"Someone talking"



Texting on the phone

Parent day part 2

Last night was normal. Sabo says nothing about parents day but he is wearing a knowing smile which has been pissing Ace off all night. Dinner was ramen, homework was done, Ace talk to Haruhi, Luffy talked to Zoro about school starting up again, Sabo worked on reports, and I well, I texted everyone about what we are doing so I can mentally prepare myself for tomorrow. No one told me anything and Kyoya told me that my fine went up a thousand due to bothering him with useless crap. I am never getting out of his debit…I wonder if he doing this to keep me around. Well if he is then he not as smart as I thought! I'm his friend even if he a real ass sometimes.

I stare up at my ceiling feeling cold sweat drip down my body while blinking back tears. I just woke up from my dream of drowning…well more like night mare. No way can I take a shower after that! I sit up and look over to my three brothers cuddled together while I am sitting on the outside of the group. One of them must have kicked me out. I reach for my phone and see that it five in the morning. Not going back to sleep now. I get up and quickly walk to the bathroom. I stare at the shower and take a deep breath. I'm sweaty. I need to shower especially since important people will be at my school today. I turn on the water and the sounds crush my chest but I quickly swallow it down and undress. In and out. Nothing to fear. It just a shower. A flash of me under the sea crosses my mind and my breath catches in my throat. Breath Anny Breath! I take a deep breath to remind myself I am still planted to the ground. I clench my fist as I lift the nuzzle to shower and get under the water. It really cold but I don't care as I quickly wash myself. My hands shake as my breathing comes out in shorts pants and black spots dance around my eyes. I turn the water off and just stand there as water drips down my hair. I just stare at the wall as I try to catch my breath. In through the nose. Out through the mouth. Soon the pain in my chest slowly fades and my breathing back to normal. I did it…barley. I quickly dry myself off and slide on a pair of nice jeans and a t-shirt with Law yellow sweater to warm myself up. I brush my hair and walk out of the bathroom to figure out what to do next. I turn to our bedroom and my brother's snores can be heard from the open door. I grab my cell phone that I left on the table to see it only 0531. Now what? I look out the window to see the black sky slowly changing to indicate the sun about to rise. I bet it pretty. I walk outside and silently close the door behind me. The wind cool against my cheeks but the sky a gorges shade of red and orange now. I snuggle into the sweater and silently walk to the railing so I can get a better look at the sunrise. I really should return this to him but it comfy. The world is slowly going from bright red, pink, and oranges to blue and I feel a peace. Like what happen earlier this morning never happen.

"Are you sure this is the place?" I turn to the voice and watch two very tall guys carry travel bags up the crappy stairs. I wonder if the stairs will finally break?

"Fufufufufu. It what my sources got me. It the place little brother." I look up and the one that laugh takes my breath away. He has short cut blond hair, his smile reminds me of someone who gone mad, his eyes are covered by these really cool red glasses, a white dress shirt that fits in all the right places, black dress pants, and this pink feathery jacket that I just want to cuddle in. I don't know why but my body screaming for me to run and hide but yet I am stuck in place like invisible strings are around my body holding me in place. I hide half my chin in Law sweater to try to hide from his blazing gaze.

"Oh hello mam. I am sorry to bother you but do you…" The other man has a kinder smile with blond hair cover by a red hat, blue eyes that shine in the sunlight, a white shirt decorated with hearts, black pants, and another fuzzy coat but black. The oddest thing happen though. One second he started asking me something and the next he trips and falls on his back. The ground shakes but thankfully nothing happens. Thank god the hold didn't break. I don't need to start my day with Law fixing my broken leg. The pink feather jacket man bends at his hips forward so he can be literally face to face. Wow he flexible. He gives me a wide grin and I feel my face heat up as I take a step back. My mind screaming for me to hide or run but I just feel frozen as he looks through me. This is beyond creepy. My heart speeds up as the man grins. My hair stands on end but I just can't move. What is he?

"Is he ok?" I squeak as I look at the other man who trying to sit up. I can't believe my voice just cracked! Anny get a grip! You have faced giant cats. He just a man.

"He fine. Now where is number…?" He never says the number as someone gently pushes me back, and instead of seeing that maniac smile, I am facing a tan back with a nicer tattoo happy face. I look down at my sweater to see the same symbol on the front. My heart start to slow down and I feel better with this man shielding me from maniac smile over there.

"What are you doing here Doflamingo-ya?" Law voice snaps the air like a whip. They know each other? I poke my head from behind his back and look up at him. Law lips are thin and his eyes narrow at crazy smile man. I shiver under crazy man gaze. Law dark eyes look down at me, and when I look up, he looking for something in mine. I feel Law muscles tighten under his skin as if he getting ready to punch the man if need be. Law stands a bit taller to show that his family can't go near her. Anny off limits.

Doflimingo grins as he looks at his nephew. He knew this would be an interesting trip. His intel has been telling him that Law has found a very interesting girl. Not just any girl but the girl with a father by Gol D Roger! He could user her in his family.

"Why can't I come visit my nephew? Fufufu!" The man laughs with no care in the world as he looks over to see his little brother still sitting on his ass with a huge smile as he looks at his son sweater. Oh… Has our little Law finally found a girl? What a good looking one too. He can tell this trip will be fun.

Law when he got home from school last night thought he would be able to sleep in. He drank the last cup of tea Anny gave him. He fell asleep with Bepo sleeping at his feet for once and it was quite. He woke up at 6 like he does every morning unless it was an overnight shift at the hospital, feeling better than ever! He got out of his sheets then his body freezes as if hell has just walked up the stairs. What the fuck? It better not be… The ground shakes and Law grinds his teeth as he stands up. Bepo growls smellinghis master unease in the air.

"Bepo stay!" Law orders as he walks to his door. He grabs the door handle and a shiver go down his spine.

"He fine. Now where is number…?" That man voice makes his hold on the handle tighter, turning his hand white. He open the door and he was not expecting his sweet Anny standing in front of his crazy fuck up uncle. No way is he going anywhere near her. Law walks quickly in front of Anny and here we are. Back to the present with Law glaring down his family and Anny behind him.

Anny silently watches the three exchange looks. I wish Sabo was here. He could get me out of here or at least calm everyone down. He is the more logical one.

"Fuck off." Law hisses. My eyes widen as I look at him. See Law in Anny eyes have always been kind and understand with a bit of a demanding side. Sure he swears but Anny always thought he loved everyone. I mean he becoming a surgeon after all. Shouldn't people who save lives like people. Well Law become a surgeon because he liked learning the body and cutting people open. Not so much to save them but Anny does not need to know that. My sweet kind Law just told his family to fuck off. What the hell? With that Anny bubble pop just a bit.

"How could you say that to me? I thought I was a good dad." The other man in the black feather tears up. That does not help Anny image of Law and makes him look like an even bigger ass. I know I have no right to step into familly business but… I move from behind Law with a new strength and help his poor dad up.

"What the hell LAW? Why would you say that to your family?!" I turn to look at him and my eyes widen as I finally connect the dots. Tattoo on back equals naked chest and yellow pajama pants. All my macho go out the window and replace with hot cheeks as I remember the way he looked at me the other day and how he accepted all of me. Get yourself together! Be mad! Law was a dick to his dad who clearly cares! Not like mine. Anny shakes her head slightly and lets her hatred from her dad surfaces so she can deal with all this properly. Law eyes stay hard as he watch them but why? They don't seem like bad people. What Anny does not know is that she facing two huge mob bosses from the underworld.

The quietness is awkward as neither party back down. The wind dances on my face reminding me it cold out. I sigh as I remove Law yellow sweater and hand it to him. Idiot. Dick and an idiot.

"Put it on. It fucking cold out and you have no shirt. Plus you should at least hear your dad and uncle out as they did come all the way out here to see you." I snap at Law since I have no other choice. I am grateful he came but…he can be nicer! He sigh as he looks at the sweater in my hand before finally grabbing it.

