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Kagome awoke to the bright sun's rays pouring in through her window and bathing her in a golden light, much as it had done for the past sixteen years of her life - whenever she happened to wake up at home, which was becoming a rare occurrence as of late. Letting out a little sigh, she put one hand over her face to block the intense beams, proceeding to roll over on her side, hoping just for five more minutes of sleep. Just five more minutes and then she'd-

It was then that she remembered.

Shooting up in bed, Kagome gripped the sheets on her bed until her knuckles turned white as her head swiveled around the room quickly; eyes wide and mind slow as she tried to piece everything together. What had happened? Why was she back in the modern era? That explosion! The pain in her chest! The blue light! Her friends! How had she gotten back in her bed?

Shakily getting to her feet, Kagome scanned the premises for anything suspicious, unsure whether to be disappointed or relieved when she found nothing out of the ordinary in her pastel colored room. On the one hand, she was apparently now out of danger. But on the other, she was thoroughly confused. Where had all that magic that had been attacking her gone? Had she passed out, and then been brought back home by Inuyasha? Wouldn't be the first time.

The last thing the girl remembered was a deep, powerful magic rushing at her, and filling her to the brim with a mighty spell Kagome knew would mean nothing but trouble for she and her friends. She had tried to repel it, and send it back to its master - but it had been too potent, and in the end had overcome her, leaving the young miko scared and wary. What was this spell forcing itself on her, and what was its purpose?

Kagome didn't have a chance to consider the numerous options that this thought presented, because it was at that moment that an ear piercing shriek filled the Higurashi home. An eerily familiar shriek, that seemed wildly out of place. Kagome narrowed her eyes and quickly left her room, briskly trotting down the hall, while searching for the source of the cry.

She found it in her family's guestroom. That was suddenly. no longer a guestroom.

"Shippou?" Kagome asked, eyes widening as she spotted the small kitsune in the old guestroom, which had been completely transformed into a child's bedroom, apparently overnight. The sensation of seeing the little demon in modern times made Kagome's head spin, but as she looked at Shippou continue to cry his eyes out, it occurred to Kagome that maybe there were other things to be concerned about currently. "Shippou what's wrong?"

"Kagome?" the little kitsune demon sniffed, pausing in his sobs to acknowledge his friend and, as of late, maternal figure. "Kagome! What's happened!? Where am I!?" Acting on instinct, Kagome dropped to her knees, kneeling by the white and blue toddler bed, and swept Shippou up into her arms while cradling him gently.

"I don't know." she said, patting Shippou as he continued to tremble in her embrace. "I mean - I know! But I don't know why YOU'RE here,"

"Hu?" Shippou snuffled.

"You're in my time, Shippou!" Kagome explained, holding him away briefly so that he could look into her eyes. "You've been transported to year 2003!" Shippou visibly took a moment to register this information, eyes wide and mouth hanging open.

".But. how?" he breathed after a moment, letting Kagome put him back on his bed as he now scanned the room slowly, taking in everything with a new degree of fascination. "And why?"

"I can't tell you that Shippou, I mean, no one besides Inuyasha has ever come here!. but do you remember-"

"Shippou!" a worried voice called, as a new figure threw open the door to the room and startled both occupants. "I heard a scream and came as fast as I could. What's going on?"

It was Kagome's mother, Aiko Higurashi, and she was staring straight at Shippou with a concerned, motherly expression on her face.

"Umm." Shippou, whose cheeks were now dirty and tear stained, replied intelligently.

"Oh, baby, are you all right?" Mrs. Higurashi continued, kneeling by Shippou and putting her hands on his tiny shoulders.

"Mother?" Kagome asked unbelievingly. How did she know Shippou's name? She'd never seen him before!

"Hm?" Mrs. Higurashi replied, sounding distracted as she scanned a confused Shippou for any sign of detectable injury.

"You know Shippou?" the girl squeaked, putting a hand to her head.

"Now what sort of a question is that?" Kagome's mother said in a rather agitated tone of voice, turning to her eldest daughter and putting one hand on her hip. "Of course I know my own son!"


Our Maze Of Dreams

By Rio Grande

Chapter Two: Of Parents And Evil Plots


Inuyasha had never been in his life, to his knowledge, so completely baffled.

On some levels, everything around him was oddly familiar and nostalgic, reminding him of days long ago that he had almost completely forgotten when his life had taken a rather dramatic turn, and he had begun to lead a life as a vagabond of sorts. Well, he was a vagabond compared to what he had used to be, when he had lived in a palace like this one.

But because Inuyasha had found himself in a palace, with princely clothing left out neatly for him to adorn, and obedient servants waiting just outside the door, on another level, this was all very disorienting. What in the seven hells was going on here, and where were his friends?!

Inuyasha distinctly recalled feeling a great deal of pain, power, and an impending sense of doom when last he was conscious, and it scared him all the more to wonder just what had happened to that scenario, and why he was now dressed as the prince he had once been when his parents were still alive and living at their castle in the West. It all just left him feeling much as though he were his four-year-old self once more.

'I remember when I used to wear expensive clothing such as these.' Inuyasha said, pulling on his robes as he cautiously stuck his head out the door of his lavishly furnished room. All of this wealth and luxurious upholstery was making him slightly nervous, being the dirty hanyou that he was, and he needed to get out of this palace. Hopefully this action would also, eventually, reunite him with Kagome and the others.

Noticing a docile servant waiting patiently outside his door, Inuyasha's eyes narrowed evilly. Quick as a flash, his hand shot out, and when it returned to him it held within its mighty grip one scared servant, staring at Inuyasha with no small degree of horror.

"Y-your Royal Highness!" the little demon servant squeaked. This title triggered a memory for Inuyasha. Royal Highness. That's what they had called him back in the palace. it was the title for a prince or princess.

"Where the hell am I?" Inuyasha growled, pushing this information to the back of his mind, to be examined more closely at a later date.

"B-but. you're in your palace sir!" the servant choked, its face turning an uncomfortable shade of purple, as Inuyasha didn't loosen his grip around its throat. Inuyasha looked skeptical at the servant's words.

