I was right, Luke's house is huge. The driveway getting to the house is long, the lawn is manicured, woods surround the place and like I said the house is huge. "Is this what you'd call a mini mansion?" I ask him as we exit the car. Luke laughs and takes my hand in his, "Come in and take a look around." As he unlocks the door and goes to pull me inside I stop in my tracks. "Luke, how are we going to afford living here?" He sighs and pulls me inside, "Sophia, my parents are the Alpha's." I nod waiting for him to continue. "Everything is paid for by them until I'm twenty-one. That was the deal, everything is taken care of... lights, water, food." I gawk at him and he chuckles, "I know it just paints the picture of spoiled baby Alpha."

"Do you think that will still be the case once they realize that I'm moving in here? Luke your dad doesn't even know about the baby yet. He's going to lose it on us both I'm sure." Before Luke can say a word, we hear the Alpha clear his throat at the entrance. "Normally Sophia you would be correct, but in this case all I can say is welcome home. I knew that the two of you would end up together,I didn't see a grandchild in your life so soon, but here we are." My stomach is in knots, Willard Cates just smiles and walks over to me. "The only thing that matters now is that this one here takes care of you and my grandchild, so no worrying with the bills or food. Like my son said, everything will be taken care of."

I didn't grow up like Luke, he's had everything handed to him on a silver platter. My dad busted his ass working long hours as the Sheriff of this town just to make sure that he and I lived comfortably. However he's also been on the Alpha's payroll, so that helped as well. "I was just stopping by to say my hellos and congrats. Sophia why don't you look around the house and see what you think, if you want or need anything for your new home just tell Luke and he'll make it happen." I smile at Mr. Cates. "Of course, thank you Mr. Cates." Willard smiles at me and I take my leave and actually get a good look at my new home. Home, I have a home with Luke.

The floors are a dark cherry color, the paint on the walls are white, the furniture in the living room is tan swede. I walk into the living room and see beauty, there's a gigantic flat screen, two rocking recliners, two couches and a love seat. A white fur rug is placed under a wrought iron and glass coffee table and there are matching end tables at the end of the couches. A gorgeous fireplace that has a dark cherry wood mantel, the screen has wolves on each side of it. Go figure. I explore the entire down stairs in the house while Luke and his dad talk, the kitchen is very modern. Sleek black counter tops with a gray and black backsplash tile, there are four bar stools that go to the kitchen island that are gray. The dining room is pretty, with everything done in dark wood. The only places left to look at is upstairs.

"Do you like everything?" I turn to see Luke leaning on the wall just as I come out of the dining room. "I do, everything is beautiful in here." Luke points to the stairs and we walk up. "My mom was hell bent on this place looking amazing, she even enlisted Presley to help her." I cringe, great so I like something that Presley put into the house. Its dumb and childish of me to think that way, but I can just see her gloating now how I will be living here and looking at everything she done to the place on a daily basis. "She did a good job." Luke snorts, "No, my mom wouldn't dare let her touch anything close to designs. She got her to help with putting things in their place like moving the furniture around a thousand times until my mom liked it a certain way." Oh well ok then. "Your mom is a perfectionist huh?" Luke nods with a roll of his eyes making me laugh.

Once we get to the top of the stairs the hallway splits, left and right. "There are four bedrooms, the master where I stay is to the left. The other three are down the right, only one of them has a bathroom in it which I'm sure you're going to want and need." I nod as we walk down the hallway, "There's a bathroom down stairs as well." Guess I missed that on my tour. "The other two rooms are the same size, but I would probably suggest that the one closer to your room should be the baby's room." He opens the door and we walk inside the empty room, the carpet is white as snow with white walls and a pretty bay window that faces the back of the house looking out towards the woods, the white bench below opens in three sections. "It would be perfect to store things in the bench for the baby."