"Fine! You two come in, say what you want, then get out!" Law orders but I guess that the best that we can do at this time. I watch him slide his sweater on as Law dad comes up to me. He tall and I have to look up to talk to him.

"I'm sorry we were rude this morning and my son needs to re learn his mannerism but it very nice to meet his girlfriend." His smile is kind like a father should.

"Oh it no problem…." I put my hand on the back of my head to scratch an itch but stop as I take in what he just said. Girlfriend? I look past him to see a small smile on Law lips.

"Oh you have it all wrong!" I start but once again another person back in my face. What is this? Shield Anny from the world day? This time I am looking at a black dress shirt. I look up at this person to see it Sabo. He also watching these two new people…Am I missing something?!

"Law is not my sister girlfriend. My name is Sabo Outlook. How do you do?" Sabo puts out his hand and Law dad shakes it with a smile like there no problem at all.

"I'm sorry. I just thought since she was wearing my son sweater. My name is Corazon Donquixote and that my older brother Doflamingo. It nice to meet you. Will you be joining us for breakfast?" Cora ask and I move from Sabo side as he being over dramatic. The sound of food makes my stomach growl. Again stomach? Why are you always so loud? My cheeks heat up as I look away trying to hide. Cora and flamingo chuckle while my brother beside me I am sure rolls his eyes. On the other hand Law walks over to me and crosses his arms.

"Anny-ya did you eat yesterday?" I wince as I look at him. Now not the time for this.

"Yes." I mumble as I look at my brother as he raises an eyebrow waiting for my answer as well. Ah shit.

"What did you eat Anny-ya and don't you dare lie to me." Law snaps and I look at him like I just lost the world.

"Law…you have your family here. Why don't we talk…" I start but Law shakes his head as his dark eyes make me shut up.

"Anny." Sabo warning voice makes my stomach turn.

"Fine. For breakfast I had three rice balls with my friend…." I go quiet as I know I never ate lunch yesterday as I left it at home and when I did get home it was gone so someone ate it.

"Anny-ya what else?" Law orders and I look back up at him. I catch Cora and Doffy talking quietly while they take quick glances my way. Doffy chuckles. What are they talking about?

"Anny!" Law snaps again and I sigh as I don't even know why I am doing this still. My weight back to normal!

"Fine! I forgot my lunch at home and I had Ramen for dinner! Happy now!" I snap loosing my patient. I frown as Law rubs his eyes. Oh fuck.

"Anny-ya…What am I going to do with you? We have been over this. You need more calories." Law shoulders sag and my chest starts to ache.

"I'm sorry. It not like I mean to forget my lunch. I just forgot." I mumble while looking at the ground.

"Anny-ya..." Law starts but his dad interrupt before he can finish.

"Then this is a perfect time for breakfast! Why don't we all go out and grab some food so we can get to know each other a bit better! I don't mind buying as it the least I can do for us coming so suddenly." Cora smiles as he and Doffy enter Law apartment to put their luggage away. As much as my stomach loves the idea of free food my brother has a different idea.

"That very kind of you to offer but we have to decline. I have to take my sister to school today and we can't be late. I will also make sure she eats. Now have a good day. Anny lets grab our stuff and go." Sabo waits no time with opening our apartment door and he smiling politely but the way his body stiff says otherwise. I look at the three family members and give a smile and a wave.

"It was nice to meet you and maybe another time we can talk. Have a good day Law." I go back to my home missing Law mumble not a chance under his breath and as soon as I go into the apartment, Sabo closes the door and he finally relaxes. I am totally missing something here.

"Anny please promise me something." Sabo hands go on each of my shoulder as he looks at me. His voice is soft and I don't like this.

"What?" I ask as Sabo blue eyes stare into my gray ones.

"You have to stay away from those two until they leave. You have no idea how…different those two are. I don't want anything to happen to you." Sabo words sends warning bells to go off in my head. What? They are Law parents….I'm lost? I shake Sabo hands off my shoulder as I take a step back.

"First off! They are Law family so I don't know why you don't want me near them. Second I can care for myself! What the hell going on here Sabo!" I watch as Sabo puts his hand through his hair and shake his head.

"I cant tell you do to work but just…please stay away." Sabo looks so deflated that I cant help but let him win.

"Fine. I won't go looking for trouble." I watch my brother give me a smile as he walks over to give me a quick hug.

"Thank you…Now where did you hide my blue jacket. You know my favorite one." Sabo pulls away and I know exactly which one. I used it that one time when I wanted to hide from everyone at school. Now where did I put it? I walk to our closet and open it up. I look for a second then remember where. I reach into my pile and pull out the jacket.

"Here you go. Now shall we go?" I ask as Sabo puts the jacket on. He looks nice with his gray pants, black shirt, and his blue jacket gives him his character. Sabo grabs his top hat and nods.

"Yup. Are you sure you want to wear that top though sis?" Sabo ask and I look down at my t-shirt. He has a point plus next to him I look under dress. I sigh as I grab the yellow dress he gave me and walk to the bathroom.

"One sec." I grumble as I close the bathroom door. I quickly change and pat the wrinkles down. Let's get this day over with. I walk out of the bathroom and he nods my direction. My stomach growls again.

"Don't worry. We will grab food on the way." Sabo walks to the door and I grab my bag.

"But we don't…" I start but Sabo closes the door behind him and locks up.

"No worry. I have some money and I paid the land lord yesterday when I got home. We are good sis. Now let's go." Sabo turns and I nod. Not like I can say no. He will just stuff whatever food we get down my throat. I follow him down the stairs and soon enough we are on the road towards my school. We do quickly stop to grab an egg sandwich before we reach my school. Sabo rolls into the parking lot and his car looks pathetic compare to all these rich people car and limousine. Rich bastards. Sabo turns the car off and it silent. We don't move as we collect our self.

"Ready?" I ask and Sabo looks at me with a twinkle in his eyes and a huge grin that stretches his burn around his eye. What is he planning?

"Yup. I'm just waiting for you." Sabo grin helps me smile as I open the door and step out. The weather has warm up and the sky blue with white puffy clouds.

"Let's show these rich bastard who we are. Let get the fuck moving." I grin as I walk in front to show my brother the way.

"Anny language." Sabo behind me warns and I can't help roll my eyes. Brothers. We walk silently and I can already feel eyes on me as we walk towards the doors. It still pretty early so not many people are here yet. We go through the doors and Sabo whistles a little but says nothing as we quietly go through the hall. I open my locker and take out what I need.

"Do you need anything lock up?" I ask and Sabo nods. He slides his wallet and keys into my locker but his phone stays on his hip. I raise an eyebrow towards his phone.

"In case my boss calls also what the code incase I have to leave early." I close the locker and turn the lock.

"I thought it your day off? Also it 5,29,8." I ask as we walk down the corridor. I can feel eyes on us but it pretty normal morning. What not normal is the girls ogling my bro. That just weird.

"It is but I have a case I am working on and they may call me on info that I had someone look up for me. Nothing to worry about. I may just have to leave early if they find something useful." I nod as it is what it is. We reach my classroom and this is it. This day will go either really well or really awful…Hopefully the better.

"Ah you must be Miss Portgas brother. I am her homeroom teacher Miss Sunny. You are?" My teacher waits no time walking up to us and puts her hand out towards us.

"Sabo Outlook." He shakes her hand and she nods before taking her hand out.

"Here your visitor pass. We won't be starting for another 15 minutes and you will sitting in the back. Your name on the seat as I have created the order we will have the parents present. Have fun!" The teacher smiles before going back to her desk. Sabo pins the visitor badge to his shirt right as my two twinnies come in. Hikaru on my left grab my hip while Kaoru wraps around my right side. Let the show begin.

"Good morning Anny!" The twinnes sing together as they push me a bit forward to get into the room as well. I look at my brother and oh so slowly his smile comes and he ready to go. 3….2…1! Right on cue Sabo grabs each of their arms and pulls them forward. The twinnes frown as they look up at my bro.

"What the hell do you two think you are doing?" Sabo voice is sweet and I watch the twins pull their wrist back.

