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Chapter 4 Talks, Summons and a Familiar Face

Hokage Tower

A grinning Uzumaki Naruto entered the office of Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen. Usually it would not have been any different from the other days when Naruto visited the aged Hokage, but today was different. The grin on Naruto's face was filled with bloodlust and malice, Naruto looked far more dangerous and insane than Orochimaru of the Sannin. The staff working at the Hokage Tower, who usually treated him with contempt, gave him a wide berth as he made his way to the office of the strongest ninja n the village.

Sarutobi Hiruzen was not only the longest serving Hokage of Konoha, but he was also considered the smartest. He was nicknamed 'The Professor' for his scientific mind and his achievement of learning every non-clan technique available in Konoha. He looked at the changed Uzumaki Naruto with a smile before he took in the expression on Naruto's face. He had thought that the small bloodthirsty incident had been a battle face but the malicious expression on Naruto's face seemed to tell another story.

With the bloodthirsty grin plastered on his face, Naruto bowed and asked," You called for me, my master?"

Hiruzen's eye twitched at the overly polite, almost mocking tone used by Naruto. He spoke in a slightly angry tone," Are you trying to mock me Naruto?"

Naruto still had the same expression and replied," Not at all Hokage-sama, I am merely giving you the respect you deserve. The time I spent in The Forest of Death was an eye-opener to me. I understand that you are my superior. It was a mistake to address you anything else but by your title."

The Sandaime was curious and pressed," What could have changed you so much Naruto-kun?"

Naruto laughed an eerie laugh and said," An encounter with someone like Orochimaru showed me just who, no what I am. It seems that the villagers were right Hokage-sama. I really am a demon."

Hiruzen was shocked. He had never thought that Naruto would say something like that. But then he remembered another detail," What do you mean by Orochimaru? Don't tell me that you faced OROCHIMARU OF THE SANNIN."

Naruto grinned and said," He introduced himself very nicely."

The Sandaime was unable to wrap his mind around the fact that the young boy, whom he considered a grandson, had faced Orochimaru and turned into this grinning, malicious person in front of him. Trying to understand what had happened to Naruto, Sarutobi asks," What happened after your encounter?"

Naruto pretended to think before answering," During the fight, Orochimaru used something called Gogyo Fuinn on me. This stopped the Kyuubi's chakra from coming out of my body and it affected my body and chakra. While my chakra purified itself and rid all the youkai from itself, he youkai modified my body into the form you see now. Since my chakra purged the youkai, my special Uzumaki chakra, which was being suppressed by Kyuubi's influence became active and healed the various genetic and habitual defects from my body. My malnutrition was corrected, my bones became stronger, I grew taller and some of the side effects I gained from Kyuubi's chakra such as an allergy to silver, weak digestive system, oversensitivity to sunlight were also corrected. Basically, my body is now in its peak performance, my chakra is free from Kyuubi's chakra which has completely retreated to the seal, my chakra control has improved and I am way stronger than I ever was."

The Sandaime massaged his forehead and asked," What about the change in your behavior Naruto? How will you explain almost killing one of your friends?"

Naruto became silent for some time before answered," When these changes were taking place, I had to view every memory I had from my birth to this point. There were two things that I noticed; first, I am the son of Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina and secondly, I can never be a hero to the villagers who starved me, tortured me and despised me since my birth."

Hiruzen was surprised at the first statement and felt immense sadness at the second. He tried to reassure Naruto," The villagers are only scared Naruto. Once they learn about the real you, they would come to admire you."

Naruto stopped grinning and spoke in a hollow voice," Their fear prevents them from knowing me, their hate had blinded them and they have foolishly deluded themselves into thinking that I am Kyuubi in a weakened state, They will never see me as anything but a demon."