We share a smile and leave the room, "This is you." Luke opens the door and we step inside a huge bedroom. There's a beautiful queen size wrought iron sleigh bed sitting on white carpet, a vanity sits in the corner and it looks like it matches the bed. The bedroom suit is done in a pearl white that compliments the bed and vanity, Luke shows me the huge walk-in closet and the bathroom that is as big as my old bedroom. Jacuzzi tub, stand up shower with a bench a huge counter with a sink of course and a toilet with its own door. "This is amazing Luke, I love it." "Good, now all I have to do is buy the bed a comforter set for you. Along with towels and things like that."


Sophia is beaming looking at her room, I honestly can't believe that she agreed to this. Once we're downstairs I suggest that we go out on the back patio and sit down. "Alright tell me how mad your dad really is." I sigh, "He's not that pissed, he just wanted what most parents want, me to be out of high school and a little older before kids come into the picture." I tell her with a shrug, "What did he mean by us ending up together?" I laugh and lean back on the swing that we're sitting on. "He's always said that Sophia, I used to think it was to piss your dad off and him get a laugh out if it. Now though I really think that he sees us ending up together." Sophia looks away and stares at the in ground pool, "I like it here a lot and I really do appreciate you wanting me to stay with you Luke. I know that this is not ideal and that you very much didn't want this baby to come into the picture, but I am still grateful."

She looks back at me and I see tears in her eyes, "No, I didn't want to be a teenager and have a baby, but its happening. I didn't plan for this, neither did you. Now though, I can't imagine not being a dad to our unborn child." Sophia nods and smiles, "Look, I've been a dick to you for no reason and I want to officially clear the air and apologize again. I know that I've said a lot of shit and done a lot of shit, but I don't want you to doubt me anymore. I want our baby, I would rather it be you having her than anyone else. I can't see any other girl that I've been with carrying this baby, I'm more than happy that she belongs to you."

"This is weird, look at us now and look back to that day you drove me home from the diner and told me that I was changing." I laugh at that, things were very different then. I didn't know her and I liked getting to know her, but then I fucked up royally every chance I got from there on. I can't do that anymore, she actually means more to me than she fucking knows. "So I text Sean and Randy, they're going to help me get your things from Sarah's. I'm going to drop you off at your car, I'm going to go talk to my mom and you need to talk to Matt." She looks down at her feet and sighs, "Yeah, I do. We need to talk now more than ever, I hate being so pissed at him." I throw my arm around her and pull her to me. "Maybe the two of you can start off talking about the letter your mom wrote you." Sophia stiffens at my comment, "Luke, you never gave it to me."

I turn my body to face her, she bites her bottom lip. "I brought it to your house." Sophia clears her throat, "Well you never gave it to me, the day you were supposed to bring it was the day that I lost my virginity to you." I close my eyes and pinch the bridge of my nose. "Fuck Sophia, I'm sorry. I guess that its still in my jacket pocket which is in my car." She stands up and I'm stuck staring at her, damn Sophia is so beautiful, "Well just take me to get my car then you can give it to me. I'll read it before heading over to see my dad." "Sounds good to me, I'll bring your things over here and when you're done meeting up with your dad, then we can go out and get you a comforter set. We both need things for our bathrooms anyway, we can get it all in one stop at the department store in town." Sophia rolls her sparkling eyes, "Luke, I can make do with my bedding set at my dads. Its the same size as the bed here, you don't have to buy me a new one. I also have my own towels and everything else that goes in a bathroom." I chuckle, "Soph, I'm getting you new stuff... if I get new things, so do you." I give her a look that tells her I'm not going to budge on this. Sophia sighs while nodding her head, I grin in victory.

I still can't believe that I said all that horrible shit to her, looking at her now... I could never hurt her on purpose again. I should've never done it at all. I lick my lips and join her as we walk back inside the house, I reach out and turn her back to face me, her front gently collides with mine. Her hands are on my chest while she stares up at me with a look of concern. "What is it?" Her whisper goes all over me, damn her scent is intoxicating, "Fuck it." With my last words, I slam my mouth on to hers.

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