Eleven-year-old Harry Potter was a wizard... That was still such a strange concept for him because he only just found out a few days ago and despite having gone and picked up his supplies for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he still couldn't believe it. Actually, he could believe it but he didn't want to get too attached to the idea of getting away from the Dursleys only to have the universe come up with a way to stick him right back with them.

Of course, Harry was relieved that the Dursleys had been leaving him alone and no longer treating him like his sole purpose in life was to wait on them hand and foot. But it was a bit odd how they were treating Harry; it was like he didn't exist.

They only spoke to him when the absolutely had to and even then it was quick two-three word sentences. This usually only happened when Harry was in the way or if they were going to feed him. They had been feeding him more recently because they were worried the 'freaks' were monitoring them after they had to send Hagrid to deliver Harry's letter to him. They had stopped yelling at him and beating him for the littlest things. But for the most part, Harry did what he wanted and stayed out of the Dursleys path.

Harry was presently in the backyard, digging as a path of mud and watching Dudley and his friends argue back and forth with each other. Dudley had been given instructions to not pick on Harry in case he cast a spell on him. If Harry even knew how to cast a spell on anyone he would have done so already, but Harry decided for his own sake not to tell his relatives this. He was enjoying the peace way too much.

Harry was just getting ready to go back into the house when he spotted what looked like a gold chain. When Harry looked at the chain, he thought it was really nice. The pendant was fascinating, it was a series of circles around what appeared to be an hour glass.

Harry was completely fascinated by the necklace but he wondered who had lost it because it looked rather expensive. Harry decided he would make a poster and put it up so whoever owned it could claim it. But he wouldn't put a picture because the genuine owner should know what it looks like, that way he could make sure it went to the right person.

Harry went upstairs to his room and quickly scribbled out a few posters, by the time he was finished, it was after dark. It would be a good idea to wait until tomorrow to put the posters out.

Harry brought the chain out from his pocket and began staring at it. Harry threw the chain around his neck and looked at the pendant a little more thoroughly. Its rings looked like they could be moved and when Harry started spinning it, he found his young mind captivated by the motion. Soon Harry was spinning the pendant and letting his mind drift to everything he wanted to learn at Hogwarts; potions, charms and transfiguration. It was going to be brilliant. Harry had already read through his textbooks and couldn't wait to actually put what he'd learned to practice.

The best part was, everyone was going to be like him. They wouldn't call him a freak, they wouldn't beat him and they might actually want to be his friends now that he wouldn't have Dudley around to chase away potential friends. This was going to be amazing. Harry looked over at Hedwig, his new beautiful owl, and smiled at all of the possibilities for the following years to come.

It was a little past midnight when a loud crash downstairs startled Harry away from his thought. The little pendant fell from his hand and to Harry's surprise, it started spinning in the opposite direction Harry had been turning it. Harry found the room was suddenly spinning and Harry himself was getting dizzier and dizzier by the second. Harry felt like he was being ripped in half and the feeling only intensified as he began hoping he could be anywhere but where he was right then. The last thing Harry heard before he passed out completely was a loud crack and himself screaming.

Twelve-year-old Severus Snape sat on his front steps and wondered if his father was going to come home today. Severus hoped that he wouldn't come home, they were better off without him. He was an abusive jerk and all Severus hoped was that he stayed away as long as possible.

Severus watched the neighbourhood kids running around; Severus missed Hogwarts. At least he didn't have to hide who he was anymore at home since his father wasn't constantly breathing down his neck. His mother was happier now without him around. There were fewer expenses for them to worry about without so many muggle objects running. The objects they had grown accustomed to were now running off of magic. That was pretty much only the fridge and the ceiling lights.

Severus was just about to go inside and help his mum with lunch when a loud crack from the front of his lawn caught his attention. Severus knew that was the sound of someone apparating but what he hadn't expected to see was a kid who looked around nine or ten being sick on his lawn.

"MOM!" Severus screamed rushing over to help the kid. When he got over to him, he couldn't help but notice how much the child looked like James Potter. The only difference was the child was smaller, thinner and younger. This child also looked scared out of his mind. Severus wouldn't be surprised if the child started crying for his mummy when he was done being sick.

Severus' mother ran out to the front lawn, not used to hearing her son screaming for her like that. She knew something was wrong and upon spotting the ill child, she went into mother mode.

"Mum, he apparated here! I think it was accidental magic!" Severus cried, watching as his mother began rubbing the child's back. Eventually, she helped the boy stand and used a quick spell to get rid of the mess on the lawn.

"Sev, get the door and go get a glass of fizzy water," Severus' mum said as she helped the boy into the house. Severus nervously went into the kitchen and did as he was told, by the time he was done, the boy was looking around the room like he was trying to figure out where he was or how he even got here.

"Who are you?" boy asked as he accepted the glass of fizzy water from Severus and began slowly sipping to calm his stomach.

"I'm Eileen and this is my son Severus. What's your name and where are you from?" Severus admired his mum for being able to handle this situation so calmly while he was panicking. He wondered if the was a joke on James Potter's behalf but the kid seemed far too freaked out for that to be plausible.

