Chapter 2:

Markus was wondering when his supposed madness would end. First dealing with a snake-lady. Then killing said snake-lady and her (or it, he still hadn't confirmed it yet) disappearing in gold dust. Then he was transported to God knows where by a river. And finally he was rescued, or kidnapped, by some guy with blue eyes.

But that wasn't enough. He now was experiencing one of the most weirdest dreams yet.

There was a golden eagle and white horse fighting. It involved lots of screeching and slashing talons from the eagle and whining and bucking from the horse.

He didn't want to see either animal fighting; not because he cared which one killed itself. But he just wanted to wake up from all this and go back to being homeless, which wasn't something you heard normally.

Thankfully Markus woke up a few times before going back to unconsciousness. He remembered being spoon-fed something that tasted like warm strawberry cheesecake, but like pudding. He briefly saw a girl with curly blond hair with odd grey eyes hovered over him, wiping stray bits from his chin.

When she saw Markus' eyes open, she said, "You look the same as the other one. Almost like brothers." An odd statement to someone who just woke up. Then she asked, "Well since he didn't know, maybe you can help. What will happen at the summer solstice?"

It sounded more like an interrogation. So Markus replied accordingly, "What?" His voice was croaky and his eyes were blinking to adjust to the natural lighting in the room.

The blond looked around, as if afraid someone would overhear. "What's going on? What was stolen? We've only got a few weeks!"

"I don' know 'thing." The young boy mumbled while trying, and failing, to sit up. The girl gently pushed Markus back down, even while he struggled.

"Relax, you're safe." She told him genuinely.

Markus didn't believe her, but was unable to protest or fight back. He could feel exhaustion creeping up to him and blackness soon followed.

He awoke again some time later, the girl gone but replaced by a husky blond guy, dressed like a surfer. He stood in the corner of the bedroom keeping watch over him. He had blue eyes- Markus focused his eyes and found out he had a dozen of them- on his cheeks, his forehead, even the backs of his hands.

Markus didn't even find it weird enough to call him out on it. He again felt sleep demanding his attention.

When he finally came around for good, there was no weirdness surrounding him anymore and he saw a window was by her side. Outside of it, she gazed across a meadow at green hills in the distance. The window was open to allow some breeze in.

Markus yawned, clicking his tongue and felt like his mouth got stuck in a desert. I t was incredibly dry. While he looked around, he found out he was in another infirmary. On the table next to him sat a tall drink. It looked like iced apple juice, with a yellow straw through a red cherry.

He looked at it cautiously, his instincts honed from the previous years acting up. But his gut was saying otherwise and eventually, his gut won out.

He reached out towards it, his hand feeling weak at first. He managed to not drop it. Then he moved his mouth enough so he could reach the straw.

Markus took a tiny sip, and recoiled slightly. It tasted like strawberry cheesecake, just liquefied. He eagerly sipped more of it, drinking greedily. Markus felt a bundle of energy build up from the drink. He felt like he could bench press a truck. He enjoyed more of the strawberry goodness.

After finishing drinking, he put the glass back onto the table, before removing the blanket and swinging his legs to the side. Markus started stretched, getting the kinks all out of his body. After that, he tried to walk but wobbled at first.

He put on his sneakers and immediately checked his pockets. His stolen loose change was still there, as well as his lighter (which he swiped off some guy from before). He didn't know how they stayed in his pockets, especially after all the shit he went through, but he wasn't complaining.

As he left the infirmary, he found himself on a porch, he looked onto the beautiful scene that he viewed from the window. The image almost took his breath away. He wasn't into scenery that much, but even he could see that it was peaceful.

There were a couple of lounge chairs and tables spread across the porch. A boy occupied one of them. He was about his age with short black hair and gloomy green eyes. That stopped him short. He remembered that blond girl from before, briefly telling him about a boy who looked almost like him, like brothers.

He didn't dwell on that thought too much. He wasn't keen on meeting a supposed long lost brother anyway, after what happened to his mum.

Markus continued studying the boy. He saw a shoebox that had a jagged white and black horn.

Markus also saw that he was talking to another boy with curly brown hair. He briefly listened in on their conversation. "It wasn't your fault," his look-alike said.

"Yes, it was. I was supposed to protect you," said the curly brown haired boy. Markus saw him leaning against the porch railing, looking utterly exhausted. He wore blue jeans, some Converse hi-tops and an orange tee-shirt that said CAMP HALF-BLOOD.

