"Abbie, I must woefully apologize I had not intended to be parted from your side since the long separation we suffered and I feared you might think I abandoned you."Ichabod rushed.

"No,I had a feeling something wasn't right but i didn't think it was something you did."Abbie replied.

"Since we're staying here to figure out why the hell you were kidnapped I think we should find a place to stay."Hank said.

"Jenny and Joe have their trailer it's the rest of us who will be hotel bound or motel bound."John replied.

"We'll figure it out."Sonya said.

"Be careful Diana and Alex still don't totally trust us."Sarah replied.

"It's not an easy thing to accept."John said.

"That's true but we're not wako's here."Cassie replied.

"Plus Dad is going to be coming he's bringing his arsenal."Abbie said.

"Agent Thomas understand's that what happened to her partner wasn't couldn't fathom a demon John Wilkes Booth killing her partner."Ichabod replied.

"Is he staying or going back and forth?"Jenny asked.

"He's staying because he's looking into the people who took Ichabod he'll meet us after everything."Abbie said.

"Once these things continue to happen she'll realize she can't ignore this once this touches you there is no escape."Hank replied.

"Your right about that."Martha said.

"Yeah and it only gets worse."Sarah replied.

"We've got a lot of work to do."Abbie said.

"We've got to get settled first."Ichabod replied.

"We'll find something."Abbie said.

"I know we shall sweetheart."Ichabod replied.

He leaned in wrapping Abbie in his embrace providing comfort to them both.

"Everything shall be revealed they don't know that Ichabod is far more than they realize."Hera said.

"What on earth does that mean?"Ichabod asked.

"It means that nothing stays hidden forever which you know very well."Zeus replied.

"We've learned that very quickly."Abbie said.

"Hey, guy's am I interupting?"Sophie asked.

"No what are you doing here don't you have to be in Sleepy Hollow?"Jenny asked.

"I'm here because someone here in Washington had Reynolds report on Abbie to them then Crane gets kidnapped and brought to Washington."Sophie replied.

"What do you mean report on me?"Abbie asked.

"He said they wanted to know if you were acting differently than your norm or any other changes."Sophie said.

"If they were concerned about me why not take me instead of Ichabod?"Abbie asked.

"I don't know but I'm going to help you find out."Sophie said.

Zeus and Hera looked at the group were having a conversation of their own.

"With Sophie here it will help ease Diana into this world."Hera replied.

"True everything that has happened was leading to this point a demigod witness army more powerful than all the horsemen put together."Zeus said.

"You are correct husband."Hera replied.

"We best take on our mortal forms so that we can aid them openly."Athena said.

"And we shall."Zeus replied.

Meanwhile the team settled into life in Washington using agency 355 as their new base helped in more ways then one.

"Frank, Cynthia, Macy, what are you all doing here?"Abbie asked.

"We came to help of course."Macy replied.

"Frank I thought you and Cynthia didn't want to be apart of this."Jenny said.

"We can't run from this ever since Frank dying and coming back and Macy and I having our powers awakened we can't hide from this."Cynthia replied.

"She's right this world marks you once it does you just have to deal with it."Hank said.

"Agent Sophie Foster I'd like you to meet our friends who became family Frank Cynthia and Macy Irving."Abbie introduced.

"Nice to meet you all, I've heard a lot of great things about you."Sophie replied as she shook each of their hands.

"Yeah we've heard about you to would have loved to have you on the force when I was active."Frank said.

The group went out and had dinner together discussing their next move.

That night as Ichabod and Abbie lay in bed he held her close to him just as he had done every night since they married.

"Are you well Abbie?"Ichabod asked.

"Yes I'm fine I'm just going over all this and you know it bothered me that I couldn't tell Danny about all this but it bothered me more that I knew he was up to something but the situation with Pandora The Hidden One and Jenny overtook everything I just thought it was because he was still in love with me and still trying to be competitive with me."Abbie replied.

"Abbie sweetheart though iam reluctant to admit this openly I believe he meant no harm had he known what he was doing may have possibly compromised us to the enemy I don't think he would have done so."Ichabod said.

"I don't think he would have either it's just so frustrating."Abbie exclaimed.

"I concur but we will get through this too."Ichabod replied.

As they went to sleep that night a sudden feeling of peace fell upon them letting them have a restful night.

The next day dawned with the two witnesses heading to the vault.

"Good morning you too."Martha greets.

"Good morning ."Ichabod replied.

"Good Morning Ichabod you are looking well."Martha said.

"Iam very well all things considered."Ichabod replied.

"So have we got anything new?"Abbie asked.

"Yes we went out to the place Crane was taken."Sophie replied.

"What about it?"Abbie asked.

"They could have kept a bunch of people there and no one would suspect anything."Sophie replied.

"He outranks Reynolds so he can pull strings easily without questions."Hank said.

"Yes makes me wonder who else in the government is involved."Frank replied.