"My own palace? I don't have a palace! What is this - some trick of Naraku's? Have I been kidnapped and taken here? And where are my companions?!" However, Inuyasha's rant seemed to only baffle the little servant all the more, and soon he was whimpering so piteously in Inuyasha's death grip that the half demon had no choice but to let him go. The demon servant dropped to the ground, where he stayed on his knees and continued to genuflect before Inuyasha. This made the hanyou notably uncomfortable. Why was this idiot bowing before the demon who had just nearly killed him? It made him feel like someone not unlike Sesshomaru, and THAT Inuyasha especially hated. Sighing, and rubbing his head, Inuyasha decided that maybe it was time for a different approach.

"Um. okay - so let me try this again. Who are you? Where the Hell am I? And why are you addressing me as your prince?" Inuyasha shot gruffly, folding his arms and peering down at the sniffling servant who lay at his (extremely well dressed.) feet.

"Because you ARE a prince!" the servant cried out hysterically, near tears. Inuyasha snorted, rolling his golden eyes heavenwards.

"Yeah right, like that's-"

"Inuyasha! Inuyasha where are you?" a feminine voice called, echoing off the high ceiling of the hall Inuyasha currently stood in. Inuyasha tensed, his eyes going wide, and his posture freezing as he stared down the hall, waiting for the owner of the voice to come around the corner. That. that voice. it was so familiar. it was.

"Mother?" Inuyasha breathed, looking at Lady Inu of the Western lands come sweeping around the hall in a flurry of finely made kimonos and long, silky raven hair. Inuyasha couldn't breath as she approached him with a smile painted onto her rosy lips.

"Inuyasha!" she said, rather condescendingly. "Where have you been? Everyone is waiting for you downstairs. It's time for breakfast!"

"Breakfast." Inuyasha repeated slowly, as the little servant quickly scurried out of harms way.

"Yes! Breakfast! Now hurry, or your father will be angry."

Feeling much as though he had fallen into a dream, and not a particularly unpleasant one at that, Inuyasha let himself be led down the winding hall, so familiar in every way, by his smiling mother, her soft, delicate hands smooth as satin on his arm.

He had a father? His father was alive? He was going to get to see his father? He hardly remembered his father, the old man having died when he was very young. not that his mother hadn't too, but his father had died much earlier on. Hell, he couldn't even remember the sound of his voice.

"Here we are!" his mother said in her flowing soprano, entering the dining room with Inuyasha next to her, smiling pleasantly. Inuyasha took a look around and his breath was immediately caught in his throat. His heart stopped beating.

It was exactly the same.

Now, Inuyasha had only been around three the last time he was in this place, but the picture was suddenly resurrected in his mind, and it matched perfectly with the scene displayed before him now.

A shimmering room, filled with riches and tapestries and every sort of luxury a demon could want. A long table splattered with fine china and steaming, scrumptious delicacies prepared by the Inu's personal cooking staff. And along the table with the nobles of the castle: Inuyasha's family. Advisors. Allies to the Western lands. It was all like a living, breathing fantasy for the deprived hanyou, especially as his eyes fell upon his father, sitting proudly at the end of the table with his head of glimmering silver hair, familiar golden eyes, and dark markings along his face that signaled he was a true demon. King Daisuke. Lord of the Western lands. and his father.

And while Inuyasha would love to believe that this happy scene before him was real - the practical part of him wasn't buying into that idea.

'This is a trick. A mirage. I'm hallucinating. Any second now I'm going to wake up in the clutches of another one of Naraku's traps.' The half demon decided firmly, letting his mother seat him next to his father, never once letting his guard down the whole while.

"Well, glad you could make it," King Daisuke Inu chuckled, shaking his head at his favorite son. All around Inuyasha other nobles burst into polite little chortles, and Inuyasha felt himself redden. This atmosphere was far too friendly, far too familiar. It lulled him into a false sense of security, and he couldn't afford to let that happen.

"Yeah, me too." Inuyasha said hesitantly, eyeing his 'father' warily as the demon's attention was brought elsewhere.

"Well, what are we waiting for everyone? Dig in," King Inu said jovially, proceeding to cut into his own breakfast, and thus signaling that others could start as well now. Quickly, the sound of utensils and cutlery clanging against china filled the large room. and Inuyasha hesitated. Should he eat? Was this food poisoned? Would it look too suspicious if he hesitated? Did he even care what these people thought? They were obviously not real.

"Something wrong Inuyasha?" Queen Inu asked, leaning over to her son with a concerned expression flickering in her deep brown eyes. "Do you not like your breakfast?" Those eyes. they were so honest, so loving. It made him want to do whatever she said. But.

"No, it's fine," Inuyasha said brusquely, casually picking up his chopsticks, and making a motion as though he were about to commence eating. This made Queen Inu relax, and she quickly turned back to her own meal. Inuyasha then proceeded to tactfully push his food around his plate, while silently getting a good look at everyone around the table.

They were all mostly demon nobles, since this was a demon court, and they were the sort of powerful demons who, if Inuyasha were anywhere else, wouldn't be caught dead dining with a human and a lowly hanyou. However, since they were at his father's palace, and since everyone knew better then to question Daisuke's rule, Inuyasha was always accepted in his father's home. That thought used to bring a smile to Inuyasha's face, when he remembered how SAFE he used to be with his father. but now it only made his stomach churn uncomfortably. This wasn't REAL! This setup, no matter how convincing, wasn't reality, and Inuyasha couldn't let himself believe that he was truly protected within these walls.

Suddenly, a little detail caught Inuyasha's attention, and his eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Where's Sesshomaru?" he spat.

Of course! Why hadn't he thought of it before? This must be Sesshomaru's doing! The conniving bastard had tried to use Inuyasha's deceased family against him before, and probably wouldn't hesitate to do it again. This entire thing was most likely just another attempt to steal the Tetsusaiga from him! Why, even now, the revered blade was no longer at Inuyasha's hip. The half demon clenched his clawed fists threateningly as the thought burned into his mind and made him growl uncontrollably. "Where is he?!" Usually, if his memory served him correctly, Sesshomaru sat to the left of his father. but today the demon was suspiciously absent.

All around the table, lords and ladies looked taken a back at the young prince's outburst, and Inuyasha's fake parents appeared to be particularly disturbed.

"Why, who is Sesshomaru?" Queen Kimiko Inu asked, her delicate features placed in a small frown.

