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A added beginning

Why does every single library have to be so noisy? All I wanted is to study quietly. Is that to fucking hard to ask?! I slam the third library that I peak in today and glare at the door as if I could make everyone behind it be quiet. Dame ass rich kids and their money. I march up the stairs and notice the other one like me. She got in with a scholar ship too. I put my fingers through my thick black hair as I watch her go. I wish one of my brothers was here. It sucks not knowing anyone. I walk up to the other girl. The closer I get the more I notice the way her shoulders are tense and she slamming her foot on each step. She piss too...She is carrying our math. She has very messy brown short hair, round thick glasses that I think are way too big on her face, a baggy brown sweater, and gray messy pants. I can't complain since I am wearing my brothers baggy orange pants and a black t-shirt.

"Hey?! Are you looking for a quite place to study too?" I ask as she turns to me and nods. I grin and put out my hand.

"My name is Portgas D. Anny. Congratulation on getting the scholar ship!" She shakes my hand with her own soft smile.

"Yea. All these rich people don't know how to be quiet. My name is Fujioka Haruhi…Also congratulation." I take my hand back and we continue to walk along the red carpet in silence. This place is huge and for some reason it has a lot of pink. I look out the big window and watch as birds fly by…I wonder what for dinner? I stop beside Haruhi as we look at the door that leads to Music room 3.

"Music room 3….I don't hear anything behind the doors. Want to check it out?" I ask as both of our hands go to the door nob. Here go nothing! Pleas be quiet so I can study in piece. We open the door together and I sneeze as rose petals fly into my face. I pull one out of my hair and look at the red petal in my hand. Why did rose petals just fly into my face? I look up from the innocent petal to six boys waiting at the door.

"Welcome!" They say together like they have been doing this for a long time. I cross my arms as I look around for the instruments in this so called music room. I don't see any. There one boy sitting in the chair and he trying way to hard to look good. He has blond hair and deep blue eyes. To the right of him is a very short man with light brown hair and brown eyes. Standing behind the blond are Hikaru and Kaoru who happens to be in my class. They are identical twins, much taller than the light brown hair man. The twins have copper color hair with their own brown eyes. Then there the one with black hair that kept neatly in place, glasses, and with this sly grin that tells me he just knows everything. Then there this supper tall man that really got my attentions. He also has black hair but what gets me is that he looks bored and it hard to tell what he thinking or feeling. What is this place? I look over at Haruhi to see her eyebrow is raises just like mine.

"So what the fuck is this place?" I ask forgetting my manures. Whoops. The boys all look at me like I have just murder someone.

"That is no way a young lady as yourself should speak. Where you raise by barbarians?" I think back to the Blondie question...Well mountain bandits are barbarian. Only one way to answer this.

"Yes….Yes I did. Got a problem with that Blondie?" I ask him which causes him to look up at glasses guy with tears coming to his eyes. Is he litterly crying? What is he...Like 5? On the other hand the two twins burst out laughing at my nickname for him.

"Blondie that a good one!" Hikaru says as he wipes his tears from his eyes.

"So what is this host club?" I ask again and tap my foot impatiently. I have better thing to do...like study!

"Those in social standing- and second in money-spending spend their time here at the private Ouran Academy. As such, Ouran Host Club is where handsome boys, with too much time on their hands, entertain girls who also have too much time on their hands. It is the school own personal playground for the super-rich!" Blondie finishes with a grin that a little dazzling. What?! girls come in here to fuck with them…I don't think that would go well with the chairmen. My brothers won't be happy if they see me in here either. All I want is to study!

"Host club?" Haruhi stutters as her body starts to shake. She slowly starts inching towards the door to freedom. I guess this not her cup of tea either.

"Oh it a boy and the tomboy." The twins say together. I grin since their dead on. I am not a lady. Not in a long shot…but I was taught by my foster mom to be one.

"Hikaru and Kaoru, these two are in your class right?" Mr. Glasses guy ask them. For some reason he reminds me of one of my brother friends….Creepy.

"Yes they are but he not very social and she fell asleep in the middle of class, so we don't know them very well." Wow that is some sink mastery.

"That not very nice to say." Mr. Glasses says as a ping echo around me. What the hell is that? I cough to get the boy's attentions and raise my hand. The guys look at me as a small blush cover my freckle cheeks.

"In my defense… I fell asleep in class because I was excited to start my first day of school…and forgot to take my Provigil before leaving." They all look confuse except Mr. Glasses.

"What that? You sick?" I look down at the little man and snort.

"I have Narcolepsy. It a gene thing where someone can fall asleep at random times. My father had it and my brother and I have it…The medication I take prevents me from falling asleep." That seems to clear everything up because the guys nod in understanding. My eyes pick up a hideous blue vase just sitting on a pedestal. On the other hand Haruhi hands are shaking as she tries desperately to open the door before they notice her.

"Well I would like to personally welcome you two to Ouran Academy, Honor students." states with a knowing smirk. Whatever he said got Blondie attention because he quickly gets up from his chair with wide blue eyes and looks at us in aww. What? Something on my face? I rub my cheek to make sure I don't have sauce from my leftover lunch.

"What?! Then this is exceptionally rare! You are they Haruhi Fujioka! And you must be Portgas D, Anny!" Haruhi and I look at each other. What the…how does he know us?

"How do you know my name?" Haruhi and I say together. I can't help but grin widely as I watch Haruhi have her own small smile.

"It just that our school tradition is very hard for commoners to get in but two is exceptional. I have been told that unless you have a rather audacious nerve, you cannot become an honor student here!" I don't know what to think of that. I put my finger through my hair and shrug my shoulders. On the other hand Haruhi looks deflated.

"Thank you…I think". She mumbles. I am rather bold to try getting into the school but you don't know unless you try. I watch as Blondie puts his arm around my shoulder and Haruhi shoulder. Her body tenses under his hold and I just look at him with my raise eyebrow. Way to close.

"Yes! He is saying that you guys are both heroes! Even though you too may be at the head of the class, you are still the poorest person in the whole school!" Blondie declares it like it a good thing. Mr. Glasses moves his glasses so it cover his eyes and we can't tell what he thinking. Totally creepy. Haruhi is trying very hard to slide as far away as possible from Blondie which I really don't blame her. No girl like to be handle just like that out of no where. Ooo! Lets see how he likes it! I let a grin form on my lips as I move to face him. He the same height as me so this makes it eye contact easy. I let my hand go to his blond hair and gently grab a piece between my fingers. Holy shit! His hair softer then mine!

"I beg to differ." I purr softly as I move my body closer and let my finger trail down his cheek tenderly.

"My family may not have much money but I can assure you." I watch Blondie cheeks slowly turn red as I lean in a little closer so he can feel my breath on his ear.

"I am the riches in happiness." I pull back to see my work play out. Slowly the blush on his cheeks trail down his neck as his mouth opening and closing. I look over and wink at all the other members who watch the whole show.

