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well it was the day and Inuyasha knew the first sign by when Kagome told him see was in pain. Inuyasha did not know what to do he jumped up at first to go ask Miroku or Sango for help. His hart was pounding from seeing Kagome in pain and breathing very hard. Miroku told Inuyasha to get Kagome to lay on the ground. So Inuyasha got Kagome and laid her back on the ground with him holding her head up on his lap. Miroku was the one to deliver the baby or babies. Sixty minutes latter Kagome had her first baby. It was a girl with white hair and little ears.

Two minutes after that she had a little boy with black hair and little ears. Inuyasha could not believe his eyes he had two kids. Kagome held her babies for the first time and smiled at them both. They both also had little tails. Inuyasha looked at them both and Kagome let Inuyasha hold the little boy. Inuyasha was so happy to see that she had two and that she was ok. "Hey there little one I'm your daddy" Inuyasha said. Inuyasha held his son for a few minutes than let Kagome have him back. He looked at his little baby girl. "She has with hair like me". "Yes I know and your son has black hair like me. Miroku let Inuyasha and Kagome rest for a few hours. After 3 hours of rest Kagome ate some fish Inuyasha got for her. "Inuyasha we need to give them names. Are you going to pick the boys name?" "Well I can, his name will be Yasha." "Ok and I pick Yugi." Kagome put Yugi and Yasha in a blanket and let them sleep. It was very quit for the next few days all

Kagome did was sit around. Inuyasha watched the babies. Miroku watched Sango. Sango started to show signs of going to have a baby soon. Miroku was not to worried about it because he knew what to do and how to do it. Well one morning Sango yelled to Miroku it's time and Miroku took Sango and laid her on the ground he told her to calm down don't rush. Sango could not help but scream. Minutes went by than a hour. Finely Sango had her baby. It was a little boy. Sango was so happy to have her own baby. She laid there for a few and held the little baby. She named it Stuart. Latter own Sango showed Inuyasha and Kagome the baby. They were happy for Sango. Shippo loved to see new people in the group but he really liked the new babies. The months went by and they all were doing fine. They all hoped to have a good life tougher. Not knowing what will happen next they all wished it would be good.

~The End~


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