"My brother, that's who!" Inuyasha barked fiercely.

"Now, no need to get defensive my boy," Inuyasha's father said, looking a bit perturbed as Inuyasha got to his feet and scanned the dining room fervently, as if expecting the dreaded half brother to be waiting in the shadows at that very moment. "Just calm down," he added in a harsher tone.

This command, so fatherly and demanding, almost unconsciously made Inuyasha go back to his seat, where he continued to simmer suspiciously, letting his mother rest one hand on his shoulder none the less.

"Inuyasha." she said cautiously. "We don't know what you're talking about. You don't HAVE a brother."

"But- he's my half brother," Inuyasha tried, feeling very frustrated. What sort of tricks were these people playing now?

"You don't have a half brother either," his mother confirmed, a small smile playing around the edges of her mouth now. "Is this some sort of game Inuyasha? Are you trying to be amusing?"

"No!" Inuyasha quickly spat, shaking his head. "It's Sesshomaru! He's my half brother and he's after the Tetsusaiga!"

"The Tetsusaiga?" King Inu said, frowning deeply. "But - it's right here, with me," And indeed, strapped to his father's waist was the mighty Steel Cleaving Fang, looking more healthy and tended for than Inuyasha had ever seen it, resting peacefully in its powerful scabbard. Inuyasha got to his feet once more, eyes locked on the weapon.

"How did you get it?!" he asked, nearly shaking with a mixture of fury and confusion. How dare this imposter take his sword! How dare he! "Give it back!" Unthinkingly, Inuyasha rushed forward at the thing wearing his father's face, claws extended, and fangs bared. Sesshomaru was going to be in for a nasty surprise if he thought he could play this sort of trick on Inuyasha TWICE and get away with it!

"My Lord! Be careful! Inuyasha - what are you doing?!" Lady Inu cried, throwing her hands to her face as she watched her son violently hurl himself at her husband.

"Son!" Lord Inu boomed, his eyes taking on a dark tint as he watched Inuyasha leap at him. Acting on instinct, the demon King gracefully ripped the Tetsusaiga from his waist and used the broad side of it to shield himself from Inuyasha's fearsome attack. This action created a shining, hard, and painful force field that pushed Inuyasha back with the customary blinding flash of light that created a small explosion with its presence.

This action was so familiar to Inuyasha, as he had performed it many times himself when in danger, and the look on his father's face was of such utter confusion and helplessness, yet containing an inner burning passion that reminded Inuyasha so completely of himself, the young hanyou fell back almost simply because he was surprised, landing sharply on his butt.

"Oomph!" Inuyasha hissed, shaking a bit as he quickly recovered from his father's powerful block.

"Inuyasha!" his mother cried once more, throwing herself at his side, and hesitantly helping him to his feet with glimmering eyes. "What's gotten into you?"

"I-I." Inuyasha said, looking at that face that truly held worry and love for . him. She was concerned about him. And that look in her eyes was too memorable to be fake, as she had given it to him many times when he was younger. Even his father, though still in a defensive position, looked immensely concerned for his only son. Inuyasha felt his heart constrict oddly. This was. very disorienting.

"Come, let us to the garden," his mother said softly, leading him away from the scared onlookers at the dining table, and to the back door where servants stood waiting. "I do believe you need some fresh air. Perhaps we HAVE been keeping you too cooped up with your studies."

"Y-yes," King Inu agreed, running a claw through his shimmering silver hair that pooled around his shoulders. "Everyone, please continue your breakfast. We will return shortly," And with that, the entire royal family excused themselves to the garden, speaking in hushed tones.

And even as Inuyasha tried to organize his wildly scattered thoughts, while clutching his head and attempting to control his erratic breathing. he noted that the garden was familiar as well. Fields of exotic and beautiful flowers, spots of shade created by gracefully winding, bending, lush trees and the occasional stone bench scattered about a dirt path. He breathed in the familiar floral scent, and the moist, extremely well cared for dirt. It helped to calm his frizzed nerves... very possibly because Kagome usually smelled flowery as well.

"Inuyasha, would you care to explain what that performance was about?" His mother said once all three family members were outside, and had a proper amount of privacy. "Are you ill?"

"No. no - I'm not ill!" Inuyasha groaned, taking a seat on a marble bench and resting his head in his hands. His parents traded worried glances before taking seats on either side of him, their movements cautious, as though they were dealing with a recently sedated, violent beast.

"Then what was all that?" his father asked suspiciously. "Your half brother Sesshomaru? Honestly, I think we'd know if you had a brother,"

"Yes," Inuyasha agreed dully, if not only to get the man off his back. So no one knew Sesshomaru existed besides him. all right. that was okay. he'd deal. Actually, it was rather.


No more Sesshomaru. No more evil brothers around to torment and torture him when he was at his weakest. No more cruel, sadistic, unreasonably strong bastards around to put he and his friends at risk. No more Sesshomaru trying to steal the Tetsusaiga.

Hell, this was bloody perfect! Why hadn't he seen how good this was before? Why had he been CONCERNED over the fact that Sesshomaru didn't exist in this place?

And while Inuyasha was still very hesitant in believing that any of this was real - if it did in fact turn out to be reality, at least he wouldn't have to live with his annoying brother any longer!

However there was another thing that was oddly unsettling about this whole scenario. It all seemed a bit like. like.

His wishes. From back at Itazura's house.

"Oh my God," Inuyasha said, abruptly standing, and staring off into the distance, over the fence at the back of the garden, where the path ended.

"Inuyasha?" Queen Inu asked, staring after her son as he raced to the back of the garden, and the edge of the Inu's private property. Honestly, what was amiss with her son today?

As if in a daze, Inuyasha came to stand just next to the fence, one shaking hand clutching the barrier as he gazed off into the distance, slack jawed. Those structures. so tall, so massive, so filled with life. There were so many people out there, so many different auras, so much energy! This too was familiar, although not because it was a distant memory. It was because he had seen it all recently. It was. he was.

In Kagome's time!


"Please, stand still my Lady," a polite little servant requested, taking an obi and winding it around Sango's small waist carefully, with nimble, quick hands, while Sango continued to squirm and peer around the room cautiously.