"You know if you guys are a host club then you should be able to control a blush if a lady hits on you." I tap Blondie nose and giggle as I walk over to Haruhi side.

"Come on. I want to get out of here. Let's try to study somewhere else." Haruhi nods in silence as her eyes sparkle with admiration. Maybe I can make a friend for once. I grab my right arm as I lead her to the door before anything else can happen.

"Excuse us." Haruhi mumbles behind me. Suddenly shorty grabs Haruhi and my arm to pull us back. Holly shit he is stronger than he looks.

"Hey! Haru-chan! Haru-chan! Ann-chan! Ann-chan! You two are like superhero right? Amazing!" Aww he so cute. I smile down at the little guy and can't help but blush. He may be older then me but he just so cute.

"I'm not a hero, I am an honor student." Haruhi tries to say but the way her fist are clench tells me she about to lose her cool. I pat her on the head like my brothers do when I am about to blow a gasket or about to punch a wall. It helps a little and brings my senses back.

"Calm down. It alright. Let's just get out of here ok?" I can see her closer her eyes and count to ten.

"Still, to think that the honor student would be openly gay. How about yourself young lady? What your preference?" I raise an eyebrow. Is he asking me what type of guy I like to fuck or love? I actually wouldn't know because I have never been with a guy...not like they would want to be with me anyway.

"The wild type? The quiet man. The boy Lolita type? Got to be the little man. The little devil type. Hands down the twins. The cool type . Mr. Glasses." I think Haruhi went two shade lighter as she back up.

"It not like that! We just came to look for a place to study!" Haruhi tried to defend herself…Try is the key word here. I watch Blondie raise Haruhi chin slowly. Their eyes meet and I cringe as Haruhi go as white as a ghost. She can't handle guys flirting with her at all.

"Or maybe it my type? How about it?" I watch as Haruhi takes one final step back to get away from him but it all in vain. Her leg hits the white pedestal and the ugly vase starts to fall. I watch the way her body about to fall on top of the ugly vase which could hurt her. I don't think as I run and tackle her into my body. I let one arm cover her head and my other arm go around her back as I pull her body closer to mine. I move our body weight so I can turn in mid-air to protect her. I crash into the vase and a slight sting go along my arm. Good thing I was here to make sure she didn't hurt herself. She scrambles off me and looks between the broken vase and the blood that sliding down my arm.

"That was the Renaissance vase that was going to be in the school auction." Hikaru starts as I sit up. I look at my bleeding arm and sigh. Good way to start a school year.

"That vase was going to start a biding at 10 million yen." I choke on my air as the number makes me go numb. We don't have that type of money. Fuck me.

"Haruhi are you ok? Did you hurt yourself in the fall?" I ask her as I scan her for any bleeding limbs. She shakes her head no which allows me to let out a breath of relief. Good. At least one thing went right.

"Good. I was worried for a second." I get up and glare at Blondie. I ignore the way my arm stings as I walk up to him. This is all his fault!

"You ass! Have you never heard of personal space?! Ever thought that some people are not comfortable with people being so fucking close to them. Huh? Now I understand that we have to pay for that ugly piece of crap since we broke it but part of it is your fault. So how do we pay for it?!" I blow up as I give him a piece of my mind. I watch him sink deeper in his seat as I my chest heaves from my rant. I look down at my sleeve to see it rip up my arm and blood has soak the fabric. Tisk. Blood is so hard to get out and I like this shirt.

"Also do you have a first aid?" I ask a little calmer since I feel a little better now that I gave Blondie crap. I walk back to Haruhi and sit down beside her. I push up my rip sleeve to see that there a cut from the top of my forearm to mid forearm. I hope none of that crappy vase got stuck in my arm. I don't need an infection.

"Are you going to be ok?" I look at little man and I can actually see genuine concern as he looks me in the eyes. I smile softly as I pat his head with my hand that does not have blood all over it.

"I have gotten much worse than this. Thank you for being so nice and bringing me the first aid kit though." I go to grab it out of his hands but Haruhi grabs it first.

"Let me do it. It the least I can do for saving me." I nod and watch her take the bandage out. I pick up the tweezers though. Don't think she will like picking through my arm.

"What are you doing?" Haruhi gawks as I pick the dry blood off the scab that started forming and watch more blood come out. I move my arm closer to my face and watch as the light shines on something. Ah! I knew it! I put the tweezers in my skin a little deeper and don't even twitch at the pain.

"Ewww. That looks painful and gross!" The twins say together as I pull out the blue shard.

"Got it! I knew something felt weird in my arm." I put the tweezers and shard down as blood continues to drip to the floor. I watch Haruhi hands shake as she looks at the tweezers but still able to clean my arm up and wrap the bandage nice and tight. Not bad.

"So Tamaki? What are we going to do?" Mr. Glasses ask Blondie as he grabs a seat in the same chair we first met him in. My guess is he the boss since he walks around with his head up his ass.

"Have you two ever heard of the saying? When in Rome do what the Romans do! If you have no money then pay with your body! You are now our personal lap dog!" Blondie points at us and my eyes widen. Thank god Haruhi finish my arm as I get up and storm over to him.

"Are you fucking crazy?! There is no fucking way we are going to become the host club whore! I will not sell my body to make up for a vase no matter how over price it is! So you better word that differently before I call sexual assault on your ass!" I breathe deeply as I watch his blue eyes widen the size of saucers and one shade pale. I don't keep my eyes off Blondie and miss the way the others host go as red as a tomato at my indication.

"Nonononono! That not what I meant. I mean you will be doing chores around the club. We would never do such a thing!" I sigh in relief and grin as I put my hand out. He looks at it like it will bite him in the ass.

"I accept your apology. Since I will be working with you for who know how long let's properly introduce ourselves." Blondie nods as he grabs my hand. I squeeze a little hard so he knows not to try any of his crap on me. That will teach ya. His eyes close a little as his jaw locks. Our hands move and I let go only to giggle as Blondie shakes his hand out.

"Now that how it done." Blondie mutters under his breath. Since I should be polite to everyone…I walk to each member and shake their hand just as hard. When I do it to mini man his hand shake is just as hard. Very nice! Tall and quiet hand shake is just as powering but for some reason his sends a warmth through me. That weird.

"Did she really just do that?" Kaoru ask Hikaru and he just nods. I help Haruhi up as she looks like she going to cry.

"My study time." Haruhi cries quietly. I look her in the eyes and give her a small smile.

"I know. That just means this is the time we take our brake. Since we are now a part of this club let's try to have fun." Haruhi nods as she looks at her books. My brothers love that I always try to find the positive side of life.

"Umm before we begin the club which I am sure will be starting soon may I have all your names and what type you are?" I ask as politely as possible. In return I get a smile from all the guys.