"It more like!" Kaoru starts with his arms cross.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Hikaru snaps back. Haruhi joins my side and I watch the three boys glare at each other. What a great morning I am having. Maybe I should have just gone back to bed when I had the chance.

"It already started." Haruhi says beside me as she crosses her arms.

"Yup. Only if you knew what I went through this morning." I grumble back. I am so tempted to hit them on the head but I have to be good here.

"Morning Sabo." Haruhi saves the day with that simple greeting. He looks at her and his smile changes to something softer.

"Good morning Haruhi! How have you been?" Sabo ask and I look over at the twinnes to see their mouth wide open. I hope a fly flies in.

"Good. Sleep well?" Haruhi ask in return and I let them do their small talk as I walk to my desk to put my shit down.

"How does Haruhi know him?" Hikaru snaps and I turn to face my twinnes. Their arms are cross and together they tap their foot in rhythm. With each tap my eyebrow twitches in beat and it getting on my nerves.

"Haruhi comes over to study with me. You know that." I give nothing away as I place my pencil and note book down.

Ya! But who he?!" They demand together and I sigh as face them.

"Oh Sabo? He…" I start but the man of the hour puts his arm around my shoulder. The twinnes glare as they stare him back down. Students and parents slowly enter the classroom now, staring at the scene between my bro and the twinnies. This is great way to start the school day. This day better end quickly. Should have ask pops.

"Why are there filth here?" A scratchy voice stops me from finishing and I can feel the muscles in my eyebrow start twitch again. My brother arm around my shoulder tighten a little as we look towards the scratchy voice. She an older women with brown hair and wearing a nice suite with diamond necklaces and earrings to show off her wealth.

"Mother I warn you." I look to see it the same girl who poured cold water on me the other day. Great. Bitch 1 and bitch 2.

"Now that enough. Everyone please go to your seat so we can begin the day. Beside the bell will ring any moment." Our teacher kindly smiles but even I can tell she annoyed with the way her shoulders are straight and that smile must hurt. We sit in our seats and I look over to see Sabo the last to talk and first is the bitch. Some of the parents ignore my brother or glare at him silently. Well good morning to you too asswholes. We quietly wait for the morning announcement to finish and for our day to finally begin.

"Now our first speaker is Miss. Bitchery and she will explain what she does." Bitch stands up and her heels click as she makes it the front. Are those diamonds on her heels too? I quickly look over at Haruhi to see she also looking at the women shoes with aww. I know Haruhi. If we sold thise it can pay for our rent for months if not years!

"I am the wife to a very important import man. My husband none other than blah blah blah ." I write as much as I can but I don't really give a shit. Plus the glare she been giving me the whole time creepy as fuck. Time fly by and must of the parents are CEO or run their own successful business. Soon enough Sabo up and we still have a lot of time before class ends.

"Next up is Sabo Outlook. The brother of Portgas. D Anny." The students clap politely but a lot of them snort like the pigs they are. Others whisper about why are last names are so different. Sabo walks down the desks with a grin as if he just won something big. What he up too?

"I bet he works at wakdonald." My neighbor whispers to his neighbor and as much as I want to tell them to shush but the rich parent behind me snickers at the kids statement. Sabo looks towards us and before he begins he winks towards me. What he up too? His job not that big of a deal?

"As you know my name is Sa…" Sabo stops and he snorts as his eyes are to the left of me. What he looking at? The sudden sound of knocking on glass grabs mine and everyone attention. I turn and my eyes widen as I can't believe what I am seeing. Oh god no! Why me?! Why? There siting on the branch is my twin smiling widely and waving towards me.

"It a pervert!" A girl screams to my right and I groan as girls around me start freaking out. I get up ignoring Sabo snorts at the front of the room. His hand on his mouth to try to stop himself from laughing.

"That no pervert! Ace what the fuck are you doing here!" I scream at the window forgetting that I am surrounded by rich bastard. Ace lips move but you can't hear him. Of course I can and know exactly what he saying.

"What? Don't you dare hi Haruhi. And Sabo stop laughing! You are not helping!" I look over at my other brother who could not hold it in anymore.

"Are you kidding this is priceless!" Sabo gets out between laughter. Haruhi on the other hand hiding her face in her arms and the twins are just looking between Ace and I to try to figure something out.

"Go home." I snap at the window. Ace shake his head no and his mouth moves with frantic arms.

"God what am I going to do with you. One sec." I put my hand up and look over at my teacher who actually smiling and not giving me the detention look she gives to the other students when they talk in her class.

"Umm…I'm really sorry but can my twin join us….Please. He does not want to go home." I ask and she nods.

"Of course! We had a parent cancel at the last moment so your twin can take their place. Please do tell him to be careful though." I nod as I walk back to the window ignoring the mumbles around me. How can my day get any worse then this?

"You can come just be careful getting out of the tree. I will meet you by the front doors." I rub my eyes as Ace grins making some of the girls behind me catch their breath. Just great. I look back to see Ace take a step only for the branch to crack. I watch him fall and grab a branch a few feet down as we are on the fourth floor. Idiot.

"Is he alright?" A few people ask and I walk to the door to get my brother.

"The idiot fine. He fallen out of higher places." Sabo nods as I leave the room and close the door.

"What a morning." I grumble as I make it to the stairs to go meet him.

Last night

You see Ace was talking to Haruhi last night about homework even though Ace had non at this time due to the school being closed all week and reopening back up on Monday.

"And that how you get A." Haruhi says over the phone which Ace writes down the equation Haruhi explained. If he getting help then he will take it. After all because of her, his grades have been approving to the point he as good as Thatch now and that not saying very much.

"Thanks Haru! So now that homework all done tell me how school? Anything interesting happening? My sis been doing ok?" Ace ask as he lay down in the one so called bed they have. He can make out Anny through the door helping Lu out with the essay that due on Monday.

"Well Anny been off. She wanted to tell me something earlier but she changed her mind. All I know is that she been off since we learn at the beginning of the week we are having parents come in for parent day." Ace pause as he know exactly what his sister been thinking. He frowns as his mind wanders to the asswhole behind bars. The devil children should die! Old voices emerge from the back of his mind making him remember what it was like when it was only his sister and him.

"Ace you there?...Ace? Where did you go? Ace? Are you ok?" Haruhi ask and he sighs as his hand go through his black hair. He can't help but let a small smile form as he can hear the concern in her voice. He may not see her but he can just imagine the way her eyes widen slightly and her mouth opens just the slightest as she holds back from bring her hand to her mouth he is sure was an old habit she broke a long time ago. He seen that look on her when Anny came home and he found out his sister has stop eating for them. Haruhi looked so worried but he was too. His sister was slowly killing herself and he never knew. He was her twin and he should have known.

"Fine. I'm Fine Haru just…Anyway what parent day?" I ask to change the subject. She does not need to know what wrong with us. He does not want to go down the road with Haruhi…Ever if he can prevent it. He likes her too much right now that if she starts hatting him…well he not sure what will happen.

"Well parent day is when we can bring a parent to school for a day and they tell us what they do so we can choose what we want when we grow up. I am pretty sure it just a way for rich people to find successors." Well that explains why Anny been off. Something clicks inside his mind. So that why Sabo looking like a prick because he knew!

"Are you bringing your dad?" I ask as I watch Luffy bang his head on the table and starts to loudly complaining his head hurts. Anny rolls her eyes and gives him a five minute brake which he gets up and runs to the bathroom. I hold in a chuckle as I knows Luffy never coming out of there until Anny say he free for the rest of the night.

"No. He working tonight and I don't want him to hurt himself and fall asleep at the school." Haru voice is soft and Ace can feel himself relax with every word she says. Something about her is special and Ace likes that.

"Oh Haru! That really sweet. Do you know if Anny bringing anyone?" I ask and I can just see her cute little cheeks change to a pretty pink. Now if only I can ask her out on a date with me.

