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I don't know why but I can't help feeling happy, I had Inari and Tsunami with me, and I could not help but smile as I saw the happy faces on both of them. Inari actually kept asking me questions about how I been doing lately. I tried to entertain them as much as I could, without saying a few things that I would only tell Tsunami, and only when I was sure Inari was asleep.

"So after everything you did for them, they are still ungrateful. I know you are going to beat them all and become the champion. They will rue the day they messed with my dad!" I couldn't help but to shake my head as I heard Inari, I guess some lessons take longer than others.

"As long as I have you both with me, they can say or scream anything they want at me, I only care about the opinion of two people and they are near me right now. So instead mind telling me to have you been keeping up with your training? Have you been a good boy and helped your mom?"

Tsunami was smiling as I said that, Inari looked rather embarrassed that I said that. He said that he was a good boy and that he would never do something to make me feel ashamed of him. We both got to my apartment and that is when I got the smell of something horrible. I told them both to wait outside, and when I went inside, sure enough, my walls were covered in dog shit and the message was still fresh.

A little water and wind Jutsu later the walls were clean once again, except that they didn't listen and came inside. They must have been hit by the smell of the stuff that had been on my walls, Inari looked like he was about to lose his breakfast. "And that is why I told you two to wait outside, I told you this village hates me, I guess if you ever doubted this should make it perfectly clear that I was telling the truth."

Tsunami looked at me and place her arm near me holding me. "I haven't smelled something that bad since I was changing Inari's diapers. Naruto I still think that you should be allowed to leave this village if they hate you living in it. You honestly think they would chase after you, and drag you back here?"

I told her again, that this village may hate me, they may even try to kill me, but deep down this village knew that they needed me, a lot more than I ever needed them. They need me as a scapegoat, to give the actual person who they would hate someone else to focus their hatred on.

After some time we got to talk about what has been happening in Wave, it turns out her father's company really had a lot more work, repairing everything that was broken or needed to be reinforced since Gato was no longer there to stop the economic progress of the town. The fishing dock was a lot safer, the streets did not get flooded anymore, the people were very happy how much their town became better.

For the few brief moments I truly felt like this lousy place was an actual home, I could not imagine a happier life than me and Tsunami living together as a happy couple, being parents to the child I would very happily call my son, Tsunami had been the only woman in my life who has ever loved me, and I enjoyed every second I spent with her and our son.

The First comment from my opponent was that I was probably going to lose since I was such a pathetic loser. In all honesty, I never would imagine that Ino was going to be my first opponent, truly I never imagined this happening or the fact that the first thing that came out of her mouth would be an insult.

She always gave me the impression that she was a very decent young woman, I guess I know who is to blame for this, more than likely the emo prince denied yet another one of her date requests, if Ino is like this, I don't even want to picture what Sakura is like. I can't help but feel sorry for the poor Biju that had to endure being with her.

The moment she started to say that any woman who would want anything with me was a whore, that is when now I was angry, angry enough to breathe fire. She thought that she could take over my mind like everyone else, well I am not like everyone else, I am the son of two of the most powerful divine dragons in existence.

I being the honorable person that I am, gave her a chance to apologize, and the only thing she said was that I could kiss her ass, and take my apology and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Alright, a little reality check for the member of the Yamanaka Clan was necessary. I partially burned the ground around her making her trapped in a ring of magma.

I looked at her and began to smile, "You know you can insult me all day Ino, but when you insult the love of my life, well that is not appropriate, now unless you want to be cremated, I would apologize, cause human, you don't make a dragon angry without suffering the consequences."

She told me that since her family had a seat on the Council, I couldn't do a thing, and as soon as the Genjutsu was over she was going to beat my skull in. I slammed my fists together and began to release more and more of my rage, my anger, and the fact that I remember her treatment of me back at the academy I had a lot of rages.

My body began to change, I grew bigger and bigger and my wings began to come out of my back, my head began to change till I could feel my fire lung actually feeling comfortable, I knew that I was in my true form and I looked at Ino who apparently lost control of her bladder.

One deep breath and a stream of flames came out near her, enough that some of her hair began to burn, the moment she realized that I was taking in air and this time I was really taking a deep breath, she dropped to her knees begged for mercy and when I leaned back to release my breath she fainted.

