Chapter 1

Throughout my life, I have read many stories that involve a hero. These heroes, though powerful or weak, big or small, have always overcome their evils and saved the day. Whenever I read these stories, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to be the hero for once. To be able to face your fears, to protect others when harm comes their way, and to be the one that was ultimately able to save the world. I never expected that I would become not only a hero, but I would end up saving another world from war and destruction. That I would stare down dangerous foes, make incredible friends, and even find love.

After all, what teenager ever expects that to happen to them?

However, in the end, all of that did end up happening to me. So, if you're interested, I suppose I'll tell you my story. If you are interested, then sit down, enjoy a nice drink, and listen as I tell you my story, though you might want to get comfortable, as I have a lot to tell.

Normally these stories start with some kind of abnormality, either with something special happening, like a festival of a powerful storm, or maybe a special protagonist, like the popular party animals or the antisocial kid who always sits in the corner. I, however, was not your typical protagonist of a story. At the time, I was an average, completely ordinary junior student in highschool. I looked normal, with average height and brown hair, amber eyes and pale skin, and I had a few friends I would hang out with and talk to throughout the school day. That day was pretty normal as well; I went to my classes, panicked over a test, laughed with friends at lunch, the usual. So what exactly made this whole story begin? If I had to choose a specific point, it would be when I got a call from my sister as I walked home from school.

"Are you sure you won't need a ride there?" I asked my sister over the phone. "It wouldn't take me too long to drive you over there after all."

"I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself Jack, so stop being so paranoid." My younger sister, Sara, huffed. She was only a year younger than me, and occasionally more mature, but I still made sure to look after her, especially right now. Our parents were away on their first vacation in years, and they left me in charge of the house and my sister while they were gone. I was currently talking with her because she was heading to her friend's place to celebrate the start of spring break. "I'm already halfway there, so there's no need for you to waste any gas dropping me off. I'll be fine."

Honestly, even after everything that has happened, I still believe my sister would have been a better hero than I was. She was a bit short, had long black hair and brown eyes, and a fiery but passionate personality. She easily got along with anyone she met, but was a force to be reckoned with to those that she didn't like. We had the basic sibling rivalry relationship, but even though we didn't always see eye-to-eye we still cared for each other.

Then again, after everything I faced, I'm glad I was the one that ended up being the hero and not her.

"Well, alright then. I'll see you sometime tomorrow then. If I'm not home, be sure to use the spare key. Talk to you later." I proceeded to hang up my phone, placing it in my pocket as I continued my walk. I do have a car that I occasionally drive, but on nice clear spring days it was nice to walk home and enjoy the fresh air. The road was currently empty, allowing me to enjoy the silence as I walked away from the school towards the direction of my house. It was nice for a while, just walking and listening to nature as the day goes by.

Now, you're probably wondering when something exciting happens. Well everything began when I was around the halfway point and reached the small chunk of forestry between my house and the school. Now, you're probably wondering why there is a small bit of forest near a school, and it involved the city not wanting to cut down too many trees due to politics. Since it would take me another hour or so to get home to go around it, I decided to be adventurous that day and take a shortcut through the woods to get home.

However, as I walked deeper into the forest, I couldn't help but to begin to feel nervous, like I was being watched. I didn't understand why, as I had walked through the forest before and never had any reason to feel like that before. Call it instincts if you want, but as I continued to walk, I knew that I needed to get out of that forest as soon as possible. So I began to walk faster until I was up to a light jog, then I was beginning to run until I finally was pushing myself through a full sprint that resulted in me failing to see the hole that had opened up underneath me.

Obviously, I wasn't expecting a hole that was big enough for me to fall into to suddenly appear under my feet, but that's what ended up happening. As I fell into the darkness below, all I could think about was what was happening. I fell for a long time, giving me time to think about how deep the hole could be, if anyone would ever find me, how my family would handle my loss, and above all else, if I was about to die.

The next thing I know, I'm waking up surrounded by stone and darkness. My entire body ached, and I didn't want to move until I realized what had happened and where I was, so I forced myself up from the ground. It was pitch black around me, so I pulled out my phone out of my pocket, grimacing at the large crack in the screen as I turned on the flashlight. I blinked a couple of times as my eyes adjusted to the sudden light, but as my vision cleared I could see I was in some form of cave. Pointing the light up, I only saw emptiness above me, the top nowhere in sight.

