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Twilight- 5 years after Edward left Bella in woods in New Moon.

First season of vampire diaries just after Damon learns Katherine is not in tomb.

Summary: Bella lives in Chicago, teaching at Northwestern University. Damon has left Mystic Falls after learning Katherine was not in the tomb and never cared about him. Damon is in Chicago and comes across Bella Swan.

Bella Swan

Why me? Why does it seem my life is one horrible event after another? I was doing so well living in Chicago. I majored in English literature, (go figure) and was teaching at Northwestern University. Even Charlie was happy for me. Renee on the other hand could not care what I was doing as long as she did not have to hear from Charlie on a weekly basis. I guess the months of phone calls after Ed…he left, me in woods wore her out, and knowing Renee, she just did not want to hear about me anymore. No phone calls, cards on my birthday, just nothing.

My first mistake, last week I agreed to return to forks for Angela and Ben's wedding, my second mistake I agreed to stay with Charlie.

Two weeks ago

"Bella you have to come, you promised to stand up for my wedding," whined Angela into the phone.

"Couldn't you and Ben just elope and be done with it? I hear it's all the rage, saves tons of money and aggravation or so I hear," Bella replied knowing her teasing was upsetting her best friend.

"Oh no you don't Bella, you promised me the last time I came Chicago. You agreed to be my maid of honor!" Angela practically shouted into the phone. "And I know you bought the dress, so what's up with the excuses?"

Bella hesitated not wanting to tell her the truth, "I heard Ben invited Mike…and we all know how that ended."

Having irrational fears of vampires was not something she could share with Angela. So I made up an excuse that would sound plausible.

During Bella's senior year, Mike Newton asked Bella out on a few dates, Bella only agreed to a few dates when she knew Angela, Ben, Jessica, Lauren, and Tyler were going "group dates," but Mike assumed they were a couple and told everyone. Mike followed Bella everywhere. Bella had to quit her job at the Newton Camping supply store and Charlie had to have a "talk" with Mike about his attentions to Bella. When the Chief of Police explained to Mike's parents what would happen to Mike if he continued with his attentions they sent Mike to visit with his grandparents in California for the summer after Graduation.

Angela laughed, "Well I just heard the Mike and Lauren are engaged, there are no excuses!"

"What! How did he end up with Lauren I thought he would end up with Jessica? She was chasing after him all these years," replied Bella astonished.

"Jessica finally found her dream man and apparently his name is not Mike Newton, so there are no excuses for you not come; besides you really need to visit your Dad. He misses you, a lot!"

"Don't use Charlie as a way to guilt me into visiting Forks," Bella hesitated and laughed, "um… Angela, I purchased my tickets six months ago," Bella, said as she moved the phone away from her ear as Angela was screaming excitedly into the phone.

"Great! I'll pick you up and we can have a girl's night in Seattle without Jessica or Lauren, I promise," replied Angela then quickly added, "Don't worry about drinking or hangovers, with my dad performing the ceremony we don't need a big rehearsal, 10 minutes tops. You walk down the aisle before me and I get married. Easy peasy."

"Sure Angela, easy peasy. Unless I fall on my face then it's not so easy," laughed Bella.

"Anyway I'm excited I get to see you!" replied Angela.

Present Day

I just finished reporting all the student grades for the end of term and decided it was time to clean out my office. I was one of the youngest professors here at Northwestern and once a semester one male student thought he could flirt his way into a good grade, nope, never going to happen. For the most part the students took my class seriously; they should for the tuition they paid.

Another benefited my job was that I had the summers off, this gave me time to travel. This year I would spend more time with Charlie after Angela and Ben's wedding. Yikes, they were getting married. The familiar hurt inside my chest returned with thoughts of what Ed…he and I would have been doing if he had never left me. Huh? Where did that thought come from? I had not thought of him for a few years.

I packed my bag, yes a small bag as some of my cold/wet weather clothes were at Charlie's. After I graduated from College I had to buy new clothes as I had filled out in a few places, they say there is a "freshman fifteen," but I took a little longer. I was no longer the skinny girl of my youth. I was proud how I fill out my bra rather and of my new curves.