"I am Suou Tamaki 2nd year. I am the host club king." I already got that but I nod anyway. I like Blondie better.

"We are the 1st year Hitachi twins and we are the devil type." They grin together as they look at me.

"I am Hikaru." Which Kaoru actually talk.

"I am Kaoru." That Hikaru.

"Sorry but I call bull shit on you two." I can't help myself as their eyes widen just a fraction before they both grin.

"Why would we lie and not tell you our names for the first time?" They say together.

"Let's just say twin instinct!" I wink at them and they shrug their shoulders as they look at me for an explanation.

"What?" They say together but I give nothing away.

"Oh my turn! I'm 3rd year Haninozuka Mitsukuni the lolita type! You can call my Honey for short!" He giggles as he hugs his pink bunny tighter. I knew he was oldest.

"And that Morinozuka Takashi the quiet type. You can call him Mori!"Honey points to tall and quiet. Maybe he mute? I give the tall man a small smile as I turn to Mr. Glasses last.

"I am 2nd year Otori Kyoya. I am the vice president and cool type. Also since you each owe 5 million in debt you will be working until graduation. You can always run away but my family own a private police force of 100 men. Do you have a passport?" My eyebrow twitches but I guess it my turn now. I bow low just as my foster mom taught me.

"I am a 1st year and my name is Portgus D. Anny. I don't have a tittle." I stand back up just as the boys start clapping. Is it something I did? Why the hell are they clapping!

"You have some manners under all that." Mr. Glasses gestures to everything that me and I have to hold everything back so I don't slug him across his smug face. I smile tightly as Haruhi is still looking out into the horizon in a lost daze. I hope she not broken.

"Ok everyone get to work. We have guest coming in a few minutes. Haruhi pleas go get me everything on the list. Anny you will stay here and serve everybody their choice of cake and tea!" I nod at Blondie request just as Haruhi sent out the door. I quickly go to her before she can make it out the door.

"DOn't leave me to long with these nut jobs. I don't want to be the only girl here!" A ping go off again. What the?

"Got it!" Haruhi closes the door as I watch as Honey yawn in Mori arms. Mori takes the little guy to the back away from all the noise. Where are they going?

"Anny can you follow me please?" Mr. Glasses ask as he walks to a new area while writing in his little book. I quickly catch up to find myself in the room kitchen.

"Here is where we keep all the supplies to make tea and the cakes are in the fridge. Please be careful not to brake anything or your debt will increase." I nod as he walks away. Better not get on his bad side or my debt will increase. The sound of girls giggling and foot steps declares the beginning of my first day apart of the host club. What does mom say Anny? Three things to serving. Stay calm. Always smile and never show them how irritated you really are. I quickly look through all the tea we have and different deserts in the fridge. Thank you mom! I hold a box of green tea and can't help but feel like I was little again. Let the serving begin. I walk out with what my brothers call a winning smile and go to the first table of girls. Since Blondie the king of host lets start with him.

"Good afternoon ladies. My name Anny and I will be your waitress for this fine afternoon. Is there anything you would like to drink or any desert? I would recommend our smoky black tea with a delicious dark forest cake." I say polity as possible and just how mom would want me to say. They all clap except one girl with long brown hair raise her eyebrow at me. She radiant bitch all over.

"How in the world did you do that?" Blondie ask in aww.

"When I was little I help my foster mom by being a waitress when she was ever short on hand. She taught me everything I know about what food go with what tea and more. I could give some more recommendation if you like?" I watch all the girls nod eagerly and that how my time was spent. Explaining food and serving it to rich bitches. As I pass Blondie table the brown hair bitch grins.

"Happy to see that the commoner knows her place in society." I ignore her comment and continue to walk to the kitchen. As soon as I enter my smile drops and I glare at the table. How dare she! I grab the counter and my knuckles turn white as I try to calm down. No fights here. I am in a rich school and can't get expelled. I take a deep breath to calm down. I grab the delicate tea set for the twin table and their guest. As I place down their deserts I turn to the sound of the door opening. I hope Haruhi back. I can't keep doing this by myself. I swear I am going to loose it. I look at the door to see a boy is standing there with his face scrunch up. I walk over hoping to get away from all of this. I let my shoulders relax as a small smile form on my lips.

"Hey hun! May I help you with something?" He looks at me and I know that he checking me out. His eyes scan across my face then travel down to stare at my breast a little but quickly go back to my face. Nice to be notice even if he probably rich to. Plus I must look like a hobo to them with my over size shorts and bandage arm.

"Umm I thought guys where the only host here?" He ask me with a shy smile. He is a little taller then me with red hair, brown eyes, and a cute freckle at the bottom of his lip.

"It true but I am working for them for now. Maybe I can help ya with something?" I put my hand on my hips and grin. The boy blushes while mumbling something under his breath.

"Would you like some time with our lady hostess. She just started today and you would be her very first guest." I look up at Mr. Glasses with a raise eyebrow but I go with the flow. Plus I wont have to serve anyone for a while. Let them get off their rich ass and make their own tea.

"I would love to have such a sweet young man join me. What do you say?" He blushes hard but nods shyly. I put my hand out and wait to see if he grabs mine.

"Don't be shy. I don't bite….much." I wink as he grabs my hand and Mr. Glasses points to a far lone table by the window. It has two lonely chairs but the view wonderful over the courtyard.

"What can I get for ya? We have tea and sweets?" He just pokes his fingers together as I feel all the girls eyes on us. Geez. Give us some privacy.

"It ok. Don't be shy. I want you to have fun with me. What your name?" I ask softly. I use the same voice I would use on my younger brother when he has a nightmare. He looks up at me and shakes a little.

"Please don't leave me alone. I feel like one of the other girls may attack me." I nod and sit in front of him.

"My name is Anny. What your name?" The guy looks at me as I patiently wait for his remark.

"It Rin." He mumbles as he looks out the window. For some reason looking in his eyes makes me feel like I want to crawl to a corner and cry. What got him down in the dumps?

"I know it not my business but why are you upset. You don't have to tell me but I do want to help if I can." He looks towards me and I can see he debating with something as he scans my eyes. I let my hand grab one of his own and my thumb strokes slowly over his knuckles. He looks up at me with slight wide eyes as he looks down at our intertwine hand. I smile gently as I feel the host watch my every move.

"I am trying to join the music club...My try out are in an hour and I didn't get in last year but I want to this year." I can see his mind work as his one free hand moves his fingers as if he playing the piano on our table.

"Have you been practicing?" I ask.

"Very hard. I love it but they said I was too clumsy last year.". Hmmm….This is a music room.

"Umm….Do any of you guys know if we have a piano in this room?" I ask over the girl . Glasses walks over to me and nods. On the other hand Rin is sweating bullets all over my hand but I don't let go.

"What are you doing? I can't play in front of these people?!" Rin voice cracks as he looking around. Why should he be nervous. He loves the piano right?