"There is no way I could have survived that fall," I thought to myself, wondering what was going on. I didn't have time to question it though, as I knew I needed to focus on finding a way out of wherever I had landed.

My first idea was that I could try to call someone for help, but as I looked down at my phone I realized that wherever I was, it was far too deep underground to receive any kind of signal. As I examined the walls, wondering if I could try to climb my way back up, I discovered an opening in the wall to the left of me which appeared to lead deeper into the cave. Sure, going deeper wouldn't get me out faster, but at the time it could lead me to another way out that didn't involve the possibility of another potentially fatal fall. My decision made up for me, I made my way towards the opening, crouching down to fit as I began to descend further into the cave.

When the tunnel kept getting longer and longer, I began to wonder if I had made a mistake going down the tunnel. For what seemed like forever but was close to thirty minutes, I descended until I noticed a faint light that began to get brighter the closer I got to it. It was a yellowish blue light, like electricity, which gave me a silent hope that what I was seeing were lights from some kind of machinery. Finally, the light was bright enough that I could turn off my phone, and as the tunnel began to open up, I found myself in a large open chasm.

The room was close to the size of a large school gymnasium, but in a circle shape and not a rectangle. The stone floor was strangely smooth and the walls had stalactites and stalagmites positioned and smoothed out to the point they seemed almost like columns. Looking closely at the pillars, I could make out markings that upon examination looked like dragons. Looking around, I found many different carvings of several kinds of dragons, some with giant wings, others with gills or a scorpion like tail. Honestly, I was so surprised by what I was seeing and how well detailed the markings were that I failed to notice the podium in the center of the room until I turned around.

This podium was large, round, and had extremely detailed carvings on it, with depictions of fire, ice, and what looked like rain, though it was in a more splattered pattern. Sitting atop the podium was the source of the light, and though it was bright enough to light up the room, I had no problems with looking closely at it. It was some form of strange rock that reflected a silver color, and was jagged and shaped almost like a lightning bolt. Below the rock hanging off the pedestal was a stone tablet that had writing on it, though I couldn't read it from where I was standing.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking, "He's going to touch that strange rock and then regret the actions that led him up to that point." Technically, that is what happened, but not yet, due to how I had that same thought and originally decided not touching the rock would probably be for the best. I did however want to see what was written on the stone tablet, so I proceeded to walk around the podium and brush away the dust that had collected on it. Thankfully, it was in English, so I was able to read it just fine. However, what it read didn't make much sense at the time.

To be another body

To be another shape

One that can help anybody

And see a new landscape

A hero will rise, of clouds and lightning,

To stop forces in a past most frightening,

A prophecy already foretold

With a new future now to be told

Time rewritten, space shifted,

Come forth, a hero truly gifted.

Honestly, I didn't know what to make of what I had just read. While I looked more closely at the tablet, wondering if I could figure out its meaning, I felt a sudden urge to touch the strange stone atop the podium. Now, because I felt this urge I knew something was wrong and that I had to get away from the podium. But when I tried to move away, I found that my feet were stuck in place and that my hand was slowly moving up to touch the stone. I tried everything, mentally screaming inside my head at my arm to stop moving by itself until finally, my hand fell against the stone. For a moment I was relieved as thankfully, nothing seemed to happen.

However, that relief soon turned into a cry of pain as it felt like I was being electrocuted from the inside out. Electricity surged out of the stone so fast and so heavily I could see the sparks flying around me as my hand began to smoke. I tried to let go, but my hand was stuck around the stone, leaving me only able to flail around and wanting the shocking to stop. I fell to the ground, the stone stuck in my hand as I writhed furiously on the ground, almost as if I was having a seizure, as more and more electricity coursed through my veins.

As the world began to go dark around me, the same thought that from earlier went through my head. "Was I about to die?" Once again, I was sent to the dark abyss of my mind, knowing I may never see the light of day again.

Darkness. All around me was darkness. I looked around, wondering where I was. I couldn't see anything, and I couldn't hear anything either. The abyss grew and became more silent, leaving me to wonder if I had died and if this was the afterlife. Suddenly, I saw a spark of electricity shoot out of the ground, quickly followed by another. Next thing I knew, the electricity had created a circle around me, the crackling and sparking standing out from the abyss. The sparks began to get faster and more consistent, until I was fully surrounded and all I could see was lightning.

