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Music is Magic Challenge

By: Dis Lexic

Dumbledore once said that music is a type of magic and he was right. What if, in order to escape the Dursleys and the Magical Worlds abuse, Harry turned to music? With the help of a guitar found in the attic, Harry begins to break free of the bonds that hold him and forge his own path.


Must start either before Hogwarts or after one of the years when Harry becomes an outcast. Second, fourth or fifth.=Starts fourth year.

Harry MUST oppose the prophecy by refusing to fight Voldemort.

Harry discovers Sound Magic. How this works is up to you. It could be manipulating emotions through music or amplifying vibrations to attack.

If before fourth year, Harry performs at the Ball.

Sirius is freed and fully supports Harry.


Harry fighting in the war.

Doormat Harry.

Golden Trio staying together. Harry's decision to become a musician causes a rift between them. This does not mean that both Ron and Hermione have to abandon him.

If set during Fourth Year, the ritual in the graveyard cannot succeed. Harry no longer views Voldie as an enemy; he only wants to play his music, not fight. As such, the Blood of Enemy part doesn't work.


Harry forms a band.=Yes. Band is Phantom Betrayal.

With his new outlook on life, he buries the hatchet with Malfoy and the Slytherins. This could be what causes the rift as Ron doesn't like it.=yes

Harry leaves Britain.=yes




italic=dreams, flashback, letters/news articles

bold italic=thoughts




Living in Danger

From the outside the house looked like any other on the street. The same brick houses with the same slanting back roofs. The same manicured gardens and mowed lawns with nothing littering the driveways. The only thing different were the numbers on the houses, directly over the mailboxes. Yes, Privet Drive was an utterly boring neighborhood where nothing seemed to change and everything stayed the same. Had anyone ventured onto the street they wouldn't have known that a very special boy lived in Number 4 or of the suffering the boy endured by two very different and at the same time ignorant worlds.

Lightning flashed outside a two story brick home on the quiet street called Privet Drive. It was followed five minutes later by a loud clap of thunder that startled the sleeping teenager awake from his restless slumber. His snowy white owl was off hunting somewhere. Ever since he had let it slip that his godfather was a mass murderer and an escaped convict from the wizard prison when he'd got off the platform 9 ¾ at the beginning of summer, his relatives had left him alone for the most part though it didn't stop them from giving Harry chores and he still had to do all the cooking in the house for his greedy relatives.

Harry had found this CD called The Sign by the Swedish Pop Group, Ace of Base, in a box up in the attic when Aunt Petunia had sent him up there to clean it out. He had found a box with the name Lily Evans written on the side. The boy sleepily rubbed at his eyes, his glasses having fallen off onto the floor of the attic as he sat up, groaning and rubbing his stiff neck. He must have fallen asleep in the attic with the CD on. The box wasn't the only thing here though. There was also his mother's school trunk from Hogwarts.

In the box were letters his mother had written to her parents and Petunia when she had been at Hogwarts, some family photographs which Harry planned on adding to his photo album, and a photo album that chronicled her seven years at Hogwarts. Harry had been surprised to see pictures of his mom and his hated professor, Professor Snape, as children together. He hadn't yet looked through his mother's trunk but the box had a lot of interesting things inside it. At school Harry had heard all about his father and how he was a chaser but hardly anything about his mother. Perhaps this box and his mother's trunk would give him a chance to learn about her.

Rubbing his neck to try to get the stiffness out, he stood and stretched his arms above his head before making his way down the stairs and back to his room, tiptoeing past his aunt and uncle's room before entering his own and attempting to get some sleep before he had to get up in the morning to cook breakfast for his relatives.

Morning came all too soon for the soon-to-be fourth year student who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry somewhere in northern Scotland. The clock that Harry had fixed went off at 6AM and he quickly turned it off so as not to wake his aunt and uncle from their rest. Rubbing at his eyes, Harry Potter got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower, making sure to use the cold water so 'precious Diddydum' wouldn't have to suffer a lack of hot water. Pulling on some jeans and an oversized shirt that had once belong to his cousin, like all of his clothing except for underwear and socks, Harry Potter went downstairs to make breakfast for his loving family, all the while thinking about his mother's school trunk and the box with her stuff in it. He knew that his Aunt Petunia hated her sister so why would she have kept his mother's things from Hogwarts? Or was it from their parents? Aunt Petunia had said when Hagrid had come to give him his school letter on his eleventh birthday that her parents were proud of having a witch in the family. But that still didn't explain why his aunt would…Harry shook his head. It was too much to think about.

Harry was just making a pot of fresh coffee for Uncle Vernon when the baby whale that was Dudley Dursley stomped down the stairs and came into the kitchen, purposely bumping into Harry and causing the plate in his hand to wobble in an attempt to get Harry in trouble with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. However, Harry just held the plate tightly in his hands and carried into the kitchen where he set it down in front of his uncle. He then served Aunt Petunia and Dudley before taking a very small portion of everything for himself and sitting down at the table.

Dudley was smirking at Harry like he knew something Harry didn't. Harry looked at his aunt but she ignored him and then chanced a glance at his uncle who looked down the table at him and smiled. "Boy!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked.

"We're going on vacation for the next three weeks. You boy are going to do all your normal chores and make sure the house is ready for us to come back too in three weeks."

Harry tried not to look overjoyed at the fact that he wouldn't have to deal with his relatives for the next three weeks of summer. However, his happiness must have showed for Uncle Vernon smiled nastily. "You'll be staying with Mrs. Figg for the next three weeks' boy…" Vernon started only for the phone to ring.