Okay, so he seemed to be at some kind of special camp. Markus still didn't know why he appeared here. And the word half-blood; he recalled the snake-lady from before call him the same thing also.

So, what? Was it some kind of racist label group or something? And the penalty was to send some freak-shows after each 'half-blood'? Damn, that was brutal.

"Did my mum ask you to protect me?"

"No, but that's my job. I'm a keeper. At least…I was."

"But why…" the look-alike boy asking, suddenly sounding woozy. Markus easily eavesdropped, feeling no shame in doing so.

"Don't strain yourself," the curly haired boy said. "Here." He held the glass to the boy's lips.

"Hi," Markus greeted casually, easily hiding the awkwardness he felt.

Understandably surprised, the curly haired boy let a strange nervous bleating noise, like a goat. Markus smiled in return. "You shouldn't even be standing," he said in a shocked voice, like he's never seen someone recover so quickly. He looked at the other boy, studying him properly. Huh, he looked kind of scrawny. Markus almost chuckled at that.

"Hey, I'm a big boy, I can handle myself," he replied. "Some stupid snake-lady can't say otherwise. More importantly, where are we?"

"It'll be explained in a bit," Curly answered, which didn't satisfy Markus. "I'm Grover, nice to meet you, uh?" He struggled to reply at that.

"Markus," said boy replied. "So, Grover, huh?"

"Hey, is he camper here?" the green eyed boy asked.

"He's new, like you. He just appeared on the shore of the river. Markus, this is Percy Jackson."

"Charmed." Markus said to the other boy.

"Likewise," he replied.

So, can you tell me what happened?" Grover asked.

"Well I was sleeping outside, when all of a sudden, a freaky snake lady attacked me with a spear. Luckily, I managed to kill it before washing up on the shore," Markus summed up.

"You killed a dracanae? With no training?" Grover asked, his voice a little awed. Markus wished he could bask in the praise, but he knew if it weren't for certain factors, he'd be dead. But he didn't tell him that.

"Uh, yeah," he said, his voice hiding any hesitation. "Wait what's a draca-whatever you just said?"

"Drac-an-ae," Grover pronounced for him, though didn't give any explanation. Markus wanted to ask more, but decided against it. He figured he'd be told later on.

"Listen, uh, could you see if you got any more of that medicine you have?" he asked. He didn't think he really needed any of it, but he'd rather be safe than sorry.

"Nectar," Grover corrected. "But sure, I'll get it. You two just relax."

He then walked out, into the house and leaving Markus with a boy who he didn't know and was bound to become an awkward situation.

"We look like each other," Percy said to him, trying to start a conversation.

Markus rolled his eyes. "Wow, great way to start a conversation. Just go up to a person and say 'We look just like each other.'" He made sure to say that part mockingly. He didn't mean to be rude, but he was just so curios, and lost, as to what the hell was going on that he just snapped a bit.

Percy frowned a little at his answer. "Sorry, just asking. It's not every day you see someone who looks like you, like-"

"Brothers," Markus finished, his mouth set in a scowl as he finished that thought. It wasn't that he had a problem if this guy was his (possible) brother, but after losing his mum, he'd been used to being all alone. Sure, the thought would be nice, but he wasn't jumping for joy at the thought.

Then he replied, "Sorry, it's just, all of this is making me go a little crazy, you know?"

Percy then nodded with a tiny smile, "Yeah, I'm a bit weirded out too, so I can understand."

"Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a bit clueless."

They both laughed as Grover came back with the nectar. He gave it to both black haired kids snacking on the 'liquid goodness'. It was delicious.

When they finished, Grover asked, "Was it good?"

Markus simply nodded while Percy spoke, "It was amazing." He said with slight bliss.

"What did it taste like?" he asked, sounding wistful.

Markus was wondering why Grover didn't take any for himself.

"Sorry," Percy said. "I should've let you taste."

Grover's eyes went wide. "No! That's not what I meant. I just… wondered."

"Strawberry cheesecake for me," Markus told him.

"Chocolate-chip cookies," Percy said. "My mum's.

Homemade." Markus mentally sighed at that. He had a flashback of his mum making him chocolate-chip cookies when he was very young. The thought made his heart ache.

Grover sighed. "And how do you two feel?"