Hiruzen slumped upon hearing that but Naruto continued," During my time at the Academy, I used to put more time in training. I tried to succeed but failed, not because of any stupidity or lack of trying, but because I was sabotaged, ignored and ridiculed for my efforts. After a point, I stopped caring and trying as I knew, that no matter what I do, they would not stop mocking me because they did not see me as Uzumaki Naruto but as a loser, an idiot, and a demon. I tried to change them for a decade, but they do not want to see me as for who I am. Even Iruka did not do anything to help me until he tried to see that I am not a demon."

At this point Naruto straightened and spoke in a whisper," Hence, I have stopped trying. If they cannot see me as a human, then I will become a demon. They have shown me no mercy and now, they won't get any mercy from me. Now, this demon will fight back. If you want to prevent the slaughter of your precious villagers, then tell them to stay out of my way. Or else, I would award them with a death so gruesome that even Jashin would cringe at the scene."

With that Naruto turned and left a slumped Sandaime in his office. The Sandaime shook his head and spoke," You heard that didn't you Jiraiya."

A man with a mane of white hair, wearing loose green clothes with a red coat and wooden sandals dropped down from the ceiling. He had a hard face with soft black eyes, a bulbous nose and two red lines that ran from his eyes to his chin. He had a serious expression on his face as he heard the conversation between his godson and his sensei. This man was the Toad Sennin Jiraiya, one of the three Sannin.

Jiraiya looked pensive as he said," He does not have hate for the village Sensei. But he thinks of the villagers as nothing other than animals and will not hesitate to kill them should they even annoy him. While he won't turn out to be a traitor, he will most certainly kill the villagers if they remain hostile. His eyes show that he has given up on the village."

Sandaime pondered before saying," It reminds me of something my Sensei, Senju Hashirama once told me. The village is not made up of people, buildings and materials. It is made up of an Idea. Konoha was supposed to be the village of acceptance. Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama founded Konoha to end the feud between various clans during the warring clan era. This village was supposed to be the sanctuary for the people who are not accepted anywhere. Sensei told me that a traitor to Konoha is not a person who steals our secrets and gives them to others, but rather a person who betrays the very foundation of this village. Naruto accepted people with an open heart before, but the people betrayed his trust by refusing to accept him. Their fear has made them traitors to everything Konoha stands for and now, Naruto has refused to become a victim for the traitors. I hope the people understand it before it's too late."

Jiraiya nodded before he gave a perverted grin to his Sensei who smiled in amusement," I will be at the hot springs if you need me. It has been some time since I did some research." With that, Jiraiya disappeared with a Shunshin.

With Naruto

Naruto looked at the sky and took a deep breath, feeling the warmth of the sun on his pale skin. As Alucard, he usually avoided sun when he was still alive and the sun became unbearable after he became a vampire. To Alucard, this warmth was something he missed in his lifetime. It is rightly said that you don't know what you had until it's gone. He made a quick decision to wander around the village and go to the hot springs in the afternoon to relax a little. After that he would begin his training for the Chunnin Exams Finals. His first stop would be to Ichiraku Ramen Stand to get a bite to eat. He loved the stuff as Naruto but Alucard had not enjoyed the heavenly taste of different kinds of food for many centuries.

As he passed by the Hospital, he noticed Kakashi coming out of the lobby and moving towards him. Kakashi may have noticed him passing by and decided to have a talk. Naruto sighed; he knew that Kakashi had expressed his desire to have a talk concerning his behavior. He sighed and thought,' Well let's get this over with.'

With that, Naruto began to move towards Kakashi. When he reached Kakashi, he saw the Cyclops frowning as if someone had told him a bad joke. Looking at his so-called sensei, he could only groan in disappointment, 'Why did I get saddled with such an incompetent sensei.'

Kakashi looked at Naruto and noticed the changes more thoroughly this time. Naruto was no longer wearing his orange jumpsuit but had a black jacket which looked like a straitjacket, black pants and shoes instead of Ninja sandals. His eyes were still blue but his skin had paled to an almost white. His previously sun-kissed blonde hair, were completely red. His teeth seemed too sharp for a human and he seemed to be taller than before. He wondered if this was the result of Kyuubi.