All I could do was watch as the circle started to get smaller and the electricity moved even faster, to the point where it became a blur. As the circle reached a point where it was only an arm's length away, the electricity shot towards me all at once, absorbing itself into my body until I was surrounded by darkness once more and began to fall.

And so I fell. And I continued falling for a long time.


I woke up with a sudden jolt, throwing myself straight up. I rubbed my eyes as the sudden adrenaline rush faded away, before looking up and realizing that I was still in the strange chamber. Looking around, I saw that everything seemed to look fine, though the strange rock, the source of light, was nowhere to be seen. Remembering what had just happened, I frantically looked about me, but the rock was nowhere to be seen. While I was looking around, I saw that on the opposite side of the way I had come in from was a large opening, almost like a doorway, leading out of the chamber. However, as I began to make my way to the opening I couldn't help but notice something slither away from the corner of my eye.

Not wanting to deal with any giant snakes, I decided to just take my chances and get to the doorway as quickly as possible. As I got closer to the opening, I noticed how rough and jagged it looked apart from the smooth stone chamber, almost as if it had been made in a hurry. However, after walking for a few minutes I began to notice that my legs and feet didn't feel right, and the way I was walking felt awkward for some reason. I shrugged it off, thinking it had something to do with the electric shock I had just experienced, and pressed forward. I walked for what seemed to be another ten minutes through the cavern, until eventually I could hear what sounded like a river. As I rounded the next corner, I was blinded by the brightness that was the sunlight.

Looking around, I discovered that I was still in a forest, though this wasn't the same one I had been in before. The forest by my house didn't have trees nearly as tall or thick as the ones surrounding me, nor were there this many of them. There had never been a river or a mountain within either, which I currently stared at in wonder and surprise. I slowly backed away, many questions racing through my mind. Shaking my head, I tried to think, knowing there had to be a rational explanation as to how I had gotten here.

Sure, none of what had happened so far had made any form of sense, but I still wanted to try to think things through. Thinking for a moment, I realized that now that I wasn't in the cave anymore, my phone would work again, and that I could use its gps to find out where I was. However, as I reached down to grab my phone out of my pocket, I noticed not only that my hand didn't feel right, but it wasn't going into a pocket either. Instead, I could feel my hand rub the side of my leg, which for some reason felt oddly...scaly.

I looked down, immediately regretting my decision as grey scales met my gaze. I stared at my hand in disbelief, seeing jagged looking silver claws, similar to the stone I had grabbed from the pedestal, waving back at me as I moved each one to see if they were actually mine.

Looking over my shoulder, I ended up seeing two large, folded grey and silver wings behind me, followed a long swishing tail that I could feel moving along the ground. Staring in disbelief, I noticed that the scales weren't an ordinary grey either, but they were of varying shades reminiscent of a cloud, and upon closer examination, I found that my scales were actually shifting colors. Staring at my wings, I could see what looked like slow moving clouds shift across the surface.

I shuffled my way over to the nearby river, almost tripping over my feet as a finally stumbled over to it. Looking into the river with a dreadful feeling, I saw my face reflected before me, and sure enough, a terrified dragon's face stared back at me. He had a medium sized snout, bluish white eyes like lightning-like, jagged horns similar to the stone from earlier, and small ears on either side of his head. I opened my mouth, and watched as his opened as well. I winked, and saw him wink. I stared for a long time, not sure how to react, before finally looking up into the sky and doing what needed to be done.

I slammed my eyes shut and screamed.

However, as I screamed I began to notice a strange feeling in my chest and heard an odd crackling sound. Sure enough, when I opened my eyes, I found myself staring up to see lightning shooting up into the air. I quickly shut my mouth for two reasons; one, to stop shooting lightning into the air. Two, to make sure I didn't alert anyone that I was around. If my instincts were telling me anything, it's that if I was a dragon, then if anyone found me at that moment then they might panic, which would only lead to more trouble.

I sat there for a while, just thinking. "Why was this happening? How was it happening? Why me? What do I do?" These thoughts crossed my mind for the longest time. Finally, I decided it was time to stop panicking and finally do something. What that something was however…. I didn't know. I decided I could at least try to figure out my new body, if I was going to be stuck in it. I sighed and decided to get up, but as I did I felt my balance shift and soon saw the ground quickly moving towards my face.