"Like I could throw Nancy Bobofit a hundred yards." Percy answered.

"Who?" Markus asked.

"A bully in my old school." Percy answered him.

"Oh, I'd just punch her in the face; much easier that way."

"Tell me about it."

"Anyway," Markus said, continuing from where the conversation left off, "I feel like I could run a full marathon and not feel tired."

Grover nodded. "That's good. That's good. I don't think you should risk drinking any more of that stuff."

"What do you mean?" Percy asked in confusion.

Markus frowned. "Yeah, I mean shouldn't we finish the whole of this nectar to fully affect us?"

Grover didn't answer and took the cups gingerly, as though they were dynamite. "Come on. Chiron and Mr. D are waiting."

Percy's legs were wobbly when trying to walk. Grover offered to carry his Minotaur horn, but Percy said he'd carry it, looking stern.

As they came onto the opposite end of the house, Markus caught his breath. He'd already seen some of the beauty the place he was staying in was beautiful, but now it seemed absolutely breath-taking.

The valley that came into view rolled all the way up to the water. It seemed to almost glitter in the distance. Markus seemed unable to process of all this. The landscape was dotted with small buildings that looked like Ancient Greek architecture, with an open-air pavilion, an amphitheatre, and a circular arena. The strange thing was that they all looked brand new, the bright white columns shining in the sun.

In a nearby sandspit, many high school kids and satyrs- which was cool since Markus hasn't seen one before, apart from Grover- were playing volleyball. Canoes glided across a lake. Kids in bright orange tee-shirts were chasing each other around a cluster of cabins below. Some shot targets at archery ranges. Others rode horses- which had wings- down a wooded trail. Markus was shocked at the appearance of what looked to be a Pegasus.

Down at the end of the porch, two men sat across from each other at a card table. The blonde haired girl who'd spoon-fed him strawberry cheesecake-flavoured pudding was leaning on the porch rail next to them.

The man facing them was small, but plump. He had a red nose, watery eyes and curly hair so black it seemed purple. He looked like your average gambler, yet Markus had a feeling that he could outsmart even the most serious gambler. He wore a tiger-pattern Hawaiian shirt.

"That's Mr. D," Grover murmured. "He's the camp director. Be polite. The girl, that's Annabeth Chase. She's just a camper, but she's been here longer than just about anybody. And Percy already knows Chiron…"

He pointed at the guy who had their back to them.

The first thing Markus noticed about Chiron was that he was sitting in a wheelchair. He wore a tweed jacket, thinning brown hair, a scraggly beard. Percy recognized him easily.

"Mr. Brunner!" he cried out. Markus stared at him, wondering why he was shouting. Also, he seemed to try and remember where he heard the name Chiron before.

The man looked at them with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

"Ah, good, Percy," he said, before turning to Markus. "And you must be Markus Henderson. Excellent, now we have four for pinochle." He gestured for the kids to sit down, so they did.

Percy sat next to Mr. D, who looked at them with bloodshot eyes and heaved a great sigh. "Oh, I suppose I must say it. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. There. Now, don't expect me to be glad to see you."

"Charmed," Markus replied sarcastically, liking the man even less. If you were a camp director, you could at least try act pleasant.

"Uh, thanks." Percy said as he scooted a little farther away from him.

"Annabeth," Chiron called to the blond girl.

She came forward and was introduced. "This young lady nursed you both back to health. Annabeth, my dear, why don't you go check on Percy's and Markus' bunk? We'll be putting them in cabin eleven."

"Sure, Chiron," Annabeth said. She looked around the boys' age, a little taller, and seemed more athletic looking. With her deep tan and curly blond hair, exactly like a stereotypical California girl. Except her eyes ruined the image. They were grey, like storm clouds. They had a confident look in them that Markus could respect. All in all, she definitely seemed like a cute, almost pretty girl.

Annabeth glanced at the Minotaur horn in Percy's hands, then back at him. Then she shifted his eyes towards Markus, like she was expecting something from him.

Then she said to both of them, "Both of you drool in your sleep."

Markus balked at that. He didn't expect that to come out of her mouth. That was a secret he discovered when he woke up in his bed at five, his mum cooing on how much he drooled.

His face burning with embarrassment at that particular memory, Markus quipped back, "And you suck at interrogating."