"Oh. Sorry." Sango said distantly, trying hard to conceal her fear and suspicion as she let a collection of female servants dress her in the finest silk kimono Sango had ever had the privilege to lay eyes upon - much less wear.

Said kimono was a dusty gray color, glimmering in a way that made it appear almost silver, with dark flowers scattering its length. It was accompanied by a rich, subtle, brown obi with a nicely stitched flower pattern as well. And it felt like heaven on Sango's pale flesh. but she had no time to marvel over this. In fact, it was almost besides the point. There were more important things to be concerned with now, and Sango wouldn't let her guard down for a minute.

Why was she in a rich noble's home? Why were these servants treating her as their Lady? Didn't they see that she was nothing but a traveling youkai hunter? Just minutes earlier, Sango had been awoken by a collection of servants, all speaking very quickly about one urgent thing or another, addressing her formally and - before the woman had gathered her wits and had time to protest - began to undress her.

It was at this point that Sango began to worry.

Just where was she? Why was she being dressed as well as any princess would be, and how come she was no longer with her companions? She remembered there being some sort of explosion in Kaede's village, and just after her world turned a peculiar color of blue she also recalled blacking out due to the extreme pain rushing through her veins in place of blood. But now.. Now she was here.

And she had absolutely no idea as to why.

"Excuse me," she asked, politely as she could, as the servants began to lead her out of the room with gently prodding hands, all murmuring quietly among themselves. Apparently they were in some sort of rush.

"Yes Lady Sango?" they all replied quickly, bowing their heads, as though awaiting further instruction. It made Sango uncomfortable, as she had never had any servants of her own before, and didn't know what to say to them. Oh, hell.

"Could you all tell me where I am?" she asked flatly, giving off a fake smile, and preparing to defend herself if these seemingly innocent servants should turn out to be enemies - even without her boomerang bone, which was apparently missing.

"What do you mean Lady Sango?" one of the servants asked, cocking her head. "You are at home."

"Home," Sango repeated, narrowing her eyes. "And where exactly is home?"

But before anyone had time to elaborate on this, a high-pitched mewing sound reached Sango's ears, and immediately the seventeen year old dropped to the ground to meet her little cat youkai.

"Kirara!" she gasped, sweeping her favorite pet into her arms and hugging her. Well, at least not EVERYONE was missing. "Do you know where we are, pet?" she whispered conspiratorially into the cat demon's ear, slowly rising to her feet. She was hardly surprised when Kirara gave no verbal answer.

"My lady, we really must hurry, your father said-"

"Sango!" someone cried, throwing open the door to the richly furnished room, and nearly making Sango's heart stop. The girl stood silently for a moment as she watched the new person rush into the room happily, squeezing Kirara perhaps a bit too tightly, and watching the servants part respectfully to the side as someone of a higher status entered Sango's bedroom.

It was Kohaku.

"K-Kohaku." Sango gasped quietly, not believing her eyes as her finely dressed, totally healthy younger brother hopped into the room and stood before her, smiling. Her throat closed up, but she blinked away any sign of tears or anything that could potentially reveal she was very touched by his sudden presence. She had been ensnared in one too many spells that centered around her weakness over Kohaku to be fooled once more. "What are."

"Father, err, Master beckons you!" he said cheerfully, a smile spreading across his freckled face as he rocked back on the balls of his feet, and acting much as he had on that day. that fateful day before they had gone to meet their doom by way of a spider demon.

"Father." Sango said, stepping forward as though in a trance, part of her desperate to see if Kohaku's words were true, another part of her vehemently warning her against following this Kohaku look alike. It was probably one of her enemy's tricks. Or more specifically. Naraku's.

'If only Kagome-chan were here, she could tell me if there was the presence of a shikon shard on my brother. or if he's really back to life.' However even as she thought this idea, the improbability of it all hit Sango full on. This was ridiculous. How could her family be alive? She had seen the graves of every single person in her village, and knew better than to believe they could all be alive once more. Why was she letting her imagination get the better of her? This was OBVIOUSLY a trap.

"Yes. let's see father," Sango said after a moment, holding her head up high as she was led out of the room. What was this? Was someone trying to create a utopia for her in an effort to let her defenses drop? This was preposterous. And she was going to get to the bottom of it all.

"He said he has something special planned for you but won't tell anyone about it! It's a really big surprise and I wanna know what it is!" Kohaku babbled, trotting along next to his elder sister, with a parade of servants following silently behind.

"Hm. so do I," 'Then I can rip my enemies heart out and curse him for making me live through this false dream - it hurts just to look at you, Kohaku. You seem so real!' Sango thought, closing her eyes so she wouldn't have to look at the vision of her beloved brother dance along next to her. She kept her eyes closed all the way as they walked down the finely crafted stairs of the large estate Sango had found herself in, physically unable to look at Kohaku any longer. and it wasn't until a booming voice caught her attention did Sango even dare observe her surroundings.

"Sango! It's about time you woke up!" a painfully familiar voice chortled from merely a few feet ahead. From her peripheral vision she saw Kohaku trot on ahead to the man waiting at the end of the hall. And although she didn't want to, although she knew it would tear her heart in two to see his face, although she knew she would regret it, Sango lifted her head up to see. her late Father. "I have a surprise for you!" her father, her wonderful, brave, strong, noble father said, folding his arms and smiling at his eldest daughter. Sango stared at him dully, suddenly feeling much as though someone had just punched her in the gut.

He looked the same as she remembered him, basically. Dark hair, broad shoulders, weather worn skin. but now he wore fine robes and jewelry, and appeared to have taken on the role of rich lord. This confused Sango a bit, and she distantly wondered why the enemy had chosen this scenario for her family to live in.

It was then that she noticed the people around her.

Walking down the halls, dining in side rooms, bustling about while talking and laughing. were the members of her old village. Old and young, male and female they were all there, dressed finely and taking the place as occupants of a noble household. It was obvious that she and her family held the highest status in the house, but something in Sango's heart bubbled happily at the sight of her old friends all living so comfortably. Against her will, a small smile appeared on her face.

"They're all here." she breathed, momentarily forgetting this was all just an evil trick.