I quickly pushed out my hands in front of me to catch myself, and as I landed and stood there for a moment, I noticed that this position felt much better for walking. Sighing, I remembered that dragons were quadrupeds, and so I began to walk around. After about five to ten minutes, I was satisfied that I could walk around properly, to the point that I could probably run if I needed to. With that done, I decided to figure out how my wings worked next. After about ten minutes, I figured out how I could move them and move them up and down in quick succession. Next came the tricky part.

However, as I started to slowly flap my wings, almost to a point where they were in time with each other and I could feel myself starting to rise up, I heard what sounded like branches snapping and voices talking to each other. I froze, not knowing what to do other than stand still and hope they passed by.

"...I'm telling you, I saw something over this way!" Said a young male voice. "It was like lighting with how bright it was!"

"And I'm telling you it's a perfectly clear day today!" A second, older male voice protested. "There's no way there could be lightning in the middle of the…" Suddenly, he stopped talking, and as I looked towards where the voices were coming from, sure enough, two dragons had entered the clearing I was in.

These dragons were different colors of red and orange, had long snouts, large wings, and were wearing some form of armor over their scales. While we stared at each other, the only thought that came to mind was that they were soldiers of some kind, though that didn't give me much comfort.

"Alright, guess you might have been right about something. You there, halt in the name of Queen Scarlet." I stayed frozen, not sure what to do as these two dragons approached me. They looked me up and down with a look of confusing eminent in their eyes as they seemed to study my every feature.

"What kind of dragon are you? Where did you come from? Are you some form of spy?" The younger soldier quickly questioned me.

"I...well I don't… I don't know…." I tried to spit out, still reeling in shock. The older soldier shook his head, smacking the younger across his snout.

"Alright, one question at a time. What kind of dragon are you?" He said, glaring at me as his partner rubbed his snout.

"I don't know." Was all I could say. After all, I didn't even know there were different kinds of dragons until now, let alone ones that could speak.

"Hmm, I don't like that answer. Let's see...scales are like a Rainwings, shifting color and moving, yet the horns are like an Icewings with how jagged they are, though his wings are as large as an Skywings… what are you?" He asked again.

I stood there, giving no answer. The left dragon started hissing, glaring at me. "That doesn't matter. Tell me, are you a spy? Where did you come from?".

"I'm not a spy!" I protested. "I don't even know where I am! All I know is that I came here from that tunnel." "And that I was once a human." I thought, though I doubt they would believe me about that.

The older guard glared at me harder. "What tunnel?" he growled. I pointed and looked back, only to be shocked into silence.

The tunnel was gone. All I could do was stare at the smooth stone wall in shock as the two dragons muttered to each other. "Could have smacked his head into the wall whilst flying, thus all of the confusion."

"Yeah, but that doesn't explain who he is or why he is here. We should just tie him up and deliver him to Queen Scarlet." The older dragon said.

The younger guard began to protest as I took a small step back, wondering if I should run. "So she can do what, kill him in her arena and give his body to Burn? He's a confused dragon, and…"

"You know how much trouble we would get in if we let him go. I agree with you, at least slightly, but we can't take the chance that they're a spy." I heard a sigh as they both turned towards me again.

"You're coming with us back to the Skywing kingdom. Queen Scarlet will decide your fate." As he said this, the younger guard began to pull out a cable from his armor, supposedly to tie me with. As they approached, I remembered what they had said. "So she can do what, kill him in her arena and give his body to Burn?" I backed away slightly, making the older one raise an...eyebrow, I guess.

"I'm not sure I like the idea of dying in an arena…" I started to say, ready to run, but the two of them quickly rushed forward, getting on either side of me. The younger one quickly threw the cable underneath me, and before I could get away, I saw them perform some kind of advanced procedure, and sure enough, soon most of my limbs had been tied, leaving only my wings free.

"You may not like it, but you are coming with us." The older dragon said as they each grabbed a side of the cable and started to fly. All I could do was watch and wait, knowing that if I struggled while I was tied up might not end well for me, especially since I still had yet to learn how to fly and we were now very far from the ground. I watched the ground pass quickly below us, watching the scenery quickly change from forestry to rocky mountains. As I watched, I quickly noticed the large, strange shape in the distance.

As we approached, it turned out that the strange shape was actually a collection of shapes, which were actually towers and buildings, most of which were made up of smooth carved stone. The scale of it was massive, and I soon realized that this must have been the Skywing kingdom that the two guards had mentioned. Knowing that, and seeing a few dragons flying about that looked like my guards, I could only make the connection that these were the before mentioned Skywings. As we approached, the soldiers suddenly veered to the left, heading straight towards what looked like a large castle on the edge of the kingdom.

