"Hey man, Sophia Donner's scent is changing as in she's getting ready for the flip. I passed by her locker this morning and was hit with a heady scent of berries or some shit like that."

I'm not listening to a damn word Sherman Blackstone is teaching us in Pack studies class. I snap my head in Sean Holland's direction as soon as he sends me the message. Furrowing my eye brows, I send him a message back on the private pack link. "You're out of your damn mind. Sophia fucking Donner is a half breed, she can't flip Sean. Donner bloodline be damned. There is no way in hell she's turning into a wolf." Sean shakes his head with a serious look on his face, I give my best friend a pointed look daring him to argue. "After class we'll head over to the diner and sit in her section, when she comes over take a whiff." I roll my eyes turning my attention back to the pack keepers lesson on survival of the Pack. I swear I almost laughed at what Sean is insinuating, a damn zoobait half breed freak showing signs of flipping? That's the funniest shit I've heard all day.


I've been at the diner since 4:00 this afternoon thanking God none of the Hill kids have shown up yet, I really hate my job when it comes to serving those assholes food. The kids from the hill all have to stay an hour late in school for Pack studies and its always a blessing that they get here late during the week days when I'm on shift . Sure they rarely sit in my section, mainly occupying the pool tables and only ordering from other pack members who work in the diner, but every now and then a few will sit at one of my tables and its torture. For the most part I get along with members of Wolf Lake's clan, adults and teens alike. However there are some who look down on me because I am a half breed, my mother being human and father being a skin-walker has put me in a very horrible place in life. The ones who look at me like I'm an abomination come up with filthy nicknames, half-breed is one of them. They also called me zoobait and ungulate, which is what they all call the humans in town.

The ones who get under my skin the most are the teen Alpha and his crew. Luke Cates, son of the Alphas and his little band of followers always give me a hard time. I'm plain to them, boring, a freak, so they always make it a priority to fuck with me. Normally I'm good at ignoring them with their taunting and jabs, but at night when I am alone tears fall. I've never let them see how their hateful words affect me, why give them the pleasure? Walking into the kitchen I breathe a sigh of relief as I glance at the clock. Yes, a whole ten minutes to myself and hopefully another twenty before the assholes show up. I take my french braid down and my long brown waves of hair fall past my shoulders, I try to shake the tension out as much as I can. Closing my eyes I lean against the counter willing this headache to go away, I feel nauseous and the pounding in my head is getting worse.

I have to take off my glasses so I can bend my head down into the nearest trash can, but nothing comes up. Finally after waiting a few minutes, I take a few deep breaths and put my glasses on and something's not right. The view is blurry, so I take them back off and clean the lenses but once they're back on the same blurry vision is back. Now that I am completely frustrated I take them off again and realize that my vision is better without them which is strange. Everything is clear, but I don't have time to think about it when another waitress barrels in through the kitchen door. "Soph, you're not going to be happy about this." Kit says with an annoyed look on her face. Sighing I tuck the glasses away in the waist apron and turn to Kit. "What is it?" Kit gives me a small smile, "Luke and his posse just sat down at booth 4." Instantly I want to bang her head on the stainless steel counter top for uttering those words to me. Really? Why are they here earlier than their usual time? More importantly, why is he in my section? I feel like shit and I seriously don't want to deal with anyone from the damn hill. I rub my hands over my work jeans and take a deep breath. "Fuck it." I start out of the kitchen, but Kit yells at me. "Hey Sophia!" "Yeah?" Kit points to my eyes, "Your glasses?" I smile and wave her off, "I don't need them, but thanks for looking out." And with that I slap on some cherry lip gloss and walk out to the firing squad.

So here it is, my first time ever posting a WL fanfic. I'm crossing my fingers that it gets reviews! BTW I know the summary sucks.