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Today was the Day

It was a joyous day for the Fairy Tail guild. They had just come back from the King's castle a week ago and partied ever since to celebrate their triumph over the time-traveling Dragons. Beer jugs were clinking, insults(as well as people) were being thrown across the room, chairs were being broken over a guild mate's head and the occasional magic spell being cast as well. All this happiness, comradery and fun-party-time was shrouding the atmosphere, but the one person you think would be at the center of it all was dreading this day to his core. That person was no other than Natsu, Natsu Dragneel.

He was brooding in the corner with his blue partner by his side. He didn't barge through the guild doors like he usually did, this time it was Elfman that did it. He didn't start his daily fight with Gray the ice bastard, Gajeel did. He didn't eat his flaming steak and burning whiskey for breakfast today, actually, no one did 'cause they can't, but you get my point. For Natsu, he wanted to stay away from the bar today- no, away from the guild. Today was something he dreaded since a few days ago. And it's obvious that it was Mira's fault.

She tricked him. Plain and simple. Sorcerer Weekly wanted to have MiraJane back in the picture, but to make it even more "fantastic", the asshole Jason said to bring one of her closest male friends to take the picture with her to show Fairy Tail was back in business. She could have picked Elfman, fuckin' Laxus, god damned Gray, that bastard Gajeel- hell, even freaking Max could have been a candidate. But no, it had to be him she said. You're my closest "boy friend" she says. I can't do this without you, she says. And knowing how Natsu was, she hit the bullseye. He went on a guilt trip when he tried to refuse her and Happy even helped him fight through it, but those damned puppy eyes got him to the core.

He unfortunately and reluctantly agreed to the picture shooting and left Mira, mumbling about how friendship can be deceiving and some other some shit. And today was the day. He would have to ride a dastardly train and suffer through the annoying bitch-ass Jason the reporter.

You see, Natsu actually never hated the picture shooting; he did them all the time and thought they were fun. What he just absolutely loathed and hated were the people working there. Specifically Jason. That guy… Natsu couldn't even describe his obnoxiousness in words but he wanted to rip his ears off every time he heard "cool" roll off his tongue(he also wanted to rip Jason's lips off too). He also hated some of the snobby people working there; their voices were so irritating and the way they spoke was like they were better than everyone(except Jason, he was too fanboyish for Natsu) they sat on their director's chair looking at everyone like ants. But those were only some.

Others were really nice to the people around them(Jason was one of them, he just talks way too much) including the people they were going to take a photo with. It seemed like they really liked their job. But today was not the day to go there. Oh no, no. Today had to be the worst possible day to go. Right now, up on the job selection board, was a high-paying, monster slaughtering, adventure-filled quest wanting to be answered, by him. But he didn't want to flake on Mira and come back only to see her crying and knowing that it was his fault. Never, not even in his dreams, want to see his friends cry. It was heartbreaking, especially if he knew he could have stopped it.

Natsu shook his head to get rid of the thought. He just had to wait for Mira to come and be prepared for the worst.

"Hey Natsu, I know you really want to ditch this so why did you even accept it?" Happy asked, gnawing on his fish. Natsu didn't answer, all he did was shake his head.

"You wouldn't understand Happy." Natsu said, putting his elbow on the table and bringing his hand up to lay his head down.

"Aye, yes I do!" Happy said cheerfully, "It's 'cause you wove ver!" Happy started to wrap his arms around himself and made smooching noises with his lips, "Kissy Kissy choo!"

"Shut it Happy," Natsu easily flicked Happy on the forehead making him topple over, "Where did you even learn that? I'm sure I never did it."

"It's from mama Lisanna!" Happy chimed, getting up from the table he fell on and climbing ontop of Natsu's shoulder, "So, when do you think she's coming?"

"Pff, the hell should I know. Ya know how long girls take to "pamper" up. It's like for eternity." Natsu sighed and closed his eyes, wanting all of this to be a dream, but his eyes shot open again when he smelled something familiar walk in the building. 'Mira…'

"Oh, Natsu! There you are!"

"Here she comes." Happy informed.

"I know, just stay quiet and please don't embarrass me… again." Natsu sweatdropped when he said this.

"Hey Natsu, I have something to tell you. It's very important." Mira reached them at the corner of the guild with a smile. Natsu, however, kept his small frown and got up, towing his bag in back of him.

"I know, I know, don't beat up the photographer, don't destroy the cameras, don't threaten people that annoy me, don't cause explosions in public and make sure to have a big happy smile at the shooting." Natsu turned back and showed his very fake smile that he forced on and then continued walking sluggishly. That's when he felt a hand on his shoulder that caused him to stop.

"Natsu, that's not what I was going to say," Mira said calmly, resting her hand on Natsu's shoulder as he turned to her curiously, "Something came up that caused me to have to cancel so you won't have to be going with me."

The frown just got turned upside down in Natsu's case as his infamous joyful smile was suddenly plastered on his face, "Yahoo!" He screamed he joy, jumping up and down, "Ya hear that Happy!"

"Aye Sir! Monster quest here we come!" Happy sprouted his wings and flew happily in circles over Natsu's head, like a halo.

There joy only caused Mira to laugh as well, "Hehehehe, I never knew you two would be so excited to work with Erza."


"Hahahaha, did I hear you right Mira? 'Cause, ya know, it kinda sounded like you said work with Erza. Am I right Happy, hahaha!" Natsu laughed nervously along with Happy as their frantic cheerful movements were put to an end.

