra which corrected any flaw in the genetics, giving them the vitality and strength Uzumaki clan was famous for. Till now, Kyuubi's chakra was suppressing the Uzumaki special chakra but with the five prong seal, the chakra got activated and began correcting any flaws present in Naruto's body and DNA. At the same time Kyuubi's interference activated Alucard's blood and memories. This caused something no one could have thought.

As Alucard's power came in contact with Uzumaki special chakra, the flaws in his power were corrected by the chakra, his minor talents like hypnosis, phasing got enhanced and the familiar souls in Alucard's blood began do disintegrate and absorb in Naruto. Even the favorite weapons of Alucard, his guns, were now under Naruto's control. This also allowed him to go out in the sun, remain powerful without sleeping in the coffin, unable to eat anything other than blood, aversion to silver among other advantages. While all this was happening, the Uzumaki chakra corrected his malnutrition and changed his appearance a little.

Naruto, who was always considered a midget, became almost as tall as Alucard, who was considered one of the tallest individuals in Hellsing organization, his sun-kissed golden blonde hair turned blood red in color, his cerulean blue eyes were replaced by red ones which glowed with barely restrained power, his chakra coils which were too large or too small turned normal while his chakra reserved changed as Naruto's new body was perfect to handle large amount of chakra, which in turn increased his control, his muscles were torn and remade multiplying his muscular strength, his senses sharpened to that of a vampire, finally, his mind got enhanced as his viewpoint changed completely. It was an upgrade in abilities that made Naruto faster than Gai, smarter than Shikaku, and stronger than even Tsunade. All the while Naruto's body slept and his mind sorted out all the memories he now had.

Inside Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto did not know what was happening; the last thing he remembered was fighting Orochimaru before he was stabbed in the stomach by something the snake-teme did. It was probably some jutsu. Right now, he was floating freely in a void. Yet he found himself unable to panic or even feel fear. Like a voice in his head telling him that he is much stronger to feel such stupid emotions. That was another thing; he felt amazing, better than he had felt in his whole life. There was a comfort in his body that was missing before, a certain feeling of power and energy that made him feel as though he was caged before but now was free. He felt as though he was released from a long time in prison and just tasted the fresh air of the outside world for the first time. As he looked at himself, he noticed his height, muscular physique and shoulder length red hair. Instead of panic, he felt that red hair suited him much more than his original blonde.

He looked around himself but was unable to find anything that gave any indication to his location. All of his surroundings were concealed in shadows and he was unable to pierce them. Suddenly on instinct, he focused on looking past the shadows when the entire and his eyes glowed red letting him see in the dark.

He was in his mindscape. The last time he was here was the day on the bridge when he needed some chakra from the fox and met him to demand for it. Naruto never liked using the bijuu chakra; it always exhausted him for some reason. With that thought, he lost focus from his eye and the area was cloaked in shadows. Naruto knew that his team-mates were outside and he needed to protect them. Thinking about his team-mates, Naruto could not help but frown. His team was the worst possible team someone could have; Sasuke was fixated on revenge and always insulted him because of his status as a deadlast, Sakura was a complete fangirl who took every word Sasuke said as a word from Kami herself and finally Kakashi, the perverted, lazy teacher who taught nothing to him or Sakura while Sasuke was tutored in various ninja skills while instructing him to further his basic training in ninja studies. Kakashi was a hypocrite which was someone Naruto loathed. If he had to depend on Kakashi for his training, then he would die before being stronger.

"HAHAHAHAHA, Kit, you will not die even if you wanted to…" Naruto jumped out of his bones in fright at the sudden but loud demonic voice coming all around him,"….for I have taken your mortality, you can now never hope to meet anyone dead unless it is you who does the killing."

Naruto recognized the deep voice as that of the Kyuubi, although he could not understand what he said. How could someone take away the mortality of someone else? This was just impossible. As light filled the surroundings, he found a change in his mindscape, where it was dank before with murky water, this time; there was a certain scent that was unrecognizable yet also recognizable. It filled his nostrils in a tangy, coppery scent and caused hunger to build inside him, which scared the shit out of him. Only ramen was able to make him feel this way, but the scent was definitely not of ramen. Looking down, he gasped in horror.


There was a pool of blood rather than water in his mindscape, through the scent, he found bile rise up to his throat and wanted to puke in disgust, but something inside of him, which was a really large part of him wanted nothing more to drink every drop of the viscous red fluid that was most certainly sweet.

"What did you do to me fox?" Naruto demanded angrily.

The gigantic fox could only grin as he looked at his young, naive and foolish container, he would never know what hit him.

"You want to know? Then touch this orb…" instructed Kyuubi while throwing towards him a glowing purple orb,"…. and just what exactly you are."