"Why not? If you can't play in front of your own colleges then how could you play in front of a judge? You know when I am nervous before a big exam I always close my eyes and empty my mind. I then fill it with something fun so when the time comes I am not stress anymore and I can focus. It took me a long time to figure it out but you have to fill your head with music that makes you smile." Rin awws as he bights his lip but in the end he gives me a small nod. We stand up together and I have to prevent him from falling over with how wobbly his legs are.

"We have one under that sheet over there." Mr. Glasses points to the corner of the room. Really? It was there the whole time. It seems the room quite downs as I remove the sheet to reveal a beautiful black piano. I can't play worth a shit but I have always love the sound it makes. Rin sits down and puts his music sheet on the stand. The paper looks worn from use and the notes mean nothing to me. I close my eyes as he plays. Sadly even I can hear the mistakes. I hear the girls giggle behind me and I am sure they are all being rude too. I glare at all of them and they shut up. Good.

"I'm sorry. I practice so hard and." I put my finger to his lips to shut him up.

"Do you have to play this song?" I ask and he shakes his head no. Good. I take his sheets and stick it behind my back.

"I want you to play me a song that you love so much that your fingers can dance across the board and you can't help but smile!" He looks at me and I watch as his eyes sparkle. He looks down at the keys as the gears in his head turn. He starts to play my heart will go on from titanic. Man I love this song and the movie fantastic! All of a sudden the world vanishes and I close my eyes as I let the music wrap around me. I can't help but sing along with the piano. He plays the last note as I hold mine. I reopen my eyes and the room is silent. I blush as I bow in apology.

"I am so sorry for singing it just that song beautiful." Rin slowly gets up and turns to me. He walks towards me and wraps his arms around me in a hug.

"Thank you. I think I am ready and you can sing any time I play!" He pulls back while grabbing the sheets from behind my back. I walk him to the door so he can go kick ass at the music tryouts. The kid can play he just has to believe in himself more. Maybe a little confident boost will help. I kiss him on the cheek and grin wickedly. He puts his fingers to his cheek and I can't help but wink as he blushes as red as a tomato.

"That a good luck kiss. knock their pants off!" Rin nods and I watch him walk away with a goofy grin on his face. He turn around and looks at me.

"May I come back and see you again?" I wave back.

"You better! I want to hear how your tryouts went!" I close the door and all of a sudden I am surrounded by the host club boys.

"That was incredible!" The twins say together as they applaud.

"Wow! You have such a pretty voice! Doesn't she Takashi?" Honey gushes as Mori nods and I think I make out just the slightest tint of a blush. Cute.

"You will make an incredible host for the host club! I hereby upgrade you from lap dog to host!" I blink at Blondie and grin in victory. That sounds better then lap dog.

"I think that a splendid idea. If you can host 100 guys your debit will be paid off!" I look at Blondie with wide eyes.

"You got it!" I put my hand out and Blondie shakes finalizing the deal. Ohh this is going to be fun.

"Ya but you need new cloths! No guy will want to see you in that! But don't worry we have your back!" The twins say together as they pull out the yellow monstrosity called the women dress code. Screw manners.

"If you make me wear that I will forever burn it. I don't care how expensive it is. I will wear anything you want but that!" I say as I cross my arms. The twins grin at each other and I think I made the biggest mistake of my life. They put a different dress in my hand and push me into the change round. Man this music room has everything. I breathe deeply and undress. I stare into the mirror in the corner of the room. My reflection shows me the burns on the right side of my upper back that crawls down to my thighs and up my right arm. My hand traces the burn that cover the side of my breast and down my arm. No regrets. I shake my head as I put my hand over my tattoo on my left breast. It spells AASL. The first A is fire red while the other A is a forest green. The S is a sky Blue and the L a bright Yellow. AASL is in the middle of a black spade with pipes behind the spade making it look like a x. I had the tattoo artiest add a book in one corner while on the other side is a straw hat with a red ribbon. It puts me at ease as I put on the dress and to my demise it shows off my arms, but at least my back, thighs, and tattoo are cover. I have to say Haruhi did a great job of wrapping up my left arm. The dress is a simple dark purple dress that ruffles a little at the bottom past my knees.

"You done in there? Need some help?" Hikaru ask as I put my hand through my hair. Here go nothing. I pull the curtains aside and watch as the host are all at work. Where the twins go? Didn't they want to see what I look like? At least Haruhi is back. It sounds like she giving them something new with the amount of awws I can hear. Haruhi turns to look at me and raises an eyebrow. I mouth later. She nods and go to serve what looks like coffee to the rich bastards. I watch as they look at it in aww. Rich people.

"You look so pretty!" I look at Honey as he looks up at me. He the only one not over there. I let my bangs cover my eyes as I unconsciously grab my burn on my upper arm. Pretty? lies!

"I think I look like a demon with this…burn. Don't you think?" I ask with a quiet voice and I make out Honey frowning as Mori comes next to him. I watch him shake his head with another blush.

"No. You look fine." Mori specks for the first time and my own blush forms. Oh my God. He has such a low sexy voice and so not mute! He should talk more…actually maybe that a bad idea.

"I know! Want to eat some cake with us? You don't have any guess right now and I don't like coffee!" I nod as my stomach finally growls. I blush waiting for the insult but instead he just laughs as he pulls me to his section. His ladies glare at me as Honey pushes me into a seat. Wow so comfy. The cushion next to me sinks as Mori sits beside me. As soon as the girls see my arm I can't help but try to hide it but the damage is done. Fuck!

"So what type of cake do you want?" Honey ask braking the tension.

"Will my debt increase if I have a slice?" I ask just to be safe. Don't need to raise my debt.

"Nope! I am giving you one of my slices!" Honey beams as he picks one for me. He gives me one that looks like a strawberry short cake. I smile as I look at my cute little cake. My smile vanishes as I hear the girls whisper that are sitting in front of me. I look up from my cake to see the other host stare at my burn arm as well. I try to hide it even more from sight but it too late.

"How you burn your arm?" I look at the curios blond that staring right back with a slight tilit to her head. I put my cake down as my brother's screams echo in my head. I am not ready to tell a bunch of strangers something so personal. It even hard for me to talk about it.

"I don't want to talk about it." I mumble as the cake doesn't look that yummy anymore. Right now would be a grate time for my narcolepsy to kick in.

"What? Come on. I have never seen such an ugly thing. There has to be a reason behind that!" Her friend beside her has black short hair and green eyes. I grind my teeth as my hands curl into a fist.

"I told you I don't want to talk about it." I say coldly but they just don't get it.

"I bet you burn yourself by cooking. I heard commoners have to cook their own food." They just don't get the hint. I stand up and glare at the three girls who shrink back into the couch. To far!