After I took the job in Chicago, I decided to leave a few things at Charlie's, this way I did not have to pack a larger suitcase. My room, now the color blue, (no purple in sight) was still set up at Charlie's. I think it made him feel better since I was half way across the county, plus and it gave me a sense of home when I would visit, although I would deny this to anyone.

I packed my bridesmaids dress along with the flats that matched, yes, I still was clumsy and could not get used to walking in heels, thank you Angela for allowing the flats! After packing, I left the bag by the door and went to bed. Thankfully, I did not dream of Ed…him.

The flight from Chicago was long, and as usual, I fell asleep. At least it was not raining in Seattle when I landed; I knew that it would not last long. I shuttered at the thought of returning to the feeling of being wet and cold. At least Chicago had four season and more importantly, it had sunshine.

I heard Angela shouts of "Bella" before I saw her, when I reached Angela I laughed at the scene; Angela was waiving a sign that said "Miss Swan- best maid of honor ever!" How could you not laugh?

"Come on," Angela said while pulling me towards the door. "We have to change before our big night out."

I should have known there was something in Angela's expression that said she was up to something. I came out of the bathroom and saw that Angela was now dressed in a black leather mini shirt and white lacy see through blouse with black leather boots that came up to her knees. Angela had that gleam in her eye that said I was in trouble.

"I have just the outfit for you! And you will wear it just to make the bride happy."

A few hours later, I found myself wearing a similar outfit, drinking and dancing at a nightclub surprisingly having a great time.

Damon Salvatore

Last week my world fell apart. All these years of thinking, I would be the hero and she would love me. Nope! I learned Katherine, that bitch that changed me, was not in the tomb. Katherine was free, out in the world this entire time and more importantly… she never loved me. I was a pawn just to get to Stefan.

When I tried to kiss Elena to ease my pain at finding out the woman I thought I loved, never cared about me, Elena slapped me. Elena then shouted that I would never change until I allowed myself to mourn my loss. I was angry with Elena not only because she looked like Katherine: she was telling me I was second best, again! Lost in my pain, I left Mystic Falls and my brother Stefan without telling him.

I spent some time in Chicago during the 80's and thought it would be fun to look up a few friends, and Anna had told me that Katherine was in Chicago around that same time. Was she following me? Maybe? Moreover, I wanted to find out more about Katherine and what she had been doing all these years.

Chicago is basically the same, just a few changes, nicer Riverwalk. I liked the fact styles changed, gone was the wild 80's hair and parachute pants, yeah I'm glad that phase is definitely gone. Not that I wore those, I'm more a black jeans kind of guy myself.

As usual, I am trying to fill my time with some very pretty co-eds. Why am I here? I have no idea; there just was this pull to come to this campus. Maybe it was the idea that these girls had brains since I was at Northwestern after all. That was until I saw her, my Bella. Her scent was intoxicating; unlike anything I have ever smelled in my 150 plus years as a vampire. When she turned her face in my direction, my heart stopped. Well now, I had to know her!

My Bella was carrying a box to her car. It was the end of term; my midnight snack told me she was heading home to Iowa soon. Should I help her? No, that would be too forward and I certainly do not want to scare her off. So I did the next best thing, I followed her.

Turns out my Bella is actually Bella or Isabella Swan as noted on the mailbox in her apartment building, nice place by the way. Well I am glad I will not have to change her name, I can keep calling her my Bella. I listened to her phone call; she was to travel to some place called Forks in Washington State for a friend's wedding. Well I am not letting her leave the state without me, so I booked a flight to Seattle, actually the same flight, I know I am being creepy but I need to be near her.

