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Inu Yasha, a Feudal Fairytale presents...
Don't You Dare
a Chang Po/Nataku production!

Chapter 1

The sun was warm on Kagome's back as she made her climb out of
the Bone Eater's Well. Summer vacation had just started, leaving her
ample time to spend shard hunting with Inu Yasha and company in the
Sengoku Jidai. Granted, she would have preferred to spend that time
with her family at the beach, or shopping and going to the movies with
her friends, rather than crossing the Japanese countryside slaying demons
500 years in the past with a rag tag band of characters you'd find in a fairytale.

But alas, what was a girl to do? It had to have been fate that caused her to
fall into the well that day, and who as Kagome to argue with that? Besides,
it was her fault, after all, that the Shikon no Tama had been broken…

'And it's my responsibility to get all of the pieces back together,' Kagome
thought purposefully as she reached the top of the well. Slinging her bag over
the top and climbing out, Kagome got a good look at her surroundings. The
view never ceased to amaze her. The trees were lush and full, the sky clear
and blue and refreshing - not at all like the city in her present time.

Kagome chuckled to herself, 'This place would be pretty relaxing if I wasn't
always running around fearing for my life all the time.' She picked up her bag,
adjusting the straps as she made her way through the trees. She had left her
bicycle around her somewhere, hadn't she?

'It's not like someone would have stolen it,' she thought to herself. 'I'm the only
one who knows how to ride it save for Miroku… I wonder if Inu Yasha moved it?'

At the thought of the hanyou, Kagome stopped in her tracks, glancing around.
In most cases, she would have stumbled into the arms of the hanyou as she
made her climb out of the well. She blushed at the thought, immediately
pushing it aside. There was still no sign of him; surely she should have
come across him by now.

"I know he was made that I left to take my final exams," Kagome murmured
out loud. "I even left before I could get my results… he should have at least
come to meet me…" Her brown eyes darkened with worry. What if something
had happened to him? "He was acting weird after our last trip… I wonder if he's
all right."

Disregarding the search for her bicycle, Kagome took off running towards the


"Hey, Kagome's back!" Shippo's nose had allowed him to pick up the scent of
his favorite human. Bolting to the entrance of Kaede's hut, his eyes lit up as he
spotted her form coming towards them from the forest. "Kagome!"

"Shippo-chan!" Kagome beamed as the kitsune bounded into her arms,
nuzzling her happily. "How are you?"

"I'm glad that you're back, Kagome!" he chirped. "It's been so boring without
you here!"

'I can only imagine,' Kagome thought to herself with a smile as she listened to
the young youkai recount all that had occurred in her absence. According to
his tale, Kagome was led to believe that things in fact had been boring since
she had left. There had been no trouble whatsoever - no Shikon shards, no
demon attackers, nothing. She could only wonder how well this bode with a
certain hanyou.

"Oi, stop your yabbering already, gaki!" Inu Yasha emerged from Kaede's hut,
annoyed at Shippo's inane chatter. "Nobody wants to listen--" His expression
was slightly dour, but when he caught sight of Kagome, it lightened a little. "Oh,
you're back already?"

Kagome's first reaction was that she should be angry with him for standing her
up, but since she had never made it an obligation, she found no right to scold him.
After all, nothing bad had happened because of it.

At that, she sighed inwardly with relief. 'He doesn't look too bad, so he must be
all right.' she told herself. Walking towards him, Shippo still in her arms, she
replied to him, "Yup, vacation's just started up, which means no more tests
until next semester!"

"Oh." Kagome's smile faltered slightly; he wasn't as pleased as she originally
thought he'd be. He didn't even make a single snide remark. Did this mean he
was actually happy when she was gone?

Inu Yasha looked her over. Shippo was plucking stray leaves out of her hair,
causing the hanyou to notice the state of disarray she was in. Her clothes
were slightly disheveled and her face was flushed from running. "Where's your

Kagome blinked herself out of her silent reverie. "Bike? Oh, I couldn't find it,"
she admitted sheepishly. She waited for some sort of reprimand, but none came. 'Weird… what's up with him today?'

"You ran all the way here from the well, Kagome?" Shippo awed, hopping down
from her arms worriedly. "Aren't you tired?"

"Not really," Kagome smiled. "It's nothing I can't--" She trailed off as Inu Yasha
walked past her. "I-Inu Yasha, where are you going?"

"To get your bike," With that he trudged off into the woods, disappearing from sight.

Kagome and Shippo could only blink and stare in silence.

End of Chapter 1

Authors' Notes -

Miss Chang Po - Hi, everyone!

Na - How'd you like chapter 1 so far? We know there's not a lot going
on just yet...

Miss Chang Po - But rest assured that the story will be picking up pretty soon! We
promise... ::glances at Nataku-chan:: Right?

Nataku-chan - Right, indeed.

Learning Japanese with Miss Chang Po and Nataku-chan!

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definitions for those who couldn't figured it out from the context.

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access to a pretty decent Japanese/English dictionary. However, if we happened to
use any words incorrectly, we apologize...

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