Naruto suddenly said," Partly, not completely his influence."

Kakashi was surprised at this, though he wondered how Naruto guessed his question. Naruto smirked at this, showing his pointed teeth and spoke in a mocking tone," You are just that predictable Hatake-san."

Kakashi looked annoyed at that. He was a ninja and his thoughts should not be predicted by anyone, let alone a Gennin. Finally, Kakashi sighed in exasperation and asked," Just what happened in the forest to make you act like this Naruto? And what were those weapons you used against Kiba"

Naruto immediately grinned in amusement and said," The weapons are called Jackal and Casull. As for what happened to me in the forest, our team faced Orochimaru of the Sannin in the forest. As Sasuke fought him I realized, that I cannot fight him like Sasuke. Why could I not fight? because my so-called did not teach me anything except tree climbing."

At this Kakashi cringed a little. He knew that Naruto was considered barely Gennin level in skill, yet he had not taught him anything or even try to address the issue. While he had previously reasoned that Naruto needs to master the basics first, he had not even helped him with the basics. However, it is a good thing that he enlisted the help of Ebisu. He can easily help him with the basics while Kakashi trained Sasuke to survive the monster called Gaara.

Kakashi tried to placate Naruto," You are right Naruto, but I cannot teach you anything advanced until you master the basics. That is why; I have enlisted the help of a great instructor who will help you with the basics. Come on, Ebisu-san."

A man wearing sunglasses came out from a room and looked at Naruto with disdain. Pushing his sunglasses up, he spoke with hidden disgust," So he is my student for the month."

Before Kakashi or Ebisu could say anything else, Naruto said," I am not interested. A weakling like him cannot teach me anything."

Kakashi had expected this from Sasuke but not in a million years had he expected Naruto to say that. Without even glancing back Naruto turned and began to walk away. Ebisu however got angry. 'How dare this demon turn down my instruction as if I am some piece of trash!' thought Ebisu. With that Ebisu walked menacingly towards Naruto and roughly grabbed his shoulder.

Before anyone could react, Naruto twisted his body to face Ebisu, Jackal already in hand and shot at Ebisu's shoulder. Pain flared in Ebisu's shoulder as he watched his arm and shoulder falling off in horror. The Elite Jounin instructor stumbled backwards as Naruto picked his arm from the ground and looked at Ebisu with hate in his eyes. On the sidelines, Kakashi looked at Naruto with widened eyes as he saw his previously cheerful student shoot off the arm of his comrade with his strange weapon.

Looking at Naruto, the two Jounin saw him smiling is a bloodthirsty, menacing manner as he held up the arm for the two Jounin to see.

In a loud voice, he spoke so that everyone would hear," This is where you stand compared to me, trash. You are nothing but cattle to me. You are a shameful disgrace, a sorry excuse of a human being. People like you dare to call me a demon and I had tried to face your hatred with a smile. Well, no more. Next time you even look at me in a wrong way, I'll slaughter you." With that, Naruto crushed the severed arm with a single hand, without even flinching as blood covered his face. His grinning visage looked like a demon now. Without even thinking of cleaning up, Naruto left, leaving a shocked crowd behind.

Ebisu's cries of pain drew everyone's attention as they wheeled him into the hospital. He may live again but he doubted that he will ever go to field. Kakashi however stood still, frozen on the same spot where he had been standing. Whatever happened to Naruto in the forest was bad. He had to get to the bottom of this, and also inform Hokage-sama of what Naruto did.

Konoha Hot Springs

Naruto whistled a jaunty tune as he reached the Hot Springs. While this would not be anything special, his blood-covered face and monstrous visage scared most of the people on the way. Quickly reaching the Hot Springs, Naruto stripped off his clothes and eased into the warm water. As he relaxed a little, he began to ponder about his identity.

