A futuristic Jasam family story which includes the addition of their third child, Ria (thus the title).


Jason sat at the shoreline, his feet submerged in the warm, blue-green waters. As far as the eye could see, it was just sea and sand for miles. The sun hung low in the sky, flirting with the horizon. The weather was temperate as dusk approached. The Channel 8 meteorologist was calling for a big storm to hit overnight but for now, it was just calm. Yes, that was the word.Calm, he mused as the water gently lapped at his toes.

He couldn't believe that it had been almost seven years since he and Sam had packed up the kids and moved here. To Hawaii. To their special place. A madman had done his damndest to destroy this sacred spot for them but in the end, he couldn't. No one could. Jason and Sam had taken back their power and now their love was stronger than ever. Jason knew without a shadow of a doubt that they belonged together. That all of this was meant to be.

His eyes traced the delicate face of the the tiny figure in his arms. He was careful to cradle her fragile neck as he gently smoothed his fingers across her cheek, looking at the soft skin of her head, still wrinkled and almost hairless from birth. Her dark brown eyes seared into his and her tiny little fingers sought his thumb, curling around the tip of it. She was so little, so precious, and yet so strong. She had fought like hell to come to them and somehow he knew that she would be the most like Sam of all of his children. He just felt it deep inside of him, and that's why he had pulled ranked for once and insisted on gifting her with "Samantha" as a middle name. Alexandria Samantha Morgan - or Ria, for short.

Night was beginning to fall and he knew that it was time to bring Ria back inside. He had been out there with her for a good hour almost now. Sam was probably wondering where they'd disappeared to. He easily climbed to his feet and bundled the baby tighter in her little pink blanket. She didn't seem to like the idea of being swaddled so tightly though and he smiled, loosening the material a bit around her feet. She had him wrapped around her tiny pinky finger already.

He chuckled in spite of himself as he noticed the red nail polish on her itty-bitty toes. Scout's doing, no doubt. She had been so excited for a little sibling, a little shadow to dote on. All she'd wanted forever was for a baby sister and now here Ria was… blessing them all.