He was sweating from the blazing heat and pushing himself to the tipping point of fatigue. However, Link carried on. The last divine beast had been conquered and returned to its champion, meaning Calamity Ganon was no longer in the distant future. Still, Link had to make a quick stop in Gerudo Town to meet with Chief Riju about his success.

Of course, he thought, I must change into what they find suitable. It's a bit silly that he has to dress in such a way even though it's obvious he's a voe, as they call him. Yet, he will abide by their rules. In his headdress and halter top, Link strolled past the guards and up to where the chief was waiting boredly.

Riju was staring off into the distance with her legs crossed and chin resting ever so delicately on her hand. Her guard had to clear her throats to get Riju's attention on the arrival of the brave knight before them. "Oh!" She exclaimed, slightly embarrassed. "You've returned!" She stood up, approaching the hero to put a hand on his shoulder. "The Gerudo are ever so thankful for your great deed, and all of Hyrule shall remember you as a legend. Of course, after you defeat Calamity Ganon." She winked at him at this last part. She stood so confidently, Link noted. She wasn't quite as intimidating as her mother, but her beauty could most definitely match. Her hair was liquid-like in its movement, her curves were quite obvious in her lack of clothing, and her turquoise lips...

"...anyway," the chief continued after a period of silence from Link, "there are gifts for you as a token of our thanks," she gestured to the chests behind her. "It is our hope that they assist you on your upcoming battle that will end our 100 years of misfortune.

Link snapped out of whatever trance he was in, blaming it on how he hasn't shut an eye for a second since he awoke from his 100 year sleep. Slightly bowing, "It is an honor for you to reward me. It is only my duty to rid Hyrule of this menace."

Riju's guard was noticing Link's obvious faintness. "Perhaps you should rest before trekking to your final trial. You're no use to anyone in this state, and we can't afford you to fail against Ganon."

Link swore he saw a spark ignite in Riju's mind at this thought. But again, he was only imagining things.

"Well of course!" Riju agreed. "The sun has set hours ago and I'm feeling a bit dozy myself, I cannot begin to imagine your state of being under such harsh circumstances of recent. Please, stay a night to refresh under the best care we can give."

As determined Link was to rescue the land of Hyrule, his instincts were focused on other things. "If it wouldn't be a hassle, I would very much desire a night of rest under your protection."

"Then it's settled!" Riju exclaimed witch a clasp of her hands. She seemed very energetic for someone who stated they were "dozy." "You shall stay in my quarters under the best protection in Gerudo Town. I'll be able to keep a very close eye on you." She looked him over, something Link was realizing she was doing repeatedly since his arrival. "Guard, if you would please let the other soldiers know. But please," she added, "assure our privacy so we are not to be disturbed from our slumber." And with that, Riju began to ascend the stairs to her room. Glancing back, she finished with "And Link, you are allowed to wear your 'manly' clothing now." She giggled and disappeared from sight.

The guard gave Link one final glance over and left the area, leaving a very tired, very confused Link to his thoughts of what just happened and what was implied.