Power Struggle

It's been a little over a month since Mulder and Scully have heard or seen their son William since being dropped off.

His vessel and the rebels have been trying to catch up to one of the alien ships before entering the worm hole.

William had given the orders to stop the vessel. But it wasn't possible since the ship was so much quicker than theirs. He was hopeful they would be able to. Even though he and the others on board were not ready for a full scale battle overall.

Their resources had to be scaled back to a degree in order to make it back to Earth. While staying in orbit cloaked from the prying eyes of the military and their satellite systems.

This also includes the clutches of the Consortium and C.G. Spender. Even though they have no idea on whether the man is actually still alive...

But for now...

William was coming out of the communications center after checking with Allysa. On whether or not it was safe enough to send two messages to Earth using a special receiver to contact his father Fox Mulder.

He was worried about his father for the most part. One reason is the fact that his mother Dana Scully was supposed to be having another baby soon. And worried mostly because of the Consortium. After what they did to her years ago with all of the experiments. The same goes for his father.

Allysa could sense her husband's mood after all this time. She walked over to him to asked on whether he was ok or not.

"Your asking me this now Allysa...I can't even fathom having to be this far away from Earth."

"I realize that now William. But at this time I can't help it right now having to be worried. Even the others as with Johan are acting the same way."

"That's them...and besides we are heading back to Earth now. Since we weren't able to catch up to the space craft." He said softly...

"And it's a good thing...since we weren't all that prepared for a real fight." She decides to push a strain of hair from her husband's forehead...while looking so much like his father at times.

William started to walk out of the center before his wife was able to stop him for another moment. "Allysa, I will be going back to the Command Center for now. I will check in with you and our son in a few hours." Giving her a quick kiss onto the cheek before leaving.

"Just make sure you do William. or I will send some one to remind you of this fact." She says in a sort of teasing way...

"You do that my love..." He smiles before leaving. Knowing full well she had gotten the best of him...

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