"Come Sango, to the drawing room, we have much to discuss," her father said, throwing one arm around her shoulder and leading the stunned teen to a lavishly decorated room. Halting, Lord Shiro turned to look at his son, frowning playfully. "But not you Kohaku,"

"Aww man!" Kohaku whined, scuffing his foot on the floor before running off, whistling a merry tune. Sango stared after him, barely resisting the urge to follow her little brother, suddenly fearing, at the sight of his retreating back, that she might never see him again. He was running away. and she would never get to see his smiling face once more.

'But he's not real, so it's not as though what you just saw was the true Kohaku anyway. Meaning there is nothing to miss,' Sango reassured herself, tensing as her father slid the rice paper door closed behind him, and kneeled on the ground, motioning for Sango to sit by him on the smooth wooden floor. Against her better judgment, Sango did as she was told.

Moving in her delicately made kimono was more daunting than it looked, and she shuffled around awkwardly for a bit before getting into a comfortable kneeling position - one that would let her easily jump to her feet if the occasion called for it.

"My daughter," her father started out with, using that tone he often had when discussing very important, life altering matters. She remembered him speaking in that way on a few rare occasions on the past. The fact that this thing could impersonate her father's 'serious' tone so well gave Sango pause.

"Yes?" she said politely, staring intently at the man before her. His next words could determine just how this nightmare was going to end. Surely he would try and trick her with -

"Do you remember that young fellow I introduced you to last week at the spring celebration? The Prince?" Sango blinked, cocking her head and frowning. That wasn't what she had been expecting.

"Um. I suppose," she said carefully, wondering where this conversation was leading to now, and worrying if she should really be playing along.

"Well today we will be taking a visit to his home in the Western Palace today for the annual ceremonies taking place, and it would be in your best interests to reacquaint yourself with him. It has been long discussed among our advisors, and it has been unanimously decided that a joining between our house and the royals would be fine course to take from here. I know we had discussed this option briefly, earlier, but now it has taken on a much more serious tone. Do you understand Sango?" Sango's eyes widened as she tried to take in what this man was saying. A joining? He wanted her to wed a prince? What? Where was this coming from? And how did it tie into his inevitable, evil plot to kill her?

"I." she said in a small voice.

"Now Sango, don't look so put out!" her father sighed, folding his arms. "This is the most respected royal family currently around! The royals of the East are simply vile, the South hasn't been too popular as of late with the noble assembly, and the North has no one with which to wed! Look at this from my point of view - look at this from your family's point of view! This uniting could be a wonderful thing for our noble Tayasu house!"

"But. who is this prince?" Sango found herself asking, trying not to sound too wary or dumbfounded, or suddenly completely freaked out and scared. Marry? Her father was going to force her to marry? She would never marry anyone! Not when she had Mi-

"Why, you met him last week! Don't you remember the Prince Inu?" her father asked, frowning lightly. Sango shakily got to her feet, placing one cool palm to her forehead. This was all going too fast. Was any of this real? It was starting to be too absurd to be a plan hatched by Naraku. She kept falling into this whole conspiracy and believing that the man before her was really her father when she knew that was impossible. Almost as if she really wanted everything around her to be real. And yet.

"He's a demon prince?" she asked skeptically, recognizing the name Inu.

"Do you have a problem with that?" her father asked, apparently finding no quarrels with marrying his only daughter off to a demon. Sango stared at him levelly before turning away and walking calmly over to a window, hoping to clear her senses with a nice morning breeze.

"Sango, we'll be leaving in an hour so I'll expect you to be ready for the ride over."

"Yes," Sango found herself saying dully, peering out into the distance-

"Sango, is something wrong?"

-And then violently beginning to shake and choke, eyes wide with fear and fascination.

Just outside the window, just outside HER window! - was a metropolis of the tallest structures she had ever seen in her life! Grander than the finest palaces she had ever encountered, taller than any tree she had laid eyes upon, even! Everything was made out of a peculiar, shiny, possibly metallic material, and there were so many LIGHTS everywhere! In the sky things that were neither bird nor demon flew every which way and impossibly fast speeds, and the people in the streets, just outside her grand house, wore the most peculiar clothing! In fact, some of them looked like.

"Kagome-chan," Sango realized, backing up, almost as if in fear, from the scene laid out before her. What was this? Had she landed in Kagome's time period? Indeed, she remembered Kagome describing to she and Miroku many wonders such as the ones she was viewing now - but it all seemed to big and fantastic to be real! What sort of a nightmare was she stuck in? "Father- I - I." she mumbled, stumbling back into her elder, and then tensing as she realized she had just fallen into the arms of the potential enemy. "I'm."

"Sango, are you quite all right? You seem ailed. perhaps we should wait to go to the ceremonies at the Western Palace? Perhaps you should take a nap?" her father offered kindly, turning Sango around so that she faced him, and so that she was staring up at the all to familiar lines of his features with glistening eyes.

"Maybe," she sniffled, unable to resist as her father drew her into a tight hug, comfortingly patting her on the back as he had used to when he was still alive in the village. His breath on her neck reminded her of all the times he had calmed her after a particularly nasty battle with a demon, or whenever she was ill. Abruptly, she threw her arms around his neck, burying her face into his shoulder, uncaring if whether or not he WAS just a mirage - because for the moment she needed nothing more than his soothing presence.

And as she valiantly held back a wave of tears, it occurred to the demon exterminator just what this entire situation reminded her of. Sucking in a painful breath, the pretty girl realized everything around her was a hell of a lot like-

-Her wish.


Miroku was quickly urged awake by a loud, banging sound. Sitting straight up in bed, the monk groggily blinked into the darkness of the room he lay in, trying to sort out just what that loud boom was, and if he should be at all worried about it, or if he could go back to bed.

"Miroku! Miroku get up!" a loud voice called, continuing the banging.

Oh. Must be Inuyasha there to wake him up. How long had be been asleep? And since when was he staying in another noble's house? He didn't remember tricking any unsuspecting rich people into letting he and his companions stay at their quarters as of late.

Rolling of bed, the eighteen year old sullenly got to his feet and dragged himself over to the door. He felt as though his very eyes were being weighed down by the large bags underneath them, and was prepared to give the loud hanyou a lecture about rudely waking up people long before the appropriate time, possibly beating the notion into him if need be.

That is, until he actually got to the door.