"Hahahaha, Aye, Natsu, you're right. She totally didn't say work with Erza. Ha...ha...ha...ha…" Happy's false accusation came tumbling down when he looked at Mira's unfaltering face that still had a smile.

"Oh, how funny! You guys had it all wrong! I said I wasn't going to go with you, so I had Erza take my place. She agreed when I said it was a partner shot with you." Mira cleared up the misunderstand with a bright smile of how silly those two are. Both Natsu and Happy paled at this revelation.

"No… this can't be real…" Natsu said in disbelief, suddenly appearing in the corner with Happy by his side. There was a dark atmosphere surrounding the two as devastation was evident on Natsu's face.

"Hold me, Natsu." Happy said in fear, rocking back and forth terrified.

"Oh, man up you two. It's just Erza, what's gotten on to you, Natsu?" Mira asked baffled. That's when she heard the doors swing open and turned to see who it was, "Ah, here she is. Erza just came through."

Natsu felt as if his body was being bombarded with needles as his body stiffened, "I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go… Igneel, please, travel through that time traveling gate and save me!"

"Seriously, Natsu? You're the one who destroyed it anyway." Mira deadpanned looking at him with a bit of pity. That pity was quickly discarded though, as she called Erza over, "Hey Erza, Natsu is over here!"

"No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No…" Natsu rambled on, trying his best to scoot back further but the damn wall was in his way.

"Carla, Fish, Carla, Fish, Carla, Fish, Carla, Fish, Carla, Fish, Carla, Fish, Carla, Fish…" Happy eventually hid behind his partner's head and clutched tightly to his hair, his claws bearing deep in Natsu's scalp. Causing it to bleed a little.

"Ah, Mira, thank you for that. I don't think I would have ever found him without your help." Erza said thankfully, walking up to her with her usually armor and a small smile.

'Yeah, no kidding.' Mira said sarcastically as she looked at the knocked out bodies of her guildmates. 'She must have gone to work quickly to look for Natsu.'

"Now, let's us be on our way, Natsu." Erza walked up to the petrified boy and started to drag him along with Happy and his luggage. But, with Happy realizing something, suddenly jumped off of Natsu and walked away plainly to another table.

"Wha! Happy, buddy, what's goin' on!?" Natsu screamed betrayed.

"I don't wanna die Natsu!" Happy answered back, "I realized that I'm not the one who has to take the photo shoot so you're on your own!"

The whole guild sweat dropped at how easily Happy dropped his partner when things looked bad.

"Come on Natsu, I know you can walk by yourself, " Erza sighed when she realized he already passed out from something she didn't really know. 'Must have been sick 'cause his face is all white.' "Okay, I guess I'll do this once for you Natsu."

She stopped suddenly and flipped Natsu over on her back. Then, threw his luggage on the back of her mountain of supplies. Erza walked over the handle of the giant wagon and towed it to the train. While carrying Natsu on her back. She knew that luggage was going to get on the train even though the conductor always complains about the amount. Somehow, he always complies when she peacefully negotiated things out. What a nice man.

They both got to the train station with Natsu still being unconscious and carried by Erza as she walked over to train and began to give the tickets to the conductor to check. Erza was about to bring to the luggage on board to but was stopped by the same man.

"I'm sorry ma'am but once again, you can' bring that many supplies on board. It's unnecessary- " That's when he saw it. The unconscious boy on her back with a bleeding head that seemed to have fear embedded on his face like an everlasting scar, "Oh, nevermind, you free to go. Just bring it on with you and we'll take it onto an entirely new cart, just for you ma'am!" The man was visibly sweating but Erza never paid attention to that, she was just thinking about how kind the man was to do that.

"Thank you sir. Please but careful with my things, they're very important." Erza said as she walked on the train with Natsu on her back.

"Of course! We'll do it very carefully!" The man continuously bowed as she walked on the train and sat down and immediately started to pull the wagon to a vacant space on the train.

Erza smiled again at the man as she laid Natsu down on her lap, combing his hair with her fingers. You know, the usual, "It's a good thing he's already passed out. Now he doesn't have to go through his motion sickness." She said with a smile at the end. The train's engine roared at this time with its whistle blowing steam showing that it was departing. She felt the vehicle move with the propellers motioning the wheels and continued to comb the pink hair on Natsu's head as Erza looked at the window and the passing scenery.

When she first heard of Mira's first debut in Sorcerer's Weekly after seven years, she was proud that her friend took back the title of best model after the grand magic games. Erza has always wondered what it was like to pose and model for a couple of cameras for others entertainment. In her opinion, it didn't look very hard, but Mira always dismissed that accusation saying it was more difficult that it seemed. That raised her curiosity even more; she was up for a challenge anytime. So, as the days passed and Mira got ready for the photo shot, Erza heard from her that she wouldn't be able to go because she promised her siblings some time off after the games.

Erza completely understood but asked how she was going to attend the photo shoot for Sorcerer's Weekly. The next thing she heard shocked her to no end. Mira proposed to the producers that Erza "Titania" Scarlet was going to fill in for her. She felt the excitement build up within her as her fan-girlishness was showing a little in front of Mira as she just laughed. That's also when she heard from her that Natsu she suggested to them that Natsu was going to go. Erza remembered back and realized that Natsu has done a couple of these things too- though, not as much as Mira- it was rare that he ever did these things, but Erza figured that Mira tricked him somehow.

And today was the day that Erza did her very first ever Sorcerer's Weekly photo shot that she has been waiting with anxiety for days. A total opposite of how Natsu feels about this thing.

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