It was was an average day in Townsville. The sun was shining and no evil monsters in sight. Buttercup wanted a brand new haircut as her hair was getting too long. She thought before school started she could get it done quickly if she went to the Cheap Cut Shack. She reached the hair salon and sat in a comfortable black leathered chair. Too bad Mojo Jojo was the guy that was giving her one. He grabbed a knife and sliced her head off and her head flew across the salon and flew out the window. It landed in a trash can. Yes Yes Oh God Yes! Mojo Jojo did it! Jesus Christ he actually did it! Go rot in silent hill you dumb little girl. Too bad the mayor was also at the salon waiting for his hair to get done. He grabbed his samurai sword and sliced Mojo in half. His monkey guts flew everywhere. The mayor had no choice but to clean up the mess with the spare broom in the closet. But outside the door was Princess Morbucks and she was upset so she threw knifes at the mayor. The mayor dodged but then she grabbed her money and gave the mayor a paper thus killing him where he stood. That's when bubbles was passing by and got angry so she cut her nose off which gave her Vietnam flashbacks. Then out of the floor came Him and threw a sharp paper airplane at her head. Then Jimmy Neutron showed up and throwed broken glass at Him then Jimmy died because he was holding broken glass. Then a taxi came threw the ceiling and caused a rift in time to be broken and caused 16 buttercups to fly out of an atomic bomb and a large explosion caused the earth to shatter into two and cause a dark age where mutants rule over the earth and dogs control battle ships to save what is left of the planet with humanity dealing with super dangerous diseases and brexit.

Then blossom came in and stole everyone's wallets and stole bubbles clothes and Mojo Jojos hat. And that was blossoms best day ever