Tom this is a terrible plan.

I am aware of that Luna.

Really terrible. Awful. Doomed to fail.

Yes Luna. Thank you.

I don't think we should bother.

I need help Luna. A very dangerous man is out there and he has a part of me. A part I need if I'm ever going to become human again.

Yes I understand that.

Severus Snape is possibly the only person in the world who could help me get that part of me back.

I understand that too. The problem is how are you ever going to get Professor Snape to help you?

He's my follower. He has to help me.

He was your follower. A long time ago. That doesn't mean he is now.

My followers are very loyal.

Sure. Tom, there are two possibilities here.


Possibility one; if he's still Voldemort's follower, that means he's an evil muggle hating murderer who wants to hurt many good people for very weak reasons.


And to be perfectly honest I don't want to start asking questions that might lead to me learning that my favourite teacher is an evil muggle hating murderer who wants to hurt good people.

Yes I can see how that might be upsetting.

Plus if he is that man then he probably won't be happy with the new you. With your new plan. I imagine he would be more likely to side with the other you.

Fair point.

Possibility two; if he's not Voldemort's follower anymore then the last thing he will want to do is help any version of you back into this world. In fact he is more likely to take you to Dumbledore to be destroyed.

I know.

I don't want you to be destroyed.

I am also very against that.

So to recap; if Professor Snape is your follower, he probably won't help you and if he isn't your follower he probably won't help you either.

I understand the problem. That's why we need to move slowly. Get an idea of Snape's current mindset and loyalties before deciding how to proceed.

To see if he's still loyal to you?


What if he's evil?

Do you think he's evil?

No. I don't. At least I don't want him to be.

Then he probably isn't. I trust your judgement.

I have been friends with Voldemort for years. Not sure if my judgement should be trusted.

Do you still think I'm evil?


Luna...if you really don't want to do this...

What if he's no longer your follower?

That would be disappointing.

He's close to Dumbledore Tom. Respects him. Cares for him.

That would be very disappointing.

Would you be angry with him? If it turned out that he was no longer a Death Eater? No longer loyal to you.

If it turned out he was a traitor you mean?

If it turned out he was good enough to see that other you was crazy and not worth following.

If he was willing to help this version of me now, I suppose I could forgive him.

Turning against Voldemort is not a bad thing. It wouldn't mean he had done wrong.

I suppose not. It's not like I haven't technically done the same.

True, so what we're hoping is that he is still somewhat loyal to you but good enough to follow a reformed version of you rather than the other evil version of you?


And I'm supposed to find all this out without him realising what I'm doing? Did I mention this is impossible?

I thought you were an optimist.

I can be an optimist and a realist.

No you can't.





Can can can

Can't can't can't!

You're such a child.

Am not.

How did you even get followers?

With charm and wit


...and by manipulating a number of already prevalent prejudices. People will do remarkable things in the name of hate.

That sounds more accurate.

There was charm and wit involved too. I was more than just a handsome face you know.

I'm sure you were.

Thanks to the support of families like the Black's and Malfoy's I was also very well funded.

What did you need funds for?

Lots of things. It was all politics. Politics always needs funds.

Makes sense I guess.

How do we stand on the Snape issue?

I'll speak to him after potions club. See if I can get some information without making him suspicious.

Be very careful.

I will.