"I SAID I DON'T WA…!" I never finish as the much needed darkness wraps me in a blank sleep. I wake from my narcolepsy nap to look up at a very worry host club and some curious girls. I slowly sit up with Mori help. I can feel his large warm hand on my back as he makes sure I don't fall back. A yawn escapes my lips as I look around.

"How long was I out this time?" I mumble as I notice more girls staring at me with forward eyebrows while some even bare their teeth at me. Some one jealous.

"Few minutes. You ok?" Haruhi ask me and I nod as she helps me stand the rest of the way up.

"Ya…Did I brake anything?" I ask her. I don't see anything broken.

"No. Mori caught you before you hit the ground. You sure you will be ok?" I nod again as Honey comes over and holds up his bunny. Mori back to sitting on the comfy couch but his eyes are watching me. I wink at him just for the fun of it and to let him know I am ok. He looks away with a small blush. I love the way his guest ask if he ok and he just hum in acknowledgment. He won't be blushing when he see the rest of me. He would probably look away in disgust. I look down and let my hand go through my hair to calm down.

"Ann-chan you ok? Here you can borrow Usa-chan to feel better!" I aww as Usa-chan is the cute pink bunny. I look over and Haruhi looking at it too. She can't help but bend over to get a better look.

"It is cute, huh?" Haruhi look up at me and I grab the bunny with a grin.

"I know supper adorable. Thanks. Usa-chan will make me feel a lot better!" I hear another click and I look around trying to figure out where that came from. Honey grins and runs back to the lady's waiting for him.

"What are you looking for?" I turn to Haruhi and mumble nothing.

"So are policy is to always make the girls happy and you Anny have cause quite a ruckus. Since you did bring in a new guest and it your first day I will let it slide. Don't forget though that you both still owe us 10 million yen. I have police." I cut him off.

"Yayayay 100 private police force that we would have to flee the country to survive. I know that." I say and poor Haruhi shakes as her skin go a little whiter. I give her Usa-chan to calm down and she hugs it for dear life.

"Well Haruhi my debt has change such also my cloths. I am now a host for men. Since they think I look…barbarish the twins were nice enough to lend me this." I wave my hand to the dress and she nods.

"How that happen?" I hum in thought just so I can give more anticipation.

"This guy got lost and I gave him some advice." She nods as I feel Blondie behind me.

"You are going to have to work hard to pay off your debt you little nerds." Blondie blew in Haruhi ear and I am sure she just jump halfway across the room. So he wants to play that game again. I turn around to put my arms around his shoulders and lift my leg so it lands on his hip. I lean forward so I can whisper in his ear.

"I sure will Mr. King!" I put my leg back down and watch as his mouth open and closes repeatedly like a fish out of water. I turn around and giggle as Haruhi looks at me with sparkles around her eyes. On the other hand the girls are glaring at me like that could kill me.

"Let him taste his own medicine." Haruhi smiles in thanks as she rubs her neck.

"Thanks." She mumbles as more evil glares are directed at me. What a good first day of school.

"You know you won't be getting any girls looking like that! Anny clean up nicely so she may be able to get some guys." I snort at Blondie stupid remark. Thanks for the confidence. I look over at my un-eaten slice to see it still on the table.

"I'm not interested in getting any in the first place." Haruhi states. So she not lesbian! I start to walk away but Haruhi glares at me to tell me that if I leave her I she will kill me. I nod as I stay by her side. She doesn't want to be left alone with Blondie. I don't blame her. At least I can make him fluster.

"What are you talking about? This is important! Becoming a fine man, and pleasing the ladies is everything!" No it not!

"It doesn't matter, does it?" Haruhi ask and Blondie looks at her with wide eyes.

"Men, women, appearance and such? What important is what on the inside right? I can't understand why this club even exist." Haruhi looks out to everyone. She so naive but it nice to see that.

"It such a shame. That there is such a beauty that existing that perfect on the inside and out. Why…?" I ignore him as I watch Harui ponder something as Blondie twirls around. The twins walk behind us.

"How do you like our dress?" I turn to them and cross my arms. So now they appear!

"What do you think? I am no beauty expert." They hum as they scan me. They spin their hand and I twirl for them. For a single moment I feel like a girl. I face them and raise an eyebrow.

"The dress is gorges and it looks good on you but you can look better." They say together. I wish I never ask.

"First off you are still wearing those grubby shoes!" Kaoru states as he eyes my feet.

"Then you're hair need some work and you can use some lipstick!" My eyebrow twitches at Hikaru remark just as Haruhi hits her hand. I miss Blondie coming back and looks at us.

"Obnoxious!" Haruhi states and Blondie go curl up in a corner. Wow. That so true. The twins go on each of her side and place their elbow on her head. I can't help but chuckle since they are so much taller then her.

"You know the stuff you said did hit a small cord in me." Haruhi tries to make him feel better… I blink as Blondie back up and Hikaru stands in front of her.

"You know boss. You can teach him the skills but unless he looks the part." Hikaru removes Haruhi glasses and they just stare at her face. Her hands start flapping around.

"Hey I need my glasses. I lost my contacts at the opening ceremony." Haruhi looks around blindly as I go to grab her glasses back but Blondie pushes me back and I end up tripping over my feet. A hands land on my shoulders and I look up to see Mori raise eyebrow. He gently pushes me up and I nod in thanks. Seems to be saving me a lot today.

"To bad his eyes will look smaller without glasses." Blondie says in a mumble but when he gets one look at her face he can't help but stare. He suddenly snaps his fingers.

"Hikaru and Kaoru!" They salute and I watch as they pull Haruhi away. What the?

"Kyoya contact the hair salon!" I watch as he go on the phone and starts talking to someone.

"Mori go to the doctor to arrange for contact!" I watch Mori nod as well and run off. What the hell going on?

"Tama-chan what about me?" Honey eyes widen as he wants to do something.

"Honey...go eat some cake." I watch Honey deflate as he walks off. SO mean! I follow behind him hoping I can eat my slice with him.

"You know I never got to eat mine." Honey eyes widen as he grabs a table, Usa-chan, and chairs to put it in front of the change room. He runs off again just as the twins get push out of the change room. It seems Haruhi can take care of herself.

"I will change! Just stay out!" She screams and they look at each other. Two more clicks are heard. What the fuck?! I scratch my head as Honey waves me over. I sit down and he pushes over my strawberry short cake.

"Thank you." Honey grins as he take a bight of what looks like cheese cake. I take a bite of my cake and I feel like melting in my seat. I close my eyes as I have never tasted something so good. I hum at the sweet taste and imagine I am on a float that made of strawberry floating on the rich cream. I reopen my eyes to face a red face Mori looking away. Wow...Does he have a fever?

"It yummy right?!" Honey ask and I nod with my own blush.

"It so good!" I take another bight as I hear ringing from my change room. Shit my brothers must be worried. I finish about half of my cake before I leave the table to go check on my phone. The song burn it to the ground by Nickle back playing as I look at the screen to see it says flame brain. Shit! I open the phone and bring it to my ear.

