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I am writing this story just for the fun of it.

There are many things that a young child goes through life, but being born with no one to guide him has to be one of the toughest one, or at least that is what I used to think. Turns out that I had no clue what was tough, but then again what can you expect from me? I had a tough time trying to find clothes to wear or something to eat.

If someone tells me again that Orphanages exist to make sure kids like me find a happy home, and they are there to make sure while we wait to be adopted, we are supposed to be under the supervision of caring people I am liable to tell them they are full of shit and they need to get their head out of their ass because that is not healthy to have their heads up there.

My days at the orphanage can be pretty much described as hell. I never got to wear decent clothes, rags I got from the dumpsters, never got to eat any good food, again food I found in the dumpsters, and you can imagine where I was told to sleep? That is right, right by the dumpsters where I found the rags I got to wear and found my food in.

I am not kidding for five long years that is how I lived, honestly the person in charge of the orphanage if anything was more disappointed how I grew up than even me, I mean how many times did she have to scream that she actually expected me to die.

Now you probably are wondering what is my name? Well that depends on who you ask, the people at the orphanage called me a freak, and the people in the village where the orphanage was called me either demon or hell-spawn, and this was from people that went to the orphanage to adopt kids.

At age eight the people in the orphanage pretty much either figured that I was not going to die under their watch, no matter how much glass they tried to feed me, and so they decided to summarily kick me out. I think the words they use is that I was a waste of space since not even a nutcase would ever adopt something like me.

Some would say that it was heartless of them to throw me out on my own, but then again it was really not any different than when I lived there. If anything I was actually quite happy to leave that place.

I found a nice almost livable place by the dumpster of a local restaurant. I actually managed to find a rather horrible jumpsuit, the blasted thing had to be the single ugliest thing I ever wore and this is coming from a guy that grew up wearing rags.

I also learned exactly why the village and the orphanage hated my guts. It was my eight birthday present from the villagers, isn't it nice of them to finally tell me why they hated my guts?

I was chased across the entire village and finally, when I was against a wall, they ganged up on me and began beating me with brooms, large pieces of wood, anything they could get their hands on.

Finally, I looked at them as they got tired, "Why do you hate me? What did I do to you? I haven't done anything wrong, so why do you hate me?" I couldn't help asking that as the tears on my face ran down my face and got mixed with the blood from my wounds.

"You honestly don't know or are you stupid enough not to remember. I will tell you why we want you dead, and what you did to us. You are the reincarnation of the damned fox demon that killed our loved ones and friends you stupid demon brat. You attacked our homes and burned down a large portion of our village! That is why you deserve this! Why won't you just die!"

That is when I felt a strong pain in the middle of my gut, I looked down and saw that someone had gotten his hand on a pitchfork, and he actually stabbed me with it. It hurt so bad, much worse than what I felt as I was being beaten before.

Everything went dark and I was in a musky cave, the cave was dark and there was no light as I kept searching the cave, I kept walking down the cave until I got to the largest part of the cave. In the middle of the cave I saw a large lake, I thought that might as well try and clean myself off.

I walked over to the lake and as I looked at my reflection I was surprised, I didn't look at all human, I had this weird body, my body looked like a large winged lizard, and my body was in two different colors, and thank god it was not orange.

It was a splash of red and while and the two colors swirled in where my chest should be. I looked and feeling a bit thirsty I bent down and began to drink the water. As I got my fill I saw a much larger dragon looking at me, and he was smiling at me.

"So I finally have found you Negrado, or I guess the humans call you Naruto. It took a human nearly killing you for your mind to finally connect to mine. That human dared to call you a demon fox, what a fool he is. I am the Red Dragon Emperor, my name is Ddraig but to you, I am something more than a dragon, I rather you call me father, for you see my young dragon, you are my long lost son."

I looked at his green eyes and I saw that my eyes were blue, guess mom had blue eyes. "So you are my father, don't mean to sound disrespectful but where have you been Dad? Where is Mom? Did you two abandon me? Didn't you love me or want me at all?"

He looked at me and I felt like he suddenly jumped out of the lake and was near me. He put his massive arms around me and pulled me closer to him and hugged me. "My child, you were stolen by some unknown power. Your mother and I have been searching for you for centuries. We would never abandon you, we love you. Your mother might not have found you like I did, but never again will we be apart."

I couldn't stop myself from crying, and I couldn't stop crying since I didn't know why I was crying the tears just kept coming. "I know these humans treated you badly son, don't worry. Once you wake up you will still look like one of them, but never forget my son. You are not a human, you are a dragon. The only son that I and Sylvana the White Dragon Empress ever had."

"Let the filthy humans try and kill you, our existence is much greater than they ever could be. You have awakened your true self and as such you have the chance of obtaining power beyond their wildest wishes. I shall show you how to use your real abilities in your dreams. If you ever wish to speak with me, just find a clear pool of water, and call out to me."

