"That was a lovely meal Sophia, thank you for having us over for dinner." Vivian says once I get everyone to walk into the living room. I have butterflies in my stomach, I hope our surprise gender reveal goes off without a hitch. "Yeah I didn't know you could cook Sophia, that was great." Wow Presley is complimenting me too, I think hell just froze over. "Thank you, I'm glad you all liked it." Sean snorts, "Liked it? Girl i loved it, I told Luke that I was going to take home a doggy bag." We all laugh at that. "Where is Luke?" Dad asks me and I shrug, "I think he said something about taking the trash out before it gets late and he forgets." Then I hear it, Luke's nails clicking against the hardwood floor. I turn around and smile at the trail of perfectly pink paw prints on the floor. "Son why are you in wolf form?" Vivian asks him as she stands up then she gasps. "Is that what I think it means?" Everyone looks over to Luke's pink paw prints. He flips and I pull a pair of jeans out from under the couch handing them over to him. He smiles and captures my lips with his own. "I don't know mom what do you think it means?" They all look at us now, Luke standing behind me while I sit on the couch, his hands are on my shoulders and I'm holding the sonogram of our baby girl in my hands. "We're having a girl." I tell them. "Sophia, congrats honey." Dad comes over to me with a proud smile on his face. I stand up to hug him, "Thanks dad." He shakes Luke's hand and smirks, "Good luck, you're going to need it." Luke sighs, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is payback." My dad nods his head chuckling, "You're damn right it is."

5 Months Later


Things with me and Sophia have be extremely great since we found out that we're having a girl. She and I are always on the same page and we rarely fight because we stopped bottling things up until we explode, we come to each other with our problems now. I've been the major one to do things differently and I'm glad, I feel free of everything. Sophia has helped me more than she'll ever know, I love her with everything I have in me. We're officially mated and married, Mr. and Mrs. Cates. I asked Sophia to marry me right after we were done with school and to my surprise she said yes. We've been married since June and I love every bit of my new life with her. She's getting closer to her due date and has been tired a lot more than she was. We've got three days until she's actually due and I've been doing everything I can to help get the house prepared for our daughter. "Luke, Luke!" I hear Sophia yelling from downstairs, she probably fell asleep on the couch again and needs me to help her up. "On my way babe!" I walk out of the nursery and that's when she screams. "Baby!" I run as fast as I can to her, barreling down the stairs and into the living room. Sophia's bent over grabbing the mantel, her nails are lengthening into her sharp claws. "My. Water. Broke. I'm guessing I'm already having contractions." She says through clenched teeth. I've already got everything we need in the car I bought Sophia, both ours and the baby's bags are packed. I help her out of the house and into the car. "God, there's another one!" She squeezes my shoulders and I bite my lip. "The doctor said that labor is different for everyone, I'd say that yours is moving pretty damn fast." A growl rips from her throat, I shut up and get into the driver's seat and rush us to the hospital.

Once we get Sophia into the labor and delivery room I send out a mass text and I inform everyone through the pack link. "Ok Sophia, I'm going to check you now." Sophia nods and I stand by her head, she takes my hand and looks up at me. "I love you." I kiss her and run my fingers through her hair. "Love you too baby." "Your labor is moving fast, you're dilating quickly. Right now you're at a seven, your water may have broke just thirty minutes ago, but you've been in labor all day." Sophia nods her head and sighs, "How long do you think we have until she's here?" "I believe you'll be having her within an hour Mrs. Cates." I smile and she sighs. "I don't want anyone in here Luke, I want it to just be me and you seeing her first." Licking my lips I tell my mom and Matt what Sophia wants over the link. They inform me that they'll be in the waiting area and that we've got a lot of anxious friends waiting with them. Then just twenty-five minutes later Sophia begins pushing. Her labor's progressed quicker than I thought, but here I am watching my daughter come into the world. "I love you baby, one more push." Sophia grips my hands and then a cry sounds off in the room. "She's here, Luke she's here!" Sophia falls back onto the bed crying. "I know baby." I kiss her head and cut the cord. They set our baby girl on Sophia's stomach and she looks up at both of us. I can't hold my tears back any longer, my daughter is here.

