The morning after the full moon seemed brutal; as usual Harry's whole body hurt and he was dizzy but for once in his life, Harry wished he could remember what happened because the room he was in was filled with blood and...His stomach was oddly bloated and he felt as though he'd eaten a bit too much. Did they eat someone?

It took several minutes for the events from the night before to hit him and when they did, Harry was confused; why was he alive? What had happened? Where was Voldemort and the rest of his followers? The amount of loyalty they showed last night was pathetic and told Harry a lot about just how 'devoted' they were to their 'lord'.

Harry's questions were cut short when he heard Remus groaning to his side. Remus was covered in about as much blood as Harry undoubtedly was and he seemed just as disorientated as Harry felt but somehow Remus didn't seem to be in as much physical pain as Harry. Of course, he'd been dealing with this a few years and was probably more resistant to the pain than Harry was.


Harry quickly turned to face Remus and tried to figure what to say but Remus was too busy glancing around the room, his face becoming paler and paler by the second. He was quickly figuring out what had happened... Actually, he figured it out a few seconds after he woke up but he was looking around the room for proof that his speculations were false and found only confirmation of his theories instead.

"What happened?" Remus asked, rubbing his aching head.

Before Remus or Harry could speak, the door flew open with a crash that caused both boys to cradle their aching heads as the sound echoed painfully within their skulls.

"Oh, good job Potter!" Harry heard Severus growl. Harry glanced up trying to figure out what he'd done to earn that comment but the question died in his mouth when he saw James Potter standing beside Severus with a sheepish look on his face.

This made sense, Harry thought to himself, he was dreaming! Why else would James and Severus be doing anything together? They weren't glaring at each other nor were they insulting each other as much as usual. Either this was a vivid dream or a crazy hallucination.

"You're the one who suggested... nevermind! Harry, Remus; are you alright?"

Harry stared up at James and Severus, still unable to believe what he was seeing but his mind was still a little fuzzy from his transformation.

"What happened?" Harry asked staring between Severus and James for answers but the boys both seemed more concerned about for Harry and Remus' safety than they did answering Harry's questions and at that point, it might have been for the best because Harry's head hurt enough without hearing everything that had happened

By the time the Harry and Remus were settled back in at the Hogwarts infirmary, Remus, James and even Sirius had been informed everything about Harry. It turned out Sirius had some really helpful information about time travel situations like Harry's. They didn't happen often but when they did, the soul would grow in the new time until the point of conception, after this point, Harry would be reverted back to himself and would essentially be born and grow u a second time and he might even retain some of his memories from his 'past life' as he grew up.

"It happened my grandmother, she had two childhoods," Sirius explained to the group; Harry was sure he was enjoying the way Severus was watching him, for once, with interest and without the scowl that was usually on his face. "Actually, when she was originally born, she was born to a different father but because the timeline screwed up, she had a different father."

Harry frowned, he wondered how much he had changed his timeline; killing Voldemort alone was going to change things drastically but what else would it change. It would be nice knowing there was a chance he was going to be born without war or tragedy but what else would have changed?

"So, Harry? How does it feel to be the first Potter sorted into Slytherin?" James question brought the group of boys to a conversation that took the tense relationship between James and Severus and turned into something closer to friendship and soon, the Marauders were born. For the sake of keeping Remus and Harry company during transformations, James, Sirius and Severus became animagus... Not that it was completely necessary as Harry not only successfully created his wolfsbane potion but went on to perfect it in a way that altered the transformation until it was virtually painless and was recognised as a life-changing potion to anyone who underwent the painful transformation because they kept their minds completely.

As Harry finished his Hogwarts education, he completed more than most did in their adult lives. He created a life-altering potion and became the first second-year student to be invited to Slughorn's Slug Club.

Time moved forward and things changed; Harry chose to stay with the Snape family but he did spend time at the Potter household, much to the shock of James' family. Finally, one day in November of 1979, Harry found himself fading away and he knew he was leaving. He had time to hug Eileen goodbye but Severus was out at the time and had been away for a couple days with work. Harry knew Eileen would pass the message to Severus but before Harry knew it, he was gone to his new life but he knew he would see them all again one day...

1 September 1990- Platform 9 3/4

Harry had been up all night getting ready for his first night at Hogwarts. He'd even tried to trick his parents into telling him how he was going to be sorted. His mum found this particularly amusing for some reason and told him it simply brought back fond memories from when she was young. Harry shrugged and let the statement go, he was much too excited about going to Hogwarts.

As Harry and his mum crossed the barrier, he was filled with a feeling a deja vu but quickly dismissed it as the excitement of seeing the train before him brought the excited bubbles back to his belly.

"Are you sure you have everything?"

"Yes mum," Harry said rolling his eyes, just wanting to run forward and get on the train.

"Harry James Snape! You don't roll your eyes at your mother!" His father said as he stepped through the barrier. Anyone who didn't know his father would have been terrified by the tone but Harry was able to detect the joking tone in his father's voice. Perhaps that was how he was known as the terrifying potions master. His mum was also heading to Hogwarts this year as they were taking on a second nurse at Hogwarts. It was apparently needed because of the massive baby boom that happened around the time Harry was born because once the war was declared over and people healed and felt comfortable, they seemed to all have as many kids as they could.

"You know he'd just excited, Sev!" Harry scrunched up his face as his parents shared a kiss.

"Gross!" Harry scrunched up his face as his parents shared a kiss.

"How do you think you got here?" This statement earned his father a light smack from his blushing red-headed wife.

"Grosser!" Harry exclaimed, earning him a playful swat from his dad.

"You be good on the train and don't eat too much junk food," Harry's dad told Harry as he helped him load his trunk onto the train.

As the train took off, Harry found himself sitting with his friends Ron Weasley, his father's godson Draco Malfoy and a cousin on his mum's side called Hermione Granger. His father's goddaughter Joy Potter would be starting Hogwarts the following term. He looked at his friends and to his parents and for some reason he couldn't help but think how familiar this all felt and it somehow left him feeling content. As more feelings of deja vu washed over him, he was also overwhelmed by a sense of belonging and how hay he was things had turned out the way they did.

His father had told him about his past and how he was originally Harry Potter and that made sense and explained some of his vivid dreams of being locked in a cupboard and called a freak. But his family was always there when he had those dreams and he knew they'd never happen and he knew he was exactly where he was meant to be.

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