N/A Okay this is a Zack Files fan fiction. I got inspired to write this story one day after I saw the episode "Zack's girl" where Zack accidentally buys under arm deodorant for girls. In putting it on he completly turns into a girl and starts to live his life as a girl while pretending to be Zack's cousin Zena. While in secret Spence and Cam try to figure out once again how to get Zack out of this paranormal activity that is ruining his life. Zack in the episode goes to sleeping party and is forced to go out to dinner with Vernon. Double dating with them is Cam and Sara (Zack's girlfriend). In the ending Zack suddenly changes into his normal form in the bathroom while trying to find out Sara's true secret involving Zack, but in my story this is not to be. I wrote this fan fiction so that Zack never changes back into his normal self. Enjoy... I don't own any of the characters they are apart of the book series and the episode plots that are owned by ytv productions. ENJOY!

Chapter 1: "The Date Goes On"
"What I really want from him?" Sara touched up her make-up as Zack leaned out of his chair keeping a sharp look on Sara, and then he began to bite his nails and realized a weird taste came with it. "Bleh yuck!". Sara jumped from her chair "What it is Zena?" "Oh nothing, nothing just the weird taste of nail polish that's all. Anyways continue with what you really want from my cousin?" Sara looked at him with an odd look. "I shouldn't really, it's to important." Zack gave a depressed look as Sara lifted herself from her chair. "Ready to go back to our dates?". Zack still depressed gave a groan. "I'm not really that anxious to be going back. Vernon is sooo???". Sara laughed. "I know what your going to say? I might leave as well. Gwen clearly hinted that Cam was going to be hers, and I like Zack to much to break his heart." Zack blushed a little, and looked at his soar feet so Sara would not see. "You like Zack "that" much?". Sara nodded her head. Zack gave a sigh. Opening the door to the bathroom Zena came face-to-face with the worst of all things. Vernon! "What is wrong my love?" Zack rolled his eyes, and pushed Vernon back. "Do you mind girls have personal space!". "Oh? I am most sorry my love." "Further more will you stop calling me your love! God!" Zack gave stress to this as he began to notice his voice in a girl's tone sounded much better than that from his own voice, which in particular gave him quite a scare. Zack turned around to look at Sara, and then he fell from the high heels that Gwen forced him to wear. When Vernon saw this he rushed in to save her, but it didn't happen. Zack fell first and on top next would be Vernon. "Vernon get off of me!" Zack had yelled so loud possibly the whole restaurant had now heard him. Sara felt a little embarrassed and she just blushed while Cam came to the scene. "What's going on here?" Cam looked down to watch Vernon as struggled to get up. "Vernon get the hell off of him...I mean her!". Finally both by Cam's rage and Sara's help they lifted Vernon, and helped Zack back onto his high-heeled feet. "Come on Zena I think we should get you home." Sara then put her arm around his shoulder due to the fact that Zack was hobbling. Cam agreed, and gave Vernon a nasty look. As all three left Vernon was angry. He quietly said to himself. "I am going to get her no matter what it takes!"

~~~~~~~~~~~Back at Zack's house~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Arriving at Zack's apartment building, Cam let go of Zack's arm. "Well I guess I have to go. Bye Zena bye Sara." Sara waved, and then looked at her watch. "Yeah Zena I gotta go too. Sara looked up to see how far Cam had gone. "Hey Cam! Wait up?" In high heels she caught up to Cam in time. Zack shocked by this would've run up and slapped Cam in the face, but realized his foot hurt too much, and he would've blown his cover to Sara. Sighing he gave one last look at Sara and Cam walking away, and then hobbled into the building. After the hard time it took him to walk upstairs he got in and thanked the stars that his father wasn't up. Another night for this god awful paranormal spell to wear off and I won't have to explain to Dad my new sex change. Zack thought to himself. He hobbled some more to his room, and changed out of his skirt into some of his boxers and left on his shirt. Turning towards the mirror he looked in the mirror and to the new shape he had taken. in actuality I don't look half bad as a girl he then began to take of his shirt and look at himself again. He gave a bit of a turned off look when he had taken his shirt off. OMG I'm so fat he then turned away from the mirror and recalled his thought. what the hell did I just say god now even my thoughts are that of a female! He then began to take of his bra, which he always had trouble with. "GOD DAMMIT" After several attempts at not being able to get the clasp open he finally got fed up and just put on his t-shirt. That night he went to sleep dreaming dreams of cute boys in some cologne ad.

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