Upon entering the castle, I observed in wonder the busy inner workings of the castle. There appeared to be dragons everywhere, and they all seemed to be flying in such a neat and orderly way that I wasn't sure how they were managing not to crash into one another. I wasn't the only one staring though, because as we passed, I noticed many dragons stopping to stare in wonder at me as we went past. Then again, if I wasn't some form of dragon species they recognized, it made sense.

As we made our way into a central area, I began to take notice of how much gold there was. There was literally gold everywhere; in the floor in talon prints as well as laid into the wall in large ornate patterns. As I was looking around, I noticed a large grate at the bottom of the area we were flying over, noticing that there was a chained Skywing underneath it, with copper scales and smoke fuming out of her nose. I wondered momentarily who she was and what she had done to end up down there, but I didn't have time to think about it as I was led up to a set of large stone and gold doors.

As we approached, the doors opened and more guards walked out, moving between them three chained dragons. Watching them as we passed, I observed them to be a brown colored dragon with a squarish head and tough looking scales, a dragon with black scales and a grey underbelly with a few white scales like stars adorning his wings, and a heavily chained sky blue dragon with flaring gills. The guards and the three other prisoners all stared at me as we walked past, and I even overheard the brown dragon ask the black dragon what kind of dragon I was, only for him to shake his head in utter confusion as he replied he didn't know.

As we passed, the large doors closed behind us, and we were led forward a bit more before the dragons on either side of me put me down and started bowing. I looked up to see a stone throne shaped like a cloud, and sitting atop it was a dragon that screamed "evil" to me. She seemed like a normal Skywing, except she had rubies above her eyes in her scales and was wearing many jewels. But what scared me about her was her eyes, which stared at me as if I was a new toy brought to her for her amusement.

"Hmm, well how thrilling, another new dragon! You may rise and tell me just what I am looking at." She said in a somewhat bored but interested voice. The guards rose and the older one started to speak. "Thank you, your majesty. We were doing our routine sweep from the Southern outpost when we saw some form of light fill the sky. We went to investigate, and when we reached the area of the source, we found this dragon waiting there. He has been questioned, but apparently has no idea what he is or what he was doing in your kingdom."

"Hmm, sounds like a spy to me, though your appearance is rather odd. Oh well, doesn't matter to me as long as he puts up a good fight. Place him into a cell in the arena, and if he dies I'll end up giving as a present to Queen Burn. If he lives until her arrival I'll have him moved to the cage with the other present. As soon as that is done, you two are dismissed. And you…" She said, pointing a claw at me. "You will fight tomorrow. I suppose after the disappointment of today's fight, two special fights will make up for it. Do not disappoint me." And with that, the guards bowed once more before carrying me away.

They moved swiftly through the halls once more, this time taking a different route to what I could only assume was the arena. Once outside, I could see a large lower area surrounded by stone walls, presumably where prisoners like myself were forced to fight. Above that were the stands carved from stone where the audience would watch, including a part that jutted out and was taller than the stands, where the Queen would most likely be watching from. Finally, surrounding the whole arena where circular platforms where chained dragons were connected to, with all of the dragons being connected by cables similar to the ones that I was currently restrained in.

I was soon taken to an empty platform, where the guards lowered me down and began to mess with the cables. As I was being strapped in, the guards started talking. "You're lucky Queen Scarlet seemed to have other things on her mind today. If she didn't, she most likely would have driven some unanswered questions out of you herself. Now, what's your name?"

I blinked at him, before asking, "Why do you want to know my name? It's not like it matters much, since I'm a prisoner now."

"Ugh, you're going to be fighting tomorrow, and the dragons are always announced to the crowd before every fight. Since we don't know what kind of dragon you are, we can at least give the crowd a name to either cheer or boo for, depending on how the fight goes. Now I'm not going to repeat myself. What is your name?"

Not wanting to upset him, I just said the first thing that came to mind. "Static." I spoke, quickly coming up with a name that would fit.

"Huh. Well, it will work for now. Good luck in the arena tomorrow, Static." And with that, the guards flew off, and I released a breath I didn't know I had been holding in.