"Wouldn't you know who she bringing? She never told you?" She ask and I shake my head no forgetting she can't see me. Their banging on the bathroom door but it not like it will do much. I roll my eyes as it gets louder.


"What that? Everything ok?" Haru ask and I humm as I get up.

"The usual. I will talk to you latter. I have to go help my sis before she decides to break down are bathroom door." I smile as I see Anny back up. Better stop her or she will have to fix it.

"Night Ace." Haruhi whispers to me. Almost like it our secret.

"Night Haru and sleep well." I whisper back and hang up the phone.

"If you brake the door there will no longer be a private place in this house." I cross my arms and Anny stops herself.

"But...Fine! Lu if you don't complete you essay you can not go out with your friends this weekend until it done and you need a B! If you fail you get no meat for 24 hr! You need your grades up to graduate!" Anny threat meets with silence before the bathroom door opens and Lu barges into Anny hips.

"NOOOO! Help me." Lu cries and Anny points at the books on the table. That all that needed to get him to the table. I yawn and watch them work. Hmm...I got planning to do.

"I'm off to bed and Lu listen to your sister! Night." I wave and they humm as I walk into our room. I get under the sheet and stare up at the ceiling as my ninja plan comes to mind. I grin as I fall sleep. No way am I missing an opportunity to see that huge school. How dare I be left out!

Next morning

The sound of a click signaling the front door being locked. Ace opens his eyes and look down to see drool from his little brother all over his chest. Ace crinkles his nose as he pushes Lu off. God luffy you are disgusting. It not like he any better but that what he thinks. Ace quickly walks to the shower to get ready. Now what did sis say about her school starting? Umm….8ish I think? I frown as I just cant remember. Whatever. I will get there when I get there. He quickly showers and dresses in his best jeans and his favorite checkered shirt. After all Haruhi is going to be there. He leaves and grabs his keys and helmet. Time to go.

Ace loves the sound of his engine and he off. He swirls through traffic and soon enough he is st his sis school. God what a bad shade of pink! It an eyesore no matter how many times I pass it. Ace slows down and follows the arrows to the parking lot. He stares at his brother car before finding a spot beside a black limo and a Maserati. Ace get off and whistles.

"What a car. Properly could eat a lot of pizza with how much that car worth." Ace locks up and sticks his keys in his pocket. He walks away and smiles as his hands in his pocket.

"Now where is my adorable sister and my dear older brother!" Ace looks around but no one around as the bell rings.

"Whoops. I'm a bit late." Ace looks around and notice two guys in suits standing in front of the front entrance. So not that way. Ace walks across the yard and stops to look up a tree. Hmmm….Maybe I can get through an open window or see my sis through a window. He nods and grins as he grabs a branch and easily pulls himself up. Soon enough he was working his way up like a pro. After all he use to climb tree all the time. He stops at a window and looks into the classroom. He looks at everyone face and he can't see her. So not this one. He reaches to grab the next branch when a girl meets his gaze. He grins and waves before pulling himself up. He misses the girl scream as the windows are sound proof to prevent distraction.

He finally reaches another window and there is his brother. At the front of the classroom about to start. He shuffles along the branch to get closer to the window. His brother looks at him and I cross my arms and raise my eyebrow daring him to say it. He says nothing and spots his sister right in the middle. I knock on the window causing everyone eyes on me. Sabo looks like he going to blow a stitch as he brings his hand to his mouth. A girl screams and Anny get's up to go to the window. I watch her mouth asking what I am doing here.

"I am here to see you and Haruhi. Hi Haru!" I wave towards her and grin as she buries her face in her arm. So cute! I watch my sis tell me to go home. I wave my arms to make my point.

"Hell no! I did not just dodge traffic to get here on time and go back home to be bored. I know it parents day so let me in!" I watch her sigh and her eye twitches but turns to her teacher to ask. The teacher I can tell agree and I love how my sis tells me to be careful. I look at Haruhi as her eye pops up over her arm and I grin at her as I get up. She hides her face to hide that adorable blush again. I move back to the trunk but stop as the sound of a crack echos.

"Ah shit…" I mumble as the branch brakes and I start to fall. I quickly grab a branch and hang for a moment.

"I got all dress up only to end up getting covered in dust and leaves." I mumble as I swing to a branch and continue my way down. My feet hit the ground and wipe as much dust off. Fuck. My best shit. I sigh as quickly walk to the front door and the guys in suits are gone. Huh?

"Ace! Get your ass here now!" I hear my sister call and I grin as my ninja plan mostly a success.

"Coming." I grin as I jog to my sis and let the day begin.

I watch Ace run towards me and I just can't help my self snort as there leaves and twigs in in his hair. He reaches me quickly and I quickly pull out the twig from his hair.

"Seriously? Could you not have used another method of finding me? Did you really have to climb a tree?" I throw the twig away and I turn back into the school. I hear him awe as I lead the way. I don't blame him. First day and I was the same way.

"Nope. Climbing trees are more fun anyway." I sigh as we reach my homeroom. Someone give me strength to make it through the day.

"Here we go." I mumble as I open the door. All the eyes are on us as we walk into the room. My teacher smiling as she gets up and hands Ace his pass.

"Thank you for joining us today Mr. Portgas. You can sit in your brother seat for now in the back". Ace smiles like he always does to be polite.

"Thank you very much mam for allowing me to join. I'm sorry for causing any problems." Ace is polite as ever as he walks to Sabo chair. Sabo on the other hand has calmed down enough he wont bust a rib but can't stop grinning to the point I'm sure his moth hurts. I follow behind Ace to get to my own desk. Ace passes Haruhi and I'm not sure what he does but she hides in her sleeve again. What did you do? I poke his back to keep him moving as we both takes our seats.

"Now Mr. Outlook why don't you start." Miss, Sunny smiles and all our attention on him.

"Thank you mam. Now before I was interrupted by my sweet little brother." My classmates snicker around us and I look back to see Ace arms cross with a twitchy eye but says nothing.

"My name Sabo Outlook and I work for the revolutionary army as…" Sabo never finishes as the adults behind us act like children.

"That impossible. No way can someone like you be in the army." A man stands up from the back who works running the banks.

"And why not?" My brother ask and the man just snorts.

"Because you are just a no good rift raft" The father yells back and I can't help but have my fist clench in my lap. I am 100% sure Ace is glaring at him while Sabo just stand in the front with his usual smile. No anger can be shown on his face but that what makes him scary. What does he do anyway? I never did ask him what he really does. He never talks about it.

"Mr. Davidy! Please apologies or be excuse for the day." Miss Sunny orders but he just snorts.

"As if!" He just crosses his arms and Sabo bends his head down so his hat covers his eyes but a smile I have not seen since the streets emerge. It promises nothing good for his opponent. Oh no.

"Ahhh. You're Mr. Davidy. Now I understand." Sabo voice taunts us as there nothing but silence. My classmates stay quite as they eagerly wait for something exciting to happen.

"So what if I am?" The man taunts and Sabo grins like he just won the battle.

"You have two option." Sabo puts two fingers up as he looks him in the eyes.

"What?" He raises an eyebrow not really caring what happening. After all who can really believe my bro in the army and he so young too.

"One. Today my day off and I don't want to leave but you can come with me quietly or two…" Sabo grins as he pulls out his badge to show he second in command. Oh my god. My brother…wow…..I don't even know what to say.

"I take you by force as you are under arrest for fraud and embezzlement. Who knew coming to parent day would actually finish the case I'm working on. So option one or two?" My brother ask and I look to see Mr. Davidy paile as white as a sheet with wide brown eyes. He looks at the door and bolts.

"Why always option two. Now everyone watch as I take him down." Sabo claps to the class as he gets right in front of the man and the man makes a turn to run back but their Ace grinning at him. He has no place to run. When did Ace get there? Quite as always.

"Oh my." Miss Sunny aww as she puts her hand to her mouth. The father looks around and his eyes land on me. Of course they think the sister the weak link. He grabs me and I sigh as I am put in a headlock. Of course, what a fun morning.