Petunia got up to get the phone and frowned as she talked to the person on the other line. She came back into the dining room and shot Harry a scowl which made the fourteen-year-old wizard shrink in his seat. "Bad news Vernon. Mrs. Figg is going out of town to visit family for a month and can't take the boy," she said as she sat down at the table again and looked at her husband.

"What? But we have been planning this trip for three weeks so we can get away from the freak! I even worked extra hours at Grunnings so we could save up money to go to go on that transatlantic cruise to America and then the week in America."

"Well we can't just take the boy with us," said Petunia.

Dudley started pretending to cry. "I…I…d…don't….wa…want…hi…him…t…to…c…come!"

"There now Dudders. The nasty little freak won't be coming with us on our vacation. I suppose we have no choice but to leave him here," said Aunt Petunia.

Uncle Vernon grumbled something. "Fine but boy you aren't to tell that godfather of yours or your freaky friends that you're all alone here. In fact, I think I'll make sure that you can't send any letters at all to any of those people."

Harry looked at his uncle with a sudden sense of foreboding as Uncle Vernon grabbed Harry and hit him over the head, knocking his glasses off his face before he smacked Harry across the face. Harry's vision spun as he got on his hands and knees in an attempt to look for his glasses only to hear the sound of glass breaking as Dudley stepped on the glasses that had been broken one too many times before when Harry was a child. Harry was then kicked in the ribs, feeling a few ribs crack on impact and was sent flying into the wall from the blow by his uncle's kick. Dazed, Harry was grabbed by his hair and dragged across the floor, past his cupboard and to the basement door before being tossed down the stairs.

Uncle Vernon came thundering down the stairs after Harry and the teen was thrown into a dog cage before it was locked. His uncle smirked at him and then went upstairs to go get that ruddy pigeon the boy had brought home every year since he'd found out he was a freak and brought the cage with the bird inside it downstairs. Hedwig was squawking and fluttering her wings in distress as she was carried downstairs by the fat whale that beat her human, her amber eyes gazing at Harry with sadness. "Uncle Vernon what are you doing with Hedwig?" asked Harry, fear showing in his eyes as he gazed at his friend.

"I'm going to make sure you can't send any more letters to your freaky friends, that school or your godfather," said Vernon as he set the cage down and opened the cage. He reached in a meaty hand and grabbed the snowy white owl by her neck, as Harry began screaming and pleading with his uncle to stop and that he would send her away if she was just left alone. "Now boy without your pigeon around, you'll be helpless!" Vernon shouted with glee. Hedwig slashed at Vernon's hands with her talons and tried to peck at him with her beak but couldn't move her head due to the tight grip around her neck. There was a sickening CRACK as the bird's neck was snapped in front of Harry's eyes and her broken body fell limply to the ground in front of the dog cage Harry had been thrust into moments earlier. Ignoring his nephew's screams of anguish and sobbing, Vernon stomped back upstairs to wash his hands and get the blood off before finishing his packing for the trip. Petunia had already packed last night and so had Dudley under his parents' supervision of course. After all someone had to make sure Dudley didn't try to smuggle his computer and VCR into his bag like when the Dursleys had run from the bloody owls during the summer before Harry had found out he was a wizard.

An hour later, the only sound in the house was the broken sobs of the thirteen-year-old wizard who was cradling the body of his only true friend and companion, having spent the past hour after hearing the Durselys car pull out of the driveway and head down the road, trying to get out of the dog cage he had been locked within. Unsucessful with getting his hand through the bars to attempt to pick the lock, his magic had reacted due to the emotion of losing his feathery companion, causing the cage door to blow off its hinges as sadness and anger overwhelemed the bespectacled boy. The snowy owl had been his first friend and his first birthday present. She had always been there for him last year during the fighting with Ron and Hermione and then in second year when the entire school had turned against him for being a Parslemouth. Now she was gone and he was left alone here for three weeks though with the way his family was, who knew if they weren't just using the vacation as an excuse to move somewhere else where they could be a normal family. Either way he was stuck here and had no way of contacting anybody now.

Harry Potter sat up and left Hedwig's body on the floor, his vison blurry from the tears streaming down his face and being without his glasses. Getting to his feet, he made his way upstairs to the bathroom and removed a towel and a small trash bag to wrap up Hedwig. He couldn't stay here anymore. Hedwig was the only reason he hadn't run away from this place thirteen years ago and now that she was gone…well there was nothing keeping him here.

Harry waited until the heat of the day when he knew nobody would be outside to notice a teenager digging a grave in the backyard before going to the shed out back and removing the shovel. He buried Hedwig's body in the garden and put the shovel back when he was done, covering the grave with heavy stones. Then he went into the house and took a shower before making some sandwiches and grabbing some snack cakes and water to take with him. He had a little gold within his pocket as well as the signed permission form from Sirius to visit Hogsmeade on weekends and made his way outside with his trunk and his mother's trunk. Harry Potter would never step foot in this house again if he could avoid it.

Dragging both trunks outside, he pulled out his wand and raised his right arm. A moment later there was a loud crack as a triple-decker purple bus appeared out of nowhere. Knight Bus shone on the side and over the windshield. Harry dragged the trunks on board with him and told the conductor to take him to the Leaky Cauldron. With a roar, the bus sped off, and as Harry Potter left Privet Drive for what he hoped was the last time, the wards surrounding the property and the street dissipated.