Annabeth scowled, as if his jab was offensive, but it was the truth. Percy cracked up, relieved that the focus wasn't on his (and mine) drooling habit.

Then she sprinted off down the lawn, her blond hair flying behind her.

"So," Percy said. "You, uh, work here, Mr. Brunner?"

"Isn't his name Chiron, like the trainer of heroes from Greek mythology?" Markus queried.

The man gave Markus a smile. "That is true." Then to Percy, "Not Mr. Brunner. I'm afraid that was pseudonym. You may call me Chiron."

"Okay," said Percy, sounding confused. Markus was there with him, but he seemed to ponder on something. Chiron, satyrs, Pegasus, Greek buildings. He had the pieces, all he needed was to put them together.

Percy then looked at the director. "And Mr. D… does that stand for something?"

Mr. D stopped shuffling the cards. He looked at Percy as if he'd belched loudly. "Young man, names are powerful things. You don't just go around using them for no reason."

"Oh. Right. Sorry." He mumbled.

"I must say, Percy," Chiron broke in. "I'm glad to see you alive. It's been a long time since I've made a house call to a potential camper. I'd hate to think I've wasted my time."

"House call?" Percy asked while Markus listened.

"My year at Yancy Academy, to instruct you. We have satyrs at most schools keeping a lookout. We were unable to find you, Markus, as you didn't attend any schools lately. Also, there was something blocking us from contacting you."

"What was blocking you?" Markus asked. He didn't know anything about blocking communication.

"I do not know. But it seems to be magical in nature. Some kind of protective ward of some sort."

"Wait, how did you know about me?" asked Percy, while Markus pondered on this new information.

"Grover alerted me as soon as he met you, Percy," Chiron replied. "He sensed you were something special, so I decided to come upstate. I convinced the other Latin teacher to… ah, to take a leave of absence."

"Wait," Markus cut in. "How do I fit into all this?"

Chiron frowned. "I do not know, Markus. If we were able to locate you, we would have retrieved you far sooner. But still, even without any training, you still performed well. Killing a dracanae? Most impressive." Markus smiled a bit at the praise.

"Nevertheless," Chiron continued on, "you both made it here alive. And that's always the first test."

"You do know how to play pinochle?" Mr. D asked abruptly.

"I'm not sure," Markus said.

"I'm not sure, sir," he said to the boy.

Not liking this guy's attitude, he decided to be a bit witty. "There's no need to call me sir, Mr. D," he responded back cheekily.

Percy laughed, amused by the whole debacle. Nice to know someone had a good sense of humour. Chiron merely smiled, also amused. Grover bleated nervously, as if Markus had committed a great crime. And Mr. D himself glared, his watery eyes turning a threatening shade of purple.

"Uh, how do you play, sir?" Percy asked, apparently saving Markus from being, presumably, chewed out.

"Well, at least one of you has manners," Mr. D replied, as if mocking Markus. "Well it, along gladiator fighting and Pac-Man, is one of the greatest games invented by humans. I would expect all civilised young men and women to know the rules."

"I'm sure the boys can learn," Chiron said.

"Alright hold up," Markus said, performing a time-out gesture. "Can we please talk about what's going on and why we're here?"

"Yeah, what he said," Percy agreed. "Mr. Brun-Chiron-why would you go to Yancy Academy just to teach me?"

Mr. D snorted. "I asked the same question."

He then dealt the cards. Grover stood off to the side, nervous as can be. Chiron smiled sympathetically at the two boys. "Percy," he said. "Did your mother tell you nothing?"

"She said," Percy responded, deep in thought. "She told me she was afraid to send me here, even though my father wanted to. She said that once I was here, I couldn't leave. She wanted to keep me close to her."

"Typical," Mr. D muttered. "That's how they're usually killed."

Chiron apparently didn't listen to what Mr. D said, and instead turned to Markus. "What about you, young man?"

Markus didn't really like being the centre of attention, but still replied. "Some… monsters attacked myself and my mum when I was five. I… I think that they were after me, weren't they?"

"Bingo," Mr. D replied unhelpfully.

Markus' whole world came crashing down. To think that his mum died because the monsters were after him pretty much shocked him, and filled him with regret. While, logically, he knew that it wasn't his fault, nor could he do anything, the idea seemed to break him a little.

Chiron gave him a sad smile. "I'm sorry for making you reveal personal information deep to yourself," he said comfortingly, but Markus wasn't listening, feeling numb.