I looked at him and hugged him too, I was not abandoned, I was not thrown away, my parents did love me, this made me feel so happy I could not remember ever feeling this happy in my entire life.

"I will make you proud father, I will find a way to learn to fight and be strong. I will get these humans to respect me. I will show them I am better than they are!"

Dad began to laugh and pat me on my back as he did, "Now that is what I would expect from my son! Don't you worry son, I will be here with you. Let's show these bald monkeys that we dragons are better than they are!"

As I closed my eyes, I felt like I was in a room that could be described as a room that lacked color, I mean the walls, the ceiling, and even the bed was all white. I have never been to this place before, I mean it, I never saw a room with so much white in my entire life.

"Awake are we? I am sorry that happened to you Naruto. I really should have sent my ANBU to keep an eye on you. You somehow managed to survive something that would kill any other kid. You don't have to worry the people who tried to kill you will not hurt you again."

I looked at him and I got to admit I saw him talking to the director of the orphanage a couple of times. I think this man actually donated to the orphanage I grew up in. "Sorry sir, but I think you actually donate to the orphanage I grew up in, but I don't know who you are. You know my name but I don't know you."

The old man began to laugh and he took off this rather odd looking large hat off his head. "I supposed that will not do, I am the leader of the village you were born in and live in, this place is called Konoha, and I am the Hokage, my name is Hiruzen Sarutobi. I know your name because it was written on the blanket that we found you in."

He looked at me as he walked over to the bed I was on and sat near me, "Tell you the truth it was a rather odd blanket, had more scales than cloth. What do you want to do Naruto? Do you know what our village is known for?"

I looked at him and I looked at myself, I was dressed in a rather flimsy looking cloth, the darn thing didn't even cover my rear if the way the piece of cloth felt. "I don't know much about anything, I only learned to talk hearing people talk, and I know how to read because of an old book I found."

He looked at me and began to nod his head as he heard me say that, "Naruto this village is known for training warriors, strong men who fight and defend our people, we called these men Ninjas, as the Hokage I am the leader of the Ninja of this village. Don't you want to be able to defend yourself Naruto? Fight for something bigger than yourself? To defend others so they don't suffer the way you have suffered?"

I still couldn't understand why he needed to ask me that, "You see Naruto the Ninja of this village we believe in a philosophy which guides our lives, we call it the will of fire. Everyone in the village is part of a large family Naruto, we are all flames that are part of a bigger fire."

"If we help each other and stand with each other no matter the obstacle no matter how fierce the wind is or how much it rains our flames will not die, for you see Naruto together we are a fire than can stand up to anything, but separate we would not survive. This is the will of fire Naruto. That we should live and work to help each other, and thus we become strong."

I couldn't believe he had the gall to say something like that to me, especially after I went through, I could tell him he was full of shit, I could scream at him that his entire philosophy was nonsense since the villagers were more than happy to try and kill me.

I, however, had to agree with him on one thing, it was a nice sentiment. The other thing I could agree with him is that I needed to become stronger, I needed to earn their respect, and make them see I was not the weakling they thought I was, my dragon pride demanded it.

I looked at him and smiled, "I guess I would be able to defend others if I became stronger, and people would not do something like this again if I was one of these defenders you told me about, what did you call them Ninjas? Do you think I could be a Ninja old man?"

He laughed and he looked at me with a smile on his face. "Why yes, Naruto I think you could be a fine Ninja if you work hard at it. I know why don't you join the Ninja Academy, I will give you a monthly allowance, a small apartment for you to live in, and you can use the books in my office to learn. Now come on, get up, we need to get you to eat something."

"Once we get you to eat something, we will get you some clothes and some things you will need. Just remember this Naruto, as the leader of this village the Ninja protect the people and so do I, so if anyone bullies you, you come right to my office and tell me all about it. Can you promise me that Naruto?"

I could tell him that he pretty much failed to do that most of my life, but then again I don't think dad would be happy if I was that petty. I had to be bigger than that, after all, I am the son of the Red Dragon Emperor and the White Dragon Empress.

"Sure thing old man, but what exactly am I going to be eating? You mean I have to go dig in a dumpster wearing this thing?"

He laughed again as he walked near me and helped me get off the table and stand on the ground near him. "No Naruto, you will not have to do that ever again, tell me Naruto have you ever had a food called Ramen before?"

I began to shake my head and he began to laugh again, "In that case let's get you dressed, I can tell you are going to love this food as much as I do." We walked out of the room and I found my orange jumpsuit on a table nearby. I quickly put it on, I hated the color but then again it was the only piece of clothing I owned, even if it did have three puncture holes in the front and back of it.

As we walked out of the hospital that is what the old man said the place was called, we walked down the streets and I as I walked I began to realize something very funny. They believe in something called the will of fire, kind of ironic that they hate me, they believe in the will of fire, and they hate the very being that actually can breathe the very fire they hold so dear.

'I better tell this to dad once I see him in my dreams. I think he will find this as funny as I do.'