It has been 4 days sense Kouga joined the group. Inuyasha was still very unhappy about it. Miroku didn't really care about him joining. Kagome & Shippo were ok with the idea. Kagome let Kouga keep the 2 shards that he had and let him stay in the camp site with them. Inuyasha did not keep his eyes off of him to make sure that he did not go after Kagome because he knew something was going to happen to Kagome in just a few days. It was near time for Kagome to go into heat & Inuyasha new it. Inuyasha knew that if Kouga is a wolf demon he would sense it and might take her.

Inuyasha has only seen Kagome come in three times before. But during this time Inuyasha stays far away from her because if he was near her he may turn on her. Well the next day they set off looking for shards. Inuyasha kept seeing Kouga look over at Kagome. Kagome was not in just yet but he thought Kouga new. "Hey Inuyasha why are you watching Kouga so strange all of a sudden?" said Kagome. Inuyasha just turned his head & kept walking.

Latter on they found a demon with one shard & well like always Inuyasha went after it. Two minutes latter the demon was dead & Kagome got the shard. That night for some reason Kouga slept away from Kagome. Inuyasha slept not to far from her but close enough to see, smell, & hear her. The next day Sango woke up first & than Miroku woke up & went over to Sango. "Good morning Sango" "Good morning Miroku" they said. Than right after Sango turned to pick up her blanket Miroku did what she hates most. Miroku had his hand on her back end rubbing it.

Than Sango turned right around & left a big slap on his face. Kagome finely woke up. Inuyasha was just waking up & Kouga just woke up. Shippo was still sound asleep. Kagome got him up so they could set off. For the next 2 days Kagome noticed that Kouga & Inuyasha were watching her & each other with mean looks on there faces. "It's near time" Kouga thought. Inuyasha new it was time to go hunt for some food to eat but he did not want to go & leave Kagome. "Hey Miroku go hunt for the food tonight" "Inuyasha you know it is your turn to do that". Inuyasha got mad but left to go fine food. Around ten minutes latter he came back with a really big hog.

Sango got a fire ready to cook it. "Why is Kouga staring at me so much today?" Inuyasha saw Kouga move a little closer to Kagome. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr "he better not try it". Kagome noticed Inuyasha's ears down & he was growling. "Inuyasha are you ok?" Inuyasha just kept looking at Kouga. Kagome knew she had feelings for Inuyasha & Kouga but did not want to show them. Inuyasha & Kouga new it was close very close it might be in two days or so. That night Inuyasha did not sleep he watched Kouga all night.

Around one o'clock am Inuyasha saw Kouga sleeping so he went over to Kagome to sniff her to see if it was going to be soon. Inuyasha looked at her so deeply & he realized how sweet smelling she was & how beautiful she was in the moonlight. Kouga just woke up then saw Inuyasha right by Kagome. Kouga took after Inuyasha & stared yelling at him. "Get away from her don't you get near her!" "Why should I get away from her?" They both stared at each other with there fangs showing & claws ready to rip each other apart. Than Kagome woke up to see Inuyasha & Kouga standing in fount of her fighting. "Wh….what are you two doing at this hour?" They both just turned away & walked far apart from each other. In the morning they all set off. Kouga could smell the sent coming from Kagome & so could Inuyasha. They both new in a few hours it will be time.

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