"Anny!" The twinnies get up from their seat but it not like I can't get out of a headlock this week. I watch Sabo poster change with his arms cross to look relax but I know him to well. His arms are tense and back a bit straighter yet he rolls his eyes.

"Really sis?" Sabo ask as he taps his shoe like me being taken hostage by him was pathetic.

"You could have dodge that?" Ace adds and he yawns as I just stare blankly at them. I hope Ace took his pills. Luckily I have spares in my bag. It better me then one of the other girls. Someone could have gotten hurt.

Anny sighs again as she can't believe her morning. First Sabo thinks Law family dangerous and does not want her near them. Which they are extremely but Anny has no idea since no one will tell her. Then the student ogle her older brother which is weird but not surprising as it always happens. Then Ace finds out about today and climbs a tree and is an idiot! Now all this shit. Anny eyebrow twitches as she does not care if she gets detention. People will be talking about this day for a long time.

I step on his foot and slam my elbow into his gut. Mr. Davidly bends over with a grunt and I wait no time grabbing his suit and throwing him older my shoulder so he slams his gut into the ground. The class starts clapping as I put my foot on his back. I can't believe I was able to do that throw in a dress. A little impressed.

"Now why am I doing your job?" I ask as I cross my arms. Sabo snorts as he relaxes. He walks over and handcuffs the man.

"That class is how you do a take down in a dress. Now sir you are coming with me." Sabo picks him up and the man try to wiggle but with arms behind your back it a bit hard.

"Miss sunny I am really sorry about all this." Sabo says as he pass my teacher who shakes her head.

"Not at all. That was interesting to watch. Now if you can drop the act." She starts but I snort as I grab my seat. Since Kaoru behind me today he puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Are you ok?" He ask and I nod as Ace eyes look where his hand is.

"Thanks Kaoru but I'm ok. That guy didn't even squeeze my neck." I add the last part and he nods but I can tell he will ask again latter.

"This is no act mam." Sabo starts as his phone rings. Sabo puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out his phone.

"Sabo speaking….Yes…Yes I have the target captured…Explain latter... Wow that great! See you soon…Ya yay ya. By." Sabo closes his phone and puts it back.

"Well it my lucky day. Your ride just around the corner. I will be back Miss. Sunny." Sabo pushes Mr. Davidly forward and out the door. It quiet until everyone rushes to the window and outside a van with Kola tapping her heel and she is puffing out her cheeks. Oh she does not look happy.

Inside the classroom only Haruhi who does not care stays in her desk. Ace walks over and sits on her desk. The class is ooohhhing and awing as they watch Sabo bring him in through the window. I turn to see Pat. He is Mr. Davidly son at the window cheering with the rest of the class I believe. He looks happy so maybe it a good thing. What no one knows is Pat finally free. That man been nothing but horrible to his mom and he will have to thank Anny brother in person when no one around.

"You know when I told you parents day…I didn't think you would show up. Especially in a tree." Haruhi points out. My heart twitches slightly at the word parent.

"Surprise! Well are you happy to see me?" Ace bashes his lashes and I snort as put my hand on my cheek.

"No. Now get your ass off my desk!" Haruhi snaps and Ace just grins as he rubs his butt. Oh you have to be shiting me. Not in class. Haruhi gawks as she pushes Ace the best she can which only ends up with Ace grabbing her in a hug. What is this?! Ace is supper grabby today! Are they secretly dating?

"Ahh! Let me go." Haruhi snaps cause the twinnes to zone in on the two. Just great. In seconds Hikaru grabs Haruhi arm and pulls her away from his arm while Kaoru hugs her other side.

"Stop playing with our toy!" They say together….Oh god! Save me. I watch Ace watch the three and instead of getting mad like I thought he would do. Instead he does something much worse .His smile falls and I watch his eyes loose that happiness I have seen when he around Haruhi. He nervously puts his hand through his black hair and looks down just slightly. Oh no.

"Sorry." Ace mumbles and gets off her desk. I watch him walk back to his chair and I am about to stand to step in but Haruhi pulls out of the twinnies arms quickly to grab his hand. To think this is all happening while everyone distracted with watching Sabo hand the man off. It amazing no one notice what happen.

"Ace! Wait. I am not their toy. It just something they like to say." Haruhi tries to explain because she does not want Ace to think the wrong thing. She likes him not them. Ace looks at her and he shows nothing. His grey eyes look into my own grays for answers. The way his body tense means he can easily pull Haruhi hand off but he needs to know.

"It true. It just a way of saying Haruhi a good friend. Plus they protect her while she here so no need to worry bro." I watch Ace shoulders relax as he looks at Haruhi who nods. On the other hand I get up and put my arms over the twinnes shoulder then bring my hand up to cover their mouth. I grin at them and they look at me like I am about to rip their heads off.

"Say nothing." I whisper and they lick my hand to let them go but meh. Not a chance.

"Ya." Haruhi nods and looks down at her shoes. Ace smiles softly but can't say anything as Miss Sunny claps her hand braking the tension. Now Haruhi going to have to work to keep my bro. He going to be on guard.

"Now as much as that was exciting it time for our last…speech. Please go to your seats or I will give out homework about today if you are not in your seat in three seconds." She warns and within seconds everyone back in their seats with the parents in the back whispering. Sabo walks in and takes off his hat.

"Thank you for your time and today you got to see my job in action. Now Ace I guess it your turn." Sabo walks to the back and Ace walks forward with a nod. The girls whisper as Sabo sits down and I over hear someone say they can't believe he my twin. What hard to believe. We are almost identically similar in looks and personality.

"Good morning. I don't know if I can beat that but my name is Portgus D Ace and as you can tell I am Anny twin. I work at Whitebeard co as the second division commander." Ace grins and I swear I heard the teachers pencil drop on her desk. Ace scratches his head as no one says anything from being to speechless. Standing in front of them is the second division commander.

"You see my division is in charge of saving young children from being abused in their family and brings them back to the corp to help them through anything they need. Either from a psychological or physical need. We have great doctors who help anyone in need. You can say we are a huge family….Any question?" Ace ask and every single person in the room except myself, Haruhi, and Sabo hand go up. Even Miss Sunny hand up. Ace look at my teacher and gives her a small smile to start.

"Well…How such a young man as yourself joined the corp. I heard it very hard to get a job and you are still a student." She ask and a lot of people nod.

"Umm… It true I am in the same grade as my sister so yes I go to school but this week are school closed for… renovations. As for how I joined…Pop help me out when I was pretty much a huge brat." Ace looks back and hands go up. He picks a girl in the front.

"What do you mean pop?" She ask and Ace grins as his eyes gain back that sparkle. He really is happy there.

"Pop is whitebeard himself. He stated the company next to Marco who the first commander." Ace watches people whisper and he waits for the people to calm down. He picks a guy in the back.

"Have you ever had to hurt anyone?" He ask and my bro raises an eyebrow.

"Of course. We do anything to save children in need. Now remember we never start a fight. We just finish it." Ace adds as he does not want people to start rumors about the company and give it a bad image. Sure the company can be dark but only to protect the family and children. After all Izo division is interrogation. The bell rings and students aww as that the end of class. I get up and watch parents either go to their kids to wish them goodbye or a few has stayed behind to continue with the rest of the day. Go home Ace! Don't need you to kill any of my club friends!

"So thanks for coming! If you need to go to work or plan a date you can go." I say sweetly as I feel Haruhi and the twinnies wait for me by the door.

"Now sweet sister. I thought I got to see all your classes today?" Sabo grins makes me want to punch him in the face so bad.

"Yes." I say through my teeth and Ace just has to grin. He must be feeling better.

"Lead the way sis." Ace points to the door and I have no choice.

"Hurry up. We are going to be late for class!" The twinnes wave and Haruhi just rolls her eyes as I walk to the door.

"Let's go." I mumble. We walk down the hall and I can already hear the whispers as the girls stare and giggle. Great.

"So who are these two?" Ace ask as he points to the twinnies. They are about to do their act so I butt in.