He felt so out of place that he missed out on what was being said. When he slowly recovered, he managed to pick up the next sentence from Chiron. "Well, you two. You know that Grover is a satyr. You know-" here he pointed at the horn in Percy's hand "-that you killed a Minotaur. No small feat either, lad. What you may not know is that there are great forces at work in your life.

Gods- the forces you call Greek gods- are very much alive."

After that revelation, Markus was able to shift all he knew into place. All of that madness, because Greek mythology actually existed. He wanted to believe it was some sick joke, like the world wasn't real, like in the Matrix. Sadly, he understood with grim satisfaction that it wasn't.

All he heard was Mr. D yelling, "Oh, a royal marriage! Trick! Trick!" He cackled as he tallied up the points.

"Mr. D," Grover asked timidly. "If you're not going to eat it, can I have your Diet Coke can?"

"Eh? Oh, alright."

Grover bit a huge shard of the empty aluminium can and chewed it mournfully.

"Wait," Percy said. "You're telling me there's such a thing as God."

"Well, now," Chiron said. "God-capital G, God. That's a different matter altogether. We shan't deal with the metaphysical." Markus pondered on that. He wasn't really the religious type. He kind of lost faith when he saw his mum die, and ended up living on the street. He guessed that made him an atheist.

"Metaphysical? But you just said-" Percy started, but Chiron cut him off.

"Ah, gods, plural, as in, great beings that control the forces of nature and human endeavors: the immortal gods of Mt. Olympus. That's a smaller matter altogether."


"It sounds less complicated than the Bible." Markus replied.

"Yes quite." Chiron said to both of the kids. "The gods we discussed in Latin class."

"Zeus," Percy said. "Hera. Apollo. You mean them."

And there it was again- distant thunder in a cloudless sky.

"Young man," frowned Mr. D. "I would be less casual about throwing those names around, if I were you."

"But they're stories," Percy said. "They're myths, to explain lightning and the seasons and stuff. They're what people believed before there was science."

Markus wondered why the camp director seemed offended by this. Then he began to think more on it, wondering if Mr. D himself… was a god. If so, Markus was disappointed.

"Science," he scoffed. "And tell me, Perseus Jackson"-Percy flinched-"what will people think of your 'science' two thousand years from now?" Mr. D continued. Hmm? They will call it primitive mumbo jumbo. That's what. Oh, I love mortals-they have absolutely no sense of perspective. They think they've come so-o-o far. And have they, Chiron? Look at these boys and tell me."

"Percy," Chiron said, "You may not choose to believe or not, but the fact is that immortal means immortal. Can you imagine that for a moment, never dying? Never fading? Existing, just as you are, for all time?"

"It'd be boring," Markus interjected. After really thinking about it, immortality didn't really appeal to him. Sure the not dying part would be awesome, but living forever? It would be very dull. "Not really for me I guess."

Chiron smiled towards him. "An interesting viewpoint, Markus. One not many consider at first."

"You mean, whether people believed in you or not?" Percy said carefully.

"Exactly," Chiron agreed. "If you were a god, how would you like being called a myth, an old story to explain lightning? What if I told you, Perseus Jackson, that someday people would call you a myth, just created to explain how little boys can get over losing their mothers?"

Markus glared at the man for that comment. Losing a mother wasn't anything to scoff at, especially them sacrificing themselves for you. He could tell Percy's mum would have done the same thing.

"I wouldn't like it. But I don't believe in gods," Percy said.

"Oh, you'd better," Mr. D murmured. "Before one of them incinerates you."

Grover said, "P-please, sir. He's just lost his mother. He's in shock."

"A lucky thing, too," Mr. D grumbled, playing a card. "Bad enough I'm confined to this miserable job, working with boys who don't even believe."

He waved his hand and a goblet appeared on the table, as if the sunlight had bent, and woven into glass. The goblet filled itself with red wine.

Percy's jaw dropped, Markus blinked in surprise, whereas Chiron hardly looked up.

"Mr. D," he warned. "your restrictions."

Mr. D looked at the wine and feigned surprise.

"Dear me." He looked at the sky and yelled, "Old habits! Sorry!"

Thunder rumbled through the sky again.

Mr. D waved his hand again, and the wineglass changed into a fresh can of Diet Coke. He sighed unhappily, popped the top of the soda, and went back to his card game.

