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A few hours had went by since his meeting with She-Hulk, Spidey had gone to his to do some investigating. From what he had gather, a small group of these Watchdogs, had managed to find a few targets. Deciding to grab a few traces, he went back to his hideout to gather a few more items. Once he was done, he went to the Avengers' Tower, where tonight he would teaming up with Hawkeye. Once Hawkeye was set, the two took to the roofs, were they began heading to the area that he was told about. Once they were there, they scooped out the place, as they attempted to any members of the Watchdogs. However in the process they had come across a familiar person.

"Coulson?" Hawkeye said.

True enough, the man standing in front of them, was Coulson, along with his team. As it turns out they were also looking for the watch dogs, and it turned out that Jennifer's client was SHIELD agent, and the whole warning Jennifer was a stunt they pulled to lure the Watchdogs out. Deciding to work together, Peter and Clint join the SHIELD agents, in capturing the Watchdogs. They soon went to the abandon build where with they managed to track down the Watchdogs, in total there were about 30 of them, along with one of Spider-Man enemy Tombstone. After coming up with a plan, Spider-Man made his way inside to start it off.

"Okay, so you all remember your task." The man named Tombstone, who was muscular man, with ghostly white skin, holding onto a large gun.

"To track down the Inhumans, and eliminate them from the face of the earth." One of the member stated.

But before Tombstone could answer him, Spider-Man had come down from the ceiling.

"Evening boys, isn't not nice to attack other people." Spider-Man said, as he shot out a strand of webs that took Tombstone's gun.

"You again." Tombstone growled as he charged at Spider-Man.

Spider-Man stood calmly still as he aloud Tombstone to get in close before jumping out of the way, causing Tombstone to go head first into a wall. As the other Watchdog member gathered their guns, they suddenly disappeared as Colson, his team, and Hawkeye began the assault on them.

The Watchdogs didn't stand much of a chance as they were easily taken down. However for Spider-Man and Tombstone their fight ended up taking them outside, as Spider-Man had just slammed Tombstone into a building. Shaking his head, Tombstone then grabbed a crossbar as he swung at Spider-Man. Easily avoiding it he yanked it away from him, for grabbing him and slamming him into the nearby wall. He then grabbed him by the arms and slammed him through a wall. Not giving up Tombstone the grabbed a steel pipe as he swung at Spider-Man. Using his Spider-Sense, Peter easily moved out of the way, as he shot a strand of webbing to take away the pipe. Not giving up, Tombstone charged at Spider-Man only for Spider-Man to catch the punch and delivering his only punch into Tombstone's gut. Still not giving up Tombstone managed to catch Spidey off guard as he rammed him through a wall. Having taking worse punishment Peter easily brushed off the slam before he landed a right hook on Tombstone knocking him out, before webbing him up. Soon Hawkeye and Colson's team were outside to see the end of their fight. Colson and his team were impressed by Spidey's skills and strength.

Once the rest of Watchdogs were tied up they began questioning them, it was clear though the Watchdogs weren't going give up any information. Deciding to get information the same way Daredevil does, Spider-Man grabbed one of the Watchdogs' member and took him to the roof as he dangled him over ledge, attached to strand of webbing.

"Now explain what you guys were planning!"

"No way will I ever tell you anything freak!"

Rolling his eyes they soon narrowed, as he released his grip for a second causing him to fall further down. He then let out a scream as he a few feet before Spider-Man pulled him back up. Spidey's eyes narrowed as he spoke back with a much more harsh tone.

"Listen, unless you want me to drop on your head, you better give me some answers."

To emphasize his point Spider-Man released as he dropped him about 10ft. The man let out a cry as he fell, before Spider-Man pulled him back up.

"Okay! Okay! I'll talk. We were to go out and kills as many Inhumans as possible."

This caused Spider-Man's eyes to further narrow as he continued his investigation.

"Who gave you the information on the location of the Inhumans?"

"I don't know, someone just us their location, and but didn't say the name."

After carefully studying him Peter then asked.

"What aren't you telling me?"

The man soon began sweating bullets as he tried to regain control of himself. This only Spider-Man to loosen his grip threating to drop him.

"Okay, the main target tonight is a man named Connor Edward."

Spider-Man eyes narrowed as he recognized the name as She-Hulk client." tossed the man on the wall before webbing him up. He then to see Coulson and his team, as well as Hawkeye. Then one of the team members named Daisy spoke up.

"Didn't you take things a little too far?"

Peter only gave her dead expressionless stare as he explained.

"This is tame compared to what my friends would do."

"Oh, and what would they do?" This time Coulson asked.

"Oh, Daredevil would most likely beat the shit out of him even stab him, Wolverine would threaten to stab slice his throat, and Punisher would torture him in all kinds of way before killing him."

Everyone could only give him a blank to stare as if expecting him to be joking.

"I'm serious."

Deciding to try ignore the atmosphere the round up Tombstone and the rest of Watchdogs. Once it was done Peter and Hawkeye took off continuing their patrol, as they ran across the roof tops. Soon they heard a cry for help as they followed the noise to see a man and his son being attacked group of men, as two of them were dragging the boy towards they van. Leaping as the men got into the van, Spider-Man leaped down from the roof and landed in front of the van. Slamming his arms on the van hood, he prevented the men from moving. When the men saw who stopped them they immediately got out of the van in there attempted to attack Spider-Man. However Hawkeye had also came down from the roof and took out several of the men while Spider-Man took out the rest. Once they brought the boy back to his father they stay with them until the police arrived to arrest the men. The father and son, as well as the police thanked the two as they continued their patrol for the night.

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