"Hello?" I whisper so I won't disturb anyone but the other side of my phone not so much. "Oh thank god you are ok?! Where the fuck have you been. We are worried sick. I have called you so many times. I am in front of your school!" I rush out from the curtains and look through the window to see my brother angrily looking around for me. He looks just like me but a bit taller. "Get your ass down here right now Missy." I nod but it not like he can see it.

"Sorry but I got into a club and forgot to text you. It been a hectic day. Give me five and I will see soon." I can hear him sigh as I watch him through the window put his hand through his hair. "You have ten. If you are not out I will go in there and get you my self." I hum in thanks and close the phone. I run to my change room and Haruhi looks great all clean up. Her hair is nicely down and the boy uniform looks grate. She can really pass as a cute guy and if she wore some girl cloths she be cute too. I throw her my phone as I pass her.

"Put your number in my phone Haruhi. Got to go before my brother kills me!" I say to the guys as I quickly get out of the dress without ripping it. Ahh! That better! I feel more like me in my bro pants and my shirt again. I rush back out and Haruhi hands me my phone with a please don't leave me look.

"Sorry not sorry! Thanks for the dress Hikaru and Kaoru. See you tomorrow!" I give them the dress while bowing and run out the door faster than a jack rabbit. I run in front of my brother with all my stuff as he taps his foot. The first thing he does is hit me over the head.

"What the hell! You should have called or texted one of us! We were worried some rich bastard try to kill you thinking you broke into their school!" I look up at my twin and he glaring down at me.

"Why would you think that Ace?" I ask as he throws me my helmet.

"Because you are wearing my pants that look supper baggy and that shirt. Tomorrow wear something we bought you!" I nod not really wanting to argue with him. I feel eyes on the back of my neck and I look up to see a frowning Mori and Honey while Haruhi looks like she going to cry. On the other hand the twins grin down at me while Blondie waves enthusiastically like always. If Blondie and Ace ever meet...his death will be painful. The only one not watching me is … I wave back.

"Get on already!" Ace snaps at me as I snap my helmet on my head. I hear banging on the window and I look up again to Blondie yelling something. Not like I can hear ya.

"What up with him?" Ace looks at me as I get on his black motorcycle with red flames licking up the side.

"He…part of the club I am in. Let's go. I have had a very tiring day!" I yawn to make my point and he chuckles.

"Don't you dare fall asleep or you will fall off again!" He reeves up the engine and it brings a grin to my face. I love the freedom of riding with my brother. I giggle as we are off. All I feel is the wind until my phone rings. Not like I can answer it. It rings all the way to my house and I pull my phone out to see the same unknown number call me six times. Again it rings the same unknown number. My brother raises an eyebrow and steels my phone.

"Hey ass-whole! Stop calling my sister!" Ace yells into the phone and snaps it shut.

"Thanks bro." Ace grins as we walk up the stairs to our apartment.

"Any time. Now we can finally eat." Ace mumbles as he opens the door. I walk into the apartment and a crying brother tackles me like he has not seen me in years.

"I am so happy you are ok!" Lu cries as I hug him back. I can go for a hug right about now.

"I'm fine Lu but get off. I can't breathe." He gets off and my oldest bro hit me with his book.

"You better explain yourself at supper. It ready by the way." I nod as I sit down and a nice big portion of stir-fry with chicken is place in front of me. We have a small place that can barely fit the four of us. Our home simply has one bathroom, a small kitchen, small living room, and one bedroom.

"Thank you for the food!" We chant together before I dig in.

"So explain Missy!" I look up with a fork full of chicken going to my mouth. Sabo is tall with ear length blond hair, today he wearing a blue shirt with rip jeans, and his left eye burn. At least he not blind and it didn't damage his skin to bad. He the oldest and the one that can solve any problem that comes his way. Plus he the smartest one out of all of us.

"Yes Sabo…I ended up joining a club. I will…be giving advice and helping out when I can. It interesting and it after school every day." I keep out the part I entertain men and I am doing it to pay back a debt.

"Is there lots of boys?" I shake my head. Ace is too protective but that why I love him.

"Scared your baby sister going to get hurt?" I mock which only causes him to glare at me while waiting for an answer.

"There are mostly women with a few guys. Like Blondie that was banging against the window for no reason." I finish my plate in record timing. As much as I want seconds I need lunch tomorrow.

"Hey can I have more?" Lu ask and Sabo sighs with an apologetic smile.

"Sorry Luffy but we need the food for tomorrow lunch." Lu nods but grins non the less. I pick up the plates and bring them to the kitchen to wash. Luffy is the youngest with black short shaggy hair, big innocent eyes, a scare under the left eye, with jean shorts and a red vest, plus the straw hat he never takes off unless he has too.

"Go get some rest sis. Ace will help me with the dishes." Ace takes my cloth and pushes me away.

"Thanks. I have homework to get done so I will be in our room." Unfortunately we also share a room too. It gets cramp at time but it all good because our room never cold. I pull out my books but before that I find Haruhi number and call her. After a few rings I hear a hello.

"Hey Haruhi. How was the rest of the club?" I ask and she sighs into the phone. "Annoying. I hate how you got a freeby to leave. So who was that you got on the motorcycle with? The guys freak out for some reason." I raise an eyebrow even though she can't see it.

"That was Ace my twin. Why would they worry about me? We just met!" I ask as she hum in the phone. "Just be ready for tomorrow. You have a twin?" I chuckle into the phone and start to change into my Pj pants.

"Ya. I have my twin and two other brothers. Thanks for the warning. Now tell me! What happen to ya?"I ask as I put a pair of my bunny Pj pants on. I look down and they remind me of Usa-chan. "I got to host and like you once I get 100 girls to request me I paid back my debt. It was horrible at first but I figure it out….Also Tamaki thinks I am his new dad. So weird." I burst out laughing as I open my math book.

"Well at least he not grabbing your chin and looking like he going to kiss ya." She sigh's on the other line. "Instead he suffocated me. Thank god Mori so tall. Anyway your brothers mad about you joining the club?" I snort as I look at my close door. For good measures I whisper.

"I told them half the truth. If I did I may give them a heart attack or they go hunt the club down and give them a good beat down! Anyway I have math to do. See ya tomorrow." Haruhi chuckles and wishes me night. I finish up my work as I hear Luffy arguing about who gets to clean the bathroom this week. Man I love them. The night comes to a close and we all go to bed. That too we all share somehow. My alarm go off and today I find my head on Lu chest, my leg being use as a pillow by Ace, and Sabo arm over my stomach. See! We always find a way to fit. I yawn as I shuffle my brothers aside. Got to make it to the bathroom first. I turn off my alarm and grab today clothes which is jeans and a simple red and black sweater. I quickly shower and the usual knock heard at the door.

"Hurry up sis! Gotta pee!" Lu whines from behind the door and I can't help but chuckle.