"True,we will just have to keep digging and let the pieces fall as they will like always."Sam said.

"Until then we don't lose contact we watch eachother's backs and stay ready just like always."John replied.

"I agree with that."Irving said.

The group were standing around a table not noticing when Diana came in moments later.

"What have you got?"Diana asked.

"Right now we are still in jigsaw mode we know that demon John Wilks Booth was on the start."Hank replied.

"The bigger picture will become clear we know that this is far from over we just have to wait for their next move."Ichabod said.

"I'm still wrapping my brain around this."Diana replied.

"It's an adjustment one you can't ease into."Abbie said.

"How the hell did you adjust to this?"Diana asked.

"That's a good question Id like to know too."Alex said.

"Before this my plan had been to join the FBI, I wouldn't let anything change that not even the night we received the call about spooked horses was my reminder of the day my world as I knew it was going to change."Abbie replied.

"So why didn't you walk away?"Alex asked.

"I am in part to blame for so wished to distance herself from this but I being who iam was never one to take my duties lightly for whatever reason the lord saw fit to choose us as his champion's in this fight couldn't walk away after seeing everything I I couldn't do this without her inspite of her feelings.

"But more so she is my soulmate had she left I would have been forced to attempt to fight this war alone as half the man I am when I'm with her."Ichabod replied.

"Their married and he still has it bad."Irving joked.

"The same could be said for you as well could it not Captain?"Ichabod asked.

"They both get points for that."Faith said.

"Yes,that seems fair."Sarah replied.

"Yes but let's get back to the matter at hand."Martha replied.

"Ok so what do we do?"Jake asked.

"We just prepare that's all we can do."Cassie replied.

"She's right,this is far from over."John said.

"And what makes you say that?"Diana asked.

"Because Abbie and I must fight through seven tribulations and we have faced three thus far."Ichabod replied.

"And you believe the people who took you play a part in this."Diana said.

"Most astute observation Agent Thomas."Ichabod replied.

"Thanks I think."Diana said.

"Yes because hes been kidnapped before."Abbie replied.

"By the same people or someone else?"Diana asked.

"It was by my mason brethren when I had an active blood tie to the Horsemen of belived my death would kill him but Abbie sought out another option that saved me."Ichabod replied.

"Geez seems the targets on your backs grow wider with each attack."Diana said.

"Yeah pretty much."Abbie replied.

Meanwhile Alex handed out badges to everyone but Abbie and Sophie.

"Thanks that will be a big help."Hank replied.

"We don't get alot of visitors here so it's no trouble."Alex said.

"All the same thank you."Sam replied.

Meanwhile back in Sleepy Hollow Ezra stands in front of Lori's grave lost in thought.

"Lori when we met and married I didn't know this was where we would be you dead me guilt ridden and our girls fighting to save the world.

I was such a fool I should have fought harder for you and them I gave in too easily when you pushed me away.

I'm going to set things right I'm going to earn their trust and forgiveness and hopefully in doing that I'll have earned yours too."Ezra vowed.

"Ezra Virgil happened to our family lies at Moloch's feet more so than yours.

"Did you think I wanted you to see me tormented? or our girls see it either."Lori said.

"Good God Lori!"Ezra exclaimed.

"I didn't mean to frighten you but clearly you and I need to talk."Lori said.

"Your right we do."Ezra replied.

"I made a mistake pushing you away i thought I was protecting you from what Moloch was doing to me I thought I was protecting the girls by taking this on alone.

"I should have allowed you to fight with me to fight for our girls and i have to suffer for that mistake."Lori said.

"I suffer it too Lori because I let you convince me to go as well as my heart not being able to witness what that evil bastard caused."Ezra replied.

"That doesn't matter anymore Ezra what matters is helping our girls survive I don't want Abbie or Jenny thinking their lives were just meant to be fighting demons I want them to live have babies and be happy."Lori said.

"I'm going to do everything I can to make sure they have that."Ezra replied.

"Good I'll do my best to help them as well just because I'm dead doesn't mean I can't help them."Lori said.

"Lori just as Katrina projected herself to Abbie in dream state as well as through the mirror your bloodline is far more powerful."Hera replied.

"What do you mean?"Lori asked.

"Because you have demigod blood in your veins you can come and go as you please with no negative effects."Zeus replied.

"How exactly does that work?"Ezra asked.

"It's because Lori is your soul mate part of her soul is tied to yours you help stabilize her here."Athena said.

"The witness's are going to need all the support they can get a handful of people won't be enough."Apollo replied.

"What are you saying?"Ezra asked.

"I'm saying that your roles are far from over when it comes to helping the Witnesses."Hera said.

"Care to explain more?"Lori asked.

"Abbie and Jenny lost their foundation that's been the reason why they kept everyone at arms length even Ichabod and Joe but they couldn't fight what their hearts needed which is what in a small part Ichabod and Joe provide them."Athena replied.

