This little ficlet popped into my head starting with this scene. I fought with the ending a bit but I think you'll like where it goes :)

She approached the gate slowly. "Gryffindor courage," she reminded herself. She touched the gate cautiously. The wards still recognized her, at least. That was something.

She pushed the gate open and walked up the steps to the townhouse and knocked three times. She couldn't decide if she wanted him to be home or not.

His house elf opened the door. "Hellos, Mz Hermione," Ducky smiled. "I is happy to see you again. Master Draco is being happy to see you again too." Ducky hesitated. "But you is waiting here for Master Draco," she told Hermione. That was more of what Hermione had been expecting.

Ducky shut the door again and Hermione waited at the top of the steps.

Draco took his sweet time in coming to the door. She knew the townhouse well enough to know that whenever he could have been, it would not have taken seven minutes to get to the door. She hadn't intended to count. She hadn't wanted to know. But she did. And it didn't bode well.

He opened the door and leaned against the door frame. She hadn't seen him in three weeks and he was so bloody cocky but so handsome. He didn't seem any worse for the wear for their time apart. She knew she was. She wished she'd managed to cover the bags under his eyes before coming over. It didn't help her nerves that he still looked spectacular and knew it.

"Hello," he said, as if to a stranger. That killed her. "How are you?"

She was shaken by his nonchalance. She had imagined he would be happy to see her again, would sweep her up into his arms again and kiss her. She had feared he would shut the door in her face. But she had never once thought, best case or worst case, that she would encounter this much indifference.

"I'm fine, and you?" She asked, trying to match his tone.

"I'm great," he said, but his eyes flashed dangerously. "But you didn't just come by to ask about my day, did you?"

Merlin, he knew what she was going to do and he was already goading her about it. Gryffindor courage. She went for it anyway. "No, I didn't. I… well, you've heard about the marriage law."

He nodded. "I have."

He was going to force her to spell it all out, the bastard.

"I know things haven't been exactly easy between us lately," she said. That was one way to describe it. They had a row and hadn't spoken since and it had been three weeks. She was looking down at her shoes. "But technically, we qualify as a good match under the law. And I do still… I do have feelings for you. I think we were heading that way eventually anyway. And so I wanted to ask if you'd—"

"On one knee, Granger," he interrupted.

He shook her nerve. "What?" She asked.

"If you're going to propose to me, have the decency to do it properly, on one knee. I did. I deserve at least the same courtesy, I think," he was making fun of her and she couldn't tell if it was malicious or not.

"Fine." She regretted wearing a skirt. She struggled to get on one knee without flashing him—although maybe if she did this would go easier. "Draco Malfoy, would you marry me?" She finally asked.

"What a terrible proposal," he complained. "There were no declarations of an undying love that burns like a thousand suns. I think I deserve something a little more romantic."

She wondered if she could just reach out and grab his ankle and yank it out from under him to watch him fall. That would swipe the smug look off his face.

She felt her jaw clench but she forced herself to take a breath and smile. "Draco, there is no one else I would rather spend my life with. Please do me the great honor of marrying me."

The prat had the nerve to just shrug. "I'll think about it," he said, and then he shut the door in her face.

Sodding bastard.