Before, the Forest Of Death, he was certainly Uzumaki Naruto, the prankster, the Most Unpredictable Ninja and a Gennin. But now, he was confused. Who was he exactly? Was he Uzumaki Naruto a simple Gennin with a demon in his gut, or was he Alucard, the Count of Valahia, Count Dracula, the first vampire. His memories were all jumbled up. He had shot Ebisu's arm of with Jackal, Naruto would never have done that. But he had also spared Ebisu's life; Alucard would not have done that. He was not just Naruto or Alucard. He was like a more brutal version of Naruto and a softer version of Alucard. While his mannerisms and actions were similar to Alucard, his heart and feelings were closer to Naruto. While he no longer loved Sakura, he still liked the teachings of both Haku and Zabuza. Alucard would not only have killed Sakura, he would also not care about Zabuza and Haku, yet he did. He was a mixture of Alucard and Naruto, a much brutal Naruto but a kinder Alucard.

Naruto thought with a grin,' I might be a kinder Alucard, but I still wanted to kill Sakura. Maybe it's her personality that makes me want to smack her around before ending her.'

Naruto's musings were interrupted by a perverted giggle. Naruto perked up at that and looked around to see no one. Then he remembered his powers and took a deep sniff. There was a presence near the other side of the Hot Spring. This presence smelled like toads. Naruto grinned at that. His memories from his parents supplied him the name- Jiraiya of the Sannin, a super pervert, a seal master and his godfather.

Going behind him, Naruto spoke in a low voice," What are you doing pervert?"

Jiraiya simply waved him away, which made Naruto angry. Making a shadow clone, he sent it towards Jiraiya who simply summoned a toad to deal with Naruto. As the toad's tongue came out, Naruto dispelled his clone and ran forward. Catching the tongue with little difficulty, he pulled the toad towards him and slammed him into the earth. It caused the earth to shake with the force and Jiraiya stumbled from his place and fell…right into the female side of Hot Springs.

Naruto laughed his creepy laugh as shouts of PERVERT were heard and soon enough, the bleeding, beaten body of Jiraiya was thrown out. Jiraiya simply groaned causing Naruto to laugh even louder. This laughter was not his laughter meant to scare people, but rather a laughter filled with amusement.

Jiraiya jumped and stood in front of Naruto, completely healed within seconds and pointed his accusing finger at Naruto," Why did you do that brat? Those were some of the most tantalizing melons I had seen in a long time and you ruined it for me." Naruto simply grinned at that and said," Only someone who cannot get laid would peep on women bathing. Are you impotent or something that you need to peep on women to get off?"

Jiraiya's eye twitched as he looked at his grinning godson. He did not know how the kid was before, but he most certainly had the gift of pissing people off. Grumbling at the lack of respect from blondes, Jiraiya asked while striking a pose," Do you even know who I am brat?"

Naruto grinned again and said," An old, dirty, impotent pervert who likes to peep on women."

Jiraiya face faulted and cried anime tears.

Inside Naruto's Mind

The collection of Naruto's souls laughed at the state of the Toad Sage while Kushina cheered," That's my baby, taking after his mother. He most certainly got this talent of pissing off people from me."

On the sidelines, Namikaze Minato simply shook his head, though he was also sporting a smile.


Jiraiya jumped up again and yelled," NO! I am the supreme pervert, the Toad Sage Jiraiya." Jiraiya struck his pose again. Naruto grinned again in a mischievous manner and said," You did not disagree to being impotent, just to being a simple pervert."

Jiraiya sighed at this; this would be a long day.

After Some Time

Jiraiya begun," So kid, what was it that got you so riled up. I know that you have stopped forgiving people, but I still don't know why you decided to take your anger out on me."

Naruto looked bored at that before he sighed and started his tale," While crossing the hospital just now, I had the misfortune of running into Hatake. He decided to train Sasuke for the month and pawned me off to some washed out Jounin named Ebisu. I got angry as the guy hated me. When I refused, the guy had the gall to grab my shoulder roughly as if I was some animal. I relieved him of his arm with my gun in retaliation. The end result however is that I don't have anyone to train me for the finals."