My heart, My Bella, does not know I exist… but she will soon. I do not want to scare her off before I even have the chance to show her the real me. Whatever... I am now, who knew I could be this sappy. All during the flight I tried to get into her mind while she napped, I got nada, nothing; she was able to keep me out that mysterious that girl, my Bella

Yes, I followed my Bella not in a stalker-ish, creepy way, well...that depends on who you ask. When I saw the outfit the other girl Angela was wearing I was afraid to see what my Bella was wearing, it almost gave me a heart attack. My Bella was HOT, wearing a black leather mini shirt that hugged her hips deliciously and the black corset laced up top, had my mouth watering. After convincing the bartender to leave me the bottle of bourbon, I watched as my girl dance. I smiled knowing my Bella was ignoring all the horn dogs trying to get her attention. It made me proud the way my Bella ignored the blonde dick trying to worm his way into her dancing space.

I drank and watched as my Bella and Angela enjoy themselves, it was refreshing and somehow eased the pain inside me. Huh, that new. I wanted to introduce myself to my Bella, but knew now was not the time. I did not want her to think I wanted a one-night stand, I wanted her forever. Yeah, I know ...I am never subtle, I usually rush right in without thinking, and THAT never turns out good. I need to get to know her so I do not scare her off.

"Ange, we need to go I'm not feeling well." I saw my Bella lean over into her friend's ear; she did look sick but also scared. Huh? Have to find out why, could be an old boyfriend…I may have to take care of that.

I placed money on the bar and slowly followed the girls out, glaring at the chumps that tried to touch my girl. It was great to see how these jerks back away from me, I still had it. I followed behind as the girls talked about the wedding plan and who would be there from high school.

The girls reached into the hotel lobby when I noticed the sweet smell of the other kind of vampire, the disco-ball type. Image that, there are vampires in the area. Well that is not good; well whoever they are…they are not going to get near my Bella.

I spent the night thinking about why that redheaded sparkly vampire was following my Bella. I listed to Bella breathing in the next room; I would feel a lot better once we were back in Chicago.

Bella Swan

Angela agreed to return to the hotel, it was so hot inside the club and the alcohol made my stomach turn. At first, I thought I saw Victoria but when I turned to look, no one was there. I think I am losing my mind. I took a deep breath and climbed into bed. Memories of the past flooded my mind while I kept my eyes closed. No sense in having Angela question me about my strange behavior.

At the end of my senior year, I decided to go to college in California, UCLA actually. It was far enough away from Charlie but still close enough to visit; I received a letter in the mail. Alice wrote a letter explaining what happened to Edward to make him leave. Of course, she did not see what he had said to me or where he left me, since that had been a last minute decision.

Edward saw Alice's vision of me standing in front of the Volturi and he freaked out. Marcus had told him that I was not his true mate and they (meaning the Volturi) were going to kill me. Enough said, I was actually glad they left once I learned that piece of information. Although, I really thought Alice might have sent me the letter sooner thus avoiding all my month's heartache, but no Alice could not see past Jacob, something I learned once he phased in front of me.

Back to Alice's letter, she paid for my college tuition and suggested that I continue with my classes over summer breaks, allowing me to graduate early and pursue my MBA and then on to my doctorate (which I am currently working on now). Carlisle had opened an account in my name providing me with he means to begin my life. I was off to California with Charlie's blessing.

Honestly, I was really pissed off at first, who would not be after the way Ed…he left me. I know it is silly that I still cannot say his name. I loved him! First love and all that jazz! Things in college did not change much, I studied, took extra classes and no new boyfriends. I did not have time. I wanted to prove myself to Carlisle and Alice that they had not wasted their money on me. I was doing what I always wanted to do. Then the job came up in Chicago. I had not heard from any of the Cullen's and took that to mean they were done with me completely. Therefore, I moved to Chicago and I love it! Except the snow but honestly it does not last long and the spring, summer, and fall months make up for the snow in winter.

I wanted to ask Angela if she had heard from Alice or even him, but I was afraid of the answer.

When Angela dropped me off in Port Angeles to rent a car, I thought I saw Victoria. My mind must be playing tricks on me, it must be because I'm back here in Washington, come to think of it ...I never had that feeling on my other visits, was it because of the wedding and I was just feeling lonely? I would have to figure it out soon or I was going to freak the hell out.