I was somewhat glad i gave a fake name that made sense. If I was going to be a dragon that shot lightning, a name that involved electricity would have to work. I managed a small laugh. I wasn't feeling too good at that point, mainly due to how i was reevaluating everything that had happened up to this point. Let's see, I had begun to walk home, I took a shortcut through the woods, felt as if I was being watched and thus ran, fell down a hole, crawled through a cave, saw a cool cavern, read a bunch of mumbo jumbo, got electrified, walked out into a new world, was turned into some strange form of dragon, and was now being kept prisoner to fight in an arena.

Not exactly my best day ever. Heck, even my wings were drooping because of how sad I was starting to get. I decided that the only way to get my mind off the depression was to focus on something else, so I decided to see what dragons were around me. On my right was a bright white and light blue dragon, with horns almost like icicles. On my left was another one of the aquatic looking dragons, though he was pale green and it looked like blood was coming out of his gills.

"Um, are you alright?" I tried asking the green dragon. His head swiveled towards me and he suddenly tried lunging at me, and I flinched back in surprise as thankfully his now noticeable extra amount of chains kept him in place. It still didn't stop him from trying to reach me as I stared in horror at him. Suddenly I heard a sad laugh from my other side. "Don't try talking to Gill. His mind is long gone. Then again, I guess a few months without water does that to you." I turned around to see the white dragon talking to me.

"What… what did he do to deserve that?" I asked hesitantly. The dragon looked up towards me, looking me over for a moment as if trying to decide what to make of me.

The dragon shook his head as he spoke. "He tried leading a peace movement among the prisoners, the fool. Scarlet didn't like that too much, and thus punished him severely." He then looked up at me. "So what kind of dragon are you? And what did you do to end up here?"

I sighed, going through this question yet again. "I'm still trying to figure that first question out myself. As for the second one, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The dragon laughed again, though he didn't actually seem amused. "Heh, yeah, you and almost everyone else here, especially those three. Rumor has it that they're the "dragonets of destiny" He said, pointing out three distinct shapes of dragons, one brown, one sky blue, and one black.

"Who are they? I saw them while I was being led into the Queen's throne room, but I didn't exactly have time to talk to them."

The dragon looked at me, puzzled. "You aren't from around here, are you?" He asked as I shook my head. "Well, then I got some explaining to do for you. Basically, you happened upon Pyrrhia here in the middle of a grand war."

"The tribe of the Sandwings had their Queen, Queen Oasis, murdered by scavengers. However, since she had three daughters, none of them could agree on who should be the new Queen. Instead of just settling it amongst themselves, the three sisters managed to drag almost every other tribe into a war to decide who should be the next Queen. Those three dragonets," he said, pointing them out again, "are part of a mythical prophecy that will supposedly end this blasted war. However, the war has only gone on for eighteen years, and the prophecy requires twenty. And I doubt that they'll be able to survive here for that long."

"Why is that?" I asked, though I felt like I already knew the answer.

"'Cause Scarlet has daily fights for her amusement, and every time a dragon wins a few fights, they get to fight her champion." He practically spat out the word. "It's a rigged system, because her champion can not be beaten."

"Why can't they be beaten? Everyone has to have a weakness." I said, puzzled and worried by what he was saying.

"...You are one curious dragon. Well, she doesn't have a weakness. Scarlet's monstrous champion Peril has firescales, and everything she touches bursts into flames. If you had been here a few hours earlier, you would have seen it in action." I gulped, not exactly wanting to see a dragon burned alive. "So, back to the original question with those three dragonets, I heard that they were being kept underground, and tried to escape, but when they did, they unfortunately ran into Scarlet, and then proceeded to sign their fates by attacking her. I'm not sure if they'll be able to survive any fights though, because I doubt anyone here would willingly die for them."

"What will you do if you have to fight them?" I asked. He stared at me for a moment before answering. "I guess I'll have to kill them. I don't like it, and I'll go easy on them, but apparently the prophecy was already ruined, with rumors of the Skywing already being either dead or kept deep in Scarlet's personal prison. When it comes down to either their lives or my life, I'm going to try to extend mine. The same goes if i have to fight you, except the part where i go easy. Now any other questions?"

"Just one. What's your name?" I asked him. He looked confused and hesitant again, before shrugging and answering. "My name is Fjord, not like it should matter." And with that, he turned away and lied down, more than likely to go to sleep.

I decided to follow his example, and as my eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep, I felt all my worries come rushing back to me, all in the form of nightmares that were soon to come to me in my restless sleep.

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