The door in itself suddenly presented a task to Miroku, as the young monk looked at it with wide, purple eyes. What was this contraption? A solid, tall wooden structure that seemed to act as a portal, with a gold handle that stuck out oddly, containing an intricate shaped hole in the middle. Miroku frowned and pulled on the handle, hoping that it would let him out of the room, a seed of worry being planted in his mind as he realized the door wouldn't budge. Wait a second. was he trapped in this place? Was this a dungeon door? Was Inuyasha trying to save him?

"H-hey!" he called back, a note of worry in his usually placid voice.

"Come on Miroku!" the voice called back, sounding aggravated.

"I-I'm trying!" Miroku replied agitatedly, wishing that Inuyasha could show just a bit more sympathy. He was locked in a prison of some sort after all!

"Well try harder!" Finally, Miroku twisted the odd handle to the side, and the door came flying open easily, throwing Miroku back onto the ground.

"Um." Miroku said, looking at the odd ground he had fallen onto, and touching it warily. It was a soft substance, made out of many little stitches of fabric, and he had never sent he likes of it before. Just where in the seven hells was he?.

But before Miroku had a chance to observe his highly questionable surroundings, the person on the other side of the door caught his attention.

"What was that all about?"

"Hu?" Miroku asked, looking up at the old man standing in the doorframe, raising an eyebrow. All right, so it wasn't Inuyasha. Well, it was an easy mistake to make anyway, they both had silver hair. but. That face - it was so. familiar. It reminded him a lot of.


"DAD?" Miroku cried, jumping to his feet and staring breathlessly at the man before him. That face. that voice. it was all so vague, like a faded picture collecting dust in the attic of his brain, but this man evoked a literal explosion of memories in the back of the monk's mind, and suddenly it was all so clear. This was him. Miroku's father. Tori Houshi.

His father abruptly gave off a rich, deep chuckle, throwing his head back.

"Excited to see me? I thought I'd call you before stopping by to visit, but then thought better of it. Decided I'd surprise you and Shiina." The man explained, shrugging his shoulders helplessly.

Miroku didn't even stop to ponder who in the world Shiina was as he approached his father, hesitantly touching his shoulder as though he were afraid he would disappear if he tried anything more then a light tap. Miroku thought he saw stars as his father quickly embraced him hard. This was.

"Why, it's been months!" his father continued.

"Months?" Miroku asked curiously, not willing to pull out of the embrace. "Don't you mean YEARS? What are you doing here? I thought you were sucked in by your air rip!" 'I was positive you were sucked in by your air rip. I watched you die.'

"Air rip?" his father asked, looking at Miroku and scratching his partially bald head. "Whatever is an air rip?"

"It's-" Miroku started, holding up his own rosary coated hand quickly in order to refresh his father's memory on just what an air rip was - when suddenly he stopped, still holding his hand up before him, only now he was staring at it, slack jawed, and nearly quivering with wonderment. "It's gone." He gasped.

"What's gone?" his father asked, inspecting his only son's hand. "Just what are you getting at here?"

"Oh. My God." Miroku said, stumbling back onto the mattress, never ripping his eyes away from his hand. This was a miracle! No more air rip! His father was alive! No more worrying about defeating Naraku! No more desperate attempts to create an heir! No more fretting over leaving Sango a lonely wido-

Sango. Inuyasha. Kagome. Shippou.

"Where are they?" Miroku asked no one in particular, getting to his feet and scanning the room fervently. Joyous as he was that his curse was gone, there was hardly much point in being ecstatic when you had no friends to be happy for you as well. Where were his traveling companions? Last he remembered seeing them, they were all at Kaede's village, and being assaulted by some sort of powerful spell he had been too slow to defend himself against. What had come of that? He peered around the room curiously, and-

-Once again, he was hit with another rather large shock. Roughly the fourth one he had received since waking up a mere five minutes ago.

This room. What WAS it? It looked foreign and ridiculously exotic. Every piece of furniture, if it could even be called that, was designed out of an odd material Miroku had never seen before, and even the smell of the room was so completely unfamiliar, that the usually calm and in control man needed to take a seat on the odd bed presented before him. Why was it raised off the ground so? And what were these peculiar sheets he was using? They were very vibrantly colored, and while admittedly soft, he couldn't imagine what sort of fabric had been used to weave it.

"Miroku, are you quite all right?" His father asked, awkwardly shuffling his feet off to the side, and eyeing his son warily.

"Father." Miroku asked, clutching his head and staring up at Tori. "Where am I?"

"Tokyo?" Tori offered, shrugging helplessly. What sort of a cockamamie question was that?

"Tokyo." Miroku tried the name out, rolling it around in his mouth as it brought to light some memories that were clues in the giant puzzle of just where in God's name he was. "Kagome said she was from a land called Tokyo."

"Kagome?" his father asked, staring at his son almost fearfully as a third person made their way into the room.

"I-I must be in her time." Miroku realized with a start, looking around the room once more, and barely acknowledging the room's new occupant until she was right on top of him. Literally.

"Miroku sweetie?" a woman asked, leaning over Miroku and taking his face in her finely manicured hands, peering at the man inquiringly. "Are you all right? Your father says your acting oddly."

"W-who are you?" Miroku asked, not so sure how many more surprises he could take as he regarded the woman kneeling before him now. She was most undeniably dressed as someone from Kagome's era, and she was notably attractive to boot. Silky black hair pulled out of her face and streaked with a flamboyant red color, pouty lips, sparkling brown eyes, and a good body that would put most geisha Miroku knew to shame. Miroku desperately tried to figure out who this woman was, seeing as she apparently knew him very well. Quickly, she started running a hand through Miroku's dark hair, shaking her head worriedly.

"Oh dear, he's right. You ARE acting strangely!" she said in a whine.

"No, seriously, who are you?" Miroku repeated, drawing away from the woman's touch.

"I'm your fiancée, Miroku! Shiina! Don't you remember me? Ohmigod. did you hit your head on something recently? Do you have amnesia?! Like on Passions?!" she squealed in fright, getting to her feet and standing next to Miroku's father fearfully, both now staring at Miroku as though he were a rare specimen that had to be carefully examined.

"But. he knew me," Tori pointed out.