"Almost done Lu!" I open the door to Lu pushes me to the side and slams the door in my face. I look over to see Ace and Sabo at the table drinking their morning coffee. That my cu to start breakfast. I quickly pop bread into the toaster and fry up some eggs.

"Want a ride to school?" Sabo ask as he grabs an apple. I look at the time and being early better then late. I nod as I put the eggs on my bread while the rest is split on two plates.

"Breakfast on the table. Sabo giving me a ride. Bye!" I wave as I walk out with him.

"By sis!" Lu and Ace wave as I close the front door. I get in Sabo blue Chevrolet and we are off. We make it to the school in no time with only a few people walking on the school grounds.

"Have a good day…and have fun at your club." Sabo smiles as I wave him off. I look back at the school and glare at all the pink! Why pink?! Hmmm….Where to go? I guess it an adventure! I walk around for a while since I have nothing better to do. I don't know how my legs got me here but I end up in front of the school dojo. I didn't even know they had one! That Awesome! I hear guys grunt behind the screen door and I can't help but look inside. My eyes sparkle as it a martial arts class with Honey being the teacher. I take off my shoes and walk inside. So cool!

"This is not a show. You will have to leave while we are doing tryouts." Tryout? I look up at the guy who talking to me. He has dark black hair, green eyes and his lips are in a thin line. I watch him raise an eyebrow as my smile sparkles.

"Is there any room for me to try out?" I ask and the guy blinks as he looks at me.

"You will just get hurt miss. Why don't you leave and try out for cooking club or something." I cross my arms as my smile falls. That sexes.

"What? Scared I can kick your ass?" The tryouts stop as everyone decides to watch me instead. I can hear people calling me crazy and nuts in the background.

"Ann-chan what are you doing here?" Honey bounces over and I grin down at him.

"I am here to tryout. Not to late am I?" I ask and Honey eyes harden in a way that proves that all that sweat crap from yesterday is only half of who he is.

"Are you sure? Do you have any experience?" I grin as I point to dickhead.

"Why don't I show you on him? What do you say? Spare with me unless you are afraid?" I ask and he glares at me.

"You are on. Don't go run away crying when I hurt you!" I snort as I turn to Honey.

"May I borrow a Gi?" Honey nods as he walks off and hands me the smallest size. I go change in the only change room and put my hair up. I walk out and everyone looking at me. This is a perfect way to start a morning. I grab the offered protection helmet.

"Don't need it. This will be over shortly." I don't know who this cocky guy thinks he is but I am about to open a can of whoop ass.

"You sure? It for our safety." I try to reason with him but he just snorts.

"I will be fine." I shrug my shoulders as I get into my defense stance that so second nature by now.

"Begin!" Honey says and I just watch Cocky to see what he will do first. I smile as he makes the first move by throwing a punch towards my head. To Slow! I move my body to the left to easily doge his punch. Wow his whole abdominal wide open. I duck under another punch and throw my own towards his gut. He heaves and takes a step back. I keep my guard up as I see a snarl come to his face. Now I got him mad. Good! He will be more likely to make stupid moves. I use my hands to dodge a few of his punches and a round house kick. I twist my body so I can grab his Gi and throw him easily over my shoulder. Cocky eyes are wide open as he looks up at me. I back up as he scrambles to his feet. Gees my spar with Luffy better than this and that saying something. He growls as he lunges at me. Ok now this is not even a proper fight. Cocky throws a strong punch after punch but completely forgetting his form. I swiftly block and in the distance I think I hear someone say that enough. Shit my stomach open. Cocky throws an uppercut to my abdomen right where I am wide open. I cough as the air from my lungs vanishes but he still moving to take me down. His head wide open. While my body bent over I move my weight with the bawls of my feet and swing my leg up. My round house kick stops right before his face since he not wearing any gear. Don't want to hurt him. He stops moving and looks at my toes. I stand back up and bow. I'm done with this no class fighter.

"Thank you for a great spar." I put my hand out but he slaps it away. Soar looser.

"You can't join the club. Only men are aloud!" He snarls as he walks away. Honey comes up to me with his own sparkles around his eyes.

"That was incredible! You have such control. Don't listen to him! You can join us for sure since I am the captain!" Honey hops around me and the dick turns around and snarls like a rabid dog. Was he raises by barbarians too?

"If she joining then I am quitting. I don't want some women distracting us especially if it some no name commoner!" I let my hands go through my hair as the guys mumble behind me. One of them with dark blue hair raises his hand.

"I'm with Josh on this. I will leave too." He gets up and one after another guys start to get up too leave. I can feel Honey wrath beside me and I put a hand on his head.

"Fine I won't join. Sorry for wasting your time. Honey please make sure no guys peaks on me as I use your shower. Thanks anyway for the spar." I slam my helmet into jack ass chest and slam the bathroom door. Man I hate guys like him. At least I got a work out because of him. I keep a smile on my face as I start the water and quickly go under. Once finish and feeling refresh I leave with a wave which only Honey waves back. I walk into my classroom to see Haruhi studying and the twins are running towards me. Haruhi did warn me last night...

"Are you ok? Who was that guy yesterday? Did he hurt you?" They chant together. I really thought Ace and I can only do that.

"That was Ace my brother. So no I was not capture or anything. Now I appreciate the concerns but I would like to get to my seat pleas." I watch them grin and I take my seat. Haruhi looks at me with a smile before going back to work. The bell rings and it the start of a new day. Morning go grate until Haruhi and I grab our lunch. We come back to our bag but there gone.

"Where the fuck our bag?" I ask which causes Haruhi to cringe at the F word as she looks around. Maybe I should watch how much swearing I use. Don't want it to rub off on her.

"I am sure it was here when we left…Maybe we left it back in the last class." I scratch my head and look at our room number. No I don't think so. As we walk back to our last class to look in case we did forget, Haruhi points out the window, and when I look out my body go cold.

"I guess there is bullying even in rich schools." Both our bags are floating in the school fountain.

"Shit! That has my grocery money for the week." I cry as I brake down jogging through the halls. My stomach turns as Haruhi runs after me and I slow down so she can catch up. I pass brown hair bitch and miss what she says. That food money more important then me going to this school! Please be dry! Why the fountain? Why can't they scatter my stuff in the rose bushes. We make it to the fountain in record time and I quickly take off my shoes. As I stand at the edge of the fountain the water taunts me back. I try to take deep breaths as my heart trying to pound out of my chest.

"You ok?" Haruhi looks up at me and I nod.

"Ya hahah. Let's get our stuff before we have to buy new books." I step into the water and I can already feel the cold fear crawl up my legs to my chest. I try to remember to breathe deeply as I pull out all our books one at a time. It ankle deep dame it. It not that bad!

"First one who finds a wallet wins!" I say as both our wallets are the only thing left. I continue looking as my body now completly cold even though it a nice day. Stupid jealous bitches!

