Bella's Point of View

I knew it was a disgusting waste of my time, but I couldn't deny that it answered all of my problems, it extinguished the flames that he had set in me. I tipped the bottle of liquor back, letting the bitter burn roll down my throat. My stomach churned against the vile substance, but I forced it down.

After I finished the rest of it, I let the bottle fall to my feet, my vision was beginning to blur and the dizzy sensation rushed over me. The feeling was euphoric, I felt nothing, I could think of nothing... and the pain was nothing but a distant memory.

I moved unsteadily around in the darkness of the woods, only the light of the moon casting down enough light for me to see the grand Cullen house. Although now as I gazed up at it's glory I no longer felt the heart-breakingly harsh true. It was just a stupid house, that looked like the perfect place to crash for the night.

My feet was only strong enough to carry me to the front porch; which is where I let my body fall. I curled myself in a ball, not feeling anything emotionally or physically at this point. And it was wonderful, for once I could relax, close my eyes and fall asleep.

And that's what I would have done if it wasn't for someone disrupting me. A hand came to my shoulder, giving me a gentle shake. "Bella, what the hell are you doing here?" The voice sounded so familiar, but I couldn't figure out who it was, even as I searched for the unknown disturber. Their body was close, but I couldn't make out any details of who it was.

"Just trying to sleep, do you mind." I felt my mouth remark, I wasn't sure why I had said it, but there was no stopping it. My brain wasn't in control at this moment, or at least I had lost the ability to control it.

I was surprised for a moment to hear a snort from the stranger. "You're drunk, if it wasn't for the situation this would be hilarious." Then without warning I felt the world move from beneath me as I was lifted up into their arms.

"Woah," I groaned, pushing at them, but even I knew there was no point, I couldn't stop this disturber, no more than I could stop him from leaving. I let my body slump in their arms, deciding to just close my eyes and hope this stranger would either kill me or at least let me here to die in the house that had ruined my life.

"Didn't you notice it's pouring outside, you are soaked to the bone." The stranger sighed, and for a second I felt something warm and soft under me. Maybe it was a bed... or a blanket... either way, it felt much better than the porch.

"Where am I?" I again tried to see this person, hoping that I could at least thank them properly by name. I could only make out golden eyes and for some reason looking into them... it was like looking into a pool of warmth. It's been a long time since I had felt warmth, my heart has grown so cold and alone... just like me. I welcomed the warmth, wanting closer to it.

"In my room, you will be okay here until you sober up."

I saw just the slightest movement and quickly I moved my hand, desperately trying to grab a hold of them. I didn't want them to leave, not now... not while the chance of getting warm again was here. Unfortunately I wasn't able to grab them, but they did pause.

"Don't leave, please." I could feel my eyes watering, tears slid down my cheeks. The emotions that I had tried drinking away was starting to come back, I could begin to feel the sting deeply in my chest. I didn't have much longer until I would be fully consumed in pain once more.

"I really shouldn't be here." The stranger spoke, but I felt a presence next to me, it wasn't close, but I knew they were there, I could feel it. I turned on my side and curled into them, finding comfort in their arms. I couldn't explain it, but when I was close to them that pinch of pain disappeared.

We laid like this for a long time, the stranger was so still it was almost like they weren't breathing, it reminded me a lot of someone... someone that I refused to think about.

"You know, I've been in hell for month... it feels like years," I spoke freely, not caring at all what this person thought of me or not. "But as soon as you showed up... that pain... it's gone, I feel like... I need you here."

There was a brief pause from the disturber, I could hear the discomfort in this tone. "You don't mean that Bella, you are completely drunk."

I shook my head, rolling myself onto his chest now, my eyes turned to their's. Again I was swept away by the gorgeous topaz orbs. They were so warm... so inviting. I only wished to get closer and closer, as far as morals I had none right now... all I knew was I wanted this person.

"Drunk or not, I know my feelings, this is what I needed... I needed meeting you, I thought there was no hope for me to be happy... but you are here and now I know I can move on." I whispered, I lightly pulled my shirt off revealing my bare skin.

I felt their sights on me, but their body beneath me was so still, if it wouldn't have been from the hard bulge beginning; pressing against me, I would have thought he was dead.

"Bella," Their voice sounded strained but I felt a hard grip on my waist now. "This isn't a good idea, you need to put your shirt back on... I'm a married man, you know that."

His words meant nothing to me right now, he could have admitted to being an alien from outer space and it wouldn't have made a difference. There was no stopping in the middle of this, it was already set in motion and I would get what I needed.

"Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think you are wanting this just as bad as I am." I whispered into his ear, with a slight movement I let my crotch glide back and forth over his bulge. The hardness of him was increasing steadily, I knew that it wouldn't be long before he wouldn't be able to say no.

I heard a strange noise vibrate from him, something savage... close to the growl from a beast. Everything went so quickly that I couldn't figure how I had gotten in this position. All of a sudden I was no longer on top of him, I was on the bottom, on my hands and knees; facing the doorway. And the mysterious man was behind me, my pants were completely ripped from my body, I was now completely exposed to this stranger. And I didn't mind it for a minute.

His rock hard member was lightly prodding my entrance, my body trembled in anticipation.

"Bella are you sure, because once I start... there is no going back." His warning only brought a stronger urgency from me. I couldn't take it much longer, I needed him.

"Do it, I'm ready for this." I pressed my hips back into him teasing him a little; hoping this would kick start this into motion.

Like magic he gently thrusted inside of me, I felt mild pain as he brought it in and out. His hands gripped my hips and would squeezes them, bringing them in closer to him as he thrusted. Once the initial pain subsided my body trembled with waves of pleasure that I had never known existed.

I moaned desperately, letting myself pant as he bucked harder and harder into me. He seemed to pick up the speed more and more, until I couldn't keep up with him. His deep moans and the savage growls that burst through him only added to the sensation. The impact of his hips slamming into mine was so loud and aggressive that it echoed through the empty house. Through our vicious love-making I heard the ripping and tearing of the sheets, the cracking of the headboard and most embarrassingly the sound of my breathless screams.

For a moment, life was complete bliss. We didn't stop. Not all night, there was only small breaks for me to catch my breath and change positions, but other than that we had sex all night, until I could no longer go any further. At some point I had fallen asleep.

Upon waking up in the morning I groaned as the sunlight trickled through the windows, making the room I was lying in incredibly bright. With a deep yawn I turned my attention to where I was.

Nothing in this room was familiar; which unnerved me. Quickly I peeked out the open windows, knowing instantly where I was. There was no way I could mistake the Cullen's front yard... I was in the Cullen house.

My heart exploded in pain as I glanced around the room. How the hell did I get here?

But whose room is this? It wasn't his. I had never been in here before. I was about to get out of bed, but then I realized that I was completely naked.

I gasped in panic, wrapping the sheets around me, scanning the ground for any sign of my clothing, but all I found was pieces of clothing ripped to shreds across the floor.

This can't be happen... I couldn't have possibly... But with who? Judging by this unfamiliar room that only left three possibilities. Jasper, Emmett or Carlisle. The thought of me doing something so selfish... something so despicable... it was hard to accept. No matter which of them... that I had done this with, it would be hurting their wife.

As if I didn't already hate myself enough.

There was a soft knock at the door and instantly my heart sprang in my chest. Whoever that was, it was the man that I had... became intimate with...

"Come in," I exhaled shakily, holding my breath as I watched the door knob turn and the door swing open to reveal Emmett. He was just as I had remembered, so tall, so muscular, but there was something about him... that was different now.

He gave me a sheepish look, holding out a tray of food. "I made you some breakfast, I thought you... maybe needed a little protein." He hesitantly walked over to me, setting the tray on a stand that sat beside the bed.

I shook my head to clear it, glancing at the tray of food than back at Emmett. As our eyes met I felt the memories of last night flash before my eyes. I really had done this... and with Emmett... What astounded me was the fact that me... a human... was able to seduce a vampire... a vampire that was committed to his mate. I didn't think that such things where possible.

"I'm so sorry." Emmett sighed, plopped down on the leather seat that sat just across from the bed, he rested his face in his hands for a moment, going completely still. "I'm such an idiot."

I swallowed hard, breathing in deeply before turning my attention to the food, picking at it a little, letting my thoughts tumble around for a moment before responding. "There is nothing to apologize for."

He glanced up at me, not responded.

"I forced you into doing it," I kept my eyes away from him. "You can leave here with a clear conscious."

"Do you really think I could leave you after all that?" He muttered, shaking his head. "I tried to leave while you were sleeping, I just wanted to let you think this was all a dream but I couldn't... I didn't want to leave you."

His confession shocked me, I felt my jaw drop open as I sat up a little more in bed. "You wanted to..." I let the sentence trail off, hoping that he would know what I'm talking about.

"Bella, I didn't come here to take advantage of you." He said with a serious look on his face. "But when I saw you here, out in the rain, you were so sad... and beautiful... and I couldn't help myself... I wanted to rescue you Bella."

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