I was declared the winner and decided to change back to my human form, "What? It is like you people never seen a wide range Genjutsu before." I went off the platform hearing the cheering voice of Tsunami and Inari. I went to sit with Tsunami and Inari to watch the next fights.

I just qualified for the semi-final round so that means I had a few fights to watch with the love of my life and my boy. The fact that as soon as I sat down near her, she began to lean on me and Inari were telling me how wicked cool my way of winning was. I couldn't help but smile as I heard him say that.

I saw how quickly Neji and Hinata finished their match, for some reason Hinata was not the same shy and pacifist she was when we were in the academy, Neji went on about how it was fated for her to lose, that it was preordained and nothing she did would make a difference, the way she beat him made me think of someone beating a drum.

She held nothing back and there was nothing gentle in the way she hit him. I saw Neji being carried out of the arena and somehow I don't think he will ever think his destiny was to be sent to intensive care by the one cousin he believed to be the weak link in their Clan. She looked at me, then at Tsunami, the only difference is she smiled at me and glared at Tsunami with such utter hate that made Inari come and hide behind my chair.

The next fight was between Sakura and Sasuke, I can actually picture her giving up to let her crush win the fight and probably try and win her some favors from the man she was trying to woe and failing miserably at it. I looked at Sasuke and something didn't seem right about him, the way he moved reminded me of someone else, someone that as far as I knew was dead.

The second the fight started he hugged Sakura close to his body, which I imagine made Sakura really happy, she was if the smile on her face was any indication, except that it didn't last long, Sasuke or should I say Orochimaru possessing the body of Sasuke slit her throat from ear to ear causing her to die.

The nine tails came bursting out of her dead body in a bloody rage and sent energy attacks all around the arena killing half of the people that were attending the tournament, including the Kazekage and Hokage. One of those energy bursts went towards us and I did my best to shield Tsunami and Inari, but that energy while it had no effect on me, it did affect Tsunami and Inari.

The energy cause Inari to burst into pieces and Tsunami died and became ashes in my arms, to say I was furious would be something that was easy to see, I jumped down to the Arena, the rage, anger, hatred I felt towards the Kyuubi was not something I could contain or would want to contain, I stopped at nothing to burn Orochimaru, and even an enraged Gaara down to nothing but ashes.

I looked at both Kyuubi and the one tail beast Shukaku and they both knew that I was beyond reasoning or offering mercy, I killed both of them and devoured them. Those that survived after seeing me do that ran away from the arena like the world was coming to an end. After I looked at the place where I had been sitting with Tsunami and Inari I became for some odd reason very tired.

I wanted to take a nap, I don't know why I was feeling that tired, I also knew that I felt cold, like everything that was worth having in my life was gone, I could feel like I wanted to scream and cry, but unfortunately or fortunately I was in my true form, and dragons don't or can't cry.

As I woke up I found myself in shackles and in a cage. I should have known better than to sleep where the humans could capture me, I was in my human form wearing rags, I imagine that the humans are going to use me yet again as a scapegoat and blame me for everything that went wrong in the tournament arena.

I tried my best to break free of the shackles but for some odd reason, I simply could not even move from the spot where I was chained to. The cage looked like a big coffin more than anything, the metal was not like anything I ever have seen before, I guess I am in a holding cell in the Torture and Interrogation Division. From the looks of it, the cage sort of reminded me of that special cage Ibiki once told me he had.

"You do and do for these humans my son, and this is the way they chose to show their gratitude. Yes, the two tailed beasts did cause a lot of people to die, but you stopped them from killing everyone else in the village, but instead of being grateful they do this to you. I know you loved that human and her offspring my son, but as you see nothing good comes from a Dragon trying to merciful to humans."

I didn't want to believe what father was saying, I wanted to think that this was a mistake, or that they placed me here for my own safety but in reality, I knew that this was not the case. The remaining members of the Council came into the room where my cage was.

The most shocking thing was the one-eyed man wearing the robes as if he was Hokage, "See, I was right all along, Hirunzen Sarutobi was too merciful with this thing, had he allowed me to take ownership of this thing he and those poor people would still be alive. Hinata, Neji, Kiba, Ino, and Sakura would still be alive had I been allowed to become the owner of this monster."