"Um - Maybe he only remembers things from a certain point - like from when he was younger. Like an abstract form of what that guy in Memento had!"

"Perhaps," Miroku's father agreed, gravely. "I think we should take him to a doctor. Look how oddly he's acting!" He pointed to his son as Miroku continued to inspect his room cautiously, starting to prod particularly odd-looking things, like the digital clock next to his bed which kept blinking and lighting up a startling red when there was no fire in it.

"Wait a minute." Miroku suddenly gasped, sitting up so quickly Shiina and Tori took a frightful step back. What was going on?! "You are my fiancée?" he asked, addressing Shiina. Shiina nodded fervently, quickly sticking out her hand for Miroku to see.

"Yes! Look, you bought me a ring and everything! We've been living together for four months," she elucidated. Miroku had no idea what a ring had to do with being betrothed, but if he and this woman had been living together for such a long period of time. then surly.

"And. you wouldn't be planning to. to start a family with me, would you?" he asked, almost fearfully. Shiina blushed, looking down and smiling nervously.

"Well, we had discussed it. and . it had been agreed that. umm. yes!" she finally got out, laughing uneasily and staring at Miroku intently, as if hoping that this admittance would jog his memory some. It didn't.

Miroku's eyes widened and he slowly lifted a hand to his head, shaking lightly. Oh no. These.. Couldn't all be coincidences. No more family curse, a woman willing to bear his children. the only reasonable explanation was. Itazura. No. Way.

She had actually done it? How was it possible? Miroku had been completely serious when he had told him companions that performing magic such as this was beyond the usual capabilities of a mere witch, so how had this one managed to so . effectively . pull off a wish of this proportion!? Release him from a family curse that a powerful demon had created? Formed a world where he was already engaged to a willing woman? Make it so his father was alive once more? Admittedly, Miroku had yet to figure out why Itazura chose to place his little family in this time period - but nonetheless, it was a mighty spell this elderly woman had cast.

And while Miroku knew he should really take this time to jump up and down with joy, and celebrate the fact that his wandering, cursed days were over - he had gotten what he desired most! - he refrained. Because, as happy as he was about most parts of this new world he had been introduced to. a rather large part of him was scared, and regretful. Was this it, then? Would he never see his friends again? Never listen to Inuyasha chew him out again, never have Shippou criticize all of his companions love lives with him again, never have the pure Kagome question his lecherous behaviors again, never have Sango.

Well, never have Sango period.

Letting out a groan that was reminiscent of a baby calf being stabbed viscously in the stomach, repeatedly, Miroku collapsed onto his back with his hands to his face, fearfully wondering just what sort of mess he'd gotten himself into this time.

'You've really done it now, sir Monk,' Miroku thought sarcastically, as in the background Shiina cried -

"Oh no! He's gone into a coma! Like on All My Children, with Billy!"


"Y- your son?" Kagome repeated in a strangled tone, getting off the floor of the ex-guestroom and staring at her mother peculiarly. "But Sota's your son."

"Well yes Kagome, I have two sons. That's all right by you, isn't it?" Ms. Higurashi asked flatly, raising an eyebrow.

"I-I suppose," Kagome said, watching with something very akin to morbid fascination as her mother lifted Shippou up into her arms and began stroking his head soothingly, whispering comforting words into his ear. Shippou, for his part, seemed to be taking this all very well, not necessarily leaning into Mrs. Higurashi's embrace, but not totally freaking out over it either. He threw Kagome and helpless look over his shoulder, and the schoolgirl frowned. Something else was wrong here.

Didn't her mom notice that Shippou was a demon? The anomalously colored eyes and fluffy tail sticking out of his flannel pajamas she thought would be a dead give away, but apparently Mrs. Higurashi wasn't concerned with that. In fact, she was so involved with making sure her youngest son was all right, she hardly noticed Kagome until she remembered something apparently particularly vital.

"Kagome?! Oh my gosh! What are you doing, standing around in your nightclothes? Get dressed young lady! You have somewhere to be this morning - in case you've forgotten!" she reminded Kagome sternly. Kagome frowned - did she mean school?

"But Mom I've got to go back down the well. You know Inuyasha needs me ." Kagome explained desperately, honestly not up for a day of school. Long ago she and her mother had sat down and talked about the time traveling and how it affected her education, deciding it would be best to just go ahead and collect of the jewel shards, finishing the journey, all at once, so that the whole thing didn't drag on and last until senior year of high school. The sooner she was done with it, the better, had been her mother's opinion. Besides, it sounded like her friends on the other side of the well needed her a lot more than her math teacher did. Now, surly her mother wouldn't be going back on her word.

"Well?" Aiko Higurashi asked, blankly.

"Yes! The well in the shrine! The bone gobbling well?" Kagome said, sighing.

"What are you talking about?" her mother laughed, shaking her head and letting Shippou go. The second she did, the little kitsune scurried over to Kagome, pacing nervously by her feet. All of the smells and sounds of this strange place were making him edgy, especially with his heightened senses. "No one ever goes in the shrine's well house!"

Kagome visibly paled, a terrible thought sneaking into her mind as she glanced down at Shippou, who seemed oblivious. What if . something had happened, and now.

"I-I gotta go!" Kagome nearly shrieked, dashing out of the room like a bullet, and zipping down the stairs.

"But Kagome!" her mother called after her, as Shippou watched the girl run off, confused. "We have to leave in a half hour!"

"Yeah!" Kagome agreed, not really listening to her mother as she tore her way around the shrine's property, front door slamming behind her, and heading towards the well house, hoping desperately that her fears weren't true. A light sheen of sweat formed on her forehead as she burst into the well house, not wasting a moment as she all but threw herself down the well.

Bracing her legs slightly as she came to the bottom, Kagome sat frozen for a minute, staring straight ahead, and quivering slightly. This was bad.

There had been no surge of magic, the likes of which she usually felt when jumping into the well that transported her between times, and no flash of infinite darkness that always engulfed her en route to the bottom. Fearfully, she slowly raised her head to see what lay outside the well, feeling her heart nearly break in two when she was greeted with the grim sight of the well house roof. The dark, lame, stupid well house roof.