"This is Hikaru and that Kaoru. Now class." Before we can take another step I hear something drop to the floor. People around me mumble as I look over to see my sweet twin on the floor.

"I fucking new it." I grumble as I walk back and flip Ace over. Like I thought he snoring softly in the middle of the hallway.

"Anny do you..? Sabo ask and I nod as I grab his wrist and drag him down the hall.

"Lets go. We are going to be late." I snap as I don't fucking care at this point.

"Shouldn't we wake him up? Won't he get rug burn?" Haruhi ask as he just snores away. Fucking bastard.

"Don't care. Pay back for earlier plus do you want to try waking him up then be my guest. He can sleep through anything when he like this." I just keep walking as Haruhi walk beside me. Sabo snickering beside the laughing twins.

"You." Hikaru starts.

"Two." Kaoru continues as they look at my snoring bro.

"are hilarious." They finish as we reach the science class. I look down and he stops snoring and yawns as he sits up. He looks around is a daze. I slap him in the head.

"What that for?!" Ace snaps. I ignore the words violent as ever or how dare she hit her own brother.

"That for making me drag your heavy ass to my next class and here." I take out the pills and give two to him.

"You forgot these this morning." I walk to my lab desk and sit. I ignore the glares and angry mumble as Sabo sits next to me and I luckily got Kaoru as my lab partner. We all pick out of hat and that is what it is. Haruhi somehow got Hikaru. Ace sits beside Sabo as our science teacher walks to the front and smiles.

With that smile the rest of my morning went like this. In science Ace grins as he plays with fire and blows up the classroom even with Sabo as his partner. Thank god no one got hurt but he was covered in sud. Then in political class Sabo got into an argument with my teacher saying he has been teaching us lies and our book are too old. Lunch comes rolling around and I want nothing more then to melt into the floor. The parents mumble how my brothers should not eat such high class food as they would not understand good taste. They just grin and eat in their face enjoying every bite the school cafeteria supplies for the members who came in for parent day while I eat left over from dinner. Ace still not really talking to Haruhi and it bothering her as she keeps looking at him. The twins get their usual meal and hands me their soup and some extra veggie. At this point I need all the energy and eat their offering. They seem to smile at that as I don't wish to complain.

On the other side Sabo smiles at the way they act with their sister.

"Seems she in good hands." Sabo looks at Ace and he nods as he look back to see his sister sigh as they slide her way their dessert next. She happily grins and says something which make the twins shake their head and push the dessert closer to her. She rolls her eyes but pushes one back and eats the other.

"Seems like we don't have to worry anymore." Ace adds as he digs into something rich and thinks Thatch a better cook but picker can't be choosers.

Lunch finishes and we all gather to go to math class where everyone got a pop quiz. It was surprisingly hard as I fought with triangle to remember the formula for the question. I mean who will really give a fuck about how far a balloon from a cliff. I grumble as I finish and want to burn the quiz. I look over to see my twin struggle while Sabo flips his paper over finishing. Show off. After math we finish the day with art where the teacher got Ace to pose and we all had too try to draw him. The girls squeal asking if he can take off his shirt. While the teacher does not mind as she only 25 and a pretty blond wishes to see my brother bare. I hear Haruhi growl as Ace grins and takes off his shirt. The girls aww and the boys actually whistle. I grab my seat and start to draw. Sabo grins and at the end of class and burst out laughing as Sabo drew Ace as a stick man. Mine not much better but at least it a blob Ace. I look at Haruhi as she only a little better by the fact he got his eyes right. Body proportions not so much. I get up and snort as the twins have him drawn perfectly. Not surprised if they can design cloths. The bell rings and everyone leaves.

I walk up the stairs to the host club feeling my soul about to leave my body. Ace can't know about my club. By the grace of god please something happen! As my words leave my head I swear it like someone actually listening to me as his phone rings.

"Now who can that be?" Ace mumbles as he pulls out his phone and answers. He smiles and nods.

"It's Lu….Ya Lu, I am fine….No you can not eat the chicken! It's raw….No! Don't you dare try to cook it….Fine as long as Sanji does it….Yes Sabo and Anny with me…We will be home after sis club….Yes I love you too little brother…Bye!" Ace hangs up and my prayer been a lie. I grab the handles and just wait hopping for one more miracle.

"Well aren't you going to open the door?" The twinnes ask and I can feel sweat going down my neck as by the end of today my debt going to go up…up…and away with my soul. Kill me now.

I open the door and my brothers behind me sneeze as rose petals fly at us like usual. At this point I am use to the smell. We walk in and it looks normal. Nothing out of place. I thought it was theme day?

"ANN-CHAN!" Honey greats me as he tackles me into a hug like usual. I get push back and who you ask is behind me. Why it none other than Ace. I can feel his muscles tense as Honey is literally squeezing the life out of me.

"That enough Mitsukuni. You are crushing her." Takashi says as he walk towards us. The twins walk to the couch and Haruhi just rolls her eyes as Honey lets go. I look over and my sweet twin hair covering his eyes. I break out in a cold sweat as I hear running. Oh no.

"My sweet little girl! Are you you ok?!" Tamaki grabs me in a hug and my face is buried in his chest. I can feel the room heat up as I pray to every god I know in hopes that Tamaki won't die.

"Who are you? The host club not open yet so come back later." Tamaki rubs his cheek in my hair and I think I am going to become one with the earth real soon.

"First off…" My breath catches in my throat as Sabo sounds so sweet. May I rest in peace?

"Let go of my sister." They say together. Tamaki freezes like a deer facing headlights. Don't kill him. Don't kill him. Don't kill him. I repeat it over and over as I feel a hand pull my shoulder back and I am broken free. Tamaki as white as a sheet as he is still as a statue. I look up to see Ace eyes glaring right into his as he hold me around my stomach.

"Now my sweet sister of mine. What does he mean this is a host club?" Ace ask sweetly and I turn towards Haruhi for help. She just looks away as she does not want to get into that can of worms. Traitor!

"It uh….Sabo knew all this time!" I blurt out as I don't want to be the only one in trouble.

"What?! You knew?!" Ace glares at Sabo who puts his hands up in defense.

"In my defense I know only so if something happen the school has someone to call." Sabo looks everywhere but at Ace.

"You bastard!" Ace screams as he lets me go to tackles Sabo to the floor. Nonono! Not here! I watch the two wrestle towards an expensive table with expensive cups.

"Ahhh!" I scream as I run over just in time to catch the falling tea cups and pot. I shake as I get up and place the delicate pottery on the table with Kyoya computer. The bastard grinning as he watching the two boys fight.

"Good thing you caught those. They were a new arrival today and would have cost you a lot of money to replace. Better stop them before they brake anything else." Koya points at the two still at each other and I grab my hair as the roll around.

"Haruhi CHOP! That enough out of you two! You are going to brake something expensive." I walk over and hug Haruhi as she hit my brothers each with our math book. They rub their head and I sigh as I have to tell them. I sit in front of the two on the floor and open my mouth.

"You see it a long story…" I start but Kyoya joins and steps in.

"Quite a story that we have no time to tell. The jest of it is Anny is working here to help host and serve our customers. So please let her work today and since you two are here you will be host as well. Since it parents day the theme is work. Now Anny please go wake up our boss so we can get ready." Kyoya taps my head with his pen. I look over to see Ace eyebrow raise.

"I will explain the rest over dinner…and please don't brake anything." I ask as I get up. I look Tamaki who still frozen in place. I go to walk over but Ace stops me.

"No way are you going over to that pervert!" Ace snaps and I watch Sabo grab his hat that he loss in the ruffle. He puts it on and walks over to Tamaki.

"I assume the host club is starting soon. Wont they need their boss?" Sabo ask and that gets Tamaki to move.

"Why of course. The group needs their boss….Anny are you ok?" Tamaki ask as he takes a step back from Ace glare.

"I'm fine…Why wouldn't I be.? By the way that Tamaki. He runs the club with Kyoya who the one in glasses." I ask as I pull away from my twin.