"I'm Harry Potter, I'm from Surrey," Harry said, clutching a chain nervously. Severus' mum noticed what the boy was holding and she seemed to grow several shades paler.

"Where did you get that time turner?"

"Time turner? What's that?" Harry asked, clearly confused.

"That around your neck. It's a time turner... Do you know what day it is today?" Severus watched the exchange with curiosity. A time turner? Who lets a kid play with a time turner?

"It's August 20th, 1991," Harry said, looking at Severus with confusion.

"Severus, can you stay here with Harry while I go to the library for a minute? I'll be right back and we can get you boys a snack, once we know Harry's stomach has settled from his journey," Severus' mum said, walking out of the room, displaying apprehension for the first time since Harry arrived. Severus wasn't sure what was going on but he listened to his mother and sat down quietly beside the boy from 1991.

"Do you know about Hogwarts?" Severus asked, knowing the boy most likely wasn't a muggle. "I'm in my second year."

"Yes, I just got my letter. Well, my uncle tried to keep me from getting it but eventually they sent someone out and they gave me my letter," Harry said, but slowly started to turn pink. "You should have seen my uncle's face when he showed up."

"Your uncle didn't want you to get your letter? That's crazy! What's wrong with him?" Severus asked quietly.

"He's scared of magic. Tried to beat it out of me but clearly, it didn't work. My aunt Petunia..."

"Petunia? As in Petunia Evens?" Severus asked, suddenly recognising a name; his scowl was enough to tell Harry that he knew his aunt.

"Yeah, that's my aunt's maiden name. Her name is Dursley now," Harry said and Severus rolled his eyes but then he realised something.

"Why would they have a say in your letter? Where are your parents?" Severus asked. The boy's grief-stricken expression was enough to give Severus a rough idea but Harry still answered.

"They died when I was a baby and I was left to live with my mum's sister and her husband," Harry told Severus who was slowly putting the pieces together.

"Your mum asked me what day it was? But the look on her face when I told her... I'm not in 1991 anymore, am I?" Harry asked slowly, already knowing the answer to his question. But he really wanted to know where exactly he was.

"No, it's not. It's August 25, 1972," Severus said, slowly but was surprised when the boy didn't freak out. His eyes merely widened slightly but Severus could see that the boy was sitting there, trying to figure out what to say or do next.

"I won't even be born for 8 more years. But you guys can send me back, right?" Harry asked, causing Severus to simply shrug.

"I'm not going to say yes but I think we should be able to," Severus said slowly. "I'm sure my mum went to go look it up now. Would you like a snack?"

Harry nodded, realising how hungry he was after having thrown up everything he'd eaten earlier. Severus stood up and indicated for Harry to follow him into the kitchen. Harry sat down trying to figure out where he heard the name Severus before. When Harry did remember, he eyed the boy carefully.

"Is your last name Snape?" Harry asked him, watching as the boy slowly nodded.

"Hagrid mentioned your name, said you were the potions master at Hogwarts," Harry to Severus, causing him to beam happily at the idea. Severus seemed to stand a little straighter upon hearing his future title.

"Really! That's awesome! Do you know anything else?" Severus asked, beaming proudly.

"Sorry, no. I only met Hagrid once and he only mentioned your name when we picked up the books from your class," Harry told him. "He was saying how particular you are about your ingredients and I understand why. It's a dangerous subject and you're apparently the only potions master to never have a student die under your instruction."

Severus smiled at that statistic and beamed even prouder. He approached the table Harry was sitting at with a plate of cookies and a couple glasses of milk.

"Mum'll be making supper soon but here is a snack that should help," Severus told Harry who took a cookie and one of the glasses. "What house do you think you'll be in?"

"I don't know, I only heard about one house and that's Slytherin. What are the other houses?"

Severus didn't get the chance to answer Harry's question because that was when his mum returned to the kitchen looking grave. Harry felt his stomach hit the floor; this wasn't good. Severus figured it out as well because his expression filled with concern.

"Everything okay, mum?"

"Well, I looked in my notes about time turners and it turns out they are for one-way time travel only. It's why it's only recommended to travel a few hours back at the most, so when you catch back up to your own time, it appears more natural. We also don't have any spells or devices that can send you forward into the future. Probably because something like that would be abused," Severus' mum explained sadly.

"So, I'm stuck here? But I'm supposed to go to Hogwarts. Where will I stay? My parents are alive but they probably are really young still; they might have a bit of trouble accepting their eleven-year-old son," Harry said, trying to imagine the looks on their faces as they slammed their doors in his face.

"I'm sure we can arrange something here and we have more than enough room for you to stay here until we can work something out. I've contacted Hogwarts and Headmaster Dumbledore will probably get back to me within a day or two. For now, Severus, can you show Harry to a guest bedroom?"

Severus stood up and guided Harry up a flight of stairs and towards a bedroom. Harry did his best to mask how nervous he was but was having a hard time because he was so confused.

"Don't worry, Harry. I'm sure everything will be fine," Severus told Harry with a warm smile. Harry nodded, and was surprised to find that he actually believed him.