Chiron winked at them. "Mr. D offended his father a while back, took a fancy to a wood nymph who'd been declared off-limits."

"A wood nymph," Percy repeated, still staring at the can like it came from outer space.

"Yes," Mr. D confessed. "Father loves to punish me. The first time, prohibition. Ghastly! Absolutely horrid ten years. The second time- well, she was really pretty, and I couldn't stay away- the second time, he sent me here. Half-Blood Hill. Summer camp for brats like you. 'Be a better influence,' he told me. 'Work with youths rather than tearing them down.' Ha. Absolutely unfair." He sounded like a whiny kid.

"And..." Percy stammered, "Your father is..."

"The old Thunderbeard himself," Markus replied. The sky gave off a far thunder boom, as if it heard his response. "Meaning you must be Dionysus, god of wine."

Mr. D gave a mocking clap. "Well, at least one of you brats are smart enough. Can't say the same for the other one." He gestured to Percy.

"You're a god," Percy said.

"Yes, child."

"A god. You."

Mr. D gave this hardened stare and the boy cringed a little.

Markus turned towards Chiron. "Wait, he can't go into our minds, can he?" he asked, remembering that Dionysus is also the god of madness.

Chiron shook his head and said no.

"Would you like to test me, child?" the god said quietly.

"No. No, sir." Percy stammered out, panic in his eyes.

He turned back to his game. "I believe I win."

"Not quite, Mr. D," Chiron said. He set down a straight, tallied the points, and said, "The game goes to me."

Mr. D narrowed his eyes at Chiron like he was going to incinerate Chiron, but instead he just sighed through his nose, as if he were used to losing to him. He got up, and Grover stood at attention.

"I'm tired," Mr. D announced. "I believe I'll take a nap before the sing-along tonight. But first, Grover, we need to talk, again, about your less-than-perfect performance on this assignment."

Grover's face beaded with sweat. "Y-yes, sir."

Mr. D turned to the two boys. "Cabin Eleven, Percy Jackson, Markus Henderson. And mind your manners."

He swept into the farmhouse, Grover following after him.

"Well, he's a pleasant ray of sunshine," Markus muttered sarcastically once he left.

"Will Grover be okay?" Percy asked Chiron, looking concerned.

Chiron nodded, though he looked a bit troubled. "Old Dionysus isn't really mad. He just hates his job. He's been... ah, grounded, I guess you could say, and can't stand waiting another century before he's allowed back on Olympus."

"You mean there really is a palace there?" Markus asked.

Chiron looked towards the two boys and said, "Well, now, there's Mount Olympus in Greece. And then there's the home of the gods, the convergence point of their powers, which did indeed used to be on Mount Olympus. It's still called Mount Olympus, out of respect to the old ways, but the palace moves, just as the gods do."

"You mean the Greek gods are here? Like... in America?" Percy asked, astounded.

"Well, certainly. The gods move with the heart of the West."

"The what?" both kids asked, clueless on the statement.

Then Chiron gave a long explanation on how the West was actually 'Western civilization', and how it was a force that moved from place to place, where it eventually moved to America.

After that, Percy asked, "Who are you, Chiron? Who... who am I?"

Chiron smiled, while shifting his weight as if he were to get out of his wheelchair.

"Who are you?" he mused. "Well that's the question we all want answered, isn't it? But for now, we should get you both a bunk in Cabin Eleven. There will be new friends to meet. And plenty of times for lesson tomorrow. Besides, there will be s'mores at the campfire tomorrow tonight, and I absolutely adore chocolate."

And then he did rise from his wheelchair. But there was something odd about how he did it. His blanket over his legs seemed to stay in place, but his body from the waist kept rising. First, a leg came out, long and knobby-kneed, with a huge polished hoof. This was followed by another, then the hindquarters. Eventually, a white-bottomed centaur appeared out of the wheelchair, which was now a metal shell with fake human legs attached.

Well at least that answers the question on his horse-half, Markus told himself mentally.

"What a relief," the centaur said. "I'd been cooped up in there so long, my fetlocks had fallen asleep. Now, come, Percy Jackson, Markus Henderson. Let's meet the other campers."

As they followed Chiron, Markus leaned in and whispered to Percy, "You go behind him first. I don't want to clean up any droppings that he makes.

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