"Well we heard you were held captive this morning. He didn't hurt you did he?" Honey hops over and I know understand.

"No… I was not hurt. He was really week. This is...Well everyone calls him Honey and the tall quiet one is Takashi or you can call him Mori." I add and Honey nods while Takashi humms in understanding. This whole time the twinnies have just watch and laugh at Takashi. No one a big help.

"Now all our costumes are in the change room with your name on the curtain. I even anticipated you two so you have a name on a curtain too. We open in ten so hurry up. We don't want to keep our guest waiting." Kyoya smiles as he writes something down in his black book.

"Ok…" Ace mumbles as I show them to the change room. Like Kyoya said Ace change room to the left of me and Sabo to the right of mine. Haruhi sigh as she go into hers. I open my curtain and see something I don't think I could wear.

"Oh fuck no! Who pick my costume?!" I scream as I poke my head out of teh curtains. I look over to see the twins grin.

"We did and we even lengthen the skirt for you." They say together and I groan as I close the curtain.

"You good sis?" Sabo ask on the other side and I huff.

"Peachy." I grumble as I undress. I glare at the fabric before sliding it over. I push out the wrinkles and happy to see it covers the burn on my thighs but just barely. I pull up my knee high white socks and slip on white flats. I look in the mirror as I am nothing but a sexy nurse I am assuming. My top low to show off my bust. I have a red cross on my left breast pocket. I slide on the cap that also has a medical cross and pull down my bottom but it won't go lower. Why couldn't they have given me scrubs. Like a normal nurse would wear.

"Whatever." Ace grumbles as I open my curtain and all three of us walk out. I look at Sabo to see black dress pants, a blue t-shirt that has the word police on his right breast pocket, he has handcuffs and a black button hanging by his belt.

"Pufft. You look ridicules." Ace snickers behind me.

"Well…"I start but stop to see Ace wearing firefighter pants and those red straps to hold his pants up. He has a red fire helmet and big brown boots. A toy Ax in his hand but that not bother me. It the fact he bare chest. I look to see a white t-shirt on the floor.

"No shirt?" Sabo ask and Ace grins falls as he looks at me.

"What the fuck are you wearing?!" Ace screams as I cross my arms forgetting the act he has no shirt!

"My costume." I mumble as I walk towards the main room.

"You can't wear that." He snaps but not like I have a choice. I lost a bet.

"Anny come here." The twins point to the couch and I nod as I walk over. My bro watch as the twins brush my hair and apply my make up.

"Wow…How?" Sabo ask as I finish and grin at them.

"We have been trying to get Anny to be more girly for a while…Wait that not the point! Anny can't wear that!" Ace snaps but it no use.

"Oh my." Haruhi mumbles and I look over to see her look away with a red face. Ace looks over and grins even though I know he still hurt…I know how to fix this! I get up I pray this works so Ace understand Haruhi not the only one.

"Why twinnes. You always make me look so pretty." I smile and Kaoru blushes a little while Hikaru grins.

"Of course! You are our toy and as such should always look pretty!" They say together and Ace freezes as he looks at me.

"Yes Ace I am their toy aka friend and no it not just Haruhi." I add and his spark comes back but he still glares at the twins.

"I see. They better not try anything." Ace warns.

"Ya or I will have to arrest them." Sabo grins and I watch the twins hold each other. Now that I look at them I notice they are construction workers. Brown pants, an orange shirt with neon vest and a hard hat.

"Oh what are we supposed to do?" They hug closer and look away and Haruhi walks over.

"What are you supposed to be?" I ask as Haruhi actually wearing her old glasses but in brown slake and a red undershirt with a brown jacket over it.

"I am supposed to be a teacher." Haruhi mumbles as she keeps looking at Ace. Ace walks over and crosses his arms.

"Still blushing Haruhi? I thought you would have gotten use to seeing me like this?" Ace ask as I hear Tamaki gasp.

"What?" Tamaki gasp again and grabs his cheeks. I look over to see Tamaki in blue rip jeans, and a checkered shirt and farmer hat.

"Enough. Everyone in your place." Kyoya snaps and I look to see he in a suit.

"What are you?" I ask as I pull my brother to the front as I can hear the girls steps towards the door.

"Why I am a business man." Kyoya grins as Ace puts the Ax to rest on his shoulder and Sabo crosses his arms. I move my eyes up to look at Takashi and I quickly look away as I feel heat rush to my cheeks. Shit! Takashi also not wearing a shirt as he has a whistle over his neck, and red swim shorts on. Over his shoulder is a white string that lead to a red buoy in his hand to save someone from drowning. Since Honey his partner he wearing red swim shorts and a white shirt with the word lifeguard across the chest and a whistle. As Anny look away Takashi did the same with his own blush. The only people who notice was Honey and Haruhi who smile in knowing.

"Welcome." We say together except my bro since they have no idea what to do. The girls walk in a squeal as they look at us.

"Today we have two very special host that you can pick as they are Anny brother. So please don't be shy and have fun." The girls ooo as some went up to Ace and the other went to Sabo. Question after question hits them and I enjoy the way they look at me for answers. Haruhi take her guest to her table and I wave at them.

"Have fun and don't upset the ladies. That my best advice." I say as I turn to the door to see my first group of boys. I walk over and grab the clip board Kyoya hands me on the way. The paper blank but it just to add to my characters.

"Oh my. Look at you poor things. Follow me please so I can help you out." I wave at the group and the three guys blush as they follow behind me like lost puppies. I feel Ace eyes on me as I bring them to my table. The boys sit and I smile as the first one.

"What seems too be the problem?" I ask and the guy can't say anything.

"Oh you cant speak. I better look in your mouth. Say ahhhh." I ask and the boy obediently opens his mouth. His friends watch as I look in his mouth and bend a little over. I get up and grab a clenix to put to another boys nose and hold his head down. Don't know why but the blood flows faster.

"You sir have a swollen tonsils and a good mint tea will help with that." Also help with his stinky breath to. I look at the bleeding boy and sigh as I wipe the last of the blood away.

"Some cinnamon tea for you for all that blood loose." I look at the last one who looks away. I grab his cheek and gently lift his head so our foreheads collide gently. His face reddens as he looks straight into my gray eyes. I am a little surprise my brother have not tried to stop me.

"My you have quite the fever. To bring that down I am going to get you some ice tea." I straighten up and the three nod.

"Good now don't go anywhere as I get your medication." I walk over to the kitchen and notice one of the girls rub Ace bicep as he flexes. Show off. I look over to the girls with Sabo and they are crying. What?

"You are so sweet." The girls coo with Sabo as he smiles softly at all of them. Whatever. Probably telling them the time he saved a cat out a tree or some shit like that. I collect my so called medicine and bring it back to the table. And so it goes like this for a while. I do little things with my guest and prescribe them a drink. I finish my last client but Ace and Sabo are going strong.

"Looks like you need to be saved!" I look over at Honey as he grins. He waves me over and I blush as I walk over.

"I could use some saving and energy. What you got for me?" I ask and Tamaki actually picks up a chocolate mouse to put in my hand. He smiles and blush as I bend a little over to grab from his hand. His face reddens a small trickle of blood comes down from his nose.

"Shit!" I grab a clenixs and like I did with the second client of the day I covered his nose. The girls glare at me and Ace finally gets the chance to move.

"I got this sis. Why don't you eat your cake." Ace grins as moves me and pinches Takashi nose.

"ooooooo!" The girls aww as they all blush. I eat my cake and watch Takashi swat Ace hand away.

"A thank you would be nice." Ace mumbles as he throws the clenixs away.

"You two look alike but sure don't act the same." A girl says while her friends nod.

"Well ya. She a girl and I am a boy. Of course we are not the same." Ace says and I glare at him. He just grins at me and shrugs his shoulder.

"Ya but you are so polite. Anny a brute." Another girl adds and Ace looks at me.

"Where your manners been. We didn't take those classes for nothing." Ace ask as I place my plate down. I cross my arms and look back at him.