Once she's been weighed and measured, I take her to see her mom. Sophia smiles and takes our baby girl in her arms. "Hey there, hey sweet girl." Sophia kisses her head and I kiss hers. "Did you see how much hair she has?" Sophia whispers looking down at the tiny baby in her arms. I can't believe that we made her, she's perfection. My girls are my haven. "Yeah, she has a ton of it." "Mom, dad.. do we have a name?" I smile proudly and nod, "Haven, Haven Cheyenne Cates." Sophia nuzzles haven's nose and sighs. "It suits her." I take my girl and walk down the hall to show her off, I'm the proudest motherfucker in the world right now. I walk out into the waiting room and everyone jumps up, my mom has tears in her eyes, Matt is getting choked up and my friends are actually being supportive. "This is Haven Cheyenne Cates, she was born at 8:32 pm, weighs 6 pounds 2 ounces and is 20 inches long. She's perfect."

7 years later


Luke and I are finally getting the weekend to ourselves thanks to dad and Vivian. Having three rowdy kids between the ages of seven and three and a newborn on top of that is time consuming. It seems like the only time he and I have time to be together is when we're making babies. After Haven was born we had Dakota our second daughter two years later, then just two years after that we had our third daughter Luna. All girls all the time, Luke has finally gotten more payback than ever having not one, but three daughters. He'll go crazy once they're teenagers for sure, but he got let off the hook with our two week old son Archer. When he found out that he was going to have a son, he finally relaxed and then informed me that we're not having anymore kids. I just laughed, you never know with Luke Cates.

As of right now he and I are running through the woods, nipping at each other and howling. I love being like this with him, he's taught me so much about myself since I flipped all those years ago. I know he'll be a wonderful teacher to our kids as well, I fear that they might suffer the same fate as others in the clan have. Hell even Luke's own sister Amanda didn't make it through hers. Luke just kisses me and informs me that they have both of our blood in them making them the strongest wolves in the clan. He took his position as the Alpha when he turned twenty-one, his mother offered it to him after we brought Haven home from the hospital, but he wanted to just be a husband and dad. He said he would know when he'd be ready and two days after his twenty-first birthday he took his rightful place. We're happy and in love just the same as we were back then, just no damn drama thankfully. Sarah and Sean got married three months after Haven was born and had their first baby girl a month before our girl turned one, they now have three kids of their own. Two girls and a boy. Randy and Presley shocked us all, they had a drunken night of sex at my twenty-first birthday party and ended up having twin boys 9 months later. They didn't feel connected enough to mate, so Luke spared them and didn't force their marriage. Presley is now with a guy in the pack named James and is pregnant again and Randy just married Briana. We all get along surprisingly, Presley and I aren't the best of friends, but we don't want to kill each other anymore either. Briana has apologized to me a lot over the years for that incident in the hallway when I was pregnant with Haven. I've forgiven her and we talk a lot, Sarah and I of course are still best friends. The night that I found out that I was pregnant with Luna we celebrated with everyone at the lodge. Just as Luke and I were leaving to go have our own celebration we ran into Kit and Scott in the parking lot, apparently they had been accepted into the same college and had gotten together. They had come back to Wolf Lake to announce their engagement to their parents, that was four years ago and when they come to town Luke and I are nice and cordial towards them when we run into them. So much has changed for the better since Luke and I became mates and I love my life.

We find ourselves gazing up at the stars while we lay on the grass in a clearing, I snuggle up to him and smile. "Thank you for everything Luke, the day you drove me home from the diner I somehow knew that I would never be the same. I'm so happy that we came together, I have no idea where I'd be without you." Luke moves me under him, kissing up my throat to my lips. "I love you more than I could ever imagine Soph, you coming into my life turned things upside and sideways. You're the best thing to ever happen to me baby, I don't know where I would be without you either. You're my mate and I fucking love it, I have the best damn woman in the world next to me every night when I fall asleep and draped across me when I wake up. I couldn't ask for a better life, you and our kids mean more to me than anyone." He kisses me tenderly and I hold him close. Luke Cates makes me howl with love and joy!


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