"You guys have some nerve missing club actives. Why are all your stuff wet?" Blondie voice is soft as I turn to him. His eyes are scanning our stuff then back at us. Ok…Blondie now can be call Tamiki unless he acts stupid.

"We accidentally drop it out the window. Right Anny?" I hum and bend back down looking. This is so fucking annoying! I need that money or we are living off water for the week. My brothers are not going to be happy. I slap the water in frustration hoping it will tell me the way I should go. These rich bastards don't understand what it like to go hungry or live on almost nothing.

"Fuck! I need that money! It my family grocery for this week." I say as I rub my eyes to stop the tears I can feel start to form. What am I going to do?!

"Anny…Ya mine for this week too." Haruhi adds but she does not sound nervous. I on the other hand feel like I am about to toss up my empty stomach. A splash is heard and we both turn to see Tamiki ankle deep in the water too.

"You don't have to do that. You will get all wet." Haruhi right. This is our problem.

"Getting wet won't cause me getting harm right? People always say that I am dripping with good looks. Oh is this what you might be looking for?" Tamiki pulls out a black wallet and winks. It not mine. I move over and continue looking. I give them their space as I look up to see Mori watching me from the side line. His eyebrow raise as he silently ask me what I am doing. The fountain covering Haruhi and Tamiki moment.

"Looking for my food money and I can't find it. You have no idea how important it is for me to find it. It orange with a little reindeer on the corner!" I continue to look as my feet and hands start to freeze from the cold water. As the seconds past me by my breath increases in speed. I turn to another splash to see Mori searching too….He grunts and pulls my wallet out. Somehow it got to the other side when those bitches empty my stuff. I wipe my eyes as relief flood through me.

"Thank you Mori so much." My shoulders shake as I wipe my eyes. I can't believe I almost starve my brothers. I slowly walk over and grab my wallet from his hand. Mori smiles down at me which I am sure mean no problem. I grin back up as more tears fall down my cheeks.

"Lets get to the club. I am sure I will hear it from Kyoya." I try to walk away but Mori stops me by gently grabbing my wrist. I look at him and he has that same stone face expression like always. His other hand thumb gently go over my cheeks to wipe my tears away. I catch my breath as I feel my cheeks warm up. No one ever done that for me. I watch as Mori stone expression changes just a little with his eyes widening.

"Sorry." He mumbles and my heart I think skip a beat for a second as he lets go. Why am I acting like this? I hope I am not getting sick!

"It ok. Thank you." I say quietly. Mori nods and helps me out of the fountain as my tears are finally dried up. I wonder how long I was in there for.

"Hey Anny! Did you find your wallet?" Haruhi ask as she walks around the fountain towards me.

"Sure did!" I turn to Mori and bow deeply for his help.

"Again thank you for everything. See you soon." I walk over to my bag and since it was the first thing out of the fountain it was able to dry up in the sun. I flip through my text book to see it still looks grate and usable. Those text book were expensive too. I gently stuff them in my bag and walk back with Tamiki and Haruhi.

"Thank you Tam..". I never finish as he grabs me in a hug. Ok what the hell now!

"Are you ok? Did that man hurt you yesterday? Just tell daddy what happen and he will make it all better!" Oh no. I pull back and look up at him who has a overexerted frown.

"I'm fine and that was my brother so no worry. Let's go…I am sure your guest are worry about you!" That must have been the magic words because next thing I know Tamaki dragging me by the arm and we make it to the club in no time. I look at Haruhi as she rubs her shoulder. I twirl mine and Mori looks at me and silently asking if I am ok. I grin as Kyoya walks up to us.

"Well happy to see you finally decided to show up! Anny you have been requested by Helain. Which is strange since she Mori guest. You may go to your table." I nod and walk away winking at Haruhi for luck. Helain is the blond bitch who kept asking me about my burn arm yesterday.

"What..?" I never get to start as she points to the chair in front of me.

"Let me get to the point you ugly commoner. I don't know who you think you are. Prancing around your slutty ways around here but your bag was a warning. If you continue to stay here people won't make it easy for you." Wow she sounds real scary.

"What you jealous?" I taunt and she wait no time with slapping me across the face. Not bad of a hit for a rich bitch. I look up at her and she snarling at me. I stay relax as I wait to see her next move.

"Why you useless garbage. My family will find you!" She whisper threatening but I just laugh. I cross my legs and put my arms behind the chair.

"You can tell your daddy whatever you want. You can't do anything worse then what my family already been through. Even if you throw us out on the streets we survive once and we can do it again. So. Bring. It. On!" I say with a grin. I watch her hand wind back to slap me again but I don't bother blocking. She can slap me all she wants. Just shows how little control she has. Instead of her hand coming down on my cheek again, to my surprise Mori catches her wrist in the air. He like the quiet giant. She turn to him wide eye.

"You are so nice but I see you will hurt Ann-chan. You are not welcome here also if you try anything…." Honey leaves the threat in the air but she just runs out of the room with tears down her eyes.

"Thanks." I turn back as Honey hugs me. I smile softly as I hug him back. He like an older and smaller Lu!Just replace the cake with meat!

"You got hurt….Do you need Usa-chan to feel better?" I pat his head as the stinging almost gone.

"No thank you but can I have…" Mori gently places an ice pack on my burning cheek.

"Some ice." I finish and grab the pack. I stand up as a crash echo in the room. I look over to see brown hair bitch run out of the room also crying. What is going on here?! I walk over to see Haruhi cover in tea as a bag handed to her.

"This is the only uniform we have left." Kyoya says as he looks at me with a raise eyebrow. Haruhi eyes widen as she looks at the ice pack.

"What happen?" I take the pack off to show the red mark.

"I got bitch slap from a jealous….bitch!" I whisper the last part as Kyoya glasses cover his eyes. Oh shit I am in deep shit.

"You have cause us such a rucks. It seems I will have to raise your debt to 1000 guest since you made us loose our best Mori fan." I sigh as I put the ice-pack back on. Nothing I say will change his mind.

"You will do great!" Honey grins as he holds up a chocolate brownie. I take it off the plate and eat it. So good! Honey giggles as he watches my eyes sparkle from the taste.

"Thank you." I lick my fingers to get all the sweet debrownie off my fingers. When I look at Mori I can't help but freeze since Mori eyes are widen and his face all red again.

"Mori are you sick?" I ask him to make sure he ok. He only shakes his head no to quickly. Honey giggles as we hear Tamaki scream and a click. What the fuck with the click.

"Haruhi…you are a girl?" He didn't know? I walk over to see he blushing like a mad man.

"You figure it out. Good job." Haruhi pulls the curtains back and ties up the red bow. The yellow dress…looks nice on her.

"Well I think this can be fun. I just have to call people duds". She smiles as I nod with her. What fun this club will be!

To be continue….

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