"I did try but I slip just like you do." Ace snorts and puts his arm around my shoulder.

"Well try a little harder. We are in the presence of ladies." Ace grins at me and pinch his hand.

"Will do brother dear." I snap as he brings his hand back and blows on his hand.

"Baby." I grumble but he just sticks out his tongue at me. We grin at each other and Sabo walk up to us.

"Well this has been very fun to hang with everyone but I must change and get ready for my date." Sabo bows towards all the girls whoo aww. Some even hope he will come back soon.

"Lucky lady." The girls cry and Sabo laughs as he walks towards the change room.

"Anny you have another guest." Kyoya adds and I nod as I walk to the door. It a new boy. He looks older and I flinch as he grabs my wrist.

"What the…" I start as he pulls me around and twist my arm behind my back. Air leaves my lips as pain go up my arm. What the fuck. Why today this shit had to happen twice?! The boy other hand go around my neck and that how you do a proper lock.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing to my sister." Ace ask as he walks closer. I gasp as his arm actually tightens around my neck cutting off my air.

"GET BACK!" He screams and with my free hand I try to pry his arm off. Ace stops moving as he glares at the boy.

"What is the meaning of this." Tamaki ask as he steps up. The twins look ready to pounce and Haruhi has a book in her hand. Honey and Takashi hands are in fist as the man pulls me back causing me to loose my footing. I cough as air no longer reaching my lungs. The burn starts in my chest as I try to take in air.

"Stop. You are hurting her." Haruhi begs and Ace puts his hand up.

"Give me back…" The boy never finishes as Ace moves quickly and quickly jabs the man in the face. His hold releases and I gasp for air. I fall to my knees and cough to try to get air back. I look at my brother who beyond piss. This is different than earlier. He knows that this man actually wants to hurt me. He grabs the boy by the front of his uniform and lifts him in the air with one arm. His muscles reflex under the weight but Ace makes him look into his eyes.

"How dare you hurt my sister. Tell me one good reason I should not beat the living shit out of you?" Ace ask and the boys eyes widen as he looks at Ace then me.

"You are the demon duo." He whispers and that when Ace grins sadistically.

"Oh so you have heard of us. Didn't know our nickname reaches the riches." Ace laughs darkly and I get up.

"Ace I am fine." I start and Sabo shake his head.

"No you are not. You are going to bruise. Looks like we will have to up your training." Sabo states as he glares at him.

"But…Ace stop." I beg as Ace brings his arm back. No. I don't want my bro to go to jail. A small figure runs and hugs Ace from the back.

"That enough. I don't want you to hurt him. Plus he pass out at this point." Haruhi mumbles as Ace looks at her and sighs as he drops the boy to the floor. He really did pass out and is that foam coming out of his mouth? Ace relaxes and gently pats Haruhi head.

"Ok. I guess but…" Ace starts but Haruhi shakes her head.

"No more ok?" Haruhi begs quietly.

In a normal situation he would beat the living shit out anyone who hurts his family. Ace would not give a shit but with Haruhi warmth on his back he chooses not to scare her or anyone as he knows what the man says is true. He and his sister are demons. He just hope he didn't scare her too much. Ace pulls forward and turns to face her. Ace smiles gently and Haruhi gives a smile back.

Their moment broken as girls are clapping behind us. They cry and whistle as they gush over what they just saw.

"That was so adorable!" A girl coo.

"The way he saved his sister was so barbaric but so sweet." Another one gushes.

"And the way Haruhi calmed him down." The girls squeal and cheer. I don't know how I feel about all…this. I look at the boy who caused all this but he gone. I look down the both hall ways but they are both empty. Where he go?

"If you are wondering. I had my police force take him somewhere to be question." Kyoya smiles and I shudder as he walk towards the ladies.

"Everyone thank you for coming today as the club now closed. Please have a safe way home." Kyoya smiles and the girls grin as the walk out of the room talking about today club events. The door closes and Takashi at my side with a bag of ice.

"Thanks." I realize my voice cracks a little as I place the ices on my neck. Man that hurt. Ace sits beside me and I watch as the others walk up to me.

"You ok sis?" Ace ask as he winces at the redness around my neck.

"I have been through worse." I say quietly and he sighs.

"Does that happen often?" Sabo ask and I wince as I look at them.

"Ya…but!" I start as the two look like they want to kill someone.

"But nothing. You can't keep coming to the club if this is normal." Ace starts and I glare at him.

"Don't start this shit. We had a similar conversation about that dance. You want to say something stupid again?" I ask and Ace sighs.

"Plus you don't have to worry. My Nakama been looking out for me." I add and my brothers stop and look at the guys.

"Nakama?" My friends ask and I grin at them.

"It what my family call our special friends." I clarify and they sniff.

"Ohh daddy so happy." Tamaki sniffs and Ace looks at me.

"You know you have some weird Nakama." Ace points and I snort.

"Not like yours are any better." I snap back and the room quiet.

"No….I guess not." He grins and I get up. The twins hug me and Ace growls as he pulls them away.

"I still don't like how touchy they are with you! The only one who not is the silent one and glasses! I approve of those two as your friend." Ace snarls and the twins take a step back as they try to pull their wrist out. I snort as they are to week. Takashi smiles in thanks and Kyoya adjust his glasses with a small smile.

"You don't approve of me?" Honey ask and Ace looks down. They look at each other for a moment.

"Hell no! The innocent one are the most dangerous!" Ace snaps and Honey brings tears to his eyes as he collides with Takashi chest. Ace looks at me. He mouths gay? I nod and he ahh now in understanding.

"Change my mind. Your good little man." Ace waves and Honey eyes sparkles.

"Yaaa!" Honey cheers as he runs to hug me. I pat his head.

"Why don't I approve?" Tamaki ask which why is he even stupid enough to ask?

"I honestly want you to stay away from my sister you purve!" Ace snaps and I laugh as this day is just way too much.

"Honey let go. I want to go change and go home….Oh Ace can you take Haruhi home?" I ask and he nods with a smile.

"Of course." He adds and Haruhi sighs but says nothing. She has accepted her fate that Ace when around will always take her home.

"As much as this has been fun I must go. Anny will you be ok getting home? I need to pick up Kola." Sabo ask and I smile as I point at Takashi.

"He will take me home. No worry." Takashi nods and Sabo nods back.

"Thank you. Then with that…Ace don't be causing any more trouble." Sabo walks to the door and walks out.

"Why would I cause trouble?" Ace yells back and I can just imagine Sabo rolling his eyes.

"Thanks for the ice. I feel better." I hand the bag back. Takashi nods and walks to the kitchen. I walk to the change room and quickly change out of the uniform and back to my safe cloths. I look in the mirror and keep my make up on as it nice. I leave to see Ace has his arms around Haruhi shoulder and walk towards the door.

"See you at home sis." Ace waves as Tamaki just in a corner broken. At least he did not die from the wrath of my brother. That what I was more worries about. I walk over to the gloomy boy and bent down.

"It ok Tamaki. They will just have to get to know you to understand how nice you are. I mean…they are over protective of me because of the way I grew up. It not you. I swear." I say softly. I don't even know why I am doing this but I don't need him mopping all night. He looks at me and sniffs.

"Really?" He ask and I nod. And just like always he back to his old self. Tamaki hugs me quickly then gets up.

"I better go change. Have a good evening." Tamaki grins as he walks away. The twins hug me again. One on each side.

"Your twin so mean! We like you better" They pout together and I pat their heads.

"I know but what can I say. We are twins." I grin at them and they look at each other.

"Agree but still. So mean." The twins add as they squeeze me one more time before they leave. I look for Kyoya but he already gone and Takashi at my side. He looks at me and I nod letting him know I am ready to go. We walk together out of the school and to his limo. The drive smiles as he opens the door.

"Welcome back you two." He grins and we get into our seat. As soon as the limo starts moving I melt into the seat and grin.

"I am so happy I survived today." I mumble as the limo takes me home and the parent's day is over. I am so happy none of my friends died.

To be continue...

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