"So how do we help them?"Lori asked.

"That's simple you both will fight along side them and help them gain the tools they need. Washington Jefferson and Franklin all set up things to help them Ichabod and Abbie believed they lost the fenestella when they blue it up but those books were moved to the archives as well as the vault."Zeus replied.

"That's good to know."Ezra replied.

"Meanwhile Lori you are going to receive your magical training again."Hera said.

"I am?"Lori asked.

"Yes we are going to fix what Moloch broke."Zeus replied.

"And the same goes for you Ezra your daughter's will need you they never stopped needing you this is your chance to be the father they remember."Hera said.

"Our intent is to restore what was lost to this is the beginning."Athena replied.

Ezra and Lori stood speechless at what they just heard but they had lived through stranger things than this.

"Please tell us what we have to do."Lori pleads.

"Come you and your husband will go to Washington I know your husband wished to wait but he need not fear because he and you both are protected by your demigod status from this day forward.

"And that goes for you aswell August Corbin."Zeus said.

"I'll help them anyway I can."Corbin replied.

"Do not worry about your vehicle Ezra we moved it outside the Vault location in Washington also you will need these badges to gain entry."Zeus said.

"Thank you."Ezra replied.

The group was still gathered at the vault when the door opened with Zeus and Hera and Ezra and August Corbin.

" ."Abbie and Lori gasped.

"Yes, babies."Lori replied.

Diana stood silently watching the elder Mills. and August Corbin greet the group.

"Sheriff Corbin it is an honor to meet you sir."Ichabod said.

"No the honor is mine I was worried that Abbie and Jenny would never have the happiness of love and I'm glad that you were able to give Abbie that and you to Joe."Corbin replied.

"That's more our fault than there's August."Ezra said.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing."Diana replied.

"This is just the tip of the Supernatural iceberg."Hank said.

"What exactly does that mean?"Diana asked.

"You saw a demon John Wilkes Booth kill your partner and you couldn't rationalize it. now you see two dead people very much alive and you can't say you are crazy or you imagined it because it's very much real."Hank replied.

"Yes,I see that."Diana said.

"Well your going to see a hell of a lot more that will test your sanity but it is what it see Agent Thomas this battle is like how the military used to be."Sam replied.

"There are those who get drafted into the war and those who choose to and Abbie were drafted Joe and Jenny joined."Hank said.

"I get it."Diana replied.

"Come on we have another big bad to prepare for."John said.

Meanwhile Lori looked at her daughter's she noticed the difference in them almost instantly.

"So my babies are married and are having babies of their own I'm so happy."Lori said.

"Yes,Mama we are pregnant we never thought we would be at the same time but I guess fate had a hand in that too."Abbie said.

"I'm sure it did I've always told you and Jenny everything happens for a reason."Lori replied.

Ezra and August locked eyes they hadn't spoken or seen each other in years not since that faithful day back on their tour of duty when two young men promised eachother that if only one returned home they would look out for the others kids.

And even after the war they kept track of each others kids.

"August thank you for what you've done for my girls I couldn't be the father I was to them losing Lori like i did broke my heart watching her suffer fighting everything that bastard was tossing her way."Ezra said.

"You don't owe me any explanation's Ezra you owe that to Abbie and Jenny."Corbin replied.

"I've explained thing's to them and we're working on rebuilding our family."Ezra said.

"That's good they deserve that."Corbin replied.

"Jenny's baby isn't just my grandchild it's yours as well Corbin."Ezra said.

"I am pleased Joe couldn't have gotten a better woman than Jenny Mills."Corbin replied.

"That's a high compliment coming from you."Ezra said.

"I love Abbie and Jenny as if they were my own children they are the daughter's I never got to have."Corbin replied.

"And I have grown to love Crane and Joe as if they were my sons."Ezra said.

Ichabod stood watching the heartwarming family reunion feeling great contentment in his heart.

"You okay Crane?"Hank asked.

"Oh I'm quite well sir."Ichabod replied.

"You have something on your mind."Hank said.

"I myself like Abbie and Jenny harboured regret when it came to our parents.

"I don't mean regret for choosing this path in my life but regret my father was too ridgid in his thinking whating his sons to follow in his path of education and his daughters to be content he saw this world now he wouldn't understand it.

"Mind you I do not mean inflated taxes on baked goods or automobiles computers and the like.

"He would be perplexed by everything more so than I but wouldn't adjust accordingly."Ichabod replied.

"Crane you can't help the man your father was he was who he was raised to be."Hank said.

"Yes sir in that you would be correct."Ichabod replied.

"Crane if there is one lesson about men to be learned it's this a father can't be his son anymore than a son can be his father.

"And that could be said about Abbie and Jenny I know for a fact that Lori wouldn't have been how she was if not for the attack on her which made Abbie and Jenny both feel like it could be them too."Hank said.

"I know."Ichabod replied.