"No!" Kagome cried, covering her head and leaning over, feeling truly crushed. How could this be!? Why couldn't she travel back in time? And this wasn't even like those other instances when she was unable to get back to the feudal era - this time; no one even believed the time traveling well EXISTED! The simple thought of never being able to see Inuyasha or her other friends ever again made Kagome want to tear all of her hair out. "Noooo."

"Kagome?" her grandfather's echoing voice chimed, as the geriatric Shinto priest leaned over the well to see the quivering form of his granddaughter.

"Y-yes, grandfather?" Kagome replied in the strongest voice she could muster. No need to startle gramps.

"What are you doing in here? You know the well is off limits," he said, motioning for her to come back up. Kagome slowly stood, finding no reason not to leave the well, as sitting at the bottom of it was doing her little to no good. "Besides, your mother is going insane with worry. She seems to think you won't be ready in time to leave for the ceremony,"

"Ceremony?" Kagome sniffled as she threw her legs over the side of well, and came to stand next to grandfather Higurashi, shaking as inconspicuously as she could. She strained to hear her grandfather when her mind was screaming curses at the well behind her.

"Yes, at the Western Palace! And - oh, my, have you been crying Kagome?" he asked, noticing the tear stains on the girl's cheeks. Kagome quickly got to rubbing all evidence of her sorrow away, giving off a small smile.

"Oh, it's nothing," Kagome said, knowing her grandfather wouldn't understand. "But, um, you wouldn't know anything about someone named Inuyasha, would you?" she asked, just to be sure.

"Inu who?" her grandfather asked, sounding generally curious.

"Uh. never mind," Kagome said despondently, staring at her hands and biting her lip.

"Kagome, are you worried about the ceremonies?" her grandfather asked critically, finding there to be no other reason for his granddaughter's odd behavior. "If that's the case - don't worry about it! You'll do fine! And you've definitely earned it."

"What ceremony?" Kagome asked again, still unclear of where it was she was supposed to be going. Going ANYWHERE at this point seemed like such an arduous task for the crushed girl, that she doubted she would be willing to go to any ceremonies today. no matter how much she apparently had earned it.

"The ceremony at the Western palace!" Her grandfather repeated, shaking his head as Kagome wondered just what the Western Palace was. A restaurant name, perhaps? "For your science award!"

"My 'science award'," Kagome said slowly, finding that putting 'science' and 'award' in the same sentence for her was so totally odd it was almost hard to pronounce. "What science award?"

"The National Award you received for having the best Science Project for a Junior High student in the country! Don't you remember?" her grandfather asked, his tone taking on a hint of hysteria. Kagome blinked, but decided now was not the time to mention that the only science award she had ever won was in kindergarten for her group presentation on why the sky is blue - and even then their major resource for information had Bill Nye The Science Guy. After that, it had all gone down hill, and her latest Biology grade was a C+ if memory served her correctly.

"Um, yeah, of course, silly me. I must just be tired, how could I forget?" Kagome said lamely, deciding she would have to get to the bottom of all this soon, because things were starting to get a little too weird.

"Well, I see - it has been a stressful week for you. Poor thing. Oh! And, about that - I decided to get you a little present of my own. I'm just so proud of your fabulous educational achievements this year; I had to get you something extra special. Just don't tell your mom, she'll think it's too much like a bribe," he added quietly, Kagome's previous lapse in memory now forgotten. Kagome accepted the present with a hesitant smile, vaguely wondering just WHAT sort of educational achievements she had made that school year, seeing as how she had been present in class for a grand total of oh, maybe five classes. You know, maybe.

"O-Oh my God," Kagome breathed, opening the small box her grandfather had presented to her, her breath quickening as she stared at the object in her hands with total, utter disbelief.

"Marvelous, isn't it?"

And indeed it was.

For inside the little box was none other than the completed, unbroken, authentic - shikon no tama. Not a fake one from her grandfather's mystical knickknack shop, not an illusion that some demon created . the genuine article.

"This is. amazing," Kagome breathed, holding up the small glass ball, and feeling its complete power reverberate through her very essence as she gazed at its slightly pink tinted body. This was unreal.

'On a more ironic note, I finally have the completed jewel, and now there's no Inuyasha to give it to,' she thought, her eyes suddenly stinging uncomfortably.

"Thank you grandpa," she abruptly cried, throwing her arms around his neck in an effort to hide the uncontrollable flow of tears that were threatening to spill out of her eyes any moment now. "You have no idea what this means to me!"

"Oh - Well - I, ah, didn't expect you to like it this much!" he said happily, marveling over the fact that finally his granddaughter appreciated the numinous gifts he always gave her. She was really growing up!

"I've gotta go," she said abruptly, letting go of her grandfather and heading towards the door, clutching the shikon no tama in her hand. She had to show Shippou!

"All right - but get ready for the ceremony Kagome! Honestly - you're still wearing your pajamas!."

However, once Kagome started thinking about Shippou, she began to wonder why HE was in this time period with her, and also what it would mean to him when she admitted she didn't know how to get him back to the Sengoku Jidai. 'How come he's been adopted into my family - and no one cares that he's a demon? Does this mean that maybe my other companions are here in this time as well?' she thought, a beacon of hope forming inside her as she spotted Shippou trotting towards her from the house, apparently very exited about something.

"Shippou!" Kagome called, letting him leap into her arms.

"Kagome!" he replied, a large smile stretching his cute little face. "You're never going to believe what I just found!"

"YOU'RE never going to believe what I just found!" Kagome said, speaking in hushed tones so that her mother, just exiting the house, wouldn't hear the strange conversation.

"Me first!" Shippou quickly said, whipping something out from his pocket, and waggling it proudly in front of Kagome. "Look! Your Chocolate! It's all here! I have like, a gazillion of them in my closet!!!" he nearly shrieked. It was at that point that something in Kagome's brain just. clicked.

Kagome's eyes widened to the point Shippou feared them might fall out, and finally the girl said:

"Do you have, say, a 'lifetime supply?'"

"Yeah, maybe." Shippou said, wondering why that was relevant. At those words, Kagome quickly held up the completed shikon no tama more the fox demon to view. He appeared to ogle it with a look of total disbelief for a second, and Kagome could almost see the gears cranking over time in his head - before the two locked gazes, both wearing serious expressions now, and sharing a moment of mental connection.

"Itazura." They chorused.


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