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Zack tossed and turned the whole night. Bad thoughts had swarmed his mind. Was he really going to wake up in a possible universe the next morning? Would everything he knew go back to what it was? Would he even stay a girl? All these thoughts and floating images in his mind made him jump upright in a sitting position. With cold sweat dripping on his soft feminine forehead, he simply took a deep breath. After that feeling of blurring when waking up quickly went away and he adjusted his eyes to the dark settings he pulled the covers off of him and walked to the bathroom. When turning on the light he took no notice to his reflection in the mirror and went straight for the toilet. In total darkness he got up from the toilet went over to the bathroom sink and turned on the light. At the look of his reflection came the sounds of only sheer terror.


Although the loud girly screams may have been entertaining it was probably waking up the whole apartment building. Zack's Mother was defiantly awake, as she running to the door she first had to overcome that it was locked.

"Sweetie dear are you alright?"

Zack looked to the door, and heard the voice behind it. It didn't sound like a man trying to speak it was really like his mother's voice. He was beginning to panic.

"Have things changed but me?" He thought to himself as he looked disappointingly in the mirror.

The knocks came louder and so did his new authority voice of a Mother.

"I'm so not use to this. So not!" Zack looked at his hideous female self once more and then He then opened the door. He had opened the door to this beautiful brown haired mother that had finally replaced his drag queen Dad.

As stern as she look all Zack could do was half smile.

"I thought I saw a mouse."

Still giving an angry look to Zack. His Mother instantly lifted her arm and pointed her index finger to Zack's room.

"I want none of these excuses, now straight to your room right this instance! I don't like these jokes you keep pulling Zena. They make me stress at night. Three times in a row that's been this week. I'm really tempted to send you off to your grandparents."

Zack became confused. "Grandparents? Wouldn't you send me off to Dad's first."

"Zena! You know how I don't like it when you talk about Dad, and I'm not falling for those delirious you need to see the psychiatrist to get out of school excuses as well. You know Dad died six years ago and you've used up that excuse. YOU ARE GOING to your new boarding school whether you like it or not! I'm not the idiot teenage girl who got myself caught smoking the fifth row in a day, and not to mention started a fight IN THE MIDDLE OF A GYM CLASS WITH THE GYM TEACHER!"

Zack was a bit flabbergasted from the looks and angry tone of his new sexy Mom. Thus he just gave her a confused and scared look. He didn't want to say anything back so he just stared into nothingness and walked back to his room. Still frazzled he couldn't even think he just lied back in his bed, and went off to sleep.

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