Jiraiya listened with a serious face before he jumped up, startling Naruto a little, though the Alucard in him had expected it. Jiraiya yelled in a happy tone," Then I wll train you for the exams. Meet me tomorrow at the same place at 8 A.M. sharp."

Next Morning

Naruto was apprehensive of training under Jiraiya due to his history of bad teachers. He had only three teachers, Mizuki, who was a traitor, Iruka who took too long to understand him and act at least neutrally towards him and finally Kakashi, who did not teach him anything worthwhile and pawned him off at the first notice. Though he had to admit that Jiraiya was strong. And while Naruto was powerful as a vampire, he did not have the skill of his parents in ninja abilities. His parents had trained him a little in Fuinnjutsu, but he had to learn the other ninja skills.

The first thing Jiraiya decided to train him in was summoning. Taking out the Toad Summoning Contract, he laid it in front of Naruto.

Jiraiya begun to explain," This is the Toad Summoning Scroll. Sign it with your blood and you will be able to summon toads like me."

Naruto however was not interested in Toads. He wanted to summon some other animal, for toads were food where he came from. Looking at Jiraiya, Naruto asked," How did you get this Summoning Scroll?"

Jiraiya just grinned," Because I am that awesome." At this Naruto gave a hard look. Jiraiya sighed and said," I performed the Kuchiyose no Jutsu without a contract which summoned me to Mt. Myouboku. There , I had to give a test before they gave me permission to summon them."

Naruto was silent for a minute before, quicker than lightning, he weaved through the handseals for Kuchiyose and slammed his palm on the earth. Before Jiraiya could react, Naruto disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Summoning World

Naruto looked around the place he had summoned himself to. The area was dark and it was nighttime. Using his vampiric powers, he shifted his eyes to see in the dark. What he saw baffled him. He was in England, but it was completely destroyed. The various structures were in ruins, there was blood on the streets and there was not a single person in sight. As he looked around the place, the surroundings seemed familiar to him. He tried to remember the surroundings but was having problems.

Suddenly, a large bat appeared in front of him and spoke in a booming voice," WHO DARES TO ENTER THE REALM OF BATS. ANSWER ME INTRUDER OR YOU WILL DIE AT MY HAND."

Naruto looked unimpressed and the shadows around him began to move. He let his aura loose and the bat in front of him quivered when his vision was clouded by darkness with millions of glowing red eyes with slit pupils. He screamed in fright and ran towards the Boss summon. Alucard chased after the bat, which kept running in fright. As Naruto looked around his memory strained but he was nearly there in remembering the place. Suddenly the summon creature stopped in front of a manor and yelled," LADY, PLEASE COME OUT AND PROTECT ME FROM THIS INTRUDER. HE WOULD KILL ME."

Soon, bats of all shapes, sizes and breeds came out from the manor. Naruto looked at the manor and realization hit him with a ton of bricks. He knew the manor. It had been his home for centuries. It was the Hellsing Manor of London. As the bats surrounded him from all sides, a figure emerged from the Manor which caused Naruto's eyes to widen. He grinned in excitement as a blonde woman with red eyes and huge breasts came out of the manor. She wore a red Hellsing Organization uniform and was glaring at him.

She spoke coldly," Who are you intruder? Not many ninja can frighten one of the most powerful bats in my army yet you did so without a problem. If you are here to sign our contract, then forget it. We bats have never assisted you ninja and we do not plan to do so anytime soon."

Naruto's grin got even wider as he started chuckling. His chuckle soon turned into a full blown laughter as the other bats begun to shake from fright at the evil sounding laughter.

The woman however was not in a mood for games and yelled," WHAT IS SO FUNNY INTRUDER?"

Naruto started chuckling again before he said," I had expected to reach a summon settlement for assistance. I did not expect to find myself here; neither did I expect to find you here, Police Girl."

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