I stopped at the police station, knowing Charlie would be there. It was nice to see all the same friendly faces when I entered. Charlie gave me a big bear hug and told me how happy he was I was visiting for a while. It almost made me sad that I lived in Chicago and not Forks, until I heard the rain on the roof. The sound of the big raindrops had me look up with my nose scrunched up.

"Hey Bells, it's not that bad," announced Charlie as he pulled me into his office.

"Sure Dad, if you say so," I replied sarcastically.

"Chicago gets rain, I know, I watch the weather channel each night," joked Charlie.

"So what's up that you need to bring me into your lair?" I asked confused. Charlie never took me to his office unless it was something he did not want the other guys to know.

"I heard that Mike Newton is back in town. He got himself engaged…to that Lauren girl if I am correct. I just wanted you to be aware. I spoke with his Dad; he caught me up on everything. He assures me that Mike is changed, whatever that means."

"Um…Yeah, Angela told me the same thing. I wonder though, does Mike think I really care?"

"No Idea Bells, I just wanted you to know so you can try to avoid him as much as possible. I did mention it to Rick and Joe though; they remember when Mike was acting up. I think they are planning to keep an eye out just in case."

"Thanks Dad, I appreciate it and I will do my best to avoid Mike. You should know that Ben invited him to the wedding."

"It's a good thing then that I will be there as your plus one!" Charlie laughed and of course, I blushed bright pink.

"Did you have a good time with Angela in Seattle?"

I blushed pink rolling my eyes, "Of course, what could two young women alone in Seattle do but have fun… and be safe," I added knowing how Charlie worried.

"Funny Bells, I know your all old and all that, but I still worry."

I kissed Charlie and said, "You wouldn't be my dad if you did not worry. I am off to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Need anything while I am there?"

"Huh," Charlie blushed, "Well if you insist, I think you better stock up. I have been eating with Sue and her kids lately, so the house is pretty bare."

I already knew this so I had planned to shop before tonight's rehearsal at the church. "Bye Dad, see you at home. Don't forget no flannels tonight, I don't care about the jeans, but you are not to wear one of your faded flannels to the church."

Charlie waived me off, "Sure thing Bells!"

I drove to the grocery store and stocked up on all the things I would need to make several dinners that freeze well plus a few things I would make during my visit. The grocery cart was full. It would not have been so embarrassing if I had not seen Lauren at the store on my way out.

"Oh, Hi Bella." Lauren called out as she waived her left hand at me. As if, I wanted to see the ring on her finger.

"Hello Lauren, it's nice to see you again."

Lauren giggled, actually giggled; "are you here for the wedding or…" she looked at my cart piled high with grocery bags, "are you here to take care of your Dad, being that he lives all by himself?"

I kept my smile and replied, "both actually. I am Angela's maid of honor and since the term ended, I am free to stay a few weeks. I love having my summers off to travel and do other stuff."

Lauren's face puckered, "must be nice, well I'll see you at the wedding with my fiancé. You have heard that Mike Newton asked me to marry him did you not?" as Lauren practically shoved her left hand in my face.

I smirked and replied, "Oh yes, Angela told me all about it, Congratulations by the way. I hope you and Mike will be very happy together." as I walked away, "because you deserve each other, both of you are nut jobs."

Lauren seemed surprised at my words and watched me as I placed the bags in the trunk. I wondered what reaction she thought she would get from me. Did she really think I wanted Mike? I never understood that girl and probably never would.

Once the groceries were put away, I picked up the house phone and called Jacob's house. Billy answered the phone and we spoke about work and Charlie of course. Billy made sure to tell me how much I was missed and how he and Sue were taking care of Charlie for me. It's as if my dad is child and I am leaving all alone.

Jacob got on the phone and told me he would be over later, Sam and the pack had "had pack things to do" whatever that meant. It was not as if I did not know they turned into six-foot giant dogs.