Naruto meanwhile was completely scared and was left wondering what the fox had done to him. He did not want to have fox ears or a tail; but the scariest thing was his thirst for blood that he was feeling constantly feeling after smelling blood. When the fox told him that the answers he was looking for were in the orb, he jumped to catch it.

The second he touched the orb, memories of a completely different person bombarded his mind. Memories of gore, blood, laughter, power and bonds now danced in his mind. Naruto in that moment lived the whole life of someone inhuman. He lived the life of someone called Count Dracula, Vlad III Tepes or as he was known, Alucard. He knew who he was, but now, he was something more. The memories did not resurrect Alucard, but they completely changed Naruto.

At Mount Myouboku

The elder toad sage was in a meditative state with Fukasaku and Shima in the back when suddenly his eyes opened and he began to say.

"The Bird of Hermes has woken, after a millennia old slumber. Free from all that bound him, hungry for blood. The bonds are shattered by the wrath of time nothing can control him now. A new era has begun and the future is covered in blood. The world will thrive and fall, not by his peace, but by his whim."

Fukasaku looked at Shima in concern and said," We must inform Jiraiya-boy of this development." While Shima vigorously nodded.

Naruto's Mindscape

As the orb was completely absorbed in his mind, two souls situated in the seal felt something change as they decide to come forward to see their son. As Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, and Uzumaki Kushina, the Red Death came out of the seal, they saw their son but he was changed. His eyes were now red with a slit pupil, long red hair, a wiry yet muscular physique, pale skin, and really sharp teeth.

Naruto woke up from his memory induced coma and opened his eyes. The sewer was now full of light, the cage and fox were there, but two more people were present. As he looked at the newcomers, he gasped. Standing six feet tall, with blond hair, blue eyes, a Jounin uniform with his signature white haori, stood Yondaime Hokage, who was standing alongside a beautiful red-haired woman who stood five feet, eight inches tall, with an hourglass figure and D-cup breasts wearing a bottle green pullover and a dress.

"Naruto-kun, I missed you so much!" exclaimed the women happily and jumped forward catching him in a hug tightly with no intention of letting go.

Naruto was surprised, he was never hugged before and this hug felt like what he had imagined his mother's would have felt, protective and warm.

Wanting to know about the woman Naruto enquired," Sorry for interruption Miss, but who are you?"

The sobbing woman answered," I am your mother sochi-kun. I am the one who gave birth to you and protected you till my last breath. If I have to, I would do so again."

Naruto was shocked; his mother was with him all the time. Although she was dead, he could understand that the seal must have contained her soul and released it now with Yondaime's. Although, what the heck was the Yondaime even doing here. The question was also answered quickly.

"Hello son, I am your father. Sorry for placing such a burden on you. You should know that I have regretted every moment of that decision." Spoke a guilt-ridden Yondaime.

While Naruto understood his father's reasoning, he wanted to punch him in the face, and he did punch him, which sent his father flying and his mother into a fit of laughter.

"That's my son, bashing a SS-rank ninja with a punch. Although the last time I saw you, you had your father's hair, not the Uzumaki red hair. You have some explaining to do sochi." warned Kushina with her hair taking form of nine tails and an angry aura appeared around her.

Naruto cringed and began to explain his situation and the powers he saw through the orb. He tried to access the weapons that Alucard preferred and to his surprise, he could easily do so. His father quickly took his guns away to modify them a bit, along with the musket Rip Van Winkle used. While he talked to his parents, his father modified the gun to release a chakra bullet rather than a normal one if the bullets got exhausted, which allowed him to use his chakra without doing the horrendous chakra control exercises. As he was talking to them, the image of his parents started to fade.

"NO, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME AGAIN, I don't want to lose my parents again." shouted Naruto in panic.

"Naruto-kun our chakra is getting exhausted. Unless you have a way to preserve our souls, we will have to depart." But Naruto was not listening as his mind fixed on the statement his father made.

'A way to preserve his soul without chakra, well I can do that.' thought Naruto.

"Well, there is a way but it will be painful and make you my familiar, but on the plus side, we can spend an eternity together. I will get your memories and skill, and we both will be together forever. I cannot lose you both just after meeting you." cried Naruto.

His parents smiled and agreed. Naruto quickly closed his eyes and bit his father first, followed by his mother. As their knowledge filled his mind, Naruto was able to recreate the Control Art Restriction System Alucard had to hold back his power. With new determination, he decided to leave the mindscape but before he could leave Kyuubi said," Aren't you going to thank me kit."

"You did this to further your reputation, but you did help me, so thank you, but I will defeat you later." smirked Naruto.

That said, Naruto left his mindscape to complete his test.

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