Always found it funny how Lloyd had a pink backpack, and this is just everyone taking the mickey out of him for having one.


He heard the sniggers throughout the entirety of the train journey.

His younger brother and sister, along with their mutual friends, were laughing.

At him.

He tried to ignore them, stepping off of the train with his head held high, and waiting for them to catch up by reading the display board.

They caught up to him, hands muffling their open mouths.

To see Dinah laughing at him was a shocker, but then again, when she had first arrived at their home, he had laughed at her.

He led the charge, as expected, rattling off directions as the laughter swelled.

Vulcan Tower loomed in the distance, and he found himself increasing his pace, wanting to get to their location before he lost his temper.

They had all been caught, and he watched the Headmaster gloat in triumph.

Satisfied that the man was cut off by a whitecoat, he frowned as a single item was turned over to the man.

The Headmaster took the item and examined it, features contorted into confusion.

He asked the whitecoat if it belonged to one of the captured girls, received a negative answer, and then turned to the shortest boy of the group he had captured.

"Does this belong to you?"

The boy snorted, then shook his head, quaking like a leaf. "N-No."

The Headmaster went onto the tallest boy. "You?"

"Nah, clashes with my outfit."

The Headmaster narrowed his eyes, and his gaze landed onto the other boy.

"So this is meant to belong to you?"

Lloyd stuck his chin out. "It is mine. What's wrong with it?"

"It is… pink."

"So?" Lloyd threw his hands up in the air. "There's nothing wrong with me having a pink backpack!"

"Says the gay guy."

His friends and brother cracked up laughing, and Lloyd's head swivelled round, eyes burning into the side of Ian's head.