I waited for Charlie to come home and change, we went to the church in my rental car, I refused to show up in the Forks sheriff's car. That stopped after I left for college. I would miss my beat up old truck, but it had died during my sophomore year in college and Charlie gave it a decent burial, or so I am told. I did wonder at the fact I could always get a rental car even though I was not twenty-five, but I never looked a gift horse in the mouth. Alice must have done something.

Charlie and I arrived at the church, as promised the rehearsal only took 10 minutes. Reverend Webber (Angela's dad) was a bit emotional but overall I knew it would be a beautiful wedding. On our way out the church, I noticed a man sitting to the side all by himself near the back of the church. I assumed he was an out-of-town guest and smiled at him. His smile lit up his face. His bright blue eyes were striking. Wow, that man is good looking, I thought to myself. It was too bad I was afraid to introduce myself. Maybe at the wedding, I thought and smiled again.

That night I laid in bed and thought about the handsome man in church, he did not appear at the Webber's for the rehearsal dinner and I was disappointed. I had to know this man. I made a promise to myself. "If you see him again Bella, you will go introduce yourself."

Damon Salvatore

I did have to wonder if my Bella was so unaware of her surroundings and her personal safety. How was it that she had not noticed me all this time? I was on the same plane, I stood at the bar watching her all night, followed her to the rental car place and now I was in the Forks grocery store. It's not as if this place is a super-Walmart or something. I listened to the conversation with that twit Lauren and had to laugh. My Bella had sense of humor.

My decision to follow her and her father to the church was a last minute decision; I had hoped to pass myself off as guest of the wedding. To my great surprise she smiled at me on her way out of the church, she was beautiful. I wanted to follow but decided it might be too fast, so I went for a walk in the woods.

Shocked, surprised, and amazed are a few words that would describe what I saw. There were seven or eight rather large dogs chasing a red headed woman. It was a blur but I caught the scent again, damn those sparkly vampires. It was her, she was the one I saw in Seattle, and she was here. This was not a coincidence. I knew if I followed the puppies they might turn on me so I followed the scent of the red head, it lead back to Bella Childhood home. Anger filled me; I was not going to let anything happen to my Bella. I planned to stay as close to her as possible.

One of my favorite things to do is turn into a large black crow, it makes it easier to spy on people, and you never know what you will learn. I watched from the top of the tree outside Bella's room and heard her say, "If you see him again Bella, you will go introduce yourself." My heart soared she wanted to meet me. Me.

It was after 1 am when some giant of a man began climbing the tree outside my Bella's Window and knocked on the glass. It was a good thing I was a crow or there might have been some explaining to do.

Bella opened the window and asked "Jake what are you doing here now? It's late and Charlie is sleeping."

"Well to be honest Bells, the Red-Headed Blood sucker is back and her scent is all over your house and town. What did you do?" asked the giant man-boy named Jacob.

Bella shuttered and wrapped her arms around her torso as if she was in pain. "I did nothing Jake; I came home for Angela's wedding and to visit with Charlie, that's it!"

"Well you must have done something to bring those blood suckers back to town with you."

"Jake I have done nothing. I do not talk to Alice or Carlisle. I have no way of communicating with them so it can't be me."

"Well explain to me why this bloodsucker has been to Charlie's house and her scent is all over town."

I watched as Bella sat on her bed and the tears began to fall. Bella wiped them away and said, "I really don't know and I have no idea why after all these years Victoria would want to kill me, it's not as if I asked her to visit me here Jake. Tell Sam, after the wedding I will leave town and I will not come back. It will kill Charlie, but his safety is more important. If she wants me, she can follow me to Chicago. Is that alright with you and your pack?"

I had never heard my Bella so hurt and angry and why the hell was she offering herself to this sparkly vamp anyway? If these pups think that they can blame all of this on my Bella they are going to get neutered sooner rather than later.

I followed the giant Jacob as he tuned into a giant dog in the woods. I returned to my branch on the tree and watched as my Bella slept.