I looked at Danzo and I could see he was lying through his teeth, I knew that he had no such noble intentions, and I could easily see the greed and evil in his heart as plain as the nose on his face. "It doesn't matter now, this thing will no longer be a threat to anyone, I at long last been granted permission to own this creature, but since it is too late for me to properly train it to obey like a good pet, I guess the only outcome we can hope for is to eliminate it as a potential threat to our village and the world."

I was moved to a platform where I was chained to a metal block, I saw that one person was sharpening a rather sinister looking ax, and for some strange reason I still could not access my energy, my fire was not as strong as it should be. "People of Konoha, at long last we shall avenge the murder of our Fourth Hokage, we shall avenge the murder of our Third Hokage and the murder of our long-time ally from Suna the Third Kazekage. The monster responsible shall die and justice will be done."

As soon as Danzo finished saying that I heard the cheering of the people around the platform, not a single voice was heard protesting my execution, they were all screaming their joy at the notion that I would be killed and some screamed that it had taken far too long and had the Third done this from the start so many innocent people could have been saved.

Since I could do nothing to break free from my situation, I closed my eyes and hoped that at my end I would be allowed to be together with my loved ones, Tsunami and Inari. As I could hear the ax coming my way I felt a sudden surge of energy come through me and that was when I heard myself breath but it was not under my control.

My body broke through the chains and caught the Axe and as soon as my body had the ax in hand my body made a horizontal cutting motion and sent an energy wave looking attack at my executioner. The hood was blown off him and I could see the bearded face of my executioner, it had been Asuma. His body was hit by the energy attack and was cut in half.


I guess father took control of my body and that is why I could only see what was happening, through something I thought I was not capable of doing, he gathered the energy of all the dead, and sent my own flames through that energy, it became a ball of energy the size of the sun by the way it looked to me, he hurled it against the land.

It didn't matter where the humans ran or tried to hide, the energy just kept growing as more and more people died, as the plants and the animals died, the energy spread throughout all the continent and it took only a matter of an hour before everything on the continent I once called my home was gone. Somehow I didn't feel one ounce of pity.

"My son, it is time, I shall open the portal to take us to the realm that your mother lives in. I only hope that in that realm we can find someone that can love you as much as that human did, please son take my advice this time, do not pick a human to be your mate, as you saw nothing good comes of doing that."

As he opened a giant whirlpool I saw him enter it, and I realized that it didn't matter at all, I had no reason to ever attempt returning to the dead world I once called home, maybe in that new realm, that new reality I could find someone worthy of being my mate, someone that was strong enough to live by my side.

The travel through the portal was not as fast as I imagine, it felt like I was flying through space and as I flew father began to teach me things that I would need to learn, things that nobody in Konoha or that reality bothered to teach me before.

The lessons at the very least kept the entire journey to that new world from being boring, the only negative thing was that since he used my body to open the portal something sad happened, he would never again be able to leave my body again, my father somehow became a part of my body, he told me that he would rest in my most dominant hand, my right arm.

As the lessons continued I saw that my right hand was now covered in something like a metal glove, it looked red as blood, and each finger ended in what looked to be claw-like fingernails, I saw that this thing strangely made me feel at peace with myself. As the lesson ended and the opening appeared I saw that the sky of the new world was not unlike the sky in my previous world.

The only difference is that as I came flying down, and turned into my human form, my body was causing me something I wish I didn't need to feel, embarrassment, I was as naked as the day I hatched out of my egg, I began to walk towards what looked to be a town, I found some rather large bears and found that this provided me with enough furs to make some clothes and the meat somewhat helped my hunger.

As I walked through the town getting odd looks and glances from the people I oddly felt at home, as I walked through the streets I heard a woman cry out in desperation, I still don't know why I ran towards that scream but the second I got there I saw a couple being attacked by some strangely dressed muggers, then again I am dressed as if I was a caveman so who am I to judge?

I ran between the muggers and the couple and took hold of the large weapon one was going to use to kill the husband of the young woman who clearly had screamed, I took it and began to attack the muggers, I was ready to kill them after having knocked them out, but the same woman who screamed for help touched my arm and told me to stop, asked me to let the muggers live, that the authorities would take care of it.

For some odd reason again this young woman and her husband seemed to influence me once again, I dropped the large metal weapon and instead I began to tie the muggers up. Little did I know that the couple I rescued would one day be my new adoptive parents, little did I know the young woman who I rescued would one day love me as if I was her own child, and her husband would treat me as if he was my